Limbaugh’s Death Highlights Cancer Treatment Shortcomings

Why conventional medicine doesn’t have the answers for cancer treatment. Action Alert!

Famed radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh died last week from complications associated with advanced lung cancer at the age of 70. We know that Limbaugh’s doctors had him, at various stages, on chemotherapy and precision cancer drugs which were not successful in containing his cancer. It does not appear that alternative or complementary cancer therapies were attempted. Given Limbaugh’s influence and wealth, this demonstrates the power of conventional medicine and the extent to which natural medicine is shut out by the establishment.

Even though chemotherapy is one of the main conventional treatments for cancer, lots of evidence suggests it does more harm than good in many cases. Chemo drugs are indiscriminate in their toxicity, poisoning the body systematically in an attempt to kill cancer cells. This leads to many serious side effects, including death. Chemotherapy has also been found to spread cancer to other parts of the body. Most chemo drugs target proliferating cancer cells, but do not kill cancer “stem cells,” which can further divide and cause relapses after chemotherapy is administered.

We’ve written before about precision cancer drugs which are meant to target specific genetic variants of cancers. Many of these drugs are approved based on “surrogate endpoints”—that is, a secondary benefit such as reduction in tumor size, rather than a reduction in mortality or extension of life. These drugs make lots of money for drug companies, but many do not improve patient outcomes: An analysis of oncology drug approvals based on surrogate endpoints showed that less than 6% of them use endpoints that are highly correlated with survival.

There are alternatives to these dangerous treatments. Intravenous vitamin C has shown promise with cancer patients, both in conjunction with chemo drugs and as a sole treatment. Insulin Potentiation Therapy involves administering insulin along with lower doses of chemo drugs, the theory being that insulin allows more of the drug to enter tumors (cancer cells utilize more sugar than other cells and are therefore more sensitive to insulin). High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a treatment that seeks to kill cancer cells with high frequency sound waves. There is some evidence that HIFU can not only kill tumors, but can enhance antitumor cellular immunity.

There are also a number of natural medicines that may help with cancers, including curcumin, astralagus, vitamin B6, vitamin D, green tea, melatonin, NAC, quercetin, and zinc. Delta and gamma-tocotrienols (two forms of vitamin E) have shown incredible results for extending the life of ovarian cancer patients. In terms of cancer prevention, cruciferous vegetables are known to contain chemopreventive agents. Another anti-cancer compound, apigenin, is found in parsley, artichokes, and celery. Extracts of these vegetables may be good candidates for those looking to prevent cancer. Reducing exposures to environmental toxins like household cleaners and pesticides could also be helpful, as many of these chemicals are carcinogens and cause other problems like endocrine disruption.

Of course, even if anti-carcinogenic benefits of a natural food or supplement are well-established, these products aren’t able to communicate that information because they are not FDA-approved drugs for cancer. The legislation we are working on would allow natural products to cite respected studies about their benefits, empowering Americans to take control of their own health. But we need your help to get this proposal moving.

Action Alert! Write to Congress, telling them to support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Please support the legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits to defeat cancer. My husband died of stomach cancer after chemotherapy treatment that did so much damage to him before killing him. Any information about how to prevent and cure cancer naturally should be our right to have. Please support this kind of legislation.

  2. I loved Rush and prayed he would take an interest in alternative therapies, but he was a guy that wholeheartedly believed in the “wonders” of conventional medicine…..and so he was doomed. God rest his soul

  3. RUSH LIMBAUGH could have been cured within 30 days with 50,000 IU of vitamin A per day (lung anti-oxidant ) and 10 g of C per day (immune system booster). See Eat Right For Life, my book, it provides the scientific evidence.
    My book has the true cause of cancer which is a deficiency of the trace element copper in the diet (its removed from our food). All cells have SOD in them which protects the cell by destroying superoxide radicals which cause cancer. SOD IS A COPPER CONTAINING ENZYME and copper supplementation boosts it. The reason why operations and chemotherapy do not work is that cancer does not “spread” in the body the whole body remains cancerous when copper is not supplemented. The optimum amount of copper is 6-8 mg per day of copper which is hard to get from food, even from a natural diet. Copper is best supplied by any amino acid chelate.
    All of the above is supported by Scientific references cited in my book.

