1. I’ve been a member for years so not sure if this will duplicate anything. my email, etc. is the same for years. I support you in every way that I can – mostly by signing petitions. I appreciate you. I did fwd the above to my fb page.

  2. Please allow people to learn and know so we can make intelligent choices that are tight for OUR bodies.
    Allow light to be shed on all options then truth will surface.
    Give us credit for some intelligence.

  3. We here NOTHING from the CDC, MSM on the importance of a strong immune system to fight Covid 19.

  4. Natural health issues need to be protected. Vitamins, herbs, and naturopathic practices.

  5. It is about time something was done about the health care system. It is a complete disgrace. Doctors are only taught how to administer deadly drugs & vaccines they are not taught anything about nutrition.
    I have been into Natural Healing for 25 years after having a really bad reaction to the hepatitis vaccine. I do not trust doctors, do not take prescription drugs & will never take another vaccine.


  6. Naturopathic healthcare addresses the root cause of illness form a holistic perspective. In this manner we are able to remove the alleviating factor(s) and give the body the tools to recover and possible reverse diseases that pharmaceuticals are unable to accomplish. On top of this, our solutions often do not compound weakened systems by causing additional health issues. The united states healthcare system is not one of the leaders, even though we have great technology and resources above the rest of the world. Our citizens are not better, in fact, our quality of life is worsened. There is room for both allopathic and naturopathic medicine for our people. It behoves us to create an atmosphere where our citizens are not deprived access to life improving natural medicine.

  7. Just as the food we eat sustains life, so do the nutrients that we take as supplements help to not only survive, but to also thrive. Drugs do not, and often have bad side effects. Supplements are used and proven effective all over the world. Big Pharma only wants their drugs to be used so they can suck in huge profits no matter how many people are hurt or even killed.

  8. Every year it is becoming more apparent that our medical choices are dictated and restricted by Big Pharma and those in government who have been employed buy the American people to regulate Big Pharma and their “Biologic” Bullshit, but instead serve Big Pharma and actually receive royalties for the products they help to create. We are increasingly in a medical nightmare created by Deep State, Big Pharma, Big Ag and now Big Tech teaming up to take away our medical rights and body sovereignty (Why? because they are all owned by the same people and the whole system generate power and money for them). It is time to stand up and take back our sovereignty, claim that we are Human Beings (not corporations that are owned by another) with rights under the natural law of God to decide on how we want to treat our bodies.

  9. I fear it has become too big of an elephant to challenge. I am one who obtained an exemption where I work from vaccines, but it is very difficult and most just go along rather than even attempt to fight the system. It is sad, sad, sad that in order to keep a job you must adhere to putting something in your body that you do not want and believe could be harmful. To me that is like saying…you must take this heart medication or depression medication, etc. because we (whomever that may be) believe it will help prevent it in the future. And then tell you that you must do it annually.
    I am always amazed at the people who feel they or their children are threatened by those of us who do not vaccinate. I always thought that the purpose of the vaccine was to protect the one receiving it. But, they are not worried about us who choose not to take it, they continue to be upset and worried for some reason that they are threatened. Either they believe vaccines work or they do not. You cannot have it both ways. You are either protected or you are not if you take the vaccine. Personally, I choose to not have injected into my body substances that are proven harmful, even though those that vaccinate will not admit it. There surely was a reason why they signed a law protecting pharmaceutical companies from any lawsuits related to vaccine injuries, of which there are thousands and it wasn’t to protect the innocent victims, but the pharmaceutical companies who make billions of dollars on pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Shameful!

  10. We need a natural approach to health, one based not on sickness but on health such as lifestyle, clean food, clean water, and supplements. No one can get the full amount of what the body needs with just food alone. We would have to eat all day and we all know that won’t work. People have so much to contend with these days. Our mood needs to lifted but Big Pharma knocks you out whereas natural herbs and flowers could make all the difference having a natural helalng and calming effect. One thing we all need is options. When we are ill with an infection we might choose to be on an antibiotic but for a lesser infection there are many products to assist us through nature!
    Not having an option of nature would be much like walking though a forest of plastic, no birds, no ferns, no flowers, no beauty … just plastic.This is what I see when thinking of no options or alternatives to my person selection of health products.

  11. Always and forever it is personal choices to what we feels best for our bodies. No persons, companies, nor agencies should ever have the authority to make decisions for everyone. We are all different and our bodies respond to diffrently various healing properties. I feel choice is the right of each person. I feel options are correct to offer. Big Pharma is helpful at times but then so are natural remedies.

  12. We need a medical system that serves the interests of the people and not just the entrenched special interests. If the corrupt system goes on as it is then we will get more of the same.

  13. It is long overdue for Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine, Osteopaths, etc. to be included in our health care coverage! It is also long overdue for us to have Universal Non-profit Health Care. Thanks for you work…

  14. Need true natural medicine and heath care where the government isn’t telling what we have to take. Like the shots for the Covid19.

  15. If we cannot choose our own medicine, we have NO Liberty. Too many rules out of Washington limit, diminish, constrict, and just plain take away our rights and Liberty.

  16. The most concerning aspect of today’s reality is the purposeful censoring of information on more natural methods to heal and maintain health

  17. Our system of seeing a medical doctor if you are ill is to treat the symptoms, not to find out the root cause. The doctor gives the patient a prescription for a drug to alleviate the symptoms but does not investigate why the patient has the symptoms, so the patient doesn’t get back to normal.
    Any medical doctor who looks at the whole patient and asks deep questions about the diet and lifestyle of the patient is hard to find. People need alternatives to the one size fits all treatments that system physicians dole out. Otherwise, wellness is hopeless.

  18. I totally agree. I also think we should push for health care instead of health insurance.

  19. I am a vegetarian & practice purchasing all organic & fresh foods; also use natural cleaning products in my home. I am also very active in taking care of myself physically in exercising on a daily basis.
    I’m also aware of the legislation of trying to eliminate usage of natural supplements, herbs & also knowledge of using these to upkeep our health. This is very sad & our individual rights need to be protected. I do hope that something comes of good with submitting our preferences & in our rights.

  20. Lets start treating patients to keep them healthy rather than just managing disease. Natural medicine can help with this .Lets join forces , Together we can solve this health crisis.

  21. I really happy that more is done about us taking our health in our hands and out of Big Pharma; God has given us all we need in nature and has given chosen people the ability and know how to bring all of this together. I am all about natural cures and remedies, even though I understand that sometimes certain medications are necessary. I just had hernia surgery yesterday, and was prescribed oxycodone for the pain and discomfort, but also know te danger of this medications and how it is abused and even sold by people for others vice. There is plenty out there that is natural for any kind of disease but we need to be informed, but Big Pharma and those that have their pockets lined by this entity need to be exposed and let people like you help us be informed and take our health in our hands, and of doctors wen needed! God bless you all!!

  22. Having pharmaceutical companies dominate the conversation and path with COVID and just about any other disease is like the oil industry leading the dialogue with climate change.

  23. Your great new administration is going to strip all of any natural cure and your once allowed ability to voice it! Pharma will now take over. Buy ypur natural supplies today because tomorrow you wont be able too!

  24. Nature’s remedies are the only ones I trust. Big Pharma was created for only 1 purpose: To Make $$$$$$$$$!!!

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