Why Are Some Supplement Companies Thinking about Giving Durbin What He Wants?

The senator’s bill has been repeatedly defeated. Why capitulate now?
A trade journal reports that some in the supplement industry are apparently considering supporting a Durbin-style proposal for a supplement pre-market notification system. It was reportedly discussed at a recent trade meeting.
What is the explanation? One that we have heard is that some supplement companies are seeking to placate industry critics such as New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. We previously reported on his seriously flawed (and failed) investigation into some herbal supplement manufacturers. Another possible and even more sinister explanation is that some larger producers are trying to shut out smaller producers who have fewer resources.
Whether the motivation is fear or crony capitalist greed, the supplement industry had better be careful. Once the pre-notification genie is out of the bottle, supplement opponents like Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) will likely keep pushing and pushing until supplements are treated identically to drugs, even though drug companies have patents to help pay the billions of dollars often necessary for FDA approval and can charge as much as $100,000 for a single drug treatment. Few supplement companies have billions to spend on one approval, let alone one for each of their supplements. And the market will never support the sort of supplement prices that prescription drugs command.
In passing the landmark Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), which regulates supplements, Congress said that supplements should be regulated like food, not drugs. As we’ve reported numerous times, this regulatory framework works just fine and supplements have an exemplary track record of safety.
All of this is even more important in the light of what is happening on Capitol Hill. Last week, we reported that natural health activists successfully defeated Durbin’s most recent supplement attack, a sneak provision in the Defense bill. But we also warned that Durbin reportedly plans to reintroduce his Dietary Supplement Labeling Act as a standalone bill.
In all of its previous introductions, Durbin’s bill has had two sections. The first sets up a pre-market registration system that would require supplement manufacturers to submit a description of each supplement they produce, a list of all ingredients, and a copy of the label. The second section calls for the creation of a list, with the help of the Institute of Medicine, of supplement ingredients that could cause “potentially serious adverse events.” This section also calls for warning labels on products containing what the government determines to be dangerous ingredients.
You will note that current regulation already ensures that unsafe products either don’t make it to market or are removed from the shelves—provided the FDA does its job and enforces the rules properly. From a consumer safety standpoint, the second section does nothing that isn’t already accomplished under current law—except make it more difficult and costly to produce supplements.
On the other hand, the Durbin bill goes far beyond what current law provides, because it wouldn’t simply remove unsafe products. It would forever brand all products containing any ingredients that they believe—with no proof whatsoever—COULD POTENTIALLY cause adverse events.” Not deaths. Not actual harm. Not even a serious adverse event. The ingredient could potentially cause an adverse event, which is defined as “any undesirable experience associated with its use.” That is a very low threshold indeed.
Let’s hope some supplement companies don’t inadvertently throw away the many successes we have had in holding Sen. Durbin’s legislation at bay.


  1. I wonder, are any of those supplement companies that favor durbin’s bill owned by Big Pharma?

    1. Without any research, I can guarantee that they are and if I am wrong. Please, prove my assumption unfounded.

    2. You know that,liar,thief,crazy crook Durbin, has his damn the corrupt stinking sticky mitts in everything that evil.

  2. We cannot trust Big Pharma or the processed Food Companies (of the FDA who work for them) and now we may have to wonder more the supplement industry more than before. We need good supplements since we cannot depend on the nutritional values from the Food industry.

    1. As it is written, “The love of money is the root of all evil…” (1 Timothy 6:7)
      Big pharma rakes in some $200 Billion of it every year and still it is not enough for them. And it will cost them their souls if they do not repent (turn from their evil ways) and trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.
      Greed is an insatiable monster that knows no limits.
      “What will it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26). That is the question they all should be answering, not, “How can we get more?”.

