Hillary Clinton Prescribed a Dangerous Blood-Thinner

Being rich and famous does not necessarily mean you get better healthcare.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter from one of her doctors giving her a clean bill of health after a full medical exam and attesting to her physical ability to serve as president. The letter revealed that Mrs. Clinton is being treated with the drug Coumadin to help prevent blood clots, which she experienced in 1998, 2009, and 2012. Coumadin (also called warfarin) is an anticoagulant intended to prevent blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.
We’ve written before about how dangerous this and other drugs like it can be. It is one of the leading causes of emergency room fatalities. In 2011, it was the subject of 1,106 serious adverse event reports, including seventy-two deaths—and that is just in hospitals!
Warfarin has a long list of nasty side effects, including bleeding gums, blood in the urine, blurred vision, chest pain, peeling skin, serious bone loss, and confusion. It can also cause necrosis—the death of skin tissue. One study found that long-term warfarin use after myocardial infarction (that is, after a heart attack) did not reduce mortality or reinfarction, but is associated with significantly more major bleeding.
Warfarin can also create a vitamin K deficiency and calcification of the arteries. In a study of patients undergoing surgery for aortic valve replacement, patients who took warfarin had twice the calcium build-up in their heart valves as patients not on warfarin, presumably because the loss of vitamin K was preventing the calcium from getting into the bones as it should. This is also why calcium should never be taken without important co-factors like vitamin K (in particular, vitamin K-2, which is especially important), magnesium, vitamin D, and omega–3 fatty acids.
Warfarin also requires constant monitoring. Patients taking it must regularly be screened by their physicians to ensure that their international normalized ration (INR)—a measure of how quickly blood coagulates—remains within a safe range. As Life Extension magazine reports, this can be difficult to obtain, as one’s INR can fluctuate due to even minor alterations in diet.
We might politely point out to Mrs. Clinton that there are natural blood thinning alternatives that do not come with the laundry list of side effects from Big Pharma medications. Dr. Robert J. Rowen, for instance, recommends omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, bioflavanoids (such as gingko), natural clotting modulators like garlic, and nattokinase, which is made from fermented soy. Other natural blood thinners include the enzymes serrapeptase and lumbrokinase. Blood thickness (viscosity) is a good thing to test on an ongoing basis. High viscosity is an important risk factor for heart disease, as Jonathan Wright, MD, and other integrative physicians have emphasized.
Mrs. Clinton is also reportedly taking Armour Thyroid to treat an underactive thyroid gland. We were glad to hear this. It means that at least one of her physicians knows something about natural medicine. Armour Thyroid is DTE—desiccated thyroid extract, the natural form of the hormones, as opposed the synthetic forms that conventional medicine often prescribes. We wrote about Armour in 2013, when there was a suspicious shortage of DTE. We suspected the FDA was up to its usual cronyism, clearing the way for Big Pharma’s synthetic drugs. But the letters our readers sent to Congress and the FDA seem to have averted that outcome.


  1. Has she no access to the MD’s that helped her husband combat his heart disease???

    1. Natural doctors may say 2000mg of fish oil, lecithin, evening primrose oil etc, no bad fats and not give coumadin which is dangerous and then a person can’t eat green vegetables with Vit K. Blood clots maybe due a clotting disorder that kicks in due to low thyroid due to gluten making antibodies to the thyroid. See my other comments.

      1. You can eat all the green veggies you want while taking coumadin. You just adjust the amount you take. I eat a LOT and keep my clotting levels in ideal range
        BTW, no holistic doctor advised me to avoid coumadin– multiple chiropractors, naturopaths, doctors of acupuncture. None. It’s not an option when clots are an issue

    1. F in water can hurt…block I the thyroid needs, but also heavy metals, stress which makes cortisol and gluten may affect the thyroid. Low thyroid may cause clots.

      1. Another cause of thyroid dysfunction is soy, and it doesn’t have to be GMO (which most soy is these days). Children especially should not be given soy milk as a substitute for dairy milk. Raw goat milk is best, but milk from grass-fed cows is a healthy option also.

        1. Yes…..Soy may be in 60% of food in the grocery store in a box. Soy is making people be estrogen dominant which can block thyroid. Most soy is GMO and that makes it even harder on health. Any restaurant may have gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO which may hurt people.

    2. Perhaps chronic intake of bromine from commercial flour is more of an influence on our thyroid gland. Then there is chronic intake of chlorine from water. All are halogens that can displace iodine.

  2. Every blood thinner or medication for that matter has side effects and risks. Omega-3 fish oil and garlic, etc., natural methods are not scientically proven to do what they say they will. When you take any medication your safest plan is to be monitored with blood tests regularly, and consultation with your doctor. There are other anticoagulation medications as well that do not require the frequency of monitoring that Coumadin requires; however, those have side effects and risks as well, as does just about every medication.

    1. How about. Change your. Eating regime. To many. Dead Animals. Everyone walking around with. Bellies of. Great. 3000. Animals people eat in 1. Life span. She’s now lost to the world.

      1. June, there are numerous causes for blood clots, not just dietary. There are genetic factors involved in blood clotting as well. Many people who are genetically prone to blood clots don’t even know they are until they experience their first clot (or in my case, massive numbers at once). If someone has one copy of the mutated gene they may be only slightly more prone to clots. If someone has both copies they are at significant risk.

        1. Are you aware of the recently shown fact that genes can be changed, e.g. turned off and on? Hence, increased genetic risk caused by mutated genes could be treated without the use of dangerous drugs.

          1. Someday, yes. But as of now there is no such treatment for the mutations causing blood clotting disorders.

          2. I think Ani is a big pharma troll. She certainly sounds like one because any time anybody mentions natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals she is right there, arguing and giving you the ‘jive’

    2. This is just pro pharma lobby propaganda. The efficacy of natural healing methods and many supplements have been well proven, only the pharma lobby wants you to believe that they are not “scientifically proven”. Same as the extreme right wants you to believe that climate change has not been “scientifically proven” and same as the tobacco lobby for decades argued that it has not been “scientifically proven” that smoking harms your health.

