Sneak DC Bill Alert

Crony GMO “labeling” bill has language that could be used to stop companies from using a non-GMO label! We need to stop this now! Major Action Alert!
We’ve been reporting on the Roberts-Stabenow bill for some weeks now. The public is being told it’s a “mandatory labeling” bill. We call it a “liar labeling” bill—a complete sham that is designed to avoid real mandatory labeling.
Bad news: the Senate just passed it, 63 to 30. Now the Roberts-Stabenow bill moves to the House of Representatives. Time is running out to kill or amend this legislation. We must at the very least amend it.
We previously told you how the bill allows companies to choose how to label their food, and how many companies will force consumers to use a smartphone to scan a bar code on a product’s label just to learn if the product contains GMOs in its ingredients. In addition, there are no penalties for mislabeling food, so a company can simply ignore the law with impunity. However, upon further analysis of the bill, we’ve found something even more troubling: it contains provisions that could take away companies’ ability to label their food as non-GMO!
One provision states that foods which are not required to be labeled as GMO cannot then claim they are non-GMO by default. So far so good. But elsewhere in the bill, there is language that says it’s sufficient for a food which is certified by the USDA’s National Organics Program to be labeled as non-GMO.
While these sentences may seem innocuous, we think they may be intended down the road to allow Big Food to sue companies who label their food as non-GMO if they aren’t members of the USDA’s certified organic program. Keep in mind that many small family farm producers who are actually making organic products do not have the resources to go through the USDA’s costly and lengthy organic certification process. If this bill takes away their ability to label their food as non-GMO, it will make the present situation even worse for them.
Remember, too, that this bill discriminates against the elderly, the poor, and rural populations, substantial portions of which do not own smartphones. Big Food knows that even those who do own smartphones don’t scan these codes: a recent national survey showed that only 16% of consumers have ever scanned a QR code for any purpose. Even if consumers have smart phones and want to scan, who has time to scan every food item in the grocery store? Big Food knows this, which is why they supported this bill.
We’re told that a vote in the House of Representatives on this bill is imminent. If we don’t stop it in the House, this sham bill will be the law of the land. We can’t let that happen.
Major Action Alert! Call or write both your congressional representative and the White House and ask them to oppose or at least amend the Senate’s GMO labeling bill! Please send your message immediately.
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  1. I will look for the companies that stamp NON GMO clearly on their labels , that’s what I will buy.
    Most of our Congress is corrupt, they answer to corporations, not us.

    1. River, the problem is, if you read the article, they won’t be able to even use the non-gmo label. It’s beyond horrible!

  2. Most of our Representatives have been bought by the BioChem industry. So unless President Obama vetoes their approval I do not believe we have any choice. Our CONGRESS IS ROTTEN AT THE CORE, Republican and Democratic members.

    1. The Dems have become NeoLiberals and there’s a few true liberals left like Sanders. The rest are all corporate shills.

      1. I like Sanders too … but he has just endorsed Clinton who is bought and paid for by big corporations; that will not change. I am very disappointed in the way things have turned out, but it’s no surprise considering the corruption at the state and federal levels.

        1. I’ve decided I am going to vot my conscience for Jill Stein. She’s almost identical to Sanders.

          1. I understand how you feel, but that may be a bad move. It’s my feeling that she is not going anywhere at this stage of the game …. and a vote lost to Clinton could be a vote for Trump; IMO the worst choice ever. Something to think about ….

          2. I know how u feel, I used to vote that way. But now I don’t want to say 2 years down the road that I voted for either one of them. Clinton used to work for the law firm that represented Monsanto, I can in no way, in good conscience, vote for her. But I do understand your feelings.

          3. I used to believe the same as you do, that we only have 2 choices (but make no mistake, Hillary is NOT the “lesser of 2 evils”). That’s what the status quo establishment wants us to believe so they can continue their reign of ERROR. But in fact we have more options. The sooner we realize we CAN vote third party, the sooner we put an end to the 2-party, corporate-friendly rulers.

  3. They care more about the industry than the citizen’s welfare. Feinstein got over $1.6m dollars from Monsanto, Even Al Franken took money. They are Neoliberals, not Liberals.

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