FDA “Compounds” Its Attack on Supplements

The FDA’s hostility toward both supplements and compounded medicine is legendary—after all, they compete with the FDA-approved drugs that pay the government’s bills. Now the agency is attacking compounded supplements. Action Alert!
A few weeks ago, we reported on an amendment designed to fix a number of the most problematic regulations arising from Congress’s Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). The amendment would clarify provisions governing “office use,” allowing physicians to keep certain quantities of compounded drugs on hand in their office, and also remove the cap on interstate shipments if the medication is for an individual patient. ANH-USA strongly supports this amendment, as it would ensure patient access to important compounded medications which are currently endangered.
Keep in mind that the House Appropriations Committee recently scolded the FDA for implementing the law “in a manner inconsistent with its legislative intent.” This isn’t the first time that members of Congress have made it clear that the FDA is going too far in its compounding regulations.
Despite these warnings, the FDA continues its attack on compounding. The latest meeting of the Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC), which is advising the FDA as it drafts the new rules, revealed a new and serious cause for concern—this time related to what ingredients can be compounded.
At the PCAC meeting, an FDA representative said that nutritional supplements will need to be on a pre-approved list in order to be compounded, and solicited nominations from the public for the “bulk ingredients list.” Whoa—where did this come from? Where in the legislation does it say that the FDA can ban compounded supplements?
The FDA might reply that supplements can be approved. But will they be? In addition, as we reported previously, nominating a substance for the list is a herculean task, requiring mountains of data, resources, and expertise to comply with the all the arcane rules governing such submissions. We noted that smaller organizations would find it difficult or even impossible to meet the FDA’s requirements, tipping the balance in favor of large companies who would, as usual, support the FDA’s rules as a means of eliminating the competition. This includes some major drug makers who also have a foothold in the supplement market.
Does this mean that all supplements in need of compounding must go through the onerous process of being nominated—and approved—for the FDA’s bulk ingredients list? And what happens when the FDA approves one supplement but not another complementary one, so that the first supplement cannot even be used? The FDA has no clue about how supplements work together—how vitamin K2 must be taken with calcium, for example, so that calcium will go into the bones, where it’s needed, instead of into the blood, where it would be dangerous.
What’s most troubling about this latest action is that the FDA would end up punishing the most sensitive patients who need custom supplements because their bodies’ biology or genetics require it. Why deny these patients important supplements and medications?
We are working with key members of Congress to direct two pointed questions to the FDA:

  1. By what legislative authority would you prevent supplements that are not on your pre-approved bulk ingredient list from being compounded?
  2. By what authority would you exclude compounded supplements from your pre-approved bulk ingredients list when they are prescribed by a physician?

Action Alert! Tell the FDA to answer our questions about this latest attack on compounding. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Odd, the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 allows known toxic substances in use prior to 1976 to find granfather’d status and financial protections, but known healthful substances don’t receive the same mandate… A new definition of Post-Apocalyptic anyone?

  2. For years the FDA had did not regulate or supervise supplement manufacturers or compounding pharmacies. This had disastrous consequences when hundreds of patients died as the result of contaminated compounds that all originated in a filthy New Jersey warehouse operation. Afterwards, several other compounding operations were found to be operating as drug manufacturers rather than an compounders that compound each drug separately for an individual patient with a prescription. The reason compounders should NOT be allowed to operate drug manufacturing operations is because they are not regulated and supervised in the same way that drug manufacturing operations are. If they want to be drug manufacturers, then they would have to submit to inspections of their premises and their equipment, third party analysis of their drugs to make sure they contain what they claim to contain and that they do not contain harmful compounds.

    1. Yeah, Liz… not so much. This is their EXCUSE, sure, however they are there only to help BIG business get bigger, make more $$ and funnel it to the crooked politicians. Should ALL ingredients be listed? YES. Beyond that, NO.

      1. You want ingredients to be listed, yet have no way of knowing if the ingredients listed are accurate or not. THIS is why I do not take supplements, because nobody knows for sure what’s in supplements. And, I’d love to use more compounded HRT, but twice now I’ve received compounds that did not have the ingredient it was supposed to have, or had many times the dose of the main ingredient. Afterwards, that pharmacist was closed down because apparently he’d been blatantly disregarding all rules and had been giving out bad compounds for years. I don’t trust them that much anymore. It’s too bad, but if you want to know what’s in your medications, you have to have government oversight and monitoring. Industries that are not monitored and regulated are like magnets for unscrupulous greedy people who just want to take advantage and make as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, so when they get closed down they can move to another country and never work again.