  3. My thoughts, precisely, Mom of IV! I know that the homeopathic world has some of the same labeling restrictions because, good or bad, we have our own FDA oversight as “homeopathic drugs” under the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. They are considering tightening the restrictions on the labels, still, but we’re waiting for their first pass of potential changes to the current regulations. The homeopathic community hopes to only have to add “These statements have not been evalutated by the FDA.” to our labeling. That is a reasonable compromise. But supplements have substance, so could face the FDA adding increasingly negative comments. They were recently slapped, along with the FTC, however, for overzealous requirements that were very negative and lost at the Supreme Court for trying to overstep their reach, basically requiring a couple companies to say, (paraphrased) “this stuff is just bad for you!”

    1. “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.” That’s a SELLING POINT as far as I am concerned! Who wants the FDA’s opinion in the first place?

        1. That’s one way of putting it. People who think GMOs are healthy, pharmaceuticals are healthy, are willing to promote propaganda and government coercion, etc., suffer from health problems as a result of their views. Yes, it is quite dumb. Nothing I can do about it. But they need to leave me alone, because I’m not interested.

  4. This is all part of the “Codex Alimentarius” as a “supplement” to Agenda 21. We can’t get a label on genetically modified organisms within our food, but natural vitamins, minerals and herbs are listed as dangerous. I smell a rat, called big pharma.

  5. He wants it. WE do not. Have you read the side effects of RX medications? This is insane. I’ve always liked Senator Durbin and thought he was a common sense person, but this is sheer insanity. If nothing else, call it freedom of choice or freedom of speech. If Citizens United is a person, a natural supplement is a medicine. Stop it, Senator Durbin. You are wrong. 176,000 people died in the hospital while undergoing care to be made well in 2013. How many people die from supplements? PLEASE DO NOT HUMOR HIM ON THIS!!!!

    1. We all know, since durbin’s from Chicago, he’s dirtier then dirty can be. Chicago politics, I’m not surprised, has anything good ever come out of Chitown?

  6. Sorry, update time: “Now comes a study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death.
    That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second.”

    1. Let’s count the number of statin users who die from heart attacks, subtract it from the death toll from heart attacks, and add it to the death toll from iatrogenic death. Statins will destroy the kidneys, skeletal muscles, and heart, yet millions take them under the guise of protecting them from heart disease. While we are at it, let’s subtract deaths from diabetes due to statin-induced diabetes, and add that to the iatrogenic death toll. Willing to take any bets on what place doctor-induced death will have after that? Oh, and let’s not forget the people who die of malnutrition for taking proton pump inhibitors, because they have gastric reflux, particularly those whose stomach acid is actually too LOW. I’m not finished yet. Let’s add all the suicides and homicides caused by people taking selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors because they are depressed. Oh, and all the people who die from chemotherapy, and other cancer-causing treatments.

    2. Aren’t you forgetting all the heart diseases CAUSED by allopathic MDs – without training in biochemistry or nutrition – idiotically telling people to eat vegetable oils and NOT saturated fats from well raised animal sources? Hmm – that and statins are killing many with heart disease.
      Cancer? Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2005 (not much different now) found when lumping ALL chemo patients together and seeing what the 5-yr survival rate was – turns out to be 2.1% survival for 5-yrs. Seems like we can lay a LOT of cancer deaths at the door of chemo and radiation.
      Doctors and standard allopathic medicine are the #1 cause of death in my book.

      1. Makes me a little pissed off when I remember how the cut, burn, poison routine was the only thing offered – and now I am reading that chemo doesn’t even really help in the treatment of bc. WTFrell !!!!!!!! When did that bit of information come out?
        I like Dr. Peter Bruggin on his website as he is talking about the development of the “diagnosis” of ADHD and how Eli Lilly “educated” teachers on how to determine which kids were ADHD and “needed” medication. I have heard that school districts get money for the kids who are “diagnosed” and medicated for ADHD. If this is the case, that makes me a little more than irritated. grrrrrrrr.
        So what will teachers do with all the kids medicated for allergies, asthma, ADHD, depression, vaccine damage – esp. when districts are told to cut teachers and get rid of the teacher’s unions and have more “private” voucher schools. And more and more states become “Right to Work” which means get rid of the unions. After all, we can always off-shore jobs – and once the TPP thing gets into place – it won’t matter. We’ll all be one big happy world with a select group of “persons” in charge and the rest of us will have cookie-cutter “health” managed “care”.