        1. Do not be lazy, do some research on the internet yourself. But, if you need a pointer look at the research done by Harvard Medical School on the efficacy of acupuncture in pain management. There are many others.

  3. BOTTOM LINE; Hillary is ‘over the hill’ both physically & especially….MENTALLY!!!

    1. Why make an intelligent comment that adds to the discussion when you can make an ignorant, misogynistic one, right?

        1. Very good, Charles, add to the fight and make things nastier. Ani was appropriately calling out a troll. I am doing the same.

          1. Wow. That sounds like the kind of insult my brother used to use when he was six years old.

          2. Yeah, I remember those. Emircitna, “I’m rubber, you’re glue. What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.”

          3. OR, you are mentally at the level of a 6 years old. Although based on your comments here I would estimate you at 3 years old max.

          4. I guess if you’re appalled at the idea of Madam Clinton becoming president then that makes you a troll. Among many egregious indicators that she is unfit for public office, germane to this web site is the fact that in the wake of the Fukushima disaster she assured Japan that the US would not be testing Japanese food imports for radiation. Hey, thanks from a grateful nation, Hitlery!

          5. Well, if the topic here is about medicine, then yes, making aggressive political comments seems fairly trollish to me…

          6. THE TOPIC ALSO involves….Hillary Clinton, my friend!
            This woman is the epitome of evil and Americans had BETTER wake-up to that!!!!

          7. JOHN, you apparently get all your information from your TV set, my friend.
            The damned woman is a MARXIST and follower of the Communist Saul Alinski whom she idolized during her college years! ~ Do some serious research, seeing that you have access to the Internet.

          8. You should look up the meaning of Marxism in a dictionary before mindlessly using the term!

          9. YOU need to go beyond the briefness of a dictionary, my friend!
            Are you implying that Communists do not follow Marxism?
            If so then why did they use SOCIALIST in USSR?!

          10. “Epitome of evil”? What an utterly ignorant and hateful statement! Based on your “standards” where do that place war criminals GW Bush and Cheney?

          11. When a prominent political figure follows a course that will affect the health of American citizens, then the comments will take on a political hue, n’est-ce pas? In my original comment, I made no reference to Ms. Clinton’s (in my opinion) many outrageous behaviors while in office, EXCEPT for her disregard for the impacts of radiation on us. Others have mentioned her seamy alliance with MonSatan. These issues, while not specific to the featured article, are very much relevant in matters of health and medicine.
            Besides, why is it okay for pro-Clintonites to state their opinions, but anyone who expresses criticism had better not speak up?

          12. I seriously doubt this. “FDA continues to closely monitor the situation at and around the Fukushima Dai-ichi facility, as it has since the start of the incident and will coordinate with other Federal and state agencies as necessary, standing ready to take action if needed, to ensure the safety of food in the U.S. marketplace.” Shame on your ignorance.

          13. Attempting to repost this after removing link to NRC petition site:
            Do you think I made that up about Sec’y of State Clinton’s turn-a-blind-eye pact with Japan? Do some research before you label ME ignorant while quoting a government alphabet agency that values the welfare of corporations above people. You know how the feds protect us from unsafe levels of radiation? They raise the “safe” levels! Presto change-o! No worries. But just to make sure that we don’t come down with a case of radiophobia, they also disable the radiation monitors.
            Woods Hole scientist Ken Buesseler, speaking of the radiation plume: “… no public agency in the US is monitoring the activities in the Pacific… ”
            Do you have a clue about the government cover-ups that have protected the nuclear industry since “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” were dropped on Japan? Or do you believe everything your just and benign government tells you? What do you know about WIPP or Hanford or any of the other aging nuclear power plants and disintegrating storage vaults?

          14. If they had a single cogent argument it would give me pause for thought, but they skirt the issue every time.

          15. Oh, I see. She was just following orders. No blame, no shame. Saint Hillary is as innocent as a newborn lamb.

          16. That means both are responsible for the murder of Stevens, in Benghazi. What I have never understood, is why an Ambassador would involve themselves in shipping weapons from Libya, through Turkey, to the terrorists in Syria, to try to remove Assad. I don’t believe that is in the job description.

          17. Ensure the safety of foods in the U.S. marketplace? Letting Monsanto and other chemical companies genetically modify corn, soy and wheat just so they can grow faster and can be sprayed with 10 times the amount of herbicides and pesticides that won’t harm the “food”. An overload of antibiotics and hormones given to cattle, pigs and chickens not to mention they are also eating the genetically modified grains. I could go on and on but if you think our government cares anything about the safety of food or the health of our country then shame on your ignorance.

          18. Real easy to call someone a troll as it takes spotlight off the issues that could help people , if leftists on Hilliary side cared enough to engage brains & think. They have an easy time with media as the accusations are many while real solutions to nations problems are given short shift by loons on left. They have many huge examples of their failures in every city and State ( Ca especially ) & now since bho admin has been running nation for too many years ; all we see is failure ; yet they accept responsibilty for none of it ! !

        2. Rambling incoherent babbling is requirement to be a idleminded worshiper of commie socialists running nation & major media. Let the braindead worship their idols as they watch nation deteriorate yet cannot engage their brains to realize why nation is headed down the path it’s now upon. They continue to say they care so very much about people yet they really don’t and are too lazy to give up their idol worship & start thinking.

      1. “MISOGYNISTIC”…really? Now WHO is being ignorant here, when Hillary has proven herself to be the worst example of womanhood in her never-ending treachery toward her Communist goals?!!!!

    2. Being a president is much stress. You see the presidents turn gray. She jokes she will not turn gray due to dying her hair, but that doesn’t change the fact stress hurts people and may lower thyroid as it make cortisol etc. Celiac can cause low thyroid and affect brain/body in a major way eventually if untreated. She is ok with GMO’s, but GMO/Round may be hurting most Americans and her. See my other comments.

    3. Hillary is very ill mentally…The stroke and fall had dire consequences for her. This present stress over her e-mail will put her over the line in ill mental health….She needs to go back to solitary living preferably in a U S prison suited to her crime.