  3. It’s all about GREED and who likes to control us. Was supposed to be a free country. That was never true, think about it, had to kill off the Indians. Take over the land, make rules so our money and lives will be controlled by individuals who enjoy stealing from us.

      1. If you haven’t noticed, they pretty much rig the elections and elect themselves.
        Elections haven’t been legitimate for more than a couple decades.

        1. Thank you for saying this before I did. I hate it when people tell me to suck it up because: “You voted for this!” Whether I voted or not is irrelevant, but no one votes for what our so-called elected leaders do after they get elected.

  4. The Federal Gov grants its own authority , under the constitution 99% of its authority is unlawful.

    1. It has lots of other departments/agencies/bureaucracies vying for “most corrupt” especially the Justice Department, IRS, EPA, B:LM and department of education.

      1. I didn’t say it was a “no contest” winner for most corrupt-just most corrupt. You are of course correct to note that the FDA has plenty of company at the bottom. It’s just that FDA corruption leads to sickness and death of millions(over time).
        For example-105,000 people die in America each year from meds PRESCRIBED by doctors-and the FDA goes after vitamins and minerals

          1. is it the USDA or the FDA that gave the go-ahead to monsanto to peddle its products? And which organization gave the OK for Roundup to be used?

          2. All of them, EPA, FDA, USDA are all rubberstamping yesmen for the corporations. Nothing but shills. The majority of the things these so-called “agencies” have passed, they haven’t even tested at all! Don’t get me wrong either, I am not one of those right-wing idiots who hates regulation because they love oil money, not at all. I am angry these agencies haven’t regulated TOUGH ENOUGH or PROPERLY for that matter!

          3. Then you should vote out tea partiers and conservative republicans who basically work for multi-billion dollar industries instead of taxpayers. It’s a mistake to take your frustrations out on the agencies themselves, because they are hog tied by right wing fanatics, who continually reduce agency funding, pass legislation saying agencies can’t use science or scientific testimony, fund expensive legal actions to avoid compliance each time an agency passes a new regulation, and fund legal challenges to the agencies authority. We NEED those agencies to function in order to have a safe environment and a safe food and drug supply. The only thing that will allow those agencies to function is to get rid of tea partiers and right wing fanatics in our government.

          4. Whenever the USDA, FDA or EPA tries to monitor or eliminate an unsafe product, the tea partiers cut their funding and try to disband them. The problem is not these organizations – it;s the fact that when they try to make changes, right wing fanatics threaten their very existence. Right wingers also seem to be able to circumvent regulation by getting other right wing fanatics in leading positions within the organizations. Just like Ted Cruz being the chair of the senate subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness – when he doesn’t even believe in science or in global warming. And the Indiana Dept of Environmental management is headed by an idiot who doesn’t believe in global warming. How is this possible?

          5. I am tired of all the nonsense excuses why a bureaucracy with a budget of tens of billions a year and thousands of employees cannot do their job.Drug after drug gets fast tracked. Yet of the 50,000 chemicals that are suspected carcinogens-the FDA has tested about 100 in the last TWENTY years. But try to sell raw milk-an ARMED swat team with GUNS DRAWN and pointed in your face will invade your store. Tell your stories to people clueless to believe them.

          6. The FDA budget for 2015 was 4 billion, but they are responsible for the safety of virtually all food and drugs in this country. The FDA is not in charge of testing chemicals that are not used in food and drugs, and right wing, anti-government tea partiers make it difficult to impossible to test chemicals these days because they are completely opposed to industry regulations. As for raw milk – it’s not safe. It takes YEARS to get a drug approved through the FDA and at a cost of hundreds of millions of US dollars.

          7. tea party
            tea party
            tea party
            The tea party has been around for 6 years
            the FDA has been pulling its nonsense for 40 years. Long before the tea party ever existed. even you should be able to do better than this.

          8. So does that mean you’re an anti-government, anti-science, conspiracy website reading, FOX news watching tea partier?

          9. I do not watch TV-at all.
            almost all science today is bought-just read the articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post etc.. Article after article citing cases where “scientists” sign their names to articles they didn’t even write. Doctors given large sums of money to attest to the efficacy of a drug or medical device. Instance after instance.
            As for am I anti-gov’t? NO-BUT-when parts of the government prove themselves to be DYSFUNCTIONAL, I expect that action should be taken to correct the defect-and in this case NONE HAS.

          10. Yeah, lobbyists like James Taylor like to write op-eds for the WSJ and Forbes, trying to convince people that global warming doesn’t exist and that we just need to burn more coal. He’s the sort of person who argues against science. The fact is, I used to work in research, and the idea that research is slanted, or is being purchased, is ludicrous. Studies published in peer-reviewed journals undergo tremendous scrutiny by the editors and the review staff. Anything that’s published ends up getting repeated over and over again by other researchers who try to prove it’s wrong, or who want to confirm that its correct. When there’s a scientific consensus on an issue, you can rest assured that it’s probably accurate.

