Cronyism Blocks Another Affordable COVID Med

Despite positive data, mainstream medicine is ignoring an affordable COVID medicine. Action Alert!

The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) published a paper reviewing the evidence for ivermectin, an off-patent drug for river blindness, arguing that it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in the prevention and treatment of COVID. The evidence on ivermectin is, unsurprisingly, being ignored by the medical establishment because it is a cheap drug and can’t make boatloads of money for drug companies—much like hydroxychloroquine. This is another example of what is wrong with American medicine; we must fight to change it.

FLCCC point to an impressive array of data from around the world showing how safe and effective ivermectin is in the prevention and treatment of COVID:

  • All 8 available controlled trial results show statistically significant reductions in transmission;
  • 3 RCT’s demonstrate large statistically significant reductions in transmission rates;
  • 5 RCT’s show statistically significant impacts in time to recovery or hospital length of stay;
  • 1 RCT showed a large, statistically significant reduction in the rate of deterioration or hospitalization;
  • 3 RCT’s showed large, statistically significant reductions in mortality.

Further, the authors point to large “natural experiments” in South America where ivermectin was widely distributed among the population of parts of Brazil, Paraguay, and Peru, resulting in significant decreases in the number of COVID cases and mortality rates in those areas.

Critics argue that the quality of the evidence on ivermectin so far is “very low grade,” and that the FLCCC should be pushing for a large scale, placebo-controlled trial to study the effects of ivermectin. But as we’ve argued before, the funding for such a trial can be extremely difficult to come by because ivermectin is off-patent, so no drug company stands to make a fortune from selling this drug. Without a large-scale trial on ivermectin, though, mainstream medicine won’t take this safe and effective treatment seriously, just as the medical establishment in this country refuses to take effective natural medicines seriously.

Regarding ivermectin’s safety: FLCCC report that ivermectin has a low rate of adverse events, with the majority being mild and transient. Serious adverse events were found in one study to occur in less than 1 percent of patients.

All of this underlines how broken the healthcare system in this country is. The government pushes expensive, often dangerous medicines for COVID (remember remdesivir?) and other illnesses while ignoring low-cost alternatives that either cannot be strongly patented or are off-patent. Who will fund clinical trials on these alternatives when the exorbitant cost of the trials cannot be recouped? And without the trials, they can’t go through FDA approval and thus cannot make disease claims for treating COVID or any other disease. This arrangement keeps medicine expensive and drug companies rich.

Action Alert! Support our legislative proposal to reform a healthcare system that blocks access to natural treatments that generally cannot go through FDA approval. Please send your message immediately.

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  1. But it’s okay for them to rush a vaccine with inadequate testing. Ivermectin worked beautifully for our family. This is really sad.

  2. Im curious – ivermectin is used as a wormer for dogs & horses, also used in Heartgard as a preventative for heartworm in dogs. Would it be safe for human use?

  3. I see some of the medical schools are using ivermectin in their protocols along with a panoply of supplements like oral and IV vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and quercetin among others. Here are two links, the first one is to the Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Critical Care Covid 19 management protocol –
    The second one is to a study done on the analysis of vitamin D levels among asymptomatic and critically ill covid 19 patients –
    A pretty amazing article demonstrating that the lower your vitamin D levels the more critical the covid 19 symptoms. Additionally, the death rate for covid 19 rises dramatically when vitamin D levels are low. Incredible.

    1. Hi Dale,
      Thank you for your support! For certain reasons we are not allowed to publish external links in comments, which is why I had to delete yours. You are welcome to name the websites however you cannot link to them.

  4. In your argument for an “off label” drug that “should” be able to be used to treat COVID-19 infections, you choose to forget the potential for a barrage of lawsuits that will result the minute anyone suffers negative results. If you want to fix the problem of medical hesitance, first fix the litigious US legal system.

    1. If you or a loved one had a bad case of covid would you not opt for Ivermectin, especially if you were facing death? We don’t have time to fix the the lawsuit deal. One more person losing the battle is immoral, and unethical. Ivermectin is used world wide, if there was going to be lawsuits they would have happened years ago!

  5. The first time I clicked on this link from your email I got a message that my connection was not private. I have noticed the same results on many of the “controversial” links that I click on from other sources. Trying again always gets me to the link. When I click on your take action button, something similar happened. I got a 404. the second time I clicked I was able to reach the action page. I’m sure it is some action within google even though I use duck duck go. perhaps you should make mention of this in your emails so that people are not persuaded from trying a second time.

  6. I cannot sign the petitions. It says choose state or province, but really that is false. You are only allowinf states in the u.s. to sign it, then it shouldn;t say province, I’m from Canada and I can;t sign it.

  7. I completely agree with this assessment of the healthcare industry. We know someone who was on deaths door with covid and took ivermectin. In one hour she turned the corner and recovered. We obtained some and are telling everyone we know. As far as I am concerned main stream healthcare and all involved in stopping these medications and therefore killing people can get screwed!

    1. It is used extensively in India and many other countries with great success. My doctor uses it and HCQ. Treated over 1,000 positive cases with only 18 hospitalizations and 1 death. That was because they waited too long before coming to the clinic or calling in. Could have been underlying conditions as I did not ask about them. He posts a board and updates it every day. He said he will not put that stuff (vaccine) in his body, no way.
      For great info and treatments visit AAPS and FLCCC or something like that.

  8. We need these less publicized, effective, easier to produce and less expensive COVID medicines now!
    Frank Lutz.

    1. We have them, but fake media and govt will not allow it to be published. See AAPS for protocols and doctors who treat covid. I have downloaded a lot of it so if FB or YouTube take it down, I will still have it. Really I don’t need it as my doctor (who has had it and his mother too ) has treated over 1000 covid patients successfully with cheaper drugs. And he said he will not put the vaccine in his body, no way. and neither will my family RESEARCH, RESEARCH !!!

  9. Support the legislative proposal to reform a healthcare system that blocks access to natural treatments that generally cannot go through FDA approval.

  10. Your take action button takes me to a pre drafted message that doesn’t address any of the issues. This has happened often for me. Please make sure that the Take Action button goes to predrafted messages thet related directly to the issue at hand.

  11. I, too, say it is not fair at all to have cheaper medicines which cannot be used by many because they will not be making big bucks for the companies!

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