  4. I’m a chiropractor, so I’m opposed to people being treated with drugs when natural remedies are as effective. HOWEVER, in this case using nutrients to achieve a slight anticoagulative effect is extremely risky and not nearly as effective as prescription anticoagulants. Secretary Clinton has had blood clots on three occasions, which makes her much more likely to have more. The odds of them traveling to her brain, heart and/or lungs is quite high at this point. Given those odds, the only prudent course is to use prescription anticoagulants like warfarin.
    I also speak from personal experience here. Due to having “uncountable” numbers of blood clots at once in my legs and lungs in 2006 (due to a newly diagnosed disease), I must remain on warfarin for life. I also take the nutrients listed above, which don’t affect my coagulation levels AT ALL. (I measure them weekly). So we cannot rely on nutrients to do what anticoagulants can do.
    Finally, the studies that show vitamin K deficiencies are using subjects who have altered their diet to use warfarin– ie, decreasing the amount of vitamin K rich foods, which interfere with warfarin. That is an outdated way. Now they tell you to eat a healthy diet–one rich in leafy greens, etc– and adjust the warfarin accordingly. This is what I was told by the Chief of Hematology at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

    1. Exactly. My 90-year-old mother is in a similar situation, with two very serious clots in her history. Although coumadin has a great many negatives, it can be life-saving. The newer anticoagulants also have risks and downsides, and many doctors are taking a “the devil we know” approach with these drugs.
      I am very pleased at the fact that they no longer restrict diet with coumadin the way they used to. My mother used to have a poor diet when she was first on the drug, but no longer.
      As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I am in complete agreement with Dr. Sangye (for whom I wish continued health). Drugs are not ALWAYS the demons ANH paints them as. All forms of medicine can be helpful when used appropriately.

      1. Excellent points, Dr Gusch. (And thank you for the well wishes!)
        Before I became ill I was very much like many of these commenters– extremely opposed to medical interventions except in the case of emergencies. It was too extreme. I’ve learned how important it is to use whatever tool works best for the individual and to be grateful that we have such an abundance of them to choose from. May we all enjoy excellent health.

    2. If you would eat one habanero pepper a day on Ezekiel bread smothered in organic butter, you might find your problem is gone in a week or so. I’d add some freshly grated ginger as well to give it even more power.
      Those foods are 10 to 100 times more powerful than isolated nutrients when they are eaten after being freshly grated. I used habaneros and garlic to reverse my Stage 4 cancer in two weeks, for example.

      1. Wow, you prescribe without even seeing the patient. Must be nice to be psychic.
        I’m all for natural cures and a healthy diet, but you’re making claims without proof.

        1. Do accept that citrus cures scurvy? You do?
          The discovery is based on two sailors recovering from scurvy, one fully and the other partially. Yet you and every doctor around the world accept that citrus can reverse scurvy. Thus your standard for proof varies when ever it suits you.
          How many times did you have to touch a hot stove to prove to yourself hot stoves can burn?
          Meanwhile, drug companies do studies to prove their drugs are effective and safe, only we discover their proof isn’t as good as the proof you got from touching a stove or in preventing scurvy.
          PS. Foods are not prescriptions.

      2. I ate an extremely healthy diet for decades before I became ill. No one, including my chiropractic peers, naturopaths and acupuncturists could believe it when it happened. Cancer is not hard to cure using various treatments, like the Gerson Therapy, for example. That’s not the case for all disease, nor should any doctor make such claims.

        1. Did you focus on alkalizing for a long time? If you did, then you probably became too alkaline. Dr. Emanuel Revici found that many diseases are dualistic which means they can occur either when person is too acidic or too alkaline.
          Of course, that goes against what almost every alternative practitioner believes. The mantra is alkalize, alkalize, alkalize. But Dr. Revici did something different.
          He recorded the urine pH of his patients and found there are two opposing imbalances. with one, the patient is too acidic and with the other they are too alkaline. He might have had collected 150,000 urine samples each year at his hospital. So he had the data to back up his findings.
          Gerson is pretty good, although it takes an awful lot of effort and time, and incorrectly assumes patients are too acidic.
          Yes, I can claim you MIGHT resolve your problem in as little as a week. Not everyone will but some do.
          So often people use dried herbs for their conditions with decent but sometimes limited results. Their results pale compared to a freshly grated habanero pepper, ginger or garlic. Those foods are extraordinarily powerful when consumed that way.

    3. And I am a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Hey Ani….what do you think of Hillary and her unholy alliance with Monsanto and GMO’s? Is THAT risky too?…… YOU take the Warfarin….

      1. What is a Doctor of Natural Medicine? That’s not what Naturopaths call themselves.
        I’m not a fan of Hillary, one reason being her unwholesome ties to Monsanto. But let’s stick to the topic, shall we? If you were really a holistic physician you would make an argument based on science, not personal attacks.

    4. how about Nattokinase and Vit. K2? Nattokinase has been proven very effective in dissolving blood clots

      1. I don’t know that there’s sufficient evidence to use nattokinase as an alternative to anticoagulants, particularly if someone has already formed clots, and especially if it’s occurred more than once. There may be a breakthrough with it in the future, but right now if my life depended on it (which it does) I wouldn’t take the chance.

  5. Armour Is better for my Thyroid Condition I was put back on this medication after feeling not up to par with the synthetics. I am happy to hear she is on one good med.

    1. Amour is better than Synthroid with T4 only since Amour also has T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. Zinc/Se/enough iron/probiotic may help convert T4 to T3. Gluten may lower nutrients absorbed and make antibodies to the thyroid.

    2. My wife, Terry, has had an inactive thyroid since she worked as a histologist in 1968. She worked with radiation and thyroid was damaged and has to take synthroid. However, Terry researched Sunflower Seed Butter and over the last year and a half, a few tablespoons a day on bread, has limited the amount of pills she has to take. Blood tests show increase in thyroid and it has to be from the selenium. We use once again Organic sunflower seed butter, unsweetened. give it a shot.

