Most Prestigious Medical Journal in America Calls for GMO Labeling!

Help us make sure your legislators on Capitol Hill hear about this. Action Alert!
A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) calls on lawmakers to label genetically modified foods.
The authors begin by pointing out the well-established fact that genetic modifications to make plants resistant to herbicides and pesticides have tremendously increased the amount of toxic chemicals dumped on crops. Between 1974 and 2014, glyphosate use alone has increased by a factor of more than 250.
This stands to become much worse. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided in 2014 to approve Enlist Duo, a new herbicide made by Dow Chemical that combines glyphosate and 2,4-D. This will lead to substantially more chemicals in our food: according to the EPA’s own projections, 2,4-D use will increase by as much as seven times as a result. (You can read our coverage of the new generation of combination herbicides here.)
The authors point out what many of us have realized for a long time: these are very nasty chemicals. 2,4-D is an ingredient in what used to be called Agent Orange when used in the Vietnam War. The World Health Organization’s ultra-cautious International Agency for Research on Cancer recently classified 2,4-D as a “possible human carcinogen” and glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen.” Both herbicides were linked to increases in malignant tumors at multiple sites in animals. Glyphosate was also linked to an increased incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in humans.
These new developments cause the authors to conclude, “The time has therefore come to thoroughly reconsider all aspects of the safety of plant biotechnology….We believe the time has come to revisit the United States’ reluctance to label GM foods.”
This is not only a bold statement coming from an article in the NEJM. It is also a brave one. NEJM, like other medical journals, is highly dependent on industry for financial support. This shows that the editors still have a measure of independence.
More and more evidence links pesticide use with health problems. Recently, the Guardian reported that Hawaii, where chemical companies spray seventeen times more pesticide per acre than ordinary cornfields in the US, is experiencing a spike in birth defects—in some areas, at more than ten times the national rate.
We reported previously that Rep. Mike Pompeo’s voluntary GMO labeling legislation known as the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act passed the House and could be taken up by the Senate after the August recess. Let’s hope that the words of caution from the NEJM—along with messages from the millions of consumers who want to know what’s in the food they eat—will prevent Big Food’s and Big Biotech’s lobbyists from buying our legislators.
Action Alert! Tell your senators about the NEJM’s recommendation that all GMO foods be labeled, and point out that the DARK Act’s voluntary labeling scheme means no GMO labeling by the biggest GMO producers! Please take action immediately.


  1. Another important shift in the culture. Monsanto may have the money, but in this age of disclosure and information dissemination it will be increasingly difficult for these cockroaches to flee from the light.

    1. I don’t get your problem with Monsanto, they are a small player in the Ag chemical business, BASF is about 10x bigger.

    2. Currently they are working on. Believe this RNA spraying in there labatories as I write this. Still again. WICKED. Leave our. Seeds. Alone. My. Father got cancer from. Agent Orange in. Vietman.

      1. Sorry to hear and understand your reaction. However, you should blame the gov’t for that They were the ones who insisted upon the cheaper high temp processing that led to the dioxin.

  2. I’m concerned that so much additional herbicides and pesticides will affect our mental acuity, specifically the capacity to reason and to control behavior. Behavioral declines have been occurring since the middle of the last century when we turned away from natural substances and processes. All to live better through chemistry.

    1. Chemistry is not the Be all and End All, unless you accept that the End All means the end of ALL of us, thus the end of the World!

      1. Good one. i realized some time back, that human beings are not products of business. We are not the result of simple chemical combinations – put together by inidustry or something. We are not a pharmacological entity. We are a product and result of nature and natural processes.
        When i look at our society it appears that every time one veers away from nature, they lose. Health, happiness, sanity, whatever – we lose. The only thing that will heal people from their illnesses are the natural ingredients that form a natural human body. Without those ingredients – you may as well (Hyperzombie) make roundup without the glyphosate, lol. It will NOT work the same.
        Still looking from a wider viewpoint – even our lifestyles are toxic to natural life and natural health. Sitting for long times is equivalent to or worse than smoking multiple packs of cigarettes/day. Watching TV puts one into an alpha brain wave state and makes you (i don’t watch TV, haven’t except a brief stint in N Minn, for about 30 yrs) a receptive, uncritical, sponge of whatever propaganda is on that TV right then. (Be happy by buying my drugs, be obedient, buying = happiness, Obey, this society is the only and best way for people to be, listen to the wise, more intelligent wealthy people, etc)
        Everywhere we look, most of this society is garbage – except for the good interactions between people and others – and our so-called ‘civilization’ is a total bust.

