No More Babies?

Experts warn we are facing a fertility crisis caused in large part by endocrine disrupting chemicals. Action Alert!

The fertility crisis affects both men and women. Research has shown that sperm counts for men have fallen 59% from 1973 to 2011; girls are experiencing early puberty; adult women face declining egg quality and more miscarriages. The common thread between these problems appears to be exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals that are ubiquitous in the modern world, and if something isn’t done soon, it is not an exaggeration to say that we are imperiling the future of the human race.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in food packaging, cookware, plastics, and many other consumer products, and their ability to affect reproduction is well documented. One researcher bluntly stated, “Not everyone who wants to reproduce will be able to.” There’s a great deal of evidence that points to endocrine disruptors as a major cause of the fertility crisis. One study found an association between higher concentrations of phthalates (a chemical used in plastics) and increased damage to sperm DNA. Another study by Canadian scientists found that adding endocrine disruptors to Lake Ontario turned male fathead minnows into intersexual fish (fish with both male and female characteristics), which are unable to reproduce. Unfortunately, these are far from the only studies positing a link between chemicals and infertility.

Six members of Congress have recognized these dangers and are taking positive, if limited, steps to address them. They have sent a letter to the FDA demanding the agency update its guidelines to reduce the use of phthalates and other endocrine disruptors in IV bags and other medical equipment.

There’s also good reason to believe that endocrine disruptors are behind all sorts of other health problems. They have been shown to interfere with immune function and the regulation of inflammationResearch is increasingly linking many COVID comorbid diseases to environmental, as well as genetic, causes; thousands of scientific papers have been published over the last two decades linking endocrine disruptor exposure to the very comorbidities that increase the risk of dying from COVID-19. We reported recently on research demonstrating that our increased exposure to toxins like BPA may account for a staggering 90% of diabetes cases.

Federal rules allow companies to continue using endocrine disruptors despite the dangers they pose for fertility and chronic disease; and because of government rules, we can’t learn about how to treat or prevent these chronic conditions with inexpensive, safe, and effective natural medicines. This is unacceptable.

Action Alert! Urge the FDA to remove phthalates from medical equipment, and support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Remove phthalates and endocrine-disrupting chemicals from all products, and support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

  2. I have seen the decline in births with my own eyes ! I have been at the same Hospital for 35 yrs working Newborn Nursery/ NICU ..When I started in 1987 we averaged 70 babies a month . We started to climb in the middle 90’s until 2017 we averaged 225-300 a month ! The last few years we are lucky to break 100.


  4. It might not be a negative thing after all. Less fertile men means fewer abortions. I always thought men who don’t want children and impregnate women against their will should get vasectomies. Now with lesser fertility that might not be needed anymore.

  5. Isn’t that what reset means, decrease middle and lower classes until just enough to serve Extreme upper class? ThrouGMO’S, drugs, etc. they can afford to eat only best, many eat organic.

  6. I don’t see having less babies in the world as a bad thing considering there are many in orphanages that need homes and are not getting them, and less population growth will also mean a decrease in the amount of natural resources destroyed to provide for more human consumption.
    I think that instead of focusing on getting more babies in the world getting better birth control and more medical, environmental and economical redresses in place should be a higher priority.

  7. Endocrine disrupters are a public health hazard and besides the cost to human health they end up costing taxpayers in so many ways. Even if you don’t care about the human cost and only care about money, these chemicals are a disaster and have to go!

  8. I clicked on the button above with the full intent of signing a petition to remove dangerous endocrine-disrupting chemicals from our environment, only to find that these chemicals are in actuality a very minor part of what your petition is requesting. My doctors talk to me about diet, exercise, and other holistic approaches to a better life because I ask the right questions. I also tend to seek out those with DO, rather than MD, after their names, as they have a better view on how medicine and health should be handled. Doctors aren’t afraid of the FDA if the patient is asking questions, and all they are doing is answering them the best they can. With that being said, I will not sign a petition that drew me in with a technical falsehood. If you rewrite it to actually cover just the subject your email mentioned, I may change my mind.

  9. Better late than never. We have to many evil people obsessed with population control to add to this problem.
    Unfortunately Government payed of politicians will give lip service to this crisis . That is all one would expect from them..
    So much hell happening all at once on this planet. Every man for himself it seems. Digging out of this sewer can only happen at the local level. The 1 percent Crime Banker Families (maybe of planet) have the human race backed up against the wall.. A raised perception for maybe 10 percent of us would right the ship pronto

  10. actually humans have been over breeding
    sick they are so stupid let corporate corruption do this to us
    but way toomany humans on earth wish the billionaires would go first
    and people like sheep breeding eating buying taking
    so actually this makes sense
    since we are breeding too many humans and destroying every ecosystem,
    destroying other species and so many mooching off working people just burdens
    on this sick broken society and breeding more than anyone wanting me to pay for
    their breeding results and them taking more money for nothing and not helping
    to stop the corruption and old guard sick hierarchical paradigm that is causing this crisis to begin with.
    so not too sad In some ways…

  11. Remove phthalates from medical equipment, and support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

  12. Every person has a right to know what is in their pharmaceuticals and food. No exceptions.

  13. Dear FDA,
    Please remove phthalates from medical equipment, and support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

  14. Actually, Jesus said that there would be days like these where people would say that it is a blessing for women to not give birth and nurse/nuture children. and then He said that people would call for the hills and mountains to fall on them after this time of praising women for being childless. This calling for the hills to fall on them is a reference to the end of this age as we know it and is a reference to the time of the Tribulation. Things aren’t great and the Tribulation is a period where God judges mankind for corrupting the earth along with a host of other far more serious problems.

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