        1. Omni, if we are to judge them on detrimental effects on our state of health or longevity – we both were lax on naming the CDC & WHO and let’s don’t leave out congressional members and legislators who consider the lobbyist’s bribes more desirable than the good health of their constituents, when it comes time to vote on a bill, as is very evident by California legislators’ overwhelming vote to force the vaccines on everyone in their state. If it passes there, you know the next step will be for Congress to do the same for all states. Of course, the USDA would also have to be included thanks to their insistence that GMO produce not be labeled as such so that we will not be able to avoid the drastic health problems from eating them.
          The name of their game is GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!

          1. not for one second would I deny that the people in “power” are sociopaths, to say the least. But the man/woman in the street goes round like a zombie, not knowing OR caring about issues that affect their well being. I am starting to believe that as a group-we deserve what we are getting.
            Depending on how it is accomplished, population reduction would be a plus for humanity.

        2. You should educate yourself about what the FDA does. The FDA recalls contaminated drugs made by the top drug companies EVERY SINGLE DAY. You should sign up for their email alerts to see. I get their alerts and only see supplements recalled 2 or 3 times a month, and it’s almost always a new sexual enhancement supplement or a diet aid that contains illegal drugs. Most of their recalls are against contaminated injectable drugs, contaminated drugs produced by big drug manufactures, and contaminated food.

          1. the FDA does nothing but run interference for big pharma.
            When a big pharma drug is recalled for contaminants the problem is addressed and the drug is back on the market. When a supplement is recalled, it disappears. When supplements kill 105,000 people a year like prescription meds then I could understand going after them. But for a handful of deaths in a population of 300MILLION-I can only see another agenda,

          2. Recalled drugs disappear if/when they contain unsafe or illegal ingredients, or if they make medical claims that are not true. As I said, you should really sign up for automatic email alerts about FDA recalls to see what they do, because you’ve been listening to supplement propaganda. Big pharm HATES the FDA, so your idea that they’re in cahoots shows that you know nothing about them.

          3. the “revolving door” is alive and well in the FDA/Pharma relationship. It is a love/love relationship cemented with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        1. When Faux News lists them it is singing their praises,. We who know better just tell it the way it is. The only reason Congress has done nothing to stop the high Treason and Tyranny of a runaway corrupt government.
          Unfortunately we also have to add a lot of those tax exempt agencies
          always asking for donations to fight them.
          Has anyone else noticed that Judicial Watch is very successful in suing for and getting e mails that Congress has been unable to get. But as I asked them, what good does any of that do when all they do with the e mails is turn them over to Congress, knowing that Congress is only going to sit on them, the same as they have with incontrovertible evidence of Obama fraud, ineligibility, being a felon with a bodus SSN, etc. Is what this agency is doing actually an honest effort to help, or is it intended to be what it is – enabling the stalling for more time for this one world global
          government, aka the new world order, to destroy this nation from within??
          There are several other agencies, staffed with attorneys, allegedly working against the corruption – BUT how come none of these lawyers know how to take on a class action lawsuit for We the People, filing criminal charges against all presidents from Harry Truman on, all of their appointees, and all the Congressional members (except for the few whose voting records might exempt them) – Those charges should begin with high treason and crimes against humanity, include immediate arrest and detainment in the FEMA camps, while other charges are being sorted and filed against the appropriate individuals.

      2. In a plutocratic society, they’re all corrupt. The real heroes are people like Snowden and Assange, who exposed them.
        Funny that in Europe that Mercury fillings are banned and the FDA was about to ban them here, until a bunch of sissy dentists started whining about it, because they dont make as much money as a real doctor makes and they supposedly cant afford fillings that are actually safe. Reminds me of the Inferior Court allowing factories to pump out toxins because the industry cant afford to make them safe. Money comes before health in this country, money comes before EVERYTHING. Thats what happens in a plutocracy where the politicians get paid off, SuperPACS are legal and the people in charge and the drug industry think it’s okay to test drugs on children in third world countries after intentionally infecting them (Guatemala.) The only solution is to sue them- and take away what really matters to them- their money. Sue them until they’re all bankrupt!

        1. Can also execute them too, a lot easier. No court battles, a little messier but hey, messes can be cleaned up. Then we don’t have to attempt to speak to these goons, we can just proceed without them holding us back!
          Its my solution for all the crooks, get rid of them!