  6. It’s well known that Hillary has suffered from ‘cankles’ for quite some time. People who have that usually suffer from fatigue as well. Is this why she makes so few appearances? It might also explain why the Dems have postponed several debates. Maybe Hillary can’t stand for 90 minutes without exhibiting physical stress.

    1. Is there anyone else besides people with names of Bush and Clinton to run for President ? For Pete’s sake there are 300 million people in the USA .
      And having someone who suffers from fatigue as a President, with a track record of being woken up at 3 am with news of our Embassy in Benghazi burning, and saying basically don’t bother me with this now, that scares the lights out of many people.
      Someone not fatigued might be a wiser choice.

      1. Yes, one would imagine that the job requires a great deal of energy and stamina. Usually the campaigns are practically nonstop with little sleep. That’s a part of the job interview in a sense – can the person keep it up?
        But Hillary has been doing the opposite. My guess is that too much campaigning is just too hard for her physically to maintain it day after day.

    2. I seriously doubt that she has problems with fatigue that affect her function. As Secretary of State she traveled constantly, maintaining a rigorous schedule.
      (I’m in favor of more debates as well, but let’s stick to the topic at hand)

      1. The photos of Hillary when she was traveling indicated that she did not travel well at all. She actually looks better these days than she did then but then she is not traveling like she did when she was SoS. Is she avoiding traveling for that reason?
        If not debating is due to her inability to stand for 90 minutes, it does become part of the health issue.
        She had at least one fall. Statistics indicate that when a person has a fall, they have a 50% chance of falling again within the year. It’s probably been more than a year now for her, but still…

      2. She had a vigorous Schedule ? According to Who ? If she was so darn busy she couldn’t be bothered with Bengazi , she doesn’t have a right to be president. By the way , what do you think her greatest accomplishment was as Sec of State ?

          1. The name is Bengazi ! Try to spell it right genius ! Put your dope pipe down & try to care about lives you uncaring moron ! Accusing someone of being a troll just shows your uncaring , inhuman nature & unwillingness to confront the fact that 4 people died due to your associates Hilliary & bho being just as inhuman as You ! Why don’t you look closely in the mirror ; you’ll see a belly sliding piece of scum that really doesn’t care about anyone but themselves ! A perfect example of a democrat voter .

    1. The way it’s set up, employees at the FDA get paid out of the fees paid by drug companies to test their drugs. The drug companies consider it a cost to get their drugs approved, and they expect the FDA to approve them. If you worked there, would you like to make the person who funds your paycheck unhappy?

  7. Low thyroid may make a clotting disorder kick in. She may not be getting the right dose…maybe too low. Stress can use of B vitamins and zinc and make cortisol which can block thyroid. She may not be absorbing nutrients due to Celiac. Celiac can make antibodies to the thyroid. Celiac can destroy brain/body is left untreated. Her daughter has the Celiac diet. I need no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils/minerals…LDN to help with hidden gluten and detoxing. Anger can mean the liver needs detoxing. Heavy metals can block thyroid. Celiac may affect the glands and much more. Alternative doctors may help and life style/diet changes. She maybe going to the doctor her daughter has, but people need to help themselves daily. Best wishes to her.

  8. Coumadin is needed to prevent clots ( as in the case of Mrs. Clinton) and used in patients who have had a heart valve replacement. Although i challenging to manage Coumadin has been used by Millions of patients successfully. There is not a herbal substitute that has equivalency. This is not a medically sound article. In fact,is is dangerous to claim equal results between Coumadin and herbals. I like your articles but don’t lead ppl down dangerous paths.
    Coumadin is a matter of life or death.
    Lysa Hieber NP-C and coumadin user

    1. Hi, Fish oil can thin blood and correct thyroid dose and fixing things that may block thyroid may help clots. Coumadin makes it so you are not allowed to eat green vegetables which the body needs. There are better ways to help clots that are natural. Natural doesn’t mean just herbals. Vitamins/good oils/minerals etc may help and diet changes and lowering stress etc. Alternative doctors help people daily to help their health with natural help and avoid drugs.

      1. You”re right there are herbals that can slightly alter blood viscosity but not enough so a person blood remains 1.5 to 2x thinner than non medicated people. A valve replacement patient needs a blood test level ( PT-INR) between 2.5 and 3.5 to keep the blood from clotting on the heart valve and either showering the brain with clots or stopping the heart.
        Coumadin patients are advised to eat a steady amount of leafy greens weekly and Coumadin intake will be adjusted to this healthful diet plan.
        Believe me if there was ANY other alternative to coumadin I would be using it.
        I support using natural remedies and treatments whenever possible but unfortunately this is not one of those situations.

        1. Garlic may thin blood as it lowers cholesterol. Clots maybe due to low thyroid …then a clotting disorder may kick in. Fix the thyroid dose and the clotting issue may not happen. Heart valve issues etc an Alternative doctor may be able to find a healthy way to help. Alternative doctors are about $125 a half hour. Alternative medicine is awesome help for me.
          I have a friend on coumadin and she stopped it fast since it gave her large red blotches on her legs. Another friend learned how to adjust her dose by what she ate. 2000mg of fish oil may thin book. Serrapeptase may eat up clots. There maybe many choices. Best wishes.

          1. The problem is that Hillary has already had clots 3 times. That alone makes her much more susceptible to future clots. No nutrient can prevent them. The internal vein structure alters when clots occur, which allows for more clots to form unless one remains properly anticoagulated

      2. Wendy…According to the federal government, “natural” has no meaning. When you’re dealing with a clot, you need something more that hoping some fish oil will work because it’s life or death.

        1. Fish oil may thin blood and serrapeptase may eat up clots. Clots maybe due to low thyroid due to Celiac. Coumadin is very strong and most people I know were hurt by it. Natural help may work. Alternative doctors may help get people off medicine and onto something more natural. Best wishes.