        1. So, until we must grab our pitchforks and ventilate the uber-wealthy who run everything. (don’t doubt that – it is the richest 5% controlling shareholders directing how/what companies do) the best thing is to convince everyone you know to never vote repub or demo.
          Why? Because of quorum. Neither party has enough majority to just ram their intent down the other party’s throats. That means they must BOTH assist the majority party to pass bad legislation.
          Take it one level deeper. The rep/dem parties have passed the HUGE majority of legislation to damage we the people and steal our freedoms and life opportunities for handing over to the rich. Up to 93% in some seasons. That the “two” parties have done so for over 50 years PROVES that they INTENTIONALLY damage us.
          Really, can they claim “coincidence” or “magic” when they’ve consistently done something for 50 years? Not really.
          So – voting for them AGAIN is performing the same action and expecting a different result. This is not just insanity, it’s Pharkin’ STUPID!
          Voting for ANYONE ELSE who is NOT rep/dem is the only way (regardless of vote outcome) to shove our upset, our distrust, our intent to change, into their faces. When they expect a million votes from X region, but they find that they are missing X thousands or more – they KNOW they aren’t trusted, are seen as a failure (did they make the country better this year? NO!) and we are no longer supporting them.

    3. It doesn’t even have to be hospitals where people are getting sicker and in some cases die. In Illinois (and maybe elsewhere) there is a “system” in place for after hospital stays – recovery – recuperation. After my mother fell, broke her hip and went to hospital, she then went to a local “rehab” place where the “caregivers” tied her to a wheelchair – “because she kept wanting to get up and exercise” – which is what the doctor had said for her to do – in order to recover. When the doctor “finally” signed the release for her to move to a less care intensive place and my sister – who had been visiting regularly and making sure she was drinking and eating good food – went to pick her up, was horrified to see what a state she was in. I saw her photo of mom – she looked like she just got released from Dachau. I wonder what happens to those elderly folks who don’t have family or friends to fend for them. GRRRRRR makes me mad. and we are paying people who come from overseas foreign places and whose first language is not English to take care of these elderly folks. I am told that this is how it is. And we have Americans who don’t have jobs? Something is not right about this.
      I’m glad they have sold and demolished the local hospital to build apartments A new hospital/urgent care place has been built to take it’s place. – An elderly neighbor went in for something routine a couple of years ago. Shortly thereafter, they had to fly her by helicopter to another hospital because she had gotten a staph infection. And what about the deaths at the NIH hospital?

  7. What can we do to get the citizens of Illinois to recall Durbin? He doesn’t represent us, and has no right to impose such draconian measures on us. This is just one more piece of evidence that we need to turn safety duties over to a private company similar to Underwriters Laboratory, and pass a constitutional amendment separating medicine and state.

    1. I have looked up recalling a Federal Representative and it said that only Congress can kick them out. So you can forget that. We can recall state representatives.

      1. You must be from Illinois. That’s a shame! We can do that here. Perhaps it’s time for the people to demand the ability to recall.

        1. I just looked it up again and it said that the Constitution of the United States does not allow a Congressman or a Senator to be recalled that only Congress can do anything to them. Recheck and let me know what site you got your information from.

          1. I don’t have a link to give you on that one. They mounted a recall campaign against John McCain a couple of years ago. It didn’t succeed, but as far as I know, it was completely legal to try. I’ll see what else I can find out. I didn’t think the Constitution addressed that issue, and it’s binding on the government, not the people.

          2. Perhaps we should start petitions to get people like Durbin discharged from duty when they represent other interests besides “We, The American People.” It is very refreshing to see some informed individuals’ comments on this thread.