    2. well you better stop eating then, because 99.99% of all pesticides that you consume are naturally present in the foods that you eat.

      1. I think you need to learn some science and stay away from the conspiracy sites on the internet.

        1. The New England Journal of Medicine is now a conspiracy site? Sorry, I wasn’t informed.

          1. Apparently nit may be sliding that way based on this example. When you post bunk. You lose credibility. That is why your Mom told you to consider the source. Even though technically it can be an ad hom. Sometimes it is good advice.

          2. Tell it to the New England Journal of Medicine, not me. That IS what the article is about. I am sure you know so much more than they do. LOL

  3. more terrifying. Even Organic foods Cant avoid big part of this due to over-spraying from fields nearby, from just Air droplets,
    water and soil degrading. even plant your own in soil, you could possibly get some of this. And of course Animals we eat,
    get this poison in their food even if grass fed. our Govt needs to put an outright stop on these powerful herbcides, but
    certaintly Not just voluntary labels.

    1. LOL, I would be more concerned about Organic farmers spraying themselves. Over 45% of organic crops test positive for banned pesticides. And there is no way that this is from drift.

      1. This would be another poison industry “fact”? i know many organic farmers, and none would do this.
        i know of farmer’s market conventional grown that might – and where do they get those banned poisons anyway? Saved up from Gramps in the old tool shed? Years worth? 45%?
        Sure sounds “reasonable” to me. (no sarcasm was harmed in the forming of that last sentence)

          1. Of course he meant banned in org production but used anyway. My statement still stands with the sarcasm about old chemicals. It is a weak hint reductio ad absurdum argument.
            Interesting that the assertion of illegal toxins in organic is not being screamed for reference and citation by you……only things that don’t’ support chemical usage.
            my personal take is that i grow some food, then put poison on it – is just phukn STUPID. Hmmm Food – poison, then food = poison. That means it is not beneficial to one’s body.
            To even imply that 45% of org farmers use org banned chemicals seems ridiculous from the stand point that non-organic farmers pretty much ALL use poisons, DUHHHH! So even if org did truly use banned from org poisons it would STILL be an improvement over factory farmed garbage. Hopefully they would also not be using the toxic, industrial waste “soil amendments and fertilizers” from nuke plants, smelters, refineries, smokestacks, etc.
            Those are allowed in regular fertilizers, and for all i know may have snuck into the organic chain.
            You make the assumption that we who trust nature believe organic to be a panacea – and many of us do not. USDA ORGANIC is a con job, written by industry to insure genetic contamination of crops. This can and does happen because THIS organic certification deals only with process, not end product. So we don’t know what the actual level of poisons are, what the actual genetics can be. Some older certification systems did spot check those issues and thus were safer for consumption.
            Regenerative ag is better than sustainable or organic alone. Integrated is healthier and better for the land and plants/animals than monoculture.

    2. our government is more likely to send the EPA swat teams after someone who seeds organic with the explanation that it creates an imbalance in the Monsanto Force.

  4. It is not “The United States reluctance to label GMO food” – it is the reluctance of the corpse-orations who pimp the political prostitutes who do their will as much as possible.
    As for the 2,4-D, we think of it as an agent orange debacle. The industry will tell you (through their shills on the blog sites) that the dangerous chemical was 2,4,5-T. (Like you can chug 2,4-D)
    What they ignore is that the TESTED 2,4-D is laboratory grade and much more pure than the production grade – which WILL have 2,4,5-T because production is sloppy in nature. Furthermore, there will be more 2,4,5-T in it’s metabolites as it breaks down.
    Here we still sit talking about roundup and glyphosate, and most don’t even know that an “inert” ingredient – polyethoxylated tallowamine POE-15 is apoptic to human cells at 1-3 ppm. That translates to killing human cells at 1-3 parts per million – which can and has been exceeded while still staying within the inflated allowable roundup contamination levels. Tag – you’re it.
    Okay, so most don’t even know that trivia – so how many are even asking WHAT METABOLITES ARE FORMED AS GLYPHOSATE BREAKS DOWN and what happens when it comes in contact with pesticides, nitrate fertilizers, and other substances KNOWN to increase synergistic toxicity with other compounds?

