Updated “DARK Act” Will Block States from Banning GE Crops

Rep. Mike Pompeo’s voluntary GMO labeling bill has been amended to include another brazen giveaway to Big Food and the biotech industries. Action Alert!
We’ve been closely monitoring the progress of the bill introduced by Rep. Pompeo (R-KS) and backed by industry. It’s titled, deceptively, the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015”—and the news hasn’t been good. A few weeks ago, we reported that a Senate version of Pompeo’s bill was in the works while the House bill continued to gain co-sponsors and bipartisan support.
Worse, a new draft of the Pompeo bill doubles down in pandering to the Big Food and biotech industries. In this revision, states and localities would be prevented from banning GMO crops. That’s right—states would no longer have any oversight over genetically engineered crops!
In addition, this updated bill would preempt any state laws mandating the labeling of foods containing GM ingredients, which has prompted pro-labeling advocates to call Pompeo’s bill the “Deny Americans’ Right to Know Act”—the DARK Act. More than seventy bills have been introduced in over thirty states to require GMO labeling, and three states (ME, VT, and CT) have, with the help of ANH-USA’s legal team, passed mandatory GMO labeling laws. But all that would be nullified if this bill becomes law.
We suspect that this revision directly results from recent developments in Maui County, Hawaii, and Jackson County, Oregon. Both counties passed measures (a ballot initiative in Maui and an ordinance in Jackson) to ban the local cultivation of genetically engineered crops. Both measures are being challenged in court by Big Food. If Pompeo’s bill becomes law, decisions to uphold the bans would be moot: the language added to the most recent DARK Act draft would preempt local, democratic efforts to protect local farmers and ensure consumer health and safety.
In the past, we’ve exposed biotech’s pro-GMO talking points as deceptions, lies, and falsehoods on our GMO Fact Check page. GMOs will not feed the world or decrease pesticide use, nor are they proven to be safe for human consumption. But the fact is that, as far as policy discussions go, these arguments are utterly beside the point. Consumers have consistently and overwhelmingly demonstrated that they want to know what’s in the food they’re buying, and supporters of Pompeo’s DARK Act want to withhold this information from consumers.
The fact that Rep. Pompeo’s legislation not only seeks to preempt state labeling efforts but also to block local efforts to ban the cultivation of GE crops makes his real goals crystal clear—to protect the bottom line of agribusinesses, which have contributed over $100,000 to Rep. Pompeo.
Over the last few weeks, the bill has been continuing to gain momentum. Hearings on the measure have been held in the Energy and Commerce and the Agricultural committees, and a “mark-up” session is expected to happen soon, bringing the bill even closer to a vote.
Action Alert! Write to your legislators in Congress and urge them not to support the new discussion draft of the DARK Act, which would block states from taking action to protect residents’ health and safety. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Rep. Pompeo’s legislation seeks to preempt state labeling
    efforts and also BLOCK local efforts to ban the cultivation of GE
    crops. Agribusinesses have contributed over $100,000 to Rep. Pompeo.
    Why are there no ethics in the U.S. government? Why are mega wealthy corporations ALLOWED to buy off politicians in order to destroy the health and lives of mega millions. Politicians who WICKEDLY BETRAY the people who voted for them must be named and shamed and thrown out of public office.

    1. We need to continually vote these losers out of office until they get the message. As it is now, the sheeple vote for whoever their local news channel steers them toward. Sad.

      1. I don’t believe that the system works anymore. All we’ve been doing is voting the same crooks in over and over, its rigged and broken.
        Easier to just execute them all for High Treason and make an example out of them so the other crooks in the world know ‘What’s up’.
        If you care more about money than life, you don’t deserve your life and thus your days are numbered. Even if you spend all of your resources making sure you have perfect health (like the dumb crooks in the fake govt do) you will still end up in the same place: An absolute anguishing dimension of suffering where you experience every moment of pain you made others experience.
        Enjoy your curse, you stupid politicians.

    1. Misquoted but when it comes to greedy corporations money is made, by them, their evils.

    2. The love of money is the root to all evil. Money in and of itself is necessary and can be used for good or bad. Its the love of it, the greed that is evil.

      1. No, money is not required.
        Go do some research, oh you know, trade and barter era.
        Money is a human invention, a concept, and its a failed one at that.

        1. I don’t think bartering works too well in the world we live in now. Occasionally you can find someone to trade for things, but not on everyday purchases. And of course its a human invention, did someone suggest dogs invented it ?

          1. No, my point is that it isn’t real, it is created.
            Thus it can’t be required, because its just a concept that we made up!
            Trade/Barter could indeed work and so could a skill based society, instead of a class/wealth/rank/etc based society. The problem is the dumb crooks in power don’t want to allow anything to happen that doesn’t make them “money”, hence why “money” is a problem (and thus evil). The only reason this society is so bad is BECAUSE the pursuit of a value-less, meaningless fabrication has replaced life itself and that is why everyone is so despicable, angry, depressed, unhealthy, etc.

          2. Your right that is has been manipulated for eons, but again its not the method of trade so much as the traders. And that just comes down to the wickedness of the human race. Thank God we have a savior, because we are sure not able to do it ourselves.

          3. I don’t see a “savior” saving anything.
            Millions of people are contributing to a system that poisons them, that is proof that there is no “god”. The dumb crooks who ruin the world have yet to be punished, more proof that there is no compassionate higher being that protects the good and strikes down the wicked.

