1. This is a great communication about the true state of affairs with many people on this planet! Eat your greens and you will be healthier and stronger!

  2. This is absolutely essential that they be allowed to share this information!

  3. Whether traditional health care providers can tell us or not, it’s impossible to be healthy without a healthy diet. I don’t care how many meds you take. And a healthy diet can sometimes eliminate the need for some medications. I think I’ll look to plant foods first and then see if I need drugs.

  4. Enough with gagging professionals and others from disseminating the truth about natural vitamins, minerals and supplements. To hell with pharma’s toxic drugs and vaccines and to hell with their profits at the expense of American’s. It’s time to de-fang this homicidal industry!

  5. Doctors have found that all patients that had the most severe symptoms and many then died were severely deficient in certain vitamins and or minerals. This is a fact!

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