Feds Attack Medical “Disinformation”

The government wants to decide what information you can see during COVID and beyond. Action Alert!

A recently-introduced bill in Congress would amend the law to make companies like Facebook and Twitter legally liable for promoting “health misinformation” during a declared public health emergency—a term which will be defined by the government. This is a disastrous attack on free speech that must be opposed.

The problems with this bill are obvious. If the government gets to decide what is considered “health misinformation,” this could be used to censor speech about anything that isn’t government-approved medicine. It wouldn’t just be outlandish claims that are banned. You’d be less likely to learn about the benefits of supplements for COVID since we know the government has attacked individuals who disseminate this information since the pandemic began.

The bill instructs the Department of Health and Human Services to issue guidance defining “medical misinformation.” Of course, what constitutes “misinformation” is in the eye of the beholder; any definition will likely be vague enough to encapsulate any health information the government doesn’t like. Will you be censored if you discuss the side effects of the COVID vaccine? If you point out the potential limits of their efficacy? If you talk about the immune support that vitamin D offers? If you discuss anything that deviates from the party line of the CDC or the FDA?

Emerging data means that narratives—and what is considered “misinformation”—can change. What was callously dismissed by many in the mainstream media as a conspiracy theory—the idea that the COVID virus could have escaped from a virology lab in Wuhan—has now gained traction with leading virologists endorsing the theory and President Biden calling for further investigation into the origins of the pandemic.

The bill was introduced by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). Earlier this year, Sen. Klobuchar sent a letter to the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook urging them to de-platform individuals identified in a report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) titled “The Disinformation Dozen.” The report accuses respected members of the natural health community like Joseph Mercola, DO of spreading “misinformation”—that is, information that does not fit the government or mainstream narrative about COVID and COVID vaccines. CCDH is an anonymously funded London-based non-profit with an office in Washington, DC. Its CEO, Imran Ahmed, told the U.K. newspaper The Independent in July that “I would go beyond calling anti-vaxxers conspiracy theorists to say they are an extremist group that pose a national security risk,” implying that “anti-vaxxers” can be prone to violent extremism. We can assume that by “anti-vaxxer” he means anyone who brings up legitimate questions about the government’s COVID vaccine plans. It is deeply troubling that US Senators are taking these charges seriously.

CCDH also attacked natural health organizations for applying for US Paycheck Protection Program loans during the pandemic lockdowns, saying that “Lending money to these organizations so they can prosper is a sickening use of taxpayer money.” Apparently CCDH believes that the government should only support organizations which adhere to a narrow set of views. These are more than just undertones of authoritarianism.

There are already troubling signs of what will happen if this bill become law. Take a recent example from FactCheck.org regarding COVID vaccines: “Viral Posts Misuse VAERS Data to Make False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines.” The fact-checker takes issue with claims that use the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data to show that the COVID-19 vaccine can be dangerous and cause serious adverse events, including death. The fact-checker’s point is seemingly that VAERS is unreliable and the post is “false.” Yet the fact-checker failed to mention that the CDC routinely use VAERS data to conduct its own studies and post-market safety surveillance on vaccines. The point is that anything that resembles a criticism of vaccines—even representations of the government’s own data—could be censored under this new bill as “misinformation” and effectively removed from circulation.

This new bill gives the government unprecedented power to control the information to which we are exposed. Anything that challenges the government and Big Pharma’s one-size-fits all paradigm will be censored and eliminated from online discourse. We cannot allow this step towards authoritarianism to gain traction.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to oppose this terrible bill. Please send your message immediately.


  1. We are losing our freedom of speech. If the larger social media companies disagree with a post, they can delete it even if it is correct and can, as they have, continue to back misinformation. This is not freedom of speech. Everyone has the right to speak voice their opinions. This right is being undermined.

  2. I am appalled by the level of censorship that is happening, although it is unsurprising given our history with censorship in particular when it comes to anything that might not line the coffers of the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex and the politicians in their pockets.
    This is fascism and you know it. Let people make up their own minds about their own health. Bodily autonomy is the bottom line!

  3. That’s it. I’m done with you. Free speech, my foot. Your idea of “ free speech” is dangerous and ignorant. I’m unsubscribing.