      3. Wendy, they used to advise people on Coumadin to limit their intake of Vitamin K rich foods like leafy greens. That is very outdated though. Now they tell you to eat a healthy diet full of those foods– that they acknowledge are important for many nutrients, fiber and cancer prevention– and adjust your Coumadin accordingly.
        There isn’t a vitamin, oil, etc… in the world that would have prevented my clots and those of many people. Thank goodness we have a bounty of treatments to choose from.

        1. Hi, Helping the root cause and not just trying to thin blood which needs to be adjusted daily is what Alternative doctors try to do with natural help. Yes…there are many ways to help health. I prefer natural help since to me it is God’s way so it doesn’t interfer with the body in how it works. I am glad you got help and are still on this earth. Best wishes.

    2. Not true at all. Freshly grated hot peppers and garlic are far more powerful than Coumadin because they can dissolve the actual blockage rather than merely making the blood vessel permeability greater. Those hot spices/herbs cure.

      1. I eat a LOT of hot peppers on a regular basis and have for decades. That is just not going to prevent clots.

        1. Of course they do. They dissolve the sticky fibrin the holds clots together. Maybe they haven’t for you, but to make a blanket statement like that…
          Maybe you’ve become immune to them due to numbing your receptors too much. I’d still try a habanero daily for a week. If that didn’t work, it would be time to sue a proteolytic enzyme such as Fibrenza

  9. So you think it’s a good idea to release her personal medical info? Sunshine, I don’t like coumadin, but attacking Hillary Clinton because she’s using a prescription med that hundreds of thousands of Americans take for various reasons… you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Would I use it? No, I’d probably try ginko. But WTF.. ARE YOU GOING TO POST THE GOP CANDIDATES’ MEDICAL HISTORIES?
    Who’s funding you?

    1. “Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter from one of her doctors giving her a clean bill of health after a full medical exam and attesting to her physical ability to serve as president. “Quote from the article!
      Did you read the part where “Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter from one of her doctors giving her a clean bill of health after a full medical exam and attesting to her physical ability to serve as president.”
      Did you read where “Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter”!!
      A letter was released by “HILLARY CLINTON’S CAMPAIGN”, SEE THAT, “HILLARY CLINTON’S CAMPAIGN” released a letter!!
      That’s what people do when they WANT SOMETHING PUBLISHED BY THE PRESS, they, they, THEY, release information to the MEDIA, in order for the RELEASED information to be PUBLISHED!! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
      If other candidates RELEASE a letter to the media THAT LETTER WILL BE PUBLISHED!! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  10. This article is nothing more than a right-wing attack on Clinton. I hope the Kochs paid you well. And hey, how about some psych evaluations of the GOP lineups? I suspect narcissistic personality disorder in all of them.

    1. “Being rich and famous does not necessarily mean you get better healthcare.
      Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a letter from one of her doctors giving her a clean bill of health after a full medical exam and attesting to her physical ability to serve as president. The letter revealed that Mrs. Clinton is being treated with the drug Coumadin to help prevent blood clots, which she experienced in 1998, 2009, and 2012. Coumadin (also called warfarin) is an anticoagulant intended to prevent blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.”
      So, where in this article can you say this is a hit piece on clinton?!?!

      1. Could they be implying she really isn’t in good enough health to last 4 years of presidential stress?

        1. Ironically, contrary to statements posted here by rabid Clintonites, the author offers advice to help Ms. Clinton address her health issues without the deleterious side effects of Coumadin, and goes on to praise her choice of thyroid therapy. Doesn’t sound like a hit piece, does it?

        2. The article implies she is in good (not great) health. They ALWAYS say “good” health.

    2. Umm, this article is primarily pointing out that the medical industry targets everyone, even the rich and famous, regardless of political affiliation. It opens with: “Being rich and famous does not necessarily mean you get better healthcare.”
      Furthermore, the article was in no way a psych evaluation of Ms. Clinton. You don’t even want to go there….

      1. “Being rich and famous does not necessarily mean you get better healthcare.”
        She SHOULD be covered by the oblamodon’tdare, like the rest of us will eventually be REQUIRED to have!!

    3. Wondering who is paying you to promote a GMO pushing candidate ? We do need a 3rd party candidate as the 2 party system is a 2 party GMO push machinery. In our democratic voting town I am yet to meet anyone who says Hil is my candidate. They all say they vote for Bernie.

  11. The best blood thinner is water. Hillary needs to stay hydrated, exercise, lose weight, follow her husband’s diet and lifestyle. If she does this, she will be healthy enough to last two terms in the West Wing.

  12. The best blood thinner is water. Hillary needs to stay hydrated, exercise, lose weight, follow her husband’s diet and lifestyle. If she does this, she will be healthy enough to last two terms in the West Wing.

    1. That’s utter insanity. Drink water to deal with blood clots?! Try that and you’ll wind up dead or brain-dead from throwing a clot.

  13. It doesn’t cause vitamin K deficiency, K just has to be used in a balanced way because all green vegetables contain K and it is a blood clotter. I know people who have lived to be in their mid-nineties on Coumadin. It is always well-regulated in patients and this is just another attempt at taking a shot at Clinton. Other blood thinners have the same risks but without the monitoring.

    1. Cayenne does not have anticoagulant properties to the extent that it could be used as an alternative for a prescription anticoagulant. Its anticoagulant properties are quite mild.

      1. Mild without dangerous side effects is much better than strong with those side effect, wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Not in the case of a life-threatening condition.
          The side effects of coumadin can be controlled with careful blood monitoring. People get in trouble with it when either they or their doctors don’t monitor their coagulation levels on a very regular basis.

          1. Ani: you sound like a troll hired by the pharmaceutical companies to promote their products and put down ‘competition’ from natural remedies.

        2. My parent has been on coumadin for nine years. I would live to try a natural remedy that actually had a clinical trial done.

          1. I am not in the position to give medical advice. But, in the age of internet you can easily do your own research and find out.

        3. Mild without dangerous side effects is not necessarily true. Mild can mean it does not work properly, leading to a stroke.