          1. I spent months reading about all the different forms of corruption going on at every level. The mind boggles! I can tell you that it’s a lot easier to understand string theory than it is why people are so self destructive and why they cant see all the damage they do to all that they supposedly care about for a few extra dollars in their pocket.

      1. agreed-but that does not mean the American people have to walk around clueless-they could exercise a minimum of curiosity-and make healthier food choices-the food companies would get the message. To this day people look at me and ask ” what are GMOs?”-

        1. Yeah; What is even worse is when you explain it to them and they just call you a conspiracy theorist. Ohh I just want to punch those jerks. I’ve been working for awhile to inform people and we’ve made progress but we need to do more. If they pass their nonsense legislation to attempt to prevent labeling/etc I hope people grab stickers and go and label the products themselves! A nice friendly “Roundup Causes Cancer” warning on all the store shelves of toxic products.
          The least laziest of us can go ahead and get to doing this right now.

          1. in my office I have an entire wall plastered with articles about GMOs and vaccine dangers.I would say 10% take an interest. The other 90% read People magazine

          2. I’d say you need some print-outs/fliers on the desk/table so that people see them. Thanks (or no thanks) to the smart phones, everyone tends to always look downward.
            Maybe try some different material, I’ve provided plenty.
            Make it personal, if people realize the taxes they contribute to this system goes into food that poisons them, they will take more interest. Give them a link to an organization like Organic Consumers Association and let them look at the information themselves. Or recommend in passing conversation, March against Monsanto. There are plenty of ways to casually conversate about it.

          3. interesting suggestion, but I have been watching people for 30 years now. They just do not care. They will listen to me politely, and then let it go. You give them one message -and TV gives them 100 messages-it is a losing game. Sorry. The best thing you can do is protect yourself and your family. Perhaps that way you will be among the few survivors.

          4. OMNI: It appears as if they don’t care, but in fact they just think you’re wrong so they ACT like they don’t care. It’s obvious that you have not relied upon credible sources for the opinions on science and medicine that you disseminate so vociferously. I like activists who take a stand, but it should be an INFORMED stand, and not something one gets by scouring the dark recesses of conspiracy websites and “news” from places with the credibility of the National Enquirer. You have a brave heart and it would be nice if more people like you were better informed because you can make a difference. Just don’t make a difference that ends up hurting people by making them afraid of vaccines, or by getting rid of needed monitoring of food and drug companies by government agencies. Read peer reviewed scientific and medical journals. The scientific method is about the only thing you can trust these days

          5. The biggest vaccine danger is when people don’t get them and then die as a result of an unnecessary illness that could’ve been easily prevented. Studies have found no correlation between vaccines and autism or any other severe consequences.

          6. I guess you missed today’s news about the woman who died of measles SHE WAS VACCINATED-worthless garbage!
            as to the “studies”-figures never lie but liars figure. You can pay people to get ANY RESULT you want.

          7. She died because she had a compromised immune system. If a person has a compromised immune system, vaccines will not work very well. If vaccinations didn’t work in general, we wouldn’t have been able to completely eradicate some diseases and almost wipe out others. It’s interesting that people believe in science when it makes their life more convenient, but reject it when it means they have to stop polluting or get a vaccination. You should read peer -reviewed science and medical journals instead of natural news, FOX news and the daily mail, which are all known for blatant misrepresentations

          8. so they are vaccinating people who have compromised immune systems with agents that challenge the immune system? SHEER GENIUS!!! Time and time again when there are outbreaks -the majority of the people who contract the illness are vaccinated-and that goes for the recent DISNEY measles out break too.
            When you have to FORCE people to undergo medical experimentation-you know there is a problem. If it was as good as the HYPE makes it out to be -people would be lining up for the shots.

          9. No genius – the woman would’ve been vaccinated as a child when she had a healthy immune system. People who contract illnesses are almost 100% UNVACCINATED. The fact that you’d say the majority are unvaccinated makes me think you went to the FAUX school of journalism, or you just never go to credible sources for information.
            It’s really too bad people go to conspiracy websites and blogs written by losers who live in their moms basements for medical information rather than reading peer-reviewed medical journals.

          10. so she was HEALTHY-then was vaccinated and THEN became IMMUNE COMPROMISED. Can you guess what conclusion I would come to?

          11. Well, since chemo therapy, AIDS, and anti-rejection drugs (for organ transplants) are the biggest causes of immune suppression, those would be my first assumptions. But, I’m sure you would assume something different.