    1. It is not just her idea of free speech – IT IS FREE SPEECH. Wake up. Just because you are brainwashed into thinking someone who believes based on actual demonstrable science that effects of certain natural meds and vitamins should be shared. As well as the thousands of qualified, experienced credentialed scientists,virologists, pathologists, doctors who have been warning against the anti scientific claims the cdc has released via the paid for propaganda arm the media–they have a right to express their findings, their beliefs, their studies. I have a right to hear them and make my own informed decision. NO paid for politician using an anonymously funded LONDON based group of people spouting off their ‘reports’ of nothing more than what they think, with no proof, no source of evidence and outrageous inflammatory rhetoric calling people like Dr. Mercola a violent extremist–violent–based on what? When did he say as Maxine Waters did “get up in their face/push back on them/create a crowd-in a restaurant, at the gas station, in a dept store, tell them they’re not welcome anymore ANYWHERE”–that my dear is inciting to riot. That my dear is inflammatory rhetoric meant to whip simpletons up into a VIOLENT frenzy..for what? A difference of opinion. Yes you do need to unsubscribe. People who do not get vaccinated are not a danger. However there is scientific proof that people who get this shot actually SHED THE VIRUS–. I have a GOD given right to protect my health and my family’s health and also to form my own beliefs and opinions. In America we have GOD GIVEN rights enumerated in our constitution that protects us from being infringed upon by people I -nor did anyone- elect –unelected officials passing judgments upon the american people is infringement. Telling me what information i can hear and what i cant. Telling me what i can believe and what i cant. Telling me what constitutes hate and what doesnt? God made that clear in HIS WORD> My body is my body. My belief is my belief. My ancestors gave their blood to protect from nazi’s taking over our country..yet look what we see here?

    2. And is you disagree then you are part of the push for communism in America! THAT is insanity personified!! So if I were you I would get educated and understand what is happening in this nation and WAKE UP! All this nation was founded on and for is being pushing at, ruined and that is evil! Our nation is for freedoms, rights, faith in God and the right to speak as we see fit! You can disagree, but you best wake up when it comes to the patriotism and the honor of this country as founded! The Democrats and others are truly heading us to communism!!!

  4. You people are idiots! Ever since Reagan and Murdoch got rid of the fairness doctrine you repubs have gone insane with your lies and fake shit!

    1. You too are brainwashed into communism that is being pushed onto America s and the world!! That is why they are reigning in all countries so that the One World Order of Communism will take over! IT WILL tell us all what to do, how to live, we will own nothing and can do nothing as we see fit in our lives! Why do you think they brainwashing our Kids into the rubbish of everything is acceptable and all that humanity was founded on is bad, that all this new progressive tat is good? It is insane, evil and this nation is toast if the thoughts of the left and the communist Democrats continue!
      They use what we were built on against us and are taking the wrong direction in everything brainwashing with THEIR LIES!!!! .Do you want to see this country just a pile of nothing and One World Order in charge? Before that happens though the patriots will have a 2nd Civil War and fight for the freedoms and rights of America against you that want
      communism! Won’t THAT just be fine to see HUH? Americas having to fight Americans again ???? IDIOCY is what it is!. Thank God there are still people with patriotism, Faith in God and KNOW how this nation was founded and will fight for what made us the greatest nation in the world! With the thought processes of the Democrats and leftists & this ‘progressiveness’ that is nothing but communism, we will have 2nd Civil War right here among us again!! How will that help us to be so divided and have to ALSO fight the 3rd World War that is coming when we cannot even agree in America? HOW STUPID IS THAT?…WE ARE NO LONGER THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICAN BECAUSE OF THE LEFTIST INSANITY THAT IS pushed EVERYWHERE…IT IS SICKENING AND SO ARE THOSE THAT ARE PART OF IT! — THAT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!

  5. I do not support censoring information. This goes against my human rights in this country.

  6. Lies and disinformation campaigns are not freedom of speech especially if these lies and campaigns cause harm or cost lives!

    1. God gave people the right to speak. The government cannot take it from them. If one lies and puts out misinformation, that is their wrong. But the government does not get to decide what is a lie and what is not a lie. The government does not get to decide what is misinformation. They could be wrong. Lots of famous scientists were wrong. To debate differences of opinion is a right for every single individual.

  7. I do not agree with this bill. I am disappointed with Senator Klobuchar for introducing such a bill.

  8. Free speech is not only important, it is a RIGHT of the American people. Deciding what you think is misinformation is really just an attack on this free speech. VOTE NO!