    1. “(Like you can chug 2,4-D)”
      Well you cant chug salt water or dish soap, what is your point? 2-4_d is not a beverage.
      “polyethoxylated tallowamine”
      It is a surfactant and a soap. Like come on it is just the chemical name for soap made from beef and sheep tallow. And yes soaps kill bacteria and exposed cells, that is why we wash with it.
      well AMPA then it just turns into N, P and CO2,,,all plant nutrients. Glyphosate is a salt , it doesn’t combine with much, it just degrades.

      1. So the rest of the world’s scientists are wrong and you are right? I think Michael made a great point about behavior and you are his poster boy.

        1. What?? Glyphosate is the World’s number one herbicides, and it is approved in every country in the world.

          1. When a govt approves something, do you pretend that they aren’t bribed, bought, baffled by bullshyt or something else – and this automatically makes things just fine? You are a GREAT candidate to work in the state environmental agencies, where toxic wastes with heavy metal contamination, arsenic, radioactivity and other poisons are put into a silo as toxic waste – and if there’s a trace of N, P, K, or boron, zinc etc – when it comes out the bottom and is put into a “soil amendment” or a “fertilizer” then it’s just jim dandy!
            If you look at commercial fertilizer (and some organic? dunno, but it’s scary) and it has grey and/or black in there, it is likely toxic waste from mills, refineries, and perhaps nuke power plants.
            Read “FATEFUL HARVEST” published 2001 – and see how safe things are just because they are “approved” and stamped.

          2. Obviously didn’t get to the book. From the web –
            “The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 was, in part,
            an attempt to regulate the disposal of potentially hazardous industrial
            wastes. It labeled as federal hazards all manufacturing byproducts
            containing harmful substances, and required that producers dispose of
            them in specially designed landfills.
            Then an exemption was added: Wastes containing plant nutrients such as
            nitrogen or potassium and “micronutrients” – generally trace minerals
            such as zinc, iron and selenium – could bypass the costly disposal
            requirements by becoming fertilizer additives. It was left to individual
            states to regulate the levels of tag-along substances, and few have
            done so.”
            Don’t throw glass houses at hard stones.

          3. And all that has exactly nothing to do with the fact that there need be no g.e. labels.

          4. No it is not. It is the most popular herbicide in France. It was banned for home gardening.

          5. And I think it was just a request from some government ministry type person that greenhouses, etc. stop selling it retail. No official government act/edict or anything like that.

      2. Wow. i can’t tell you how reassured i am to now know that your “heroes of science” have again taken a formerly safe food substance and made it incredibly toxic! Wow again! Thought they couldn’t get worse on the fats than that idiotic hydrogenated crap, but “progress” by leaps and bounds and thuds of dead bodies hitting the ground.
        To be relevant, you need a reference point, like how many cells does Dr Bronners kill in comparison – not something with those antibacterial triclosan crappp products that weaken your muscles – emphasis on heart muscle (yeah! science!)
        i am not going to pretend with you, that roundup consists of two ingredients, and that those ingredients are benign – that belief is idiocy – close to retardation. There IS damage from gly and it’s ingredients, it’s never been studied in formula to see the synergistic damages when it combines with other chemicals – heck, we KNOW that some other herbicides greatly increase their toxicity simply by coming in contact with nitrate fertilizers. Here you are, discussing how SAFE a product is, when it is DESIGNED TO KILL. A bit of a dislocation going on….
        All of this is a diversion from the greater truth – WE DON’T NEED GMOS AT ALL and they are not increasing production or reducing poison consumption.
        Another 800# gorilla over your shoulder is that PESTICIDES MAKE THE PROBLEMS WORSE beyond any short term use. We use over 4,000 X more poison to “fix” our problems in Ag – and our problems are more than 400 X WORSE.
        So if you want to apply that lack of intelligence to your personal life, if your car stops because your computer died – why don’t you just put in more gas to fix the problem?