    2. You obviously don’t know what the FDA does. You should sign up for their email alerts to see what services they provide. They issue scores of recalls every day for things such as foods being contaminated with glass or metal shavings, foods contaminated with heavy metals, foods contaminated with salmonella or listeria, undisclosed drugs in supplements, injectable drugs and IV bags contaminated with glass or metal shavings, injectable drugs contaminated with unidentified particulate matter, drugs contaminated with mold, drugs that contain the wrong active ingredients, drugs that contain the wrong dosage of the active ingredients, and foods containing allergens that are not listed on the label. All these people who want to disband the FDA should get a clue as to how dangerous the food and medical supplies would be without it. Also, you should take note of how many of these recalls are against the large drug manufacturers. The FDA is a thorn in the side of large drug companies – not an accomplice in trying to squash their competition – and it’s a good thing the FDA exists because without that thorn, we’d all be at the mercy of big pharma, big ag, and unscrupulous supplement manufactures and pharmacies and we’d be at risk every time we ate a meal or took a medication.

      1. most corrupt bureaucracy in the entire government. Vioxx=60,000 DEAD-what happened? A short suspension.
        105THOUSAND people die from DOCTOR PRESCRIBED medicines EVERY YEAR(the entire vietnam war saw 68thousand dead over eight years. And who does the FDA go after? Vitamin and supplement manufacturers-maybe the cause of TWO deaths a year-not 2,000-TWO.
        How does the FDA figure out if GMO food or Cloned animals are safe for consumption? They ask the company that makes the product.

        1. Supplements have risks and side effects, but supplement manufacturers are not required to do research studies in people to make sure supplements are safe. Recent FDA information shows that the number of reports has continued to climb each calendar year:
          2010: 1,009 reports of dietary supplement adverse events
          2011: 2,047 reports of dietary supplement adverse events
          2012: 2,844 reports of dietary supplement adverse events
          Any industry that does not have government supervision and monitoring tends to attract greedy unscrupulous people who take advantage of the general public. The fact that the supplement industry resists any oversight or regulation at all speaks volumes about them.

  5. Surely everyone knows by now that the FDA is headed by a one world global government, aka the
    new world order puppet and that they are backing Codex Alimentarius which is a worldwide movement to banish all access to anything in a strength to be efficacious. For instance, all vitamins, minearals and supplements will be limited to 1/100th of the amount required to make a detectable difference in the body.
    This is why I keep telling people to learn to recognize and use those things we call weeds, because most of them have a medicinal use. If you know how to get online, all one needs to do is type
    “pictures of dandelion” or some other weed in the search window to find what they look like.
    Another weed you need to recognize is poke sallet or pokeweed. According to reliable research
    already done years ago, its poke berries throws the body inrto gear to fight, which means it jump starts your immune system, which would indicate it should work against most any pathogen that you would come in contact with. They are not poisonous. You can find instructions on how to dehydrate, extract, or make a tincture on line. One can also buy herbal books and videos with the instructions on the how tos and it doesn’t take a Mensa level IQ to do – only a willingness to help yourself to God’s medical gifts.
    One can also find many field guides on herbals, however a good wild flower field guide will identify most of them for you.

  6. The FDA is in bed with the CDC, IDSA, NIH, BIG Pharm and any other greed corrupt groups, None can be trusted. Just take one example like Lyme+Co-infections and don’t forget the instant death Powassan, Bourbon, Heartland Virus as well. They have you think it’s just Ticks (and that’s bad too) but it’s also many other insects along with sexual relations, and our blood and organ supply is also contaminated. The IDSA keeps their corrupt guidelines so NO one can get accurate tests or helpful treatment. The FDA and the others get in a hissy fit and brand Doctors who use Doxy for Lyme and Co-infections…yet the Doctors who use Doxy for years on the same patient for Acne..it’s ok. CDC felt the heat so they changed the numbers to close to half a MILLION people get infected EACH year!!! Their answer…is it’s a small amount and don’t harm the ticks, just spray yourself and do tick check and hope you don’t miss one…I mean REALLY!!!??? How about this for numbers, Do a Tick drag on my road(short) you will get over 100 ticks on it…multiply that (X) the 30,000 eggs EACH tick lays…..look at that you got 300,000 dangerous ticks on one tiny road in one tiny town in NY…OUCH! that’s the same number that CDC came up for the whole world…??? OUCH! The ice on the cake here is ……they want to control the supplements that are the only thing that help us with the disease(s)? Yes, Doxy helps and so do a few others from the script pad, but many of us really get our help from the supplements……They already control our suffering and death….do we really want them to make it quicker?