  9. Very similar to the way Red China and Russia go about their business. Truly despicable and certainly anti-American whatever that really means anymore.

  10. We should all be responsible for our own health. It is not the governments job to monitor my health or decide if I should protect myself with the vaccine. To require social media and news outlets to filter our information is communistic.

  11. The government should not be determining what is correct health or medical information. This would best be determined by those who have been educated and have experience in the health/medical field.

  12. It is those who oppose the free flow of information about VAERS-based death facts post-vaccine, who are themselves spreading misinformation about vaccines.
    And to have questions about vaccines does NOT automatically mean a person is “anti-vax”….and if they want to be, they have every right to be. However, people can also have questions about something without actively opposing it. They can say, others are free to choose, while we ourselves ask questions. What is wrong with that? In fact, science is based on questions and debate. It is misinformation when science is choked from a balanced discussion. Lives are at stake, and so are side effects even if in some cases they may not kill…and in other cases, they can, and they do, and they already have.
    Anybody who labels people asking self protective questions extremists and criminals or terrorists, is a public bully and this is not lawful. We have equal protection under the law and the 14th amendment prohibits laws that undermine their legal immunities and privileges. This includes the freedom to think and ask self-protective health or any other health questions without being ridiculously branded. It’s out in left field, and so is Anybody who stands behind such a radicalized, itself a violent ideal. This is true.

  13. I oppose the bill giving government right to censor those of differing opinions. This is not freedom of speech. This is book burning dark ages.

  14. I want you to oppose this bill regarding censorship of medical dis information. This is just another way Our GOVT. has decided to CONTROL AMERICANS and I for one, do NOT agree with this! STOP it NOW!

  15. i am sickened by the evil forces that continue to eat at our rights to be free and make decisions
    about our lives based on TRUTH.
    i am 79 years old, and living in this country as more and more of our personal freedoms are being
    eroded, i ask my self why is this happening. why are we suffering so? why are we allowing a few nasty evil thugs run our lives away from truth and justice.
    sick,, insane, and i am pissed and angry as hell.
    where is the love of caring for our earth and all that thrives here? wake up stupid people. this is the only home we have. stand up to evil. elect and support real people, not robots that want us to bend
    over and take it. i am glad i am not young and have to live in this very sick world much longer.
    i look forward to getting away from stupid dumb ignorant sob’s that are born without any sense of
    what it means to be human and part of something greater than themselves. wake up and realize
    you are just a visitor here on planet earth.

  16. The government wants you to believe whatever story they are making up at the time. It’s been a lot of lies so far and it’s getting worse.
    This madness must stop.

  17. Our founding fathers warned us of this when they signed the constitution September 17, 1787. If they can pass this bill, what other bad bills will they try to pass? Absolute NONSENSE!!!!

  18. Vaccine injury – see vaxlonghaulers.com and C19vaxreactions.com – includes testimaony from medical professionals.
    See also worlddoctorsalliance.com and Doctors For Covid Ethics (D4CE)
    D4CE have sample letters you can use for employers, schools, doctors etc when refusing vaccines/asking for more information for informed consent, under “Resources” on their website.

  19. I am just another physician who was taught to question what facts are put in front of us docs. It’s called peer review of our literature. Questioning is to be revered, not stifled.
    Not to examine and question is a huge mistake. Let’s face it, most people want to be told what to do. The bigger issue is a population who is unquestioning and sheep-like. We need to teach critical thinking. Then let’s all debate, discuss and find our way as information comes to light.
    Unfortunately, our government, think politicians, know what is best for you. Thank heaven Rand Paul, a physician, stands up for ethics in Washington DC.

  20. Time for GOV to back off and get off the dictatorship! We the people are fed up with this type of action. NO MORE AMERICA, GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE NOW!
    Its been proven more ways then 1 the electrons were stolen. Wake up to that as well America!
    SHEEP-AL that is what the world calls America’s today!

  21. Some peaple that take medicines should ask their doctors what is in them pills? Prince died at the age of 52 years old because of medications? Might be some large i reactions. Going on in between all that? Now days you never know?

  22. *PLEASE* oppose this awful bill! Freedom of speech should be available to all so that we can make informed decisions – NOT just decisions based on government’s “findings”. All one needs to do is look at our history to see that government has failed miserably on so many issues …


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