        1. Got any proof for those nonsensical claims. Personally I have never heard the bodies hitting the ground.

          1. There is an exact correlation with hydrogenated fats and trans fats, and the amount of damage caused to one’s vascular system. There is NO such correlation with butter, or truly good fats – the natural saturated fats etc.
            In 63 there was a study to prove how healthy vegetable oils were over meat fats (the big lie to sell soy, corn etc oils) In a 4 yr study, the guys taking just a couple tablespoons of corn oil doubled their heart attack rate.
            Regardless, your cell walls are composed of phospholipids, and hydrogenated fats not only make for deformed and weak cell walls, but they are proven to reduce intracellular oxygen because the hydrogenation fills the open bond in the fatty acids – 3rd in Omega 3s, 6th in Omega 6s, etc. Without the open access, O2 can’t’ bond there, and is not carried into the cells.
            Further, we NEED cholesterol, so the whole bad fat science era was wrong – just geared toward profits for some. Your brain is 2% of your weight and contains 65% of your cholesterol. Your skin has LDL cholesterol – and it is needed to form Vitamin D3 with the sunshine. There technically is no difference btwn LDL and HDL cholesterol. The difference is in the protective protein matrix, and where that allows the cholesterols to travel.
            So with all the stupid, bad, unhealthy aspects of hydrogenated/trans fats – people have died. Thus the metaphorical bodies thumping.

          2. There is an exact correlation between organic food consumption and autism. Correlation does not show causation.

    2. I”m not arguing for or against POE, but the reality is that if it is Organic, it can be used without testing. It is not banned until after proving harm. If it is Synthetic, it has to be tested, and potential harm evaluated.
      POE is a Certified Organic adjuvant.

  5. What a load of errors this is. Misleading at best dishonest at worst. For example the 24d Agent Orange claim. The problem was in the dioxin produced at the higher temps the feds required under the Defense Act of 1950. this resulted in the by product from 245T not 24d. So the authors use a partial truth to mislead. To do so on [purpose is dishonest. Pathetic.

    1. In production runs (not lab runs for testing – those are very pure) 2,4,5T is present. It is also present in the metabolites of 2,4-D.

      1. Citation needed. I could find nothing to confirm your claims. Further and more importantly nothing on dioxin in 24D.

        1. Um – you brought up dioxins in 2,4-D when high temps in ….
          Not me. i have a quote about 2,4,5-T as a metabolite, but am gently looking for citations beyond that – but am trying to live my life as the search continues.
          Pruning some black walnut off the trunks, Remodeling. Flushing a water system and putting in shower heads, cutting out 2 door panels so that air can flow from the swamp cooler, meeting with the bee people in the field to show where i want the hives, Getting good NON-GMO seeds for fall crops,

          1. Whoops, my bad – but again – YOU brought up the dioxins. Plz don’t make me “wrong” about dioxin info when i never brought it up.

          2. It was not just the dioxin as i read it, the general composition of 2,4,5-T was problematic, and there was another thing – something like 2,3,7,8 something….
            Regardless – to have poisons that kill life and pretend they are just fine seems a little self-delusional.

          3. So, you are against killing the worms in your pets? athlete’s foot? Head lice? African sleeping sickness? Who’s delusional? Pest control is a good thing. and some life needs to die in order for people and their animals to live well. Get used to reality.

          4. Uhm, my pets take care of that theirselves with the weeds they eat. Head lice are MORE effectively eliminated with properly (it’s strong so needs to be done correctly) with thyme oil – and unlike the failing (proven reduced rate of effectiveness) pHARMa head lice killers – thyme oil does NOT increase your child’s risk of brain cancer by 40%. Study funded by state of Missouri.
            This is not a valid argument in my view. There is a difference btwn killing for survival and health necessity and killing to make corporations rich without real benefit. My food is healthier and less toxic. That there may be some toxins because the pear orchard next door sprays is sometimes unavoidable, but that doesn’t make it intelligent to put MORE on.
            i’ve seen variants of that argument and it’s disingenuous – like when someone above stated that 99% of the pesticides were from plants themselves. So obviously we should all lather on the roundup, 2,4-D, triclosan and all those other poisons.
            Right, lol.

          5. Post this Missouri study please. Also where I the evidence for lice killers failing. If a corporation makes a profit there are many real benefits. Employees get checks and can pay bills, feed their kids and save for retirement. Suppliers get paid and that benefits their employees and on and on. As for your animals. Please turn your self in for animal cruelty. You are a criminal if you do not worm and vaccinate them.

  6. I recently purchased a weed killer. I made sure it wasn’t manufactured by monsanto and that it didn’t contain glyphosate.