    1. Supplements for Lyme Disease? There’s no evidence to suggest supplements would help prevent or treat Lyme Disease.

      1. elizabetta….you’ve got ALOT of homework to do…Go take a look at all the different things MILLIONS of Victims are trying(not just supplements)….trying to “cure” their Lyme+Co-infections, you will learn….it’s NOT “cure” or your words prevent or treat…it’s to try and get remission…to get your life back from not as much suffering. I know for you Elizabetta it’s easier to speak before getting the facts…..I’m gonna help ya a little here…take a look at Dr. Horwitz book…..Wow look how many have gotten better! O-my-Gosh…..look at all those supplements and herbs that helped…….Opps…time to do some research girl….

        1. I’ve done lots of research by reading credible peer-reviewed medical journals and scientific journals. Dr Horowitz has been listed as one of the top five medical quacks in the US. I don’t do research by reading quackery.

          1. elizabetta….LMAO….your the worst researcher I’ve ever responded to…Guess what..the Gov’t including your FDA has accepted Dr. Horowitz to be a part of the new Bill to help those with Lyme+…..Ohh and you’ve read peer review medical journals and scientific?? well I don’t know about “peer” but I’m sure you didn’t read Eva and McDonalds…plus all the other research by your so-called peers…..just view some of Carl Tuttles proof…..Elizabetta I pray you don’t work for the FDA or something that is supposed to help the health of people….you clearly need to go back to school and while you do I’d recommend your current employer let you go and even perhaps pay for some of that proper broad range medical schooling while you are NOT working. LMAO as for quack quacks,,,,yes you should know by now ducks can carry Ticks too, and also can carry ticks to infect humans in other states..if not??? You really need to go back to reseach school….quack quack……lol…..whew….I knew there where ignorant stupid people…but you…just …wow…topped that list….you must be one of the five?

          2. People who don’t know what they’re talking about always try to ridicule the ones who do in order to distract from their own lack of supporting evidence. You should try reading reputable publications and peer reviewed journals rather than conspiracy websites and blogs written by losers who live in their moms basements.

          3. What!? You want me to look at your made one way peer review journals…that for sure is a tunnel deep into the basement. I’ve read many reputable publications, they make it clear you are in the dark. There is so much supporting evidence… it’s also clear that you are a cover up artist, no repect for people’s lives…All the replys, you’ve “attacked” me, and not once have you offered anything as supportive evidence….that right there goes to show you are way behind in knowledge or are just plain clueless(how do you sleep knowing the harm being done to your own human kind?) Please don’t reply to this unless you can show me tons of non-onesided proof you are right about anything

          4. If you don’t believe in the validity of peer-reviewed research, then there’s not much I can offer to support my case. I worked in nutrition and metabolic research for over a decade. My husband also worked in virology research. We are both firm believers in science. We don’t believe in anything that cannot be proven. We believe in man made global warming, even though that practically makes us pariahs in our small midwest town of tea partiers and Koch brother supporters. We believe that people need to clean up the environment because we’re causing a massive loss of biodiversity. I believe in healthy living – not pharmaceuticals and not supplements. People who believe in supplements – as far as I’m concerned – are just as misguided as those who swear on their big pharma drugs. We don’t NEED any of that garbage. It’s ALL unnatural and bad for you. With supplements you have the added uncertainty of not knowing exactly what’s in them. And you can scour the medical research and find not a single case of a vaccine causing autism, so I believe we need to use vaccines because the alternative is to have a return of fatal and unnecessary diseases.

          5. Thank you finally! for saying you can’t offer support to your case… and that you’ve researched for over a Decade…..shows you’ve got MANY more Decades to catch up to the real facts in that research. Again as I said before….I’ve been harmed by your so called “safe” FDA products and I’ve been “helped” “fixed” by supplements of all kinds….so…sad day for you Liz…back to the ole drawin’ board of research for you…..You will for sure need your Husband to help you…perhaps some day, not in my life time that’s for sure….you and your husband will find a “true cure” and somehow I know it won’t be within the so called FDA…..sorry

      2. Got evidence right here……LMAO…..your FDA drugs did NOT help me get out of bed….They did not help me walk again……infact supplements helped me when your Floxie Floride Antibotic Leviquin nearly killed me….plus if you really know anything…there is NOTHING that your FDA chemical crap or supplements can do or to”prevent” or “treat” Lyme Disease… so….beep beep wrong answer again….However Millions of victims are……ARE finding great help with supplements and herbs…..more so than your chemical crap. Have a friend who had Cancer and everytime he tried your “approved” medical crap he almost died, What got him back was stuff NOT on your shelf…!!!! Then he got Lyme+, same thing he tried your so called shelf of crap….NOT work…..went back to the good ole supplements and herbs…..MILLIONS more Victims with the same results, take that and add that to your peer reviewed inaccurate sources!!! You do know there are many of “your” drugs with naturals in them….that help with somethings…Ohh gosh did I say a bad thing….that naturals in that product is the KEY to why it works….opps……sorry Eliz….back to school you go again…….. 😉