  14. She is not very bright. So what kind of a president would she be?. She definitely won’t get my vote.

      1. And, aside of Sanders who else is running from either party who is not in the pocket of big pharma, big banks, and the plutocracy, in general? I could not find anyone. If that is your voting criteria your choice s very simple: Bernie Sanders.

    1. Warfarin / Coumadin is for preventing a stroke. It is overall safer than the newer hipster drugs that big pharma is promoting. Coumadin costs like 2 cents a pill, the new stuff, that cannot easily turned off, cost A LOT of money. So you are accusing Hillary Clinton of some type of Big pharma connection when she is taking the old school pill that costs 2 cents a day?

  15. I am very surprised that nobody mentioned the fact that Coumadin AKA Warfarin is RAT POISON.
    The stuff was renamed after they started to use it for blood thinning purposes. After all, that’s what it does to a rat: thins the blood to the point where the rat bleeds to death internally. But that was a long time ago, sufficient, pharma must think, that most will have forgotten Coumadin’s less-than-stellar origins as a rodent killer. You could buy the stuff at the Hardware Store and my own grandfather used to put out Warfarin pellets in his garage.
    As for other comments below about this article not being “medically sound” and that there not being herbal substitutes, but then why is it that if you are taking Warfarin, you are warned not to consume grapefruit, or grapefruit juice? Because grapefruit is so good at keeping the blood thin that you could bleed out by using Warfarin and eating grapefruit… and that warning extends to other blood thinners currently on the market, which advertise on television. Listen to the disclaimers at the end of the commercials (Ugh) and you will hear it. There are several options to rat poison. As always, you should do some real research yourself before committing to ingesting stuff that has side effects over a natural product that has none. Remember, pharmaceutical drugs, properly prescribed and taken, KILL an average 106,000 Americans every year (Starfield et al, NEJM, 2000), and do the research that will prevent you from being part of that statistic.

    1. Dee, grapefruit juice DOES NOT thin the blood, so it cannot be used as an alternative to warfarin. Grapefruit juice interferes with a number of drugs, not just anticoagulants. Here’s an explanation from MedicineNet
      “Grapefruit juice blocks special enzymes in the wall of the small intestine that actually destroys many medications and prevents their absorption into the body. Thus, smaller amounts of the drugs get into the body than are ingested. When the action of this enzyme is blocked, more of the drugs get into the body and the blood levels of these medications increase. This can lead to toxic side effects from the medications.”
      It’s important to understand the mechanism of action before advising people to just eat grapefruits.

      1. Yeah, and they said Thalidomide was good stuff too, as well as Vioxx, Aspirin therapy, and a whole bunch more (seen the huge class action lawsuit ads on the tube lately?). I’ve had several naturopathic doctors comment to me that grapefruit juice is indeed a blood thinner, and even know a person using it with excellent results. In fact, there are elements in all our (good, clean, organic) food that handle just about anything, both preventively and proactively. Many medications should not be taken at all, given the godawful side effects, and ought to be exchanged for natural products that produce excellent results without the complications and the subsequent need for medicine to fix what other medicine caused. But people won’t know what their options actually are unless they look and more, that they are ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED to look, in order to satisfy the famous tenet of health care: Informed consent is your right.
        If you do not use a right, you lose that right.
        Furthermore, I did not advise anyone to just eat grapefruit, or to do anything without doing their own research. One should always look before one leaps, and not be so quick to dismiss alternatives because they “heard it on tv”, or read it online. Even the Buddha said, don’t believe anything even if I tell you it is true; do it only because you have yourself found it to be true. I don’t care if people agree with me or not: I care that they take the trouble to dig up the whole truth before making potential life-or-death decisions for themselves and their families.
        Speaking of Karma, Ani, if you want to avoid having your bad energies boomeranging back at you, doesn’t that mean you should observe yourself to ensure you are doing the best you can do, especially when the damage can be so great to other people’s children, not just your own? I am responsible for my own Karma, so will make sure I like what returns to me by assuring myself that I need feel no guilt or shame for what I have done or not done.
        If you believe you’ve done that, and you’re satisfied, do what you want. That’s what free will is. But don’t tell me what my free will should be because I ‘m with the nearly 70% of French citizens who do not trust vaccinations one bit and said so quite loudly, this week.
        I am informed, and I do NOT give my consent.

        1. Dee, please show me where I said that one shouldn’t question a doctor or take a medication blindly. I wholeheartedly support individual informed consent.
          I am also opposed to mandatory vaccination (though I don’t know why you brought that up in a conversation about coumadin).
          I don’t understand your references to me causing harm to other people’s children. I don’t know how you got that from my post describing the mechanism of action that grapefruit has in regards to drug interactions.

          1. I didn’t say you disagreed with that either. I brought up mandatory vaccination because it is a critical and current issue of rights to which we all need to pay attention, especially in a presidential candidate who is a known friend of Pharma.
            It is one thing to be able to say “I have the right to informed consent” but if you don’t investigate, that right is absolutely moot.
            When it comes to the prescription of products such as Warfarin or Coumadin, many people are sadly ignorant of the risks involved, and do not take the trouble to investigate what their real options are with unbiased information… and that’s dangerous.
            I am sorry you saw the word “you” as a reference to you personally: in fact I was not speaking of you per se, but rather in the sense of “one”. But my overall concern was that your reply indicated that you had missed the focus on informed consent, which I felt important to translate.
            Applying that to dear Hillary’s case, well gosh, I wonder if anybody reminded her that she’s taking rat poison! My biggest worry, though, is that because Hillary is taking Coumadin, a whole lot of other people will think “Oh, well if she’s taking it, it’s got to be safe” and NOT do the research for themselves, because they just assume the Clintons have the absolute best of care.
            Thankfully, ANH has intervened with this article.
            Did you ever consider what sort of monetary value the endorsement of the former FLOTUS and current aspiring POTUS might do for the stock value behind Coumadin? That’d be a solid reason for a campaign donation… Otherwise why would this information be released? Is Coumadin up for a patent renewal?

