Microwave Neighborhoods Coming

How a little-known rule could alter your neighborhood and endanger your health.

The federal government has ensured that 5G can come to your neighborhood whether you like it or not. A recent rule change allows the telecoms industry to turn consenting private residences into cell towers, endangering the health of the neighborhood. The only way to fight back is to talk to neighbors who may be considering adding an antenna to their house to inform them of the facts that industry is conveniently leaving out.

Our previous coverage provides more background on the OTARD rule, an acronym for “over the air reception device.” Originally, the rule prohibited local municipalities from restricting the installation of satellite dish antennas and other antennas on private residences for reception of TV signals; it didn’t apply to devices that also transmit signals. The FCC recently implemented changes to the rule that allows industry to install wireless transmitting antennas on private homes; and since this would be done on private property, it circumvents the need for companies to meet local zoning and environmental requirements. There is also no requirement to notify neighboring property owners. The OTARD rule has thus been changed from a pro-consumer rule to a pro-industry rule.

Telecom companies are now reportedly going around neighborhoods with deceptive offers like: “Earn $600 – Get paid for doing nothing while helping your community. Be the first person to provide Internet of Things coverage in your neighborhood.”

For some, this may be a tempting offer. Industry may even offer benefits like free internet…but they may also charge you for the electricity used by the antenna. We just don’t know. But it is certain that wireless companies are not telling property owners that they could be held liable if their neighbors experience negative health effects due to the radiation coming from these antennas.

While the telecoms industry has insisted for decades that cell phones, and now 5G networks, are completely safe, there are mountains of evidence to suggest otherwise. We’ve covered a lot of this evidence in previous articles linking EMF radiation to altered metabolism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, DNA damage, impaired sperm function, cognitive impairment, neurological damage, and many more health conditions.

For these reasons, insurers rank 5G EMF radiation as “high risk,” and due to these risks, most insurance plans include an “electromagnetic field exclusion”—that is, insurance plans do not cover injuries related to wireless radiation. Telecoms cannot offer homeowners insurance against liability from the antenna causing physical harm to others because this insurance doesn’t exist.

Unless immediate action is taken, we will be exposed to radiation generated by wireless devices on an unprecedented scale. Especially concerning is that 5G networks that are being rolled out use short millimeter waves, which cannot travel as far as longer waves. This means that more “small cell” towers are needed to create a network, which is why the telecoms industry needs to turn private homes into cell towers. Some neighborhoods would see dozens of small cells installed, all of them emitting microwave radiation. These towers will also emit the lower 4G frequencies, since 5G rollout is still ongoing.

There are particular dangers with 5G networks. We’ve pointed out that Israeli researchers found that our sweat ducts act as antennas for millimeter waves, meaning we would absorb more of this energy into our bodies. Millimeter wavelengths are also used in crowd control systems, making people caught in the high-powered millimeter wave feel like their skin is on fire. No independent research has confirmed the safety of 5G networks.

The US government’s own National Toxicology Program released the results of a $30 million, ten-year project looking into the link between cell phones and cancer. It concluded that “there is clear evidence that male rats exposed to high levels of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones developed cancerous heart tumors.” Again, 5G networks dramatically increase these exposures due to the increased number of “small cells” which will blanket neighborhoods with EMF radiation.

An additional issue is that it’s nearly impossible to effectively sue the wireless companies themselves. A close look at city and municipal contracts shows that it isn’t Verizon, for example, doing business, but a smaller LLC that is created by Verizon to do business in a particular location. This insulates Verizon from being liable for huge amounts in damages. If a lawsuit is successful, you’re raiding the coffers of a “Verizon New York, Inc.” or a smaller company “doing business as” Verizon. ANH is, however, joining Safe Technology Minnesota in submitting an amicus brief in support of Children’s Health Defense’s lawsuit challenging the FCC for adopting the OTARD rule changes.

A better strategy is to engage with neighbors considering telecoms offer of satellite installation and asking questions: are they aware that insurance against health effects from EMF radiation doesn’t exist? If a neighbor, or neighbors’ children, get sick from the radiation emanating from the antenna on their house, can they afford a legal defense? Are they aware of the myriad health dangers associated with EMF radiation? Are they on the hook for the electricity taken up by the antenna? Perhaps proactive action to discuss the issue with neighbors before the industry makes the offer can inoculate neighborhoods from industry propaganda. Friendly but frank conversations about this issue may be the only way to prevent your neighborhood from being blanketed with EMF.