  7. Becuz they are part of the mark of the beast!!! Do not be deceived……it is all about controlling the way we think! They are trying to conveince us we need them & their drugs! Look up the Word “Pharmakia” or Pharmacy
    You will see the Truth…

  8. All the FDA bashers should sign up for FDA email alerts for six months to get a clue of what the FDA actually does. I get scores of email notifications each day from the FDA listing products they’ve tested and recalled due to foods being contaminated with glass or metal shavings, foods contaminated with heavy metals, foods contaminated with salmonella or listeria, undisclosed drugs in supplements, injectable drugs and IV bags contaminated with glass or metal shavings, injectable drugs contaminated with unidentified particulate matter, drugs contaminated with mold, drugs that contain the wrong active ingredients, drugs that contain the wrong dosage of the active ingredients, and foods containing allergens that are not listed on the label. All these people who want to disband the FDA should get a clue as to how dangerous the food and medical supplies would be without it. Also, you should take note of how many of these recalls are against the large drug manufacturers. The FDA is a thorn in the side of large drug companies – not an accomplice in trying to squash their competition – and it’s a good thing the FDA exists because without that thorn, we’d all be at the mercy of big pharma, big ag, and unscrupulous supplement manufactures and pharmacies and we’d be at risk every time we ate a meal or took a medication.

    1. I’ve read this whole thread down to this point, Elizabetta; I can’t help but notice that you appear alone in your position that the FDA (and USDA and EPA) is the consumer’s friend. The thing is, what you keep saying is that the FDA frequently does the job we are paying them to do. Well, hey, great. But the issue is not whether they do good things for us, it’s that they also do bad things, or fail to do vital things they should do.
      They approve very dangerous drugs (often based on biased studies) and don’t recall them before many people are harmed or killed by them. You claim they have limited funding, yet they seem to have enough to go after cherry growers for stating simple scientific facts on their websites (or even for linking to peer-reviewed studies indicating what cherries are nutritionally good for).
      They form unholy alliances with Big Pharma and Big Tobacco, then go after supplement and electronic cigarette manufacturers and sellers–very high handedly, very heavy handedly.
      They don’t merely want to regulate and protect, they want to deny us choices and alternatives, and they often do this on the basis of the flimsiest of logic and science. THAT is what people here are objecting to, not whether the FDA protects us from broken glass and metal shavings in our Spaghetti-Os. By FDA rules and logic sellers of vitamin C are not allowed to say it cures scurvy (something every school child knows). Sellers of electronic cigarettes are forbidden to say they help you quit smoking (when the very fact that switching to them means that, hey!, no smoke means not smoking!).
      Is the FDA corrupted by money from massive corporations? It’s pretty obvious just from their DC revolving door management roster, and from their unfair targeting of any perceived threat to Big Pharma, the entrenched allopathic medical industry, and most recently Big Tobacco. And that they operate in lock step with the equally compromised USDA and EPA is clear for the same reasons.
      I’m sure the Mafia does many good things within the communities in which they operate, but they’re still the Mafia. You will say this is an unfair, even invidious comparison, but I’ll wager many readers here can cite numerous similarities.

      1. Most people who read this blog know very little about medicine and science. Blogs such as this claim there are conspiracies by medical doctors, scientists, governmental agencies, cancer organizations, etc….. and their readers do not have the fundamental medical or scientific knowledge to be able to tell the difference.
        The FDA requires that all medications and supplements only advertise things that their products have been proven to do – as in research studies done using their actual products. Supplement manufactures hate that because they don’t want to have to prove their products contain the ingredients on the label, or that the dosages are correct, and they don’t want to do any studies to show that their products do anything beneficial whatsoever.
        People on this site are complaining because the FDA is trying to stop a predator who sells fake cancer drugs made from urine for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He claims he’s been trying to get his drug approved for 17 years but in fact, he has never filed any paperwork with the FDA. He knows his product would never pass – because any study would show no difference between the drug and a placebo control group – so just saying he’s trying to get it passed seems to give him some credibility with people who don’t know how things work.
        I like safe food, safe medicine, safe cosmetics, clean air, clean water, and all the benefits of modern medicine. The FDA protects us from all manner of harmful, contaminated, counterfeit, mislabeled substances. The EPA tries to limit the amount of damage done to our health and our environment by the Koch brothers and their multibillion dollar corporations. We need to weed out legislators who line their pockets with industry money by writing legislation that cuts funding or in some way undermines the authority of, and does not allow these agencies to function properly. What you’re doing is like saying we need to get rid of garbage men because they forgot to pick up your trash last week. Can you imagine the state of our cities without garage men? Well, now try to imagine the state of our food and drug supply, and the state of our environment, if we disbanded the EPA and the FDA because they’re underfunded and not doing as much as they should. We need them to take out the trash – the factory farm trash, the big pharma trash, the industrial polluter trash, counterfeit and mislabeled supplement manufacturer trash, and the predatory doctors with fake medicines trash – just like we need garbage men to take out our household trash. We just need to give them more funding and stop allowing politicians with an agenda to influence what these agencies are able to accomplish. People also need to educate themselves about what the purposes of these agencies actually are, because most posters on this site don’t even know what the EPA and FDA roles are – they blame them for stuff that’s not even within their jurisdictions.