          2. There is probably zero stock value to coumadin since it’s been on the market for decades and has numerous generics available. (That’s not the case for the newer anticoagulants though. There’s big money to be made on those). Coumadin’s patent expired a very long time ago in pharma-years. Hence the generics on the market.
            Because the risks of having new clots (which can be deadly) or of hemorrhaging (also deadly) are so high, most MDs actually do a pretty good job of educating their patients about coumadin. Even if the doctor doesn’t have compassionate concern, having a patient on coumadin puts the doctor at high risk of a malpractice lawsuit if something happens to the patient. It’s very rare for me to say MDs do a good job at educating patients about something, but I do give them credit for doing so in this case.

    2. I Just Have To Say You’re Correct In Everything You Say Although I Didn’t Really Read What you wrote …… just thought you look cute and your last name is familiar ……

    3. Warfarin may be rat poison, but when my husband was taken off his rat poison to do a gastroscopy, he had a stroke. The stroke put him in the hospital where he died from contracting a hospital infection…a superbug. He was gone within 1 week.

      1. To identify if as rat poison is not to say the patient does not have a need for a blood thinner/protection against blood clots… just that there are better ways to do the job. One of the problems of pharmaceuticals is that while they can stop a symptom from exerting itself, they don’t cure the symptom, so when the drugs are withdrawn, the symptom reappears. Sounds like your husband did not have the strong immune system that would have helped him survive the infection. My condolences for your loss of your beloved partner, dear lady,

      2. Your husband may have contracted the superbug from the instrument used for the gastroscopy.

        1. He was found to have a staph infection in his blood as well as entercoccus faecealis VRE in his bloodstream. How he got these infections, I do not know, but he was OK in that respect when he went in for a stomach issue.

  16. I threw a blood clot following major surgery to remove a benign tumor from behind my left eye. The clot had traveled from my lower extremities to my chest where the pain became almost unbearable.
    They found the clot with nuclear Nuclear x-ray, whatever that is. The hospital hematologist was called in at midnight to place a permanent metal blood filter in my chest to try and catch it before it hit my heart. He entered the large vein in my groin, traveled the filter upwards, set it ahead of the clot. He told me before he went in: “If these clots are coming from your lower extremities, the filter will catch them. If they’re coming from the top down, all bets are off.”
    He also told me not to have another MRI because if I did, it would cause my blood to clot at the filter.
    The doctor inserted the filter and they returned me to intensive care. There, the doctors informed me they were going to pump me full of Warfarin (Coumadin) and that I would have to lie perfectly still for three days. I asked them why and they told me to ‘…dissolve the clot.’ I asked them if the filter caught it, what would happen to the clot. They said your
    body will dissolve it.
    I refused the treatment.
    Warfarin is used to coat corn and grains to kill rats and mice. The rats eat it and the Warfarin makes their blood so thin they bleed to death internally. Having just had major surgery throughout my head and near my brain, I knew if I sprung a leak up there it was all over but the drooling if I lived.
    That’s why I refused the Warfarin.
    The doctors told me “ . . .you can’t do that.” I told them I just did, and to bring me the papers.
    They transferred me back to a semi-private room. Late the first night I heard someone reading my charts outside my room and a doctor came in and sat down in the semi-darkness and asked: ‘How did you know not to take the Warfarin?’
    I told him.
    He said: ‘How did you find that out.’ I told him, ‘I read. It’s a classic case study in advertising. The farmers all told the manufacturer it worked
    when it first came on the market, then suddenly stopped buying it. Finally someone at the Warfarin plant figured out the people at the local post offices were reading the label when it arrived and spreading the word in the community that farmer so ‘n so had rats and mice.
    The manufacturer then began advertising to farmers how effective it was with farmer testimonials, and that it was always shipped and a plain box wrapped with brown paper and no labels.
    Sales of warfarin soared again.
    I figured the doctor would laugh at me. Instead he said: “You made a damn good decision.”

    1. A prescription for a month of warfarin is like $10. I don’t think sales of warfarin are “soaring.” LOL
      The doctors who recommended that you take warfarin didn’t tell you it was risky because of your recent head/brain/whatever surgery? I doubt that. Sounds made up.

  17. Coumadin is a sure cancer, kidney stones, liver cirrhosis and shortened. Money can’t buy brain and desire to get educated, and money can’t buy health. Our government and our president are just puppets, but those who decide for you to be or not to be (i.e., live or die) are Phizer, Monsanto and other developers and producers of highly-toxic drugs and adulterated as toxic foods.

    1. Coumadin isn’t a “sure cancer.” It’s not a carcinogen. Millions of people have used it for decades and died of non-cancer causes. Please get informed before posting things just to scare people.

  18. I am surprised no one has mentioned the interaction of coumadin and alcohol.
    Hillary is known to drink heavily, and the blood thinning effect of the medication is increased with heavy alcohol consumption, although moderate consumption tends to not be an issue.
    I hope that Hillary’s medical staff takes this into consideration, because the medication may need to be monitored more closely when she is drinking more.

      1. Karma affects everyone. We create positive or negative karma via our thoughts, speech and action. Rejoicing in someone else’s negative karma ripening creates extremely negative karma, so it’s not something you want to do. It also creates the causes of having others rejoice in your suffering.

        1. Karma is neither created nor destroyed. Karma is better seen as a type of energy in that regard. I believe that what you really mean, is that we are able to see the effects of our actions, good or bad. Our perceptions are not Karma. Following the 8-fold path results in better outcomes (effects) than not following it. That’s how I would say it in modern American English. After all, we’re talking about something that was first talked about in ancient Sanskrit! There will always be some linguistic confusion and translation errors. RSVP?
          (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
          aka: The Dalai Lama of America / MY FREE TIBET

  19. Hillary’s speach to the GMO industry, telling them that we, in her opinion gullible public, would come around , “just give’em some more propaganda” gives people the chills when they watch those few minutes. So if she is given dangerous medication, she is only given what she preaches.

