1. CBD stopped my muscle spasms when nothing else would. It keeps me off pain medications. Now is not the time to make things worse!

  2. CBD oil is proving so invaluable for many conditions, not the least of which is chronic pain. Please do not force people in such pain to go the route of opioid addiction just to live day by day. Also, the CBD should be in dosages able to make a difference for pain sufferers, without them having to take out a second mortgage to procure this help. Do the right thing for citizens who are suffering.

  3. Thank you. Viewing this video presentation, I thought that with so many people to connect with on the tube, that a person presentation with maybe more uplifting tunes and expanding visual creativeness would help in the message.

  4. I support CBD, but as to the info in the video…there is NO opioid epidemic. Do the math using your own figures. 30,000 total deaths out of how many?
    30,000 / 325,000,000 = .0001 *100 to make a percentage = .01% of the population. Does that sound like an epidemic to anyone?
    Also I took 50mg of Ultram 5x/day for five years and had no problem stopping it, when I decided I no longer needed it.

  5. I strongly encourage you to support protecting CBD supplements. I suffer from multiple compression fractured vertebra, these fractured vertebra do not heal and the pain does not go away without pain management including opioid medications. After my doctor recommend trying a hemp CBD oil that is THC free, I have been able to manage my pain levels with the CBD oil and a very low dose (25mg to 50mg) of a synthetic opioid (Tramadol), which is a huge improvement from depending on morphine sulfate. CBD oil will allow pain sufferers to manage their pain without having to depend on higher doses of opioid and/or synthetic opioid medication.

  6. While I was taking prescribed oxycontin for pain, I started taking 1000mg full-spectrun CBD oil. After just a few days, I was hardly taking any more of the opioid because I didn’t have any more pain. Hopefully, I will be able to wean myself completely off the oxycontin in a few days or weeks. I will be so happy to be rid of the mind-numbing side effects of the opoid.

  7. I am somewhat confused about the proposed amendment. The Email I received from the Natural Products Association-a Supplmement tradev association-asks to empower the FDA (always a problem giving them more regulatory power)to set dosage standards for the safe use of CBD oil. I worry about that and the message and precedent being set.

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