Industry GMO Labeling Bill Passes

Once again, Congress has sold out voters.
Last Thursday, the phony GMO “labeling” bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 306–117. The bill now awaits President Obama’s signature, and our sources tell us that he is likely to sign the bill into law. Many organizations are flooding the White House with messages. If you wish to join them, we have an action alert for the purpose. Action Alert!
The only winner in this legislation is Big Food. As we said in our previous coverage, this bill does not provide any meaningful GMO label on foods. There are no enforcement mechanisms, so companies can simply ignore the law and not label their food without fear of reprisal. As we reported last week, the legislation could possibly even be used to undermine producers’ ability to label their food as non-GMO. We plan to discuss this latter problem with Sen. Stabenow (D-MI), since she was co-author of the bill, and we will keep you updated.
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  1. Do you really think asking Obama to side with the peoples’ best interests against those of Big Agri has the slightest chance of succeeding? Dream on. I’ve signed so many anti GM petitions I’ve lost count but still Monsanto goes marching on – now trying to take advantage of Brexit from the EU to squeeze in its GM to Britain, where it was previously banned.

    1. Nobody’s twisting my arm to oppose the manifest destiny of corporate subversion of freedom of conscience. While cynicism may serve as idle self amusement, it’s of little or no value in terms of solutions.

    2. I believe polarization between pro/con factions of every different important quality of life issue is probably the biggest type of product we have growing presently. There seems to be a grand effort to keep up the fighting between those who “think” they know what’s best for us & those who’d just like to think freely.

  2. Here is what we must do. Although this idea will take away some our free time, it will be effective. When we go grocery shopping & whenever we find and item that is not marked GMO or GMO free, we go to customer service and tell them to call the company who makes the product and ask them if the product is GMO free. If we do this and customer service will not call the company to inquire about the product. Leave the product on the counter and tell customer service that we will not purchase the product unless it is labeled properly with a printed GMO or not GMO label not a bar code. If enough of us do this the grocery stores will be so bogged down they will have to hire extra service people thus cutting their profits. SO ANH USA get on the ball and write an article about this idea.

    1. or just simply boycott those companies, we know who they are. They will soon feel the pinch and compy because in reality they work for us!, they just don’t realize it yet.

    2. Organizations like alliance for Natural Health should make a list of the most popular products that are GMO free, or that contain GMOs, that we can print out and use when we go shopping. Copies could also be made to hand out at the supermarket.

  3. Yes, Dennis. The bite must be felt. We can also frequent stores that focus on providing GMO free foods, such as Trader Joes. Telling them, WHY we are shopping there, and being sure to tell the mainstream stores such as Giant, Harris Teeters, Safeway et al, WHY we won’t buy food there. The latter stores are full of deception. In Harris Teeters, the sushi is ‘preserved with carbon monoxide’.. why? To preserve the color. Why? So the fish won’t turn brown, as God intended, when it is getting old. The color our only way to know if the food is fresh.. except at Harris Teeters where carbon monoxide (labeled innocently as ‘CM’) prevents us from knowing. Safeway and Giant have toxic sweeteners in their health food sections, in the water bottles, and so on. Don’t just avoid these stores, or shop at Trader Joe’s.. tell them why.

  4. They are gaming you. Labeling GMOs is bullhonkey. The law of the land MANDATES that ANY substance added to the foods, drugs, or cosmetics be PROVEN safe with pretty much standard industry acceptance. This is NOT true for GMOs at all. There MUST be safety studies of long and short term duration, including multi-generational studies.
    The law of the land is the 1958 FDCA – food, drug, cosmetic act. This was passed by Congress for safety.
    The FDA lies to you, stating that the agency changed the law so now the lack of any significant GMO testing is “legal”. No – it is not. ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE A LAW – so any changes by a damb bureaucrat are illegitimate and NOT the law.

  5. If we must scan bar codes to find out if a product is GMO or not, insist that stores provide scanners at the point of purchase. It might occur to them that putting a GMO sticker on or near the product would be a whole lot cheaper than buying hundreds of scanners that need to be maintained.

  6. GMO purveyors declared it would be too costly to label packages with a notice that states GMO or NON GMO. LOL! Like you said it will cost millions to come up with QR codes and active updated links. How dishonest can corporations be? “we will pay for something much more costly as long as we can keep the consumer in the dark.” There’s their compromise!

  7. most people don’t realize what the GMO means. Genetically Modified Organism. That really means that inside each kernel of the corn that they make corn flakes from are herbicides and pesticides. That we have to eat those poisons is inhumane and deadly. The list of GMO foods is long and getting longer.

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