  4. Very telling conventional medicine resembles a religion at
    times to wit: If the TX was not effective common sense
    dictates you try something else but the High Priests do not
    budge from the dogma ?

  5. There is a great need to make all cancer treatments available. Not just the ones pushed by greedy big pharma.

  6. Cancer treatment without nutritional scientific investigation will always fail. We are what we eat and polluted foods are a detriment to good health.

  7. My father was diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma. He tried oral chem and lasted 21 days. He felt awful while taking it, had 2 TIA’s and got gout. He decided he didn’t want to continue. I had immediately got him taking cannabis oil with high cbd. He was also taking high doses of vitamin D and tumeric. He also had vitamin C infusions. All under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor. After his diagnosis and stopping the oral chemo, he probably felt the best he had felt in years and that lasted another 2 years. His oncologists were quite surprised by his good health and that the cancer (after 2 years) was going into remission. After seeing the list of supplements he was taking, one doctor said to the other “hmm, he must have really responded to the 21 days of chemo he took”. I couldn’t believe it. Just after the 2 year mark, he ended up with an abscess behind his eye and had to have surgery. He never bounced back from the general anesthesia and passed comfortably about a month after his surgery. I know that the natural treatment helped my dad more than 21 days of chemo.

  8. Let’s not forget, it’s not just official cancer TREATMENTS but misleadingly sold official cancer “preventives” such as mammography that do more good than harm (sources: “Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy” by Peter Gotzsche and “The Mammogram Myth” by Rolf Hefti).

  9. Please allow the free flow on information about supplements and food benefits to health.

  10. Sadly,,Modern medicine has become a money making business. I grew p up with a mom who made mustard plasters for ling congestion, hot Epsom salt soaks for infected fingers and toes as well as living almost entirely from a vegetable gardens, wild berries, and home canned fruits and vegetables. Carrots and potatoes were preserved all winter in sand in a corner of the cellar. We did not depend on grocery stores. Wheat before it is dried for harvest is juicy and sweet. Sego Lilly bulbs are delicious. Wild mushrooms are tasty but you must know how to recognize the proper type. Fresh milk and cream from cows on the ranch cannot be surpassed!

  11. Reading a book called “CANCER Step outside the box” by Ty Bollinger. Absolute MUST read for anyone wanting the truth about standard of care cancer treatment and natural alternatives. A real eye opener. I will NEVER do chemo or radiation treatment after reading this book!

  12. Support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

  13. Have you ever looked into Fenbendazole as a cancer treatment? A wealthy Oklahoma resident named Joe Tippens turned to this after a year of unsuccessful treatment for lung cancer. Daily consumption of Fenbendazole for 4 days a week plus daily consumption of Curcumin, Hemp Oil and Vitamin E (liquid blend of 2 types). Tippens has a website that discusses his successful journey to a cure – he is still alive after 3 years. He continues the regimen to prevent a relapse. It is theorized that Fenbendazole cuts off cancer cells’ uptake sugar which they consume to survive and replicate. The real miracle is that after having a Pet Scan light up like a Christmas tree – his words – his regimen (which he designed) cured him in 8 weeks. Next scan was clear!
    His website does not offer to sell any of the ingredients as all are available at Walmart, Amazon, Rural King and/or any drug store. Fenbendazole’s common use is as a dog dewormer.
    Farmers also use it in great quantities for pigs and other animals.
    I texted this information to Rush knowing that it would be highly unlikely that he would receive the message or act on it even if he did (a year ago).

  14. Please.allow a free flow of information on Vitamins/minerals,supplements and organic foods. People that are deathly sick with these Terminal cancers/diseases need as much information as possible. Pharma does not want info out to the public because, they lose money. I am writing to you because I am a stage 4 lung cancer w/ Mets to the Adrenal. survivor.This was in 2001. I had surgery plus I used many holistic treatments with Vita, minerals, Reiiki Healing Touch, Reflexology, Special organic diet. 20 yrs later and I am still here. I am truly blessed. I am 74 yrs old. thank you.

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