1. I believe that the FDA and the Government should allow for all forms of treatments. I also believe that our health insurance should provide the same coverage for both types of treatments (Alternative and regular Doctors). We should have a choice of what tenements we want.

  2. I have seen the medical profession go down the tubes in recent years, Drs. do not see patients, they refer them to Nurse practitioners, I am a Nurse I do not need another Nurse to tell me what is wrong, as my MD said only thing they can do I can’t is writebout a scrip. Hospitals are being bought out by BIG corps. and only thing they are interested in is $$$, About 5 years ago I fell and had multiple injuries, I laid in a bed (Trauma Unit) for 5 days only water and ginger ale while they ( staff Mds) argued about if I needed srgery on fx. wrist, I went AMA and then went to an out of area Dr. and had surgery I needed, My primary was forced from area because she would not agree to 15 min per patient and seeing certain number a day, she is about 135 miles from me, but the trip is worth it, she listens to ME, examines ME and I trust her. First thing we were told when I went to Nursing school was “LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS” not only what they say BUT how they say it. Obama cost this and now Biden is trying to bring it back.

  3. What do you call it when a medical provider discounts their fees by 99% when they sign up with a particular insurance network? Sounds like they’re forcing customers to buy that insurance?

  4. I am a lung cancer survivor in 1987—1991. I was amazed and I had to research my changed diet and find out why and how that happened. It took into the mid-1990s to be sure of my findings.

  5. I have been on an organic diet and mega vitamins and supplements for 62 years. Comparing my health at 86 with my cohorts, I am well ahead of the curve. However, when I can’t find a functional doctor, my treatment has been poor to adequate at best. My health benefits program costs me $626.31 monthly. That is very hard on someone living on a small fixed income.
    I with you God-speed with your program. We need you.

  6. No good can come out of the lack of freedom of speech, and the conflict of interest of using tax-payers money to fund private institutions, especially big Pharma.

  7. It’s corruption to the core. Healthcare should NOT be a business, which is exactly what you describe. All we can do is spread the word in the hopes that step by step we can make changes toward a more holistic, healthier, honest system.

  8. I have found that conventional medicine has been unable to help with my chronic fatigue, allergies, hypoglycemia, and other problems, but holistic practitioners and doctors, using various methods, including importantly, natural foods and supplements, herbs and homeopathy, have nearly restored my health. There are many health problems and even diseases that can be helped greatly by natural methods and supplements and it is simply wrong that people are discouraged from knowing about these treatments and that those of us who do know about them are continually threatened with the possibility that they will be taken away by the profit-driven health care system that we have. I urge you to re-think what is happening here and do all in your power to support safe, effective and inexpensive natural treatments.

  9. I do not believe that “for profit” healthcare benefits us. To the contrary, scientists must only study what will make their sponsor – big Pharma & the AMA, profits. I question anything they develop or even say. If researchers do not lockstep they will be discredited one way or another.

  10. When the former director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Geir Stene-Larsen was confronted with the fact that there is widespread medical cronyism in Norway he responded with this statement in mainstream media:
    – “In small countries it is a problem to find experts who are both competent and have no connections to the
    products which are to be advised about or to the manufacturers”.
    One may wonder why more international cooperation is not considered?
    Norwegians are most often quite competent in English.
    International published research is normally in English.
    The Norwegian, Swedish and Danish languages are quite similar, yet it appears to be seldom that Danish or Swedish health experts participate actively in health expert groups in Norway.

  11. Keep up the good work, we are sick and tired of being taken advantage of. I would use natural meds before popping a drug.

  12. How can we step on the FDA, after all they screw up our medical system more then anything.

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