  20. Who allowed that to happen? Big Pharma took hold of the FDA thanks to former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld when he was CEO of his company Searle who manufactures and manufactured PHENYLLALINE. A dangerously poisonous chemically generated sugar substitute derivative banned in this country until he was brought in on the very first day of the Reagan admin. to orchestrate and successfully life the ban on and of this poisonous aritificial sugar substitute to the deteriment of millions of human lives across our country and world at large. Since then it has been a steady breakdown of violations and crimes against humanity from the puppets at the FDA. Add to this factor that Searle was purchased by MONSANTO and Mr. Rumsfeld enjoyed a 12 million dollar bonus for betraying his country and the world at large and he has never ben held accountable for his crimes. The perceived cronyism network of profiteers not only here in our country but across the world have continuously allowed these crimes to continue. Feed the greed need above all else no matter how many lives it takes to do it.

  21. Hillary is a wacko ! She uses Cocaine Meth Heroin is an Alcoholic . Can not tell the truth from lying? NOT fit to be a President.

  22. Aggrenox, essentially time release aspirin, is a blood thinner. Aspirin has a 2000 year history and is derived from a natural source. So why does it cost $3 per pill in the USA but only $1 in Canada?

  23. Hillary is not chemically qualified to become President. Hillary is Monsanto Queen from Rose law firm to her campaign handlers. Hillary loves GMO’s. Poetic Justice. Oh so sweet.

  24. She should have her genetics checked–mthfr defects can cause many things. One is clotting disorders.

  25. God claimed Food shall be our medicine, so be inclined to understand what rules this world defies as it creates laws against Natural medicines and defines illegal ,banned and prosecuted if your defeating disease while using food herbs vitamins minerals and human compassion etc… Fukushima was planet end and has accelerated the corruptible things being written into the destructive laws of this world. What do the leaders in this world do,aim to build more flesh melting nuclear plants….. Complete ignorance to what is deceptively taking place in all the high places where principalities are waging more condemnations against their minions and their coming judgments. Trust no one.. Jesus predestined these words and the time is near!

  26. Regarding the blood thinners where do you find, if you have a clot, legitimate testing to sort out all of the thins that the “natural” blood thinners are doing. It’s quite difficult to keep the correct balance when trying to dissolve the clot. So, it seems all you could do is take the blood thinners that sounded right and trust and hope you didn’t throw the clot or have an uncontrollable bleed.

  27. Don’t feel sorry for her at all. Supporting. Monsanto and. Big. Pharma. KARMA. She is not suited to be our. President. I did not vote last election. I left it up to the people. This time. Anyone who’s in the finals against her. I all vote Never for her. No way. EVER. Power hungry lying. Bought an paid for. She’s about power. She’s. Not. Fit. Just look at who support her bank account. This moment. I have reviewed. BERNIE. SANDERS. Accomplishments. And his against the Grain. Establishment. I’d. Vote for him if it was tomorrow. Just saying. He’s aligned on the issues that matter most to ME ✌

  28. It’s dismaying that so many of the comments here are focused on Secretary Clinton and/or her political/ financial positions instead of sticking to the topic of anticoagulant use for blood clots. Even though I’m not a Hillary fan, I learned how to read an article and comment on it in the 4th grade. I would hope that others could do the same.

  29. Uh, how about we NOT politely point out to Hillary that she’s poisoning herself. Let nature take her course.

  30. I am not voting for Hillary. But it is sad how she is also so vulnerable to dangerous drugs…as we all are when we do or can not know better. How many of us even know this kind of information exists? You will never see this in mainstream media.

  31. I was given warfarin too. But because of all the necessary blood tests I asked my dr to put me on Eloquis. I have family members who have been taking warfarin for years.

  32. A much more natural way to thin the blood is earthing. There are 20 published studies on the benefits of earthing and you can read them at the earthinginstitute site. Also, you can try it out for free, by making a simple device with a few dollars worth of parts from a hardware store. Just google “diy earthing” for instructions. I would give a link, but for some reason my posts with links automatically get deleted.

  33. That’s why she can’t remember what she said. She’s suffering from memory loss and confusion as a result of the continued use of Coumidin.

  34. I have a medical degree and what a ridiculous show of ignorance! “Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean you get better healthcare” implying that she is getting poor healthcare. Maybe, JUST maybe she is getting the proper medical care because…..NEWS FLASH….15% of patients with blood clot in their lungs DIE! So, she is on the blood thinner to protect her. And YES, blood thinners have risks, risks that patients are educated about and given the option not to take…..but the risk of death from other cause is higher! If ‘natural blood thinners’ are just as effective….do a double blind placebo controlled trial and prove they equal reduction in morbidity and mortality!

  35. What a silly article. Coumadin has been around for many decades, has been exhaustively researched and been shown to save lives and is safe and effective when taken properly and monitored.

  36. This article fails to mention that there are millions of people on Coumadin, so in context 1,000 ER episodes in a year is very low. It’s easy to name all of these other alternatives, now show me a bottle that I can purchase. The alternative that Dr. Drew recommended was Eliquis, which apparently has no antidote so it can’t be turned off the way that Coumadin can. So if a person suddenly needed surgery, how does a patient on Eliquis get the surgery?

  37. The purpose of a drug like Coumadin is to prevent a stroke, something this article failed to mention.

  38. I can personally attest that Coumadin may be most dangerous after surgery. What happens is the doctors want to get the INR levels back between 2.0 to 3.0 as soon as possible, so they amp up the dosage, and in many cases the patient is sent to a rehab facility. The rehab facility keeps giving the high dosage when they should be tamping down the dosage back to what it was before the surgery. So a patient’s INR may skyrocket way high, at which point the dosing is stopped.
    Then the rehab doctor tries to reinvent the wheel to get the dosing level right. I had to really put my foot down when they kept wanting to give my parent a high dosage over the weekend. I got them to drop the dose by 25% and the reading still went over 4. So that is one area where Coumadin has to be watched very carefully.
    Another is change in diet.
    Another thing I found was some doctors apparently will alternate the dose from 2.0 to 5.0, which I think is crazy. My parent has been very stable for 9 years on warfarin, but if I could have access to a pre-made holistic pill, we might consider it.
    Do you holistics ever do holistic clinical trials?

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