  1. More talk regarding the covid 19 virus, MRNA vaccine and 5G also needs to be done.

  2. Maybe also look into the potential of solar panels turning homes into giant microwaves

  3. As someone who suffers from a neurological condition, this technology has huge affects on my health! I have an EMF-blocking beanie which I wear at night, even when it is summer and hot. I do not agree with all this technology, yet even the doctors do not seem to even care if you feel 5G towers in your neighborhood cause problems. Imagine what they will do to pacemakers and other implants!

    1. Hi, does the condition you have involve permiation of the blood brain barrier and/or reactions to metals.
      Also; are your dreams clearer due to this beanie you wear?

  4. The best way to fix this is at the state and local level. D.C. doesn’t care about us.

  5. Outrageous invasion of private space and sheer stupidity to allow this intrusion.

  6. It would be wrong to conflate the creation of terrestrial microwave networks with satellite delivered internet, simply because the of the dish antenna direction. HughesNet and ViaSat radios will not output microwave signals unless locked on the satellite, and wi-fi signals are household range,

    1. The 5g satellites that Elon Musk is putting into the atmosphere will deliver satellite 5g to all of us whether we want it or not. Just because it is a satellite does not make it any less dangerous at all. And the fact that he has so many of them in the air is more dangerous because you cannot get away from it (right now I could get away from 5g by staying away from big cities) but not with the starlink satellites.

  7. I am appalled that our goverment allows our health and safety to be continually threatened by powerful entities. We deserve better!! We should be advised and protected, not exploited and tricked.

  8. Is 5G worth having some physical negative reaction vs faster phones? whew. Maybe the “don’t minds” can all live together and nonradiation areas. Radiation poisoning might kill us all if mother nature doesn’t do it first.


  10. Regarding 4G/5G TRANSMITTING Antennas on residential towers and/or roofs seems very problamatic as to how wide, the depth of the transmit beam may be and RF power behind that beam(s). Need answers to these and any other related properties of the transmitting systems on these structures.
    Please respond,
    Kurt Irmiter
    P.O. BOX 610
    Graeagle, CA 96103

  11. What fo we do to help. I am already experiencing bouts of feeling like
    My body is on fire. I live in 29715.

  12. People are learning more and more about 5G danger, Covid vaccins, control and extermination of population!!!!!
    We have to fight this New Era Holocaust for the sake of our kids health and existants!!!!!

  13. I think just the disturbance of our earth as they dig it up to lay wires and fibers for transmitting and upgrading would alone cause reason to seek other sources of communication. Especially, with climate change/environmental issues facing us on a global scale.
    Its worth asking analyzing and questions if it is possible to change a mind set. Health risks are not little things. We need to look at our nations health compared to others. We have poorer health than some poorer countries. Maybe this is one of the things given our lifestyles that is adding pressure to our habitats and bodies systems that contribute?

    1. The current administration? The 1% pretty much owns the whole show now. They spent $14.4 billion on the 2020 election. With roughly 53% going to Dems and 47% going to Repubs. This amount is a little over twice what they spent in 2016 and doesn’t include untraceable dark money contributions. The projections for 2024 are between $18-24 billion. Death by a thousand cuts? No….Death by billions of dollars.

    2. The former administrations seemed to do the same. I sure as hell do not trust trump and his corporate cronies to have our backs. Our corpocracy and crony unsustainable capitalism is killing us. Time to get money out of politics overturn Citizen’s United and patent laws on life such as GMOs. We need to clean up our act across the board and recognize that we need a major paradigm shift away from greed and the “endless growth” associated with the stock market. It is sick, it is wrong and it needs to change. Call me commie, a socialist, a tree hugger or whatever you want but you can’t call me greedy like our capitalistic cabal.

