Big Pharma: Killer Profits…Dud Medicines

A new Congressional report explains how Big Pharma earns billions of profits from often ineffective and unsafe and almost always super expensive drugs. Action Alert!

The report, released by Congresswoman Katie Porter (CA-45), details the monopolistic practices of Big Pharma, finding that mergers in the industry destroy innovation and competition. The result? Few, if any, life-saving medications for diseases with few or no cures, but rather small tweaks to existing drugs to stave off generic competition to their “government-granted monopoly patents.” These are ideas ANH-USA has communicated for years.

In ten years, the number of international pharmaceutical companies has reduced from 60 to 10, the report tells us. We’re often told by Big Pharma that drug are expensive because the cost of research and development is so high, and many drug candidates fail. This is a smokescreen. The report details how prices have skyrocketed over the last few decades, but investments in research and development have failed to match this same pace. From 2008-2018, Big Pharma also spent more on stock buybacks and dividends than they did on research and development.

Indeed, Big Pharma is perfectly happy to leave the expensive and time-consuming process of research and development to the taxpayers. Of the 210 medicines approved by the FDA between 2010 and 2016, every one originated in government labs, or university labs funded by the government. 

Keep in mind that many of the top grossing drugs simply don’t work, and come with a number of nasty side effects.

The truly innovative sector of healthcare today is in natural medicine, and Big Pharma knows it. That’s why they are using an FDA back-channel to steal natural substances like CBD, l-glutamine, and pyridoxamine and turn them into drugs.

The pandemic also showed the incredible promise of natural medicines, particularly in the absence of pharmaceutical alternatives in the first few months of COVID-19. We saw how vitamin D deficiency was linked with worse COVID outcomes, how Thailand approved the herb Andrographis paniculate for COVID-19 treatment based on promising studies, not to mention all of the other natural medicines like zinc, quercetin, and intravenous vitamin C that have much to recommend them in terms of COVID treatment and prevention.

But the government stands in the way of furthering innovation in unleashing the power of natural medicine. The FDA is beholden to drug companies, who pay exorbitant sums to the agency in the form of user fees. The FDA, along with the FTC, then help keep natural medicine from competing with drugs, as we saw with the censorship campaign launched by these agencies when doctors communicated the benefits of natural medicines for COVID-19.

When only FDA-approved drugs can claim to treat or prevent a disease, even though we know that natural medicines like supplements have incredible healing power, there is something seriously wrong. Our legislation aims to improve this situation by allowing companies to cite reputable studies describing the benefits of food and supplements. Please help us spread this message to members of Congress.

Action Alert! Write to Congress, telling them to support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits. Please send your message immediately.


  1. If a drug is made in another country for cheap why are Americans footing the bill for all of it. In other countries the same drugs are cheaper. American taxpayers pay for the whole planets meds. Why is that? Monopolies and pharma takeover of government quacks.

  2. This what I added to your letter on natural supplements vs drugs: All these problems are made even worse with vaccines since they are labeled as biologics and do not have to meet the standards for pharmaceuticals. Since, the passage of the 1986 law basically letting these companies off the hook for any injuries or deaths, they feel free to spend huge sums of money brainwashing the public into believing that vaccines are safe, effective and the only answer to multiple health issues. The COVID is the most extreme example of the misuse of their growing and unchecked power. With large financial donations from the various Gates foundations, alternative scientific voices are being censored and ridiculed while Gates and Big Pharma are experimenting on the entire world population without any idea of the long term consequences.

  3. Would you publish the reports from the Children’s Defense Fund that find that the COVID-19 vaccines were not properly vetted in the traditional process by the FDA.
    I totally agree with the natural preventative measures with vitamins. Americans may have low immune systems due to poor dietary habits.

  4. We must have access to informations and supplements for this to be a free country.! Many have suffered, bled, and died for our freedom! No one, no big company or big tech has he right to infringe upon our rights and freedom! Most of the people we know—friends, neighbors, associates, and relatives are well informed will stand up for ou rights!

  5. Big Pharma produces lots of drugs that are useless, they just make lots of money for Big Pharma. There are so many drug commercials on tv and it’s amusing how they will tell you the side effects or if you have certain symptoms, do not take this drug. Chemotherapy kills many people. There are many different ways to cure different sicknesses but Big Pharma tries to stop them. I believe we have cures for cancer but it’s more profitable to keep prescribing drugs that will not cure the sickness than to cure someone of a sickness. Drugs are much cheaper in Canada and Mexico than in the US. Big Pharma is your typical big corporation that is fleecing the American people.

  6. Doctors are so rushed, that they do not even have time to diagnose properly. They would prescribe meds that did not work or meds that were not approved for use in children. They misdiagnosed my daughters health problem as ADHD, when in reality she had more than twenty allergies. They wanted me to allow them to give her amphetamines (Ritalin). When the true underlying cause was properly addressed, all of the symptoms disappeared. As a nursing student, I was appalled at the profit motive in medicine here in the United States. Patient welfare is pretty low on the priority list. I have worked in numerous hospitals and doctors offices. I have seen it for myself. I look for alternative health care options. They are less toxic for one thing.
    I also deeply resent paying for insurance and then huge deductibles and co-pays for medical care that often does not even work. It is just a big con that I cannot afford to be part of. They gave me medicare but I probably will never use it, for all of the same reasons (too expensive, not effective, too many other people to pay, have to beg insurance company to pay, medicines have too many side-effects). The easiest way to get rid of a doctor is to tell them there isn’t anymore money.

  7. Please support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

  8. Support our legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

  9. The best way to deal with pandemics is not to start them in the first place…like not caging animals in close proximity to each other, only to stress them out for eventual slaughter. That is where these killer viruses come from, animals under stress where viruses that are benign in the animals, jump into other species (like humans) where the virus is deadly.
    I have been called “misinformed” because I have no intention of taking the current COVID 19 vaccine. No, I am not misinformed, just using my body’s own immune system to combat this human-subsidized virus and the Big Pharma garbage and propaganda that goes along with it.

  10. Support the legislative proposal allowing the free flow of information about food and supplement benefits.

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