1. Please get millions of people to write to their congressmen, senators and governors to oppose this bill!

  2. Wow, that video is so full of disinformation! Why are you spreading this nonsense? I don’t have time to break it down for you, but either you already know because you are capitalists who just want your products to sell or you are not able to think clearly enough for me to waste my time anyway. You organization gives people who like natural therapies a bad name. Shame on you!

  3. I’m NOT against this, I’m for it! Vaccinate everyone!! Stop the spread, stop the variant mutations!

  4. This is a travesty. 1. Vaccinated people can still spread the virus. Therefore this should be wrong from the start.
    .2. People with autoimmune diseases and previous reactions to vaccines will be endangered. 3. People who have had covid have a better immune response to covid while the vaccine itself can cause them harm. 4. People have religious reasons why they will not take the vaccine (freedom of religion) 5. All the hype about vaccines has caused people to wonder why they must be bribed, badgered and bullied if it is so good for them 6. There have been an exorbitant amount of deaths and reactions from the vaccine. 7. Vaccine causes some people to carry a “heavier” load of the virus because their body is reacting and the virus working harder to reproduce 8. Variants are weaker than the original 9. Actual death number from covid are overblown. Hospitals get paid more and therefore have listed people who died of something else but had covid as dying from covid. 10. Many cases could have prevented if several governors had not put actively infected covid patients into nursing homes. This greatly affected the truth in how many people would have actually gotten covid otherwise and probably not have died from it but weren’t given best care. Grounding the unvaxxed is discriminatory in every way.

  5. Since I was vaccinated, I have found that I’m experiencing more side effects from trying to wear a face covering than I did with the shots. Please, more rapid testing and less face coverings. We will all breathe a lot easier. Hopefully, soon, there will be a vaccine that will kill this hydra-headed monster.

  6. “Immunization with a synthetic protein can only harm your Health!”
    This is Immunology.
    So all those who are immunized with a synthetic protein will have their immune systems destroyed.
    Immunization with synthetic proteins is an attempt on your Life and on your Health.
    Immunization with synthetic proteins, the code of which does not exist in Nature, contradicts the raison and the purpose of immunization and can only cause abnormal reactions.

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