How Deadly is COVID Right Now?

A sobering look at the numbers offers reason for hope. Action Alert!

For a deeper look at the numbers underlying this chart, consult this table.

Charts and data are courtesy of Our World in Data and our friends at ANH International, who also offer this analysis:

While it’s hard to ignore the very raised excess mortality in some but certainly not all countries during the first wave, the pattern of excess mortality even in most of the countries hit hardest during the first wave is now pretty typical for the time of year. It’s therefore no exaggeration to say, at its worst during the first wave, COVID posed a threat that was in line with a bad flu season. Right now, for the vast majority of the world, it looks a lot more like a typical flu season.

The pandemic did, however, give the FDA and FTC an opportunity to turn the screws on natural medicine, censoring doctors for sharing the most basic information on medicines that can help us prevent and treat COVID-19 infection.

Action Alert! Sign our petition that seeks to reform a healthcare system that blocks access to natural treatments that generally cannot go through FDA approval. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Press on my faithful and courageous friends. Please look into the truth (not the government Wikipedia narrative) of NESARA. Hope for free health is on the horizon ‘for All’. These dark entities are being removed systematically and we are moving into a new reality that is for us not against us. I do not say these things lightly, it is the truth. We have great help from higher sources and will see this through. Thank you for your great efforts of shining the light on humanity’s need to utilize Gaia’s natural resources. These things have been under attack for far to long. Great rewards are yours!

  2. Isn’t it posssilbe that the use of masks is decreasing the spread of the regular flu this season & accounts for the lower number of deaths?
    The lesson might be that we should all wear masks when flu season begins….

    1. No, there are many well done studies on the flu and masks and they dont work. They also dont work for COVID. The few studies that show they do work are observational (prove nothing). The studies that show they dont work are well done controlled studies.
      The CDC meta-analysis study that was done back in June and published concluded : there is no evidence that suggests masks help in any significant way.
      Lockdowns dont work either. The WHO came out about a month ago begging the world to not lockdown again. Lockdowns destroy many more lives than COVID.

    2. The masks are not stopping any virus, flu or otherwise. They DO NOT WORK. They don’t stop anything. They do make people sick though, People are not meant to breathe in co2…the masks cause your blood pressure to rise, cause headaches, sinus infections, pheumonia, among other things. The government is trying their best to control you and the public of the entire nation. We need to take a stand against the tyranny that this country has become. And it all started with the democruds cause they couldn’t get rid of Trump. We have to fight against this vaccine, it is a poison. They want to turn everyone into zombies. Keep track of your every movement. Sorry, this is the land of the free, they are going against every part of the constitution,

    3. The use of masks is increasing bacterial pneumonia according to a number of doctors. Where is that on the charts?


  4. keep your hands off our supplements! drugs are by far more dangerous that the FDA approves everyday and has killed and bad side effects from them. More people has died from drugs in 6 months than any supplements in history!

    1. I had heard, a couple weeks back, that one of Biden’s virus task force leaders will be a fellow named Kesler. He has spear-headed anti-supplement campaigns in the past….Just a little side note.

  5. I disagree with the comment above. No matter how you slice it, COVID is not in line with a bad flu season. Only a sleight of hand could come to any kind of conclusion like that. A typical flu season in the U.S. causes anywhere from 35,000 deaths, up to 60,000 in a bad year. We’re at over a quarter million in COVID deaths and still going strong. Furthermore, it’s not an apples to apples comparison. Most flu deaths are derived from algorithms and mathematical modeling. This is because the flu virus is gone by the time a person dies, usually of a secondary infection like pneumonia. But most COVID deaths are confirmed deaths in the ICU, and usually from ARDS. About 10-20% of the COVID deaths are “probable deaths” where, much like is done with flu deaths, health professionals look at the recent history of the deceased, symptoms, information from relatives, etc. Still, COVID deaths overall are much more concrete than flu deaths, which are largely extrapolated. And COVID is killing far more people in this country and around the world than a typical, or even a bad flu season, unless you want to look at some of the worst pandemics in the past like the Spanish Flu. But that is not just a “bad” flu year. I’m not sure what the point of this info that ANH put out is supposed to be. Obviously, all the comments about the drug-rigged system not allowing doctors to speak about alternative measures freely and openly, is correct, and is a disgrace, as always.

    1. No, you are wrong. First of all the CDC themselves admit only 6% are dying of strictly COVID Second, the criteria for claiming COVID has killed someone by a hospital is very misleading. For example, hospitals are recording a COVID death for the following: if a person dies of “Natural Causes” and tested positive for COVID in the past 30 days BUT BUT BUT is *asymptomatic* (which means they dont have the infection) the hospital policy is to put COVID as the cause of death, which is a complete lie. Third the death rate for people under 50-60 is miniscule, < .1 %.
      Finally, the way the PCR test is being administered is a SHAM!! Not only is it highly misleading for the number of cases, it also highly misleading for the cause of death and, moreover, it was also used in the vaccine trials to test for positive COVID, which makes the trials very questionable.
      This "pandemic" is a fraud. There are no unusual death numbers worldwide. The projected deaths increase for 2020 in the US is less than the past 6 years based on CDC data. Its a real disease and has real concerns and can cause serious health problems and death, but its not a pandemic.
      There are massive law suits for fraud over COVID that are being brought to bear now and many more are coming.

  6. All natural approach to the covid -19 virus. Don’t wear your masks in public and get the virus you consider is the flu and isn’t that bad. Let it go through it’s natural stages and once done you will have a natural immunity and no medications will be needed.
    Keep your kids in school and hope they bring the virus home with you so it can kick start the virus.
    Good thing is if it kills your kids and kills you then you did your duty for the world because it will take out stupid selfish jerks like yourselves by preventing you making more selfish stupid jerks like yourselves, you the idiots of this world will be dead preventing others to be contaminated by your idiotic ideas.

  7. Covid is a manmade virus, patented in 2003. They turned it loose cause they couldn’t get rid of Trump. Yes, it’s a new type of flu, but a flu none the less. Just has a new name. Masks do not work against it or any other “bug” out there. You cannot build up your immunities wearing a mask. People have become sheep, they’ve lost their balls along the way, can’t stand up for themselves. The mask wearers are the ones that are becoming sick and most have underlying problems to start with. People that have died have not died from just covid, always something else there, but the hospitals are putting it down as just covid. They are making money off everyone that gets tested positive as well. You don’t have to believe it but it’s the truth.

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