1. RE: Give a Frack video…..Why don’t you move to NY if you don’t want enjoy the increased economic activity in PA? A large amount of your claims are not true and are supplied by sources that want no energy independence. Take the time to read “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” for another view.

    1. There is an easier way to get electricity. Watch Need to Grow innovative ways of combating global warming and healing the planet and ourselves are out there but unfortunately they are not mainstream because the people in power like their power and they don’t want to give it up

  2. They are killing us with these practices. I worked in the drinking water industry for 34 years and hated their practices.

  3. Flimsy evidence. NIH is not credible anymore. You have to weigh this against buying oil from the Russians and the Arabs.

  4. Thanks for warning Americans about the dangers of fracking. Here in France we have massively opposed this, but unfortunately we are not able (we keep trying – hard to compete against the powerful lobbies…) to force the closing of dangerous and even uneconomical nuclear power plants.
    Please, the most important message to share is that it’s not enough to refuse fracking and to complain about nuclear power plants. Most forms of “energy”, yes, even what you call “green” are actually very polluting. The simple truth that we can no longer avoid is that we need to all learn the pleasures of more simple living. If people don’t consume,there will be less of a market for polluting sources of energy..
    Best to all,

  5. thank you for the information! I have ALWAYS been against fracking! our government needs to stop looking the other way! the future of all of us is at stake.

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