          3. There is a site called “Change.org” that I receive petitions from, I have never done one, I am old, prefer younger people to start this. I am not on “facebook, do not tweet, or are on anything else. I am trying to help Congressman Mark Meadows to get Beohner to “vacate the Speakers Seat”. He has put forth a motion and it is in the “Rules Committee”, they want this motion to go away because they do not have enough votes to save his A$$. I have posted this information on a lot of these posting sites asking people to “Call their Congressman to support Congressman Meadows’ motion. We will not have another chance to get him out, only the people of Ohio when he is up for re-election. I am not from NC but I called Meadows office anyway and told his staff that I support him 100%, very nice people. Boehner thinks they are a family/team (his words) and anyone that does not vote his way is punished by being pulled off prime committees. I prefer to call it the Mafia or Cartel. Everyone needs to get involved by doing something, nothing happens if we just complain on these sites. I

  8. Why not label everything, like GMO products, the chemical preservatives, antibiotics and hormones in meat, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, and heavy metals in foods, supplements and vitamins? In other words, put our everyday food on a level playing field with supplements and let the marketplace decide. Or is Durbin trying to fabricate a case that somehow supplements are worse for you than the cheap processed food that Americans eat every day and which is among the major causes of obesity and chronic disease.

    1. Yes, and especially Aspartame! I have seen this abominable chemical sweetener cause people susceptible to seizures to have them nonstop, and people with no history of seizures to develop them. Get rid of this evil poison!

      1. How in the world do you know it’s aspartame, it could have been any ingredient they were consuming. I have followed every study done on aspartame and no long term effects have been found. I have used it all my life due to diabetes and I am just fine. I was born with diabetes and born with an autoimmune problem which affects my glands. I have other glands in my body that don’t work anymore either, but that’s due to what I was born with not by using aspartame.

        1. Kara, I’m type 2 as well. Since we are on topic of quality supplements I’m currently on gc7x with Emulin and I’ve never felt better and I’ve reduced my Metformin too!

          1. It is an all natural supplement my doctor recommended for me. I was having trouble with my stomach on merformin. The dose I could tolerate wasn’t enough to lower my blood sugar enough. It’s online at http://www.gc7x.com
            My doctor said she liked it because even though it isn’t approved by the FDA it has been clinically studied. Hope it helps you too!

        2. How do I know it’s aspartame? By reading the list of ingredients on the label, and it is the common ingredient which will cause their seizures when ingested. Who are they that are affected this way? My wife and my son. Also a friend of mine developed grand mal seizures after years of swilling Aspartame sweetened diet soda. Before he started he was in good health and working a job. Now he has no driver’s license and no job.
          Where are you getting the studies you are reading? From the manufacturer? Of course they aren’t going to say anything that might make Aspartame look bad. If you will look around you will find Aspartame has a rap sheet (no joke) as long as my arm, some 91 or more adverse effects from headaches to seizures to death. Believe me, it’s not as safe as they say it is. The FDA gets more complaints about Aspartame than any other food additive, and maybe more than all others put together.

  9. I take a lot of Herbal Supplements and I think they have improved my life. My doctor usually wants to see what medicine that I am taking, I put the bottles of Herbs in the bag and she would not even look at them.

  10. First: who are the controlling shareholders and Execs in these companies? Check out their finances and see who is being bought off, or if the company is being bought out by the drug pushers and their drug dealer buddies.
    As for their adverse reaction threshold, any food, much water, some air, and certainly these drug companies can cause an adverse reaction. Duh.
    Again – science free processes pave the way for the parasitic wealthy who want to control everything and everyone.

  11. ANYTHING Durbin wants MUST be voted against…….he cares nothing about the people, only power to lie and pretend he cares!

  12. Someone is pulling Durbin’s strings. He has been hellbent on this for years. Must be a major financial contributor since he just won’t stop – even though his constituents repeatedly tell him to. You’re right patgo, he is representing them, not us.