    1. Why? Glyphosate is one of the most environmentally friendly herbicides that there is, and the bonus is that it works very well.

          1. I don’t find it dumb when someone is so one sided and close minded when it comes to a point of view. Monsanto actually has a budget for such monkey business. You really didn’t know? Living in Hawaii, I have learned a lot about how they operate and the tools they use.

          2. Apparently you learned incorrectly. The truth is that when one understands an issue. They will no longer listen to the false claims of people who just make up stuff. That is not one sided. And living in Hawaii is not a source of facts. Actually some of the worst wackos I have read about lately live there. And further you have no idea who you are accusing and no specific evidence. That makes you a liar. And disgusting.

          3. I just went into “hyperzombie’s” comment page and if he is not being paid, he is certainly fixated way beyond normal. Pro-GMO appears to be almost his only topic. Check it out.

          4. So, I do not care if he is fixated, or just plain weird. As long as he is telling the truth. Sometimes those things can be misleading. I comment on War between the states history, Civil rights/freedom issues, and economics. As well as agriculture in general and landscaping. Most of the other stuff doesn’t show up. Last night I posted several videos of the Michigan Marching Band and events in the “Big House” That will not show as well. If you really want to learn. Start questioning some of these folks instead of opposing them. Then double check their answers. Do some reading. Join GMO skeptic forum and research what they say. Take a night class. Did you know that Monsanto ceased to exist for a while or that the guys who made the horrible decisions in the 60s are around 90 now and that there are entirely new folks there?

          5. I noticed that you comment almost exclusively on political matters, so are you a paid political hack? Work for the president?

          6. I am not a one issue person as you probably noticed. A one issue person looks more like a paid employee to me.

          7. I didn’t notice, all your comments were through a political lens. I comment on farming issues, because I am a farmer. I know farming and you know politics (or at least you are very interested in it).If a mechanic comments on mechanical issues, is he a paid employee? If a Surgeon comments on surgical issues is he a paid employee, if a particle Physicist comments on particle physics is he paid? People comment on what they are interested in, simple.

          8. True, but why is it so important to you that people who care are denied labeling for their food. This is important to a whole lot of people. Corporations and the GMA are putting millions into keeping us ignorant. Why do you think this is?

          9. “True, but why is it so important to you that people who care are denied labeling for their food”
            What so you want labeled? there is already 2 labels to help you avoid GMOs.
            “Corporations and the GMA are putting millions into keeping us ignorant.”
            You wouldn’t be here commenting if you were ignorant of the issue.
            “Why do you think this is?”
            Ask yourself this. Why is the Organic industry paying for all the anti GMO propaganda?

          10. Because it is what differentiates the organic from the corporate standard which is not a high enough bar for those who care. We organic folks also hate what it is doing to the land. Corporate farmers destroy their land. It becomes a sterile environment and GMO plants ruin the genes in our plants. I’ll take an organic product over a corporate product any day even if it does cost a little more. The flavor and nutrition are both superior despite what the corporate sponsored research says.

          11. LO, talk about falling for marketing… Organic is worse for the land. You folks are just Dupes… and I find it so funny…
            A little more, try 4000 dollars per year on average..

          12. Its real easy to say something, but could I have a few facts? How is organic worse for the land? LOL!

          13. That is the reason it costs a little more, but how does it hurt the soil as you claimed? Quote, “Organic is worse for the land.” Please explain yourself.

          14. It costs way more 2-4x more for Organic grains. The number on reason organic costs more is that 1 it yields way less, so you need more land to grow the same amount. 2. far more labour and machinery intensive. 3 cost of segregation and shipping.
            Tillage destroys the soil structure and leads to soil erosion, and all kinds of other problems. That is why most modern farmers are switching to no/min till farming methods.

          15. The organic farmers I know don’t let their soil wash away. That would be counterproductive. I will pay more for the quality. I grow my own and support the good people at my local farmer’s market.

          16. “I will pay more for the quality.”
            But Organic food is of the same quality as conventional. It just costs more.
            You should always support your local farmers,

          17. Yes, it hurts the soil life and reduces organic matter by stirring in oxygen and thus increasing oxidation. Which lowers your percentage of organic matter. This is especially true for farmers in sandy soils and warm climates.

          18. There is an interesting sci fi book, called The Last Centurion, by John Ringo, where the main character is a real large scale farmer, and has a lot to say about the Organic fanatics.

