Congress: Our Plans for 2021

Season’s Greetings from all of us at the Alliance for Natural Health USA. You can support our new legislation by adding your name to our petition. If you wish to support our end of year giving campaign you can do so here.

You’re Being Zapped With Dirty Electricity

Experts continue to warn of the dangers of 5G, but the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) exposure go far beyond 5G. Action Alert! As our friends at ANH-International point out, a new consensus statement has been released to reflect the concerns of medical and scientific experts and practitioners around the world on the acute and chronic health… Continue reading You’re Being Zapped With Dirty Electricity

Campaign to Put the C Into COVID

Landmark paper triggers launch of international vitamin C campaign. Action Alert! By Rob Verkerk PhD, founder, executive and scientific director of ANH-International If you’re a human, gorilla, chimp, fruit bat or guinea pig (among the few species that have lost the ability to make vitamin C within the body), you live in the northern hemisphere, and you’re… Continue reading Campaign to Put the C Into COVID

FDA Shuts Down Natural Pain Options

FDA-approved pain medicines are dangerous, but the government is systematically attacking safer, non-addictive natural treatments. Action Alert! A recent study in Switzerland found that acetaminophen poisoning increased by 40% following the approval of 1,000mg doses. This is just the latest data to indicate the public health problems caused by this commonly used pain drug, which… Continue reading FDA Shuts Down Natural Pain Options

Dangers of Antibiotics for Kids

Concerning data from a new study shows the dangers of antibiotic use in young children. Action Alert! A new study found that children younger than two who are given antibiotics are more likely to develop ongoing medical conditions later in life. Given the multitude of natural alternatives to antibiotics, it is shameful that the medical… Continue reading Dangers of Antibiotics for Kids

Big Ag, Big Chem Team Up

The largest agribusinesses and chemical giants are building support in the new administration, and beyond. Action Alert! President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly considering former US senator and Big Ag ally Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) as the next Secretary of Agriculture. Separately, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations recently announced a pending partnership… Continue reading Big Ag, Big Chem Team Up