  13. I work in the supplement industry. This is definitely about the big supplement manufacturers trying push out the smaller companies to monopolize their positions. Only the bigger companies can afford this regulation. They will be making a deal with the devils. Because one regulation will bring the next and so on. Since I am an insider to the industry – I see the bigger companies always trying to advance themselves with the disguise of something being good for the industry. Thats why the big companies promoted the 1994 dshea rule – to push out smaller companies. And thats why they also back the GMP rules to again push out the smaller companies. Eventually they will push themselves out – and deservedly so !!!!!

  14. dopey durbin should be putting his nose into the pharmacuetical industry with all its deaths and side effects… Not the supplement industry, I guess big pharma pays him a lot more. I bet when he retires – hopefully soon – he will get a job at a pharma company !!! mark those words.

  15. “Regulated like food.” Please….What about labeling GMO’S? What about labeling foods from foreign countries? (especially meats from China)

  16. Thank you for adding this and taking the time off my hands that I don’t need to. I take my coQ10 like a good patient who has high cholesterol for a reason unknown, I don’t eat unhealthy but yet it’s high and I remain on a statin drug, never told to take coQ10 I figured that out by myself. Ya I am saving my own life, not my Doctor.

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    People are coming to understand that not unlike the original need for a Constitution and Bill of Rights, the true strength of a People’s Branch of government is that it will help them protect themselves from the tyranny of government and SPECIAL INTEREST. They are coming to realize that their own best interest and the best interest of the vast majority of the people are one and the same.
    Divide and conquer has long been used by SPECIAL INTEREST to fool the People into believing it’s only their peers – others like themselves that are their real enemy. They don’t want YOU to know it’s really them, SPECIAL INTEREST, that’s YOUR real problem – literally. They do this simply by keeping the People’s/Your attention focused on what they say is the problem and THEIR solution.
    Ever heard of Problem, Reaction, Solution? Don’t you get it? Look at what others say – in the many forums (here and/or elsewhere)… Can’t you see it? Most have their attention subverted! Look at what they’re focusing on! Some, many or all may simply be some form of Troll or dis-information pusher. Even if some are well-meaning they mostly affect You into diverting Your attention away from the systems control methods. Many do these things in hopes of stopping the People/You from seeing the Real Actionable Solution of a People’s Branch!
    Yet, people are coming to realize that SPECIAL INTEREST and their GATEKEEPERS are benefiting from Their Own Form of Direct Participation (i.e. influence/manipulation) in government at the expense and detriment of the People’s/Your Own Best Interest. Therefore, until the People/You wake up and adopt this, People’s Branch of government, mechanism for Direct Participation in government, then the People’s/Your own best interest will only continue to suffer.
    It is exactly because SPECIAL INTEREST will always continue to trample the People’s/Your best interest that from time to time Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious people have to resort to revolution – violent or otherwise!
    ABOVE EVERYTHING THE PROPAGANDISTS THROW AT YOU – REMEMBER THIS: A People’s Branch of government can and will Stop/Reform/Amend/Reverse and Heal the power structure and justice system. A People’s Branch will see that those responsible for governmental wrongs are justly punished!
    Wake up or die asleep it’s up to you! Many ills of every kind, Autism, Cancers, Diabetes etc., etc., are now rampant and on the rise. How could these have gotten to this point without the governments complicity? Behind the People’s/Your back, without their/your awareness and/or consent, the government (local, state and national) is allowing the People/You and Your Loved Ones to be harmed/poisoned in multifaceted ways. Can you say TPP, GMO, Vaccines, Fluoride etc., etc. Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious People are choosing to wake up! You too can Wake-Up to the only non-violent way to take your government away from SPECIAL INTEREST.
    Only when citizens have a direct participation in their government concerning matters that affect them will their and their loved ones’ issues (Freedoms, Rights, Security, Financial, Health, Political and Justice etc.) have a true chance to be properly addressed!