        1. You’re going off the rails here, girl. Our concern is that the EPA, FDA, and USDA are stepping WAY outside their jurisdictions. We don’t need them, at literal gunpoint, to forbid us to drink natural milk and take vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.
          Where and when did they appropriate that right? Because we give them funding? I don’t recall ever voting for vitamin or raw milk regulations. Yet they show up at peoples doors with guns. Explain that to me like I’m six. Government agents with firearms raiding a co-op, weapons drawn, destroying natural cheese.
          The FDA sending threatening letters to cherry growers for linking to peer-reviewed scientific studies indicating cherries help reduce the effects of arthritis. Nope, can’t say that, the government will confiscate your family orchard.
          The court costs alone will destroy you and your kid’s chance at college.
          Who do you work for, by the way, Elizabetta?

  9. Are we talking about those evil greedy anti-supplement pharmaceutical companies that also own the majority of supplement companies and supply the raw materials for the rest?
    I was taking supplements to prevent hypertension and cholesterol that comprised several grams per day, cost over $60 per month and did not seem to be doing anything.
    Three prescriptions that total less than 200 mg/day do work and cost less than $3/month.
    Tell me again just who is evil and greedy. The FDA should have saved me the money spent on faith-based products far earlier.

  10. Actually, nobody gets an “education” by watching Oprah or reading Natural News or other conspiracy websites. I worked in medical research for over a decade. I read peer-reviewed medical journals and science journals for information, honey.
    You say the science changes every week? You don’t read science, otherwise you’d be better informed and wouldn’t say that.
    I guess some people believe that we should go back to the way things were in the “good old days”, back in 1800, when snake oil salesmen could sell any toxic substance and people had no idea what they were buying. And maybe we should dismantle the EPA so industries could dump all their waste right into our creaks and rivers, and our air could look just like the air in China. And we can buy milk with melamine and have no idea why people are dying because there’s nobody to test it. And counterfeit drug would be everywhere. Anyone who thinks the FDA doesn’t provide a valuable service should get signed up for their email alerts – I get email alerts 20 – 30 times a day for FDA recalls of food due to glass and metal contamination, and salmonella and listeria contamination. There are at least half a dozen recalls a week of injectable drugs with metal shavings, glass, mold or other unidentified particulate matter, and many more recalls of drugs with the wrong active ingredients or improper doses of the active ingredients. Guess we’d be better off just not knowing.

    1. Better not knowing!!!!??? Are you even human? OMG…when you catch something like Cancer or even Lyme+(and I truely hope not) hope you change your way of thinking cuz…..the odds of you beatin’ it and stayin’ alive…..well good luck to you..if you stay with how your brain thinks… OMG…30emails a day from the FDA….for sure that means they are not doing their job from day one….OUCH……ohh by the way…don’t forget this I commented in your last know nothing post………..
      What!? You want me to look at your made one way peer review journals…that for sure is a tunnel deep into the basement. I’ve read many reputable publications, they make it clear you are in the dark. There is so much supporting evidence… it’s also clear that you are a cover up artist, no repect for people’s lives…All the replys, you’ve “attacked” me, and not once have you offered anything as supportive evidence….that right there goes to show you are way behind in knowledge or are just plain clueless(how do you sleep knowing the harm being done to your own human kind?) Please don’t reply to this unless you can show me tons of non-onesided proof you are right about anything
      I think I’ve been waiting along enough time for you to find this non-onesided proof……so where is it?

  11. So when the FDA forces the recall of injectable drugs contaminated by metal shavings, you think the FDA is engaging in Nazi tactics and should butt out and let people be free to sell what they want? I guess you assume that without standards and monitoring, all our drugs, cosmetics and foods would be safe – just like milk from China.

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