          19. “those who care” appeal to emotion and desire to claim moral superiority. Mary you are smarter than that. If I didn’t “care” why post here?

          20. Nobody is being denied labeling, so stop lying. There is a non gmo label, and an organic label, both verified to not have gmo, so if you dont want gmo, buy those, but leave my regular food labels alone.

          21. Dickard40, Congress has a bill before it which we call the “Dark Act” since it’s purpose is to keep people in the dark about what they are consuming. This bill would prevent states from passing labeling laws. It could then only be done at the federal level. So much for the people’s rights!

          22. Do not believe the lies. There will still be voluntary labels. The same as now. nobody will be kept in the dark.

          23. That is a strange jump. I never even mentioned them. or indicated any trust in them. “profits over people” Do you or your any in your family own a business or stock? If so you or they are relying on profits. 401K profits. And guess what? the profits go to people. So the slogan you used is not even literally possible. Come to think of it I never even indicated I want the act to pass. I was simply pointing out the that your understanding of it is incorrect. As is the authors of this article.

          24. Wow, for once I agree with you. I believe in federalism, and believe in giving states maximum latitude to regulate themselves. I also prefer that most regulation, and gov spending, come from the states, not the fed gov. My reason is because if a state screws it up, I can move to another state, while if the fed gov screws it up, there is no escape.
            But lets see how much you really believe in states rights, or whether you are hypocritical on the issue, like many leftists are, and only believe in states rights for this particular kind of regulation. Do you for example, believe that the fed gov should also defer to the states on things like the environment, education, welfare, and health care, or are you a hypocrite who only favors states rights when you think it will help you.

          25. Glad we agree (kinda), but I am sitting here open mouthed that you compare labeling to the environment, education, welfare and healthcare. Little things like labeling can be handled at the state level. After all they do label for Europe. It is not like it is something they are not already doing. But, when it comes to enslaving a population I think the feds need to step in.

          26. What is this bit about enslaving populations, are you talking about ISIS? If so, I agree as well that we need to do something about ISIS. Other than them, I thought slavery was repealed. And my observation was confirmed, you only use federalism when it suits you, and are perfectly OK to see an overbearing fed gov when it suits you. I do not have that hypocrisy and inconsistency, I prefer federalism in most situations, not just issues where it favors me, like you do. As for labeling being a little thing, you seem to be awfully determined to get it, especially since you already have it with the No GMO and organic labels.

      1. For those stupid to think poisoning things is intelligent i recommend to them that they get any non-Monsanto brand.
        Stop feeding the monster. i also recommend non-Monsanto owned seed companies, grocery store brands, etc.

          1. Ah, so you’ve broadened the argument to include vermin control with food poisoning. Got it.

          2. No one is advocating poisoning food. In fact g.e. food is as safe as any other source. You were bad mouthing “Poison” I simply showed some examples of why poison is sometimes beneficial.

          3. Yet, the EPA has set “allowable” levels of contamination for every poison allowed on the crops – precisely BECAUSE those poisons remain in the food.
            Glyphosate was said to be allowed at 0.07 ppm prior to the advent of GMO crops – because at 0.10 ppm it is typically neurotoxic. With GMOs, it was known that higher levels of gly would be left within the plants and the foods – so for a brief time the allowable level was set at 0.20 ppm – twice what was neurotoxic – and then dropped to 0.13 – probably have my deciimal points in the wrong place here – it’s not in 32nds of an inch, so those numbers are harder, lol.
            Also, it is dragged up from the 90s and my old pile of articles. Sorry i left those with the co-op up there, sigh.

  7. Nope your claims like those of the author are simply wrong. And I say this as I head olut to Taco Bell for supper. Nope Pizza tonight.

  8. I find it difficult to comprehend the sheer shameless and Godless actions of GMO entities and the sinister collusion with federal agencies; created to protect the public at large from harmful materials in food products. The mentality is clearly evident – ‘It’s wildly lucrative so make it all legal – they’re gonna die someday anyway.’ Isn’t it obvious that ordinary hard working, trusting Americans are literally under siege from slithering corporations and our own USDA? They consider us nothing but mere chattel. We’re simply life forms of little significance, whose only value apparently, is for the extraction of our earnings we receive through our toil, to be infused into their stock price. Capitalism left unchecked morphs into ruthless brutality via stupefying corruption. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the GOP.

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