  14. SO basically keep society sick begging for vaccines these are some screwed up moments

  15. Emf clothing miso soup and foods that are good for blocking free radicals such as radiation and end is the only solution

  16. Just another thing that will kill us in the name of ‘the common good’!

  17. You know well that what you are doing is unlawful, fraudulent, as well as harmful, and you are doing it anyway. You are committing crimes against humanity, and you will soon be held accountable accordingly. Your choice.

  18. Yes, this is scary. The deep state (politicians and industry) has taken over. I am not hopeful that we regular people will and can do anything about it. I believe we have gone too far off course to make a U-turn back to America.

  19. I need dental work done which will require either dentures or implants. I absolutely do not want dentures; everything I know about them says they are a nuisance and detract from the quality of life. Years ago, I had a few implants put in and they worked well. My dentist informs me that ceramic dentures are new, and relatively weak, and will not work well for a full arch of implants. Now, I am hearing that if I put the titanium dentures in my mouth I risk brain cancer because of EMF. I have no way of learning with accuracy to what extent, if any, titanium attracts radiation or if there is any remedy for that. I do not trust the FDA. Neither do I trust the “doomsday” messages that come over email, usually to sell something. Please, if you know of where I can find reliable information (not just pronouncements) let me know. I would appreciate a response to this comment.

    1. I’m intolerant to all surgical grade metals that does include titanium in food, pharmaceuticals and my blood brain barrier as large area of scaring. Can you provide links?

    2. I’m intolerant to all surgical grade metals that does include titanium in food, pharmaceuticals and my blood brain barrier as large area of scaring. Can you provide links?
      Also..there is a new methodology of stem cells injection to regrow teeth. I belive its still in clinical trials.

    3. Jonathan Landsman
      Elizabeth, jump onto this summit..it’s free and Day 5 currently…they usually provide a weekend of free watching once the summit is over. I dont know if they discuss implants and the impacts of EMR..but there will be excellent websites with integrative dentists speaking. You should be able to find resources even if only online. All the best in finding answers to your dilemma. ~ Liz

    4. Get the dentures, I have had dentures for over 50 years. I am in my second pair.
      I am 75, about time for a new set. I have no desire to have something screwed into my gums. I will go with new detures. I know people who have implants and seem quite satisfied.
      Maybe a little more search.
      Best wishes on your journey,
      Sally Murphy

  20. I seethes article, but there is no take action link. What are we supposed to do?

  21. I wonder if local governments could create ordinance to prevent property owner from putting 5G towers in residential neighborhoods.

  22. The city of Anaheim (CA) is installing 5G antennas on top of street light poles everywhere. Sometimes the pole is removed and a larger one installed (to handle more cables?). The city refuses to answer questions about them.

  23. Unfortunately, we are expendable to the new World Order. this has always been in motion. It is Inhuman and sinful .
    The demons are everywhere. Our job is to LOOK, LISTEN, FOCUS AND STAY IN FAITH. Please show us what we can do before it is too late. There negative plans have been in action for a very very long time. Stay PRAYED UP PLEASE.

  24. Mar 23, 2021 How to Be an Effective Advocate for the Electro Hypersensitive | Interview With Sheena Symington
    Do you notice when you turn off the Wi-Fi that you fall asleep faster and sleep better? Do you ever have headaches or nausea when you cross under electric lines? Do you know someone who has severe reactions to electromagnetic radiation?

  25. Enough is enough. Information exists on the effects these 5G rays have on fish and birds. Why would anyone think this is safe to continue pouring these stronger rays into our atmosphere….and in our homes! Insanity.

  26. President Trump was merely a four year distraction so that the calendar matched up with the prescribed agenda.
    The “elites” are a bunch of sick perverted a-holes
    Its a big club, and you ain’t in it

  27. Learned that the 1st 5G installation was done in Wuhan–way before the MSM/Govt. Propagandizing of the ‘Virus’. 5G Gets Into The Cells & Viruses are not airborne!

  28. Please check website for the Environmental Health Trust who is in the process of suing the FCC regarding false statements that 5G is safe based on information from 1992 when less than 4G was in use. Environmental Health Trust has action plans and suggestions for neighborhood and local community actions as well as documented research info regarding the harmful effects of EMF’s and how to educate others about this. We need to unite to stop involuntary attacks on our health. This is a very serious matter.

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