Cronyism Blocks Another Affordable COVID Med

Despite positive data, mainstream medicine is ignoring an affordable COVID medicine. Action Alert! The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) published a paper reviewing the evidence for ivermectin, an off-patent drug for river blindness, arguing that it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in the prevention and treatment of COVID. The evidence… Continue reading Cronyism Blocks Another Affordable COVID Med

US Diet Advice Still Wrong

The newest Dietary Guidelines for Americans continue to get it wrong—and show how the government is undermining its own recommendations. Action Alert! The newest iteration of the government’s Dietary Guidelines repeat a number of the mistakes of previous guidelines, particularly regarding saturated fat and added sugars. The guidelines do note the importance of dietary supplements… Continue reading US Diet Advice Still Wrong

Drugs Aren’t the Answer

Whole Foods’ CEO says what ANH has been saying all along: the best way to transform healthcare is for Americans not to need healthcare in the first place. Action Alert! In an interview with Freakonomics Radio, Whole Foods’ CEO, John Mackey said, “The best solution is not to need healthcare. The best solution is to… Continue reading Drugs Aren’t the Answer

World Begins to Wake Up About Natural COVID Therapies

Natural medicine is getting official recognition outside of the US—when will our government wise up? Action Alert! For many months now we’ve been telling you about natural medicines that can help in the fight against COVID—medicines that our government not only refuses to recognize, but actively undermines. This is in stark contrast to other places… Continue reading World Begins to Wake Up About Natural COVID Therapies

Court Slows Down FDA’s Homeopathy Attack

In a qualified victory, a federal judge ruled that the FDA may have acted improperly in upending decades of safe homeopathic regulation. Action Alert! Earlier this year, we reported on the FDA’s most recent attack against homeopathic medicines in which the agency effectively banned the sale of injectable homeopathic products. One of the companies, MediNatura,… Continue reading Court Slows Down FDA’s Homeopathy Attack

FDA Obstructs Anti-Aging Solution

New research shows age-reversal but FDA is blocking the therapy. Action Alert! New research suggests that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) could enhance cognitive performance in aging adults. This builds on other impressive clinical trials demonstrating the ability of HBOT to treat mild traumatic brain injuries. This shows incredible promise for HBOT to reverse the effects… Continue reading FDA Obstructs Anti-Aging Solution