Parkinson’s, Paraquat and Produce

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is deciding whether to ban paraquat, a dangerous herbicide. Let’s make sure they do. Action Alert!
The EPA is asking for public comment on its human health and ecological risk assessment for paraquat, a dangerous herbicide that is linked with Parkinson’s Disease. We must demand that the EPA ban this dangerous product.
The EPA, of course, denies that there is a causal relationship between Parkinson’s and paraquat. Yet a 2011 study found that workers exposed to paraquat had more than double the risk of developing Parkinson’s. In fact, paraquat is so good at causing Parkinson’s that researchers routinely give it to mice to create an animal model. Multiple studies from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) show clear links between the chemical and Parkinson’s. It’s about as persuasive as these things can get,” said one NIH researcher.
Paraquat has been banned in Europe, and China announced in 2012 that it would phase out its use to “safeguard people’s lives.” Since drinking even one sip of paraquat can be lethal, it is used in suicides; in Taiwan, researchers say it caused 160 deaths a year. After South Korea banned paraquat, there was a 10% decline in suicides.
Why is the EPA refusing to do what 32 countries have already done? We suspect that cronyism plays a big role. Recall that chemical companies pay registration fees to the EPA to review and approve pesticides and herbicides, creating a conflict of interest similar to the FDA and Big Pharma. Simply put, when government agencies are on the dole of the industries they are meant to regulate, we cannot expect them to do the right thing. We’ve seen the same thing with glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup that is a “probable carcinogen,” though the EPA seems determined to keep it on the market.
The EPA needs to hear from consumers that keeping these dangerous chemicals on the market is not acceptable.
Action Alert! Write to the EPA and Congress, telling them to ban paraquat. Please send your message immediately.


  1. You cannot trust the EPA, and what they allow or disallow. Between them and the FDA, agencies that were designed to protect our food, land, and lives, are also lobbied and ignore what their dedicated job is suppose to be.

    1. They protect those who produce these killer products and all for the almighty dollar.

  2. I can remember the paraquat scandal of the 70’s when the dea poisoned the cannabis fields. I cannot believe that you would consider this poison is ok for food

  3. This is some very nasty chemical for sure. I too was exposed to this one while growing up in California.

  4. Don’t approve this dangerous herbicide that causes Parkinson’s disease. Keep our food safe and not tainted with dangerous herbicides.

  5. Please ban the use of this herbicide. Keeping these dangerous chemicals on the market is not acceptable.

  6. Hey there, EPA (or, more accurately, what used to be called the EPA but is now tainted by the current criminally corrupt administration),
    I can help you with your decision whether to ban paraquat. Just do it. Immediately. We, the people, do not wish to die from diseases just so that a pesticide company can continue to increase its already obscene wealth.
    You’re welcome. Stop agreeing to kill all of us to please your donors/pimps.

    1. Patty, the EPA was captured by industry long ago, and the current administration is no more or less culpable than past administrations of both parties. As long as you defend either one, you give safe harbor to criminal corporations.

    2. The EPA, like the FDA, was designed to protect the interests of the industry from its inception, while placating the public. Are you aware that legislative bills are oftened named such that they are exactly opposite of what they do (i.e. The Affordable Care Act)? It should not surprise you to realize this deceptive government practice has been going on a long time. The chemical industry is BIG money. It incorporates both the companies that make the poisons that make you sick, and the pharmaceudical companies that make the drugs that mask the symptoms of the illnesses they gave you and make you sicker. Bayer is one example. Most people think of asprin when they hear their name, but they have been in the pesticide business for decades. Their latest aquisition, Monsanto.
      There is sufficient evidence to show that all pesticides are not safe to use on our food or around living entities. They are known to cause illnesses. The EPA itself classifies them as poisons. Yet the ag industry promotes their use like they are harmless. Greed: Making money off the lives and devastation of the people. Not one will be judged as innocent when they stand before God.
      Parkinson’s is not the only devastating known side effect of Paraquat. Chemical pneumanitis is a common one that often isn’t linked to the herbicide. The medical industry doesn’t typically tell patients what kind of pneumonia that they have or test for environmental toxins. But all chronic illnesses are caused or exacerbated by dietary and/or environmental toxins. When will we Stop the Poisoning?!

  7. If that much science shows that Paraquat is connected to Parkinson’s disease then there should be a law passed immediately and save lives. I have 3 friends that got it and all three were people I admired and envied. Because they worked out , ate responsibly . All three are shells of what they once were. Please do not leave the public in danger. You must end the use of Paraguayan growing our food. The only thing that could have EPA not stopping using Paraguay it maybe the money these chemicals makers are bulging with big payoffs . Hard to give up money even though they know the truth. It’s not food we are eating killing people it’s the growing process of that food that is. Do the right thing if you care.

    1. Hi Samantha Hauptman, I agree with you! But I wanted to say that you spelled Paraquat P-a-r-a-g-u-a-y (like the country)…I know autocorrect doesn’t work to our advantage sometimes. Just thought I’d reply to your comment if you were interested in editing it, as your thoughts were obviously impactful. ?

  8. I’m a vegetarian and I’m asking you to make my diet safer. Don’t use anymore paraquat and support its ban. Thank you.

  9. To me, the EPA is a sham agency. It seems that their concern is not the health and welfare of Americans but rather, pandering to big business.

  10. Why haven’t you already banned paraquat? The proof that it’s dangerous is well documented. You are supposed to be working for us, the American people!

  11. The USA seems like a science experiment with all things lethal or dangerous!
    STOP the insanity and ban paraquat along with other cancerous, disease causing agents. Ever hear of companion planting? The old ways are best and not dangerous! You’re not only inflicting the people but the bees and other creatures!

  12. I love to eat produce, especially in salads. I am very unhappy about the likelihood that it is causing me to develop Parkinson’s-like symptoms.

  13. Like alot of these divisions,need to be cleaned up.It seems to be to easy to look the other way when you get your pocket filled. Big businesses have been able to buy whatever they want. The affect the people,suffer from toxic chemicals,our water has been tainted,the land contaminated.Its just frustrating.

  14. It is time we put together an oversite committee to research what is going on in the EPA and FDA and the revolving door with BIG PHARMA. Decisions being made by EPA and FDA are leaving Americans at risk for terrible diseases and even death. Americans are waking up to the fact that other Countries are protecting their citizens from these chemicals by banning their use but the U.S. isn’t! We should be able to trust our food supply!

  15. Stop trying to depopulate the world. We have a right to live! Air on the side of the people for a change!

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