    Every Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious person should be asking themselves WHY DO LEADERS OF BOTH MAJOR PARTIES HATE THE IDEA OF A PEOPLES BRANCH?
    Those that truly seek fair and equitable solutions can find them at The People’s Branch. Implementing a People’s Branch in your local area is the key you have been waiting for….
    Ultimately a People’s Branch of government will hold accountable those behind government’s multifaceted injustices and wrong doings – namely, the governmental authorities doing SPECIAL INTEREST bidding!
    Remember, persons (governmental etc.,) acting against the best interest of the People should be forewarned that, at a future date, their actions may be deemed unlawful and therefore punishable. They should be aware that their actions or lack thereof that result in the creation of wrongs, such as so called “trade agreements,” that ultimately harm the People’s best interest may at some point be adjudicated to be harmful and therefore unlawful. Further, it would be wise of the wrong doers to realize that they, the perpetrators of wrongs, may be held responsible and accountable for those wrongs as easily as a simple declaration or adjudication! Said wrongs may have dire consequences for those found to have helped implement or aided their authorization, through their actions or lack thereof. Such individuals may be found guilty of sedition and/or treason and tried for treason to the United States of America. Any and all elected officials and officeholders would do well to remember that there’s no statutes of limitation for the crime of treason!
    Many wrongs, perpetrated upon the People, such as “Fast Tracking, NAFTA, TPP, Shielding GMOs and/or their harm from discovery, etc., etc.,” may yet result in charges and convictions of treason for those responsible and accountable either directly and/or indirectly for their implementation. Charges and convictions for treason of government officials may be possible if it’s found that they failed to represent the best interest of the People and their actions subsequently turn out to undermine national security. It should be understood that any governmental officials, especially current or ex-presidents and current or ex-congressional officeholders, may be open to charges of treason should their actions and/or lack of actions be deemed to have undermined national security. i.e. if they failed to guard, protect, and improve/promote national security through any number of means – ECONOMICAL, HEALTH, DEFENCE, STOP CORRUPTION, CHECKS & BALANCES etc. Everyone would do well to remember that the final judgment rendered by the People concerning many governmental wrongs has yet to be written!
    Did you hear that? GATEKEEPERS – What’s your response? Why do GATEKEEPERS always refuse open debate with this political movement? Why would any GATEKEEPER have a problem bringing this political movement to their followers and the masses? What part of the people’s ability to participate directly in their government thereby creating an incorruptible Checks and Balances upon governmental wrongs – atrocities and corruption – DON’T YOU GET?…
    GATEKEEPERS can’t name one issue or one problem that a People’s Branch would make worse! Yet, we can name any number of issues and problems that a People’s Branch will make better, improve and/or solve for WE THE PEOPLE!
    Why not advocate for a People’s Branch of government and let all the GATEKEEPERS you follow know that you want them to openly debate the merits of a People’s Branch to Check and Balance government?
    Again – A People’s Branch creates the best way to Check and Balance government! If SPECIAL INTEREST continues to get their way then You and Your Loved Ones may lose everything! Why not help us help you?!
    Additionally, We Understand that, for whatever reason, not smart enough, not wise enough, not courageous enough, dumbed-down, brainwashed, compartmentalized, lack of interest, unpatriotic, etc., etc., there will be many that will not see or understand why a People’s Branch is NOW Needed. And that there will be many that will not be interested in participating in a People’s Branch of government. Nevertheless, it’s Paramount that You, the Reasonable, Responsible, and Conscientious Participate Directly in government on matters that concern You and Your Loved Ones!
    Finally, if You are Smart enough or Wise enough or Courageousness enough to See that this Political Movement is Needed and is Right for You, Your Loved Ones and Your Country then You Need to Help by Starting a People’s Branch Movement in Your Local Area, State and Nationally. If You have the Will and Fortitude to Help US Make a People’s Branch a Reality for You, Your Loved Ones and the Nation then Look to The People’s Branch website at www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org to provide information to get started….

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