CDC Official Resigns after Crony Ties Exposed

She was helping Coca-Cola influence world health officials on sugar limits.
We wish this were unusual. But in yet another blatant example of government/medical cronyism, Dr. Barbara Bowman, director of the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention at the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), recently left the agency after her ties to Coca-Cola were exposed, Dr. Mercola reports today.
Emails obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests from the consumer group US Right to Know reveal how a former Coke executive and current leader of a beverage industry front group, Alex Malaspina, was able to ask for input and guidance from Dr. Bowman on how to address recent actions from the World Health Organization (WHO) that were unwelcome to the beverage industry.
In March 2015, the WHO published new sugar guidelines which suggested restrictions on sugary beverages. A month later, the WHO’s director general said the marketing of soft drinks was a key contributor to rising childhood obesity rates.
The emails show Malaspina complaining that he couldn’t make inroads with WHO officials and asked Dr. Bowman for help, which she readily provided.
Dr. Mercola reports that Dr. Bowman’s ties to Coca-Cola go back decades to when she worked as a senior nutritionist for the company earlier in her career.
This is a trend we see all the time in government—regulators exchanging favors for their friends in industry for the promise of cushy post-government jobs or other favors. There are many examples of the “revolving door,” and we’ve detailed a number of them on our FDA Death Meter microsite.
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    1. So should almost all of Congress for accepting bribes or “donations” to do bidding of companies and lobbyists.

        1. I know it’s different. So, the fact that almost all of Congress and Senate screwed us on the GMO issue is legal? I don’t agree with it and neither do a lot of others. My Senators received over a million between the two of them. I think that’s wrong when 95% of the country wants to label them.

          1. I feel the same way & will call my Senators & tell them how I feel.
            I hope you are doing the same.

      1. I absolutely agree. All GMO Advocates are voting against what the majority of Americans want because they are CORRUPT. Accepting Bribes or Donations is a Crime! Americans should fight to have them vacate the Senate and Congress and they should NEVER be voted in again! They are NOT representing the Majority of Americans!
        They are NOT working to better the lives of Hard Working Americans who do not want Health issues and Disease. Because of their Personal GREED and the GREED of these SATANIC Corporations, our Health and the Environment of this Planet is being DESTROYED!
        And where does President Oboma Stand on this issue? He had promised GMO Labelling upon being voted President, but has never fulfilled his promise. Now is the time to VETO this Corrupt Legislation and leave a Legacy of doing what he promised!

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