  2. If GMOs are so great, why are its proponents so dead set against labeling? What have the got to hide?

    1. Excellent questions. If there is nothing to hide then tell us what we should and want to know. If we pay for it we a right to know, If we consume we have a need to know.

      1. The truth is hard to accept and it always hurts.
        So go figure the crooks who are creating this Cancer Food can’t admit that they are poisoning all of life, because that would mean they don’t get to do it anymore!
        They will continue green/white washing the situation until you all believe, as you get riddled with health problems, that the toxic food is perfectly safe to consume …as you spoon feed your little infant toxic herbicide residues and chemical additives, stripping it of its health and any decent future/life worth living.

      2. They are hiding the fact the food is POISONOUS, whether mildly or extremely, that it causes corporate brow beating, enactment of food production monopolizing, biodiversity loss and it causes sterility.
        While there is no mandate to have GMO products labeled, there is certainly no such rule for the products that are non-GMO. Look for products that say Non-GMO. Actually if it doesn’t say non-GMO on it, there it a good chance it probably is GMO mad scientist junk. They are not scientists, they are sick nature assassins

    2. They’ve got to hide the fact that 80% of the food in stores is literally toxic to your health and you pay taxes that subsidize the creation of said toxic food. If the masses knew this fact, they would absolutely disregard all of the corporations who are perpetrating this and those companies would go under. Basically the dumb crooks in the fake government have all of their chips riding on this, so they can’t afford to let their toxic monopoly fail or be exposed to the public for what it is. A nightmare.

    3. “We used to call H.R. 1599 the DARK Act—because its intent is to Deny Americans the Right to Know. But the bill gets worse with every draft. It’s so bad now, we’ve renamed it the “Mother of All Monsanto Protection Acts.” It’s a bill written by Monsanto, for Monsanto. A shameful example of regulations written to protect corporations from people—from you—instead of the other way around. Hearings on H.R. 1599 have already been held in subcommittees of both the House Energy & Commerce and House Agriculture Committees.
      The hearings were dominated by false and deceptive testimony, delivered by Monsanto’s hired guns. Based on what we know about those hearings, things aren’t looking great for consumers. If we don’t stop this bill, Vermont’s GMO labeling law will be killed, and no other state will ever be allowed to pass a GMO labeling law. If we don’t stop this bill, county bans on GMO crops will be killed, and no other county will ever be allowed to pass a GMO crop ban. If we don’t stop this bill, there will never be any pre-market safety testing of GMO foods. If we don’t stop this bill, food producers won’t be allowed to tell you their products are GMO-free—until and unless the USDA finalizes its own GMO-free labeling standard. Then, and only then, will food manufacturers be allowed to tell you their products don’t contain GMOs—based on a standard that will likely allow a much higher percentage of GMO ingredients than any existing independent certification, such as Non-GMO Project certification. If we don’t stop this bill, you will lose any right you ever had to the truth about genetically modified food. And corporations will win the right to eviscerate the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution…
      Thank you!” ~h t t p s : / / w w w . organicconsumers . o r g/ ~ h t t p s : / / salsa3 . salsalabs . c o m/o/50865/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=12138

    4. In the 90s Moron-santo tried a reverse psychology ploy in France, where they advertised in magazines that they need to label GMOs, because then people would know where the GMOs were and could thus find such “superior food products”.
      roflmao – guaranteed bad nutrition on any roundup crop – period. That is in addition to the other 7 or so ways in which roundup kills – from parts per million to parts per billion.

  3. God forbid they should lose any money while killing people, the customers that made them billions of dollars were nothing more than a test – human genie pigs for the makers of “Frankenfood”, been known to cause and are linked to cancer, thyroid problems, liver problems etc. these foods are not fit for human consumption.

    1. *Glyphosate is the primary ingredient in Ready Roundup, the #1 used Herbicide in the world (not a good title to hold). It is the chemical that the GMO crops are engineered to be resistant to. These chemicals remain as residues in anything they are applied to, including the food, farmers, soil, etc. Glyphosate is detected, even in our water sources and our very blood. What does the EPA do? Increase the allowable levels of course!
      • Exposure to glyphosate correlates
      with chronic illness. Chronically ill people have significantly higher
      levels of glyphosate in their systems than healthy people. ~ omicsonline . org/open-access/detection-of-glyphosate-residues-in-animals-and-humans-2161-0525.1000210.pdf
      • Glyphosate is an endocrine
      disruptor which is toxic to placental cells. This means it may impact
      our ability to conceive and carry healthy babies to term. It may also
      cause breast cancer. ~ w w w . ncbi.nlm.nih . gov/pubmed/19539684 ~ w w w . ncbi.nlm.nih . gov/pmc/articles/PMC1257596/ ~ articles.mercola . com/sites/articles/archive/2014/04/01/Roundup-toxicity-male-infertility.aspx ~ w w w . ncbi.nlm.nih . gov/pubmed/23756170
      • Glyphosate destroys the gut
      bacteria we need for good health. Scientists have observed that in
      chickens and cattle, glyphosate kills the good gut bacteria while
      leaving behind bacteria that causes food poisoning. Glyphosate’s
      negative impact on our microbiome may be the reason for increasing rates
      of allergies, celiac sprue and gluten intolerance, and colitis and
      Crohn’s disease. ~ sustainablepulse . com/2013/09/07/new-review-shows-glyphosate-destroys-human-health-and-biodiversity/#.U4Yb28e1aiw ~ w w w . ncbi.nlm.nih . gov/pubmed/23224412 ~ w w w . ncbi.nlm.nih . gov/pubmed/23396248 ~ w w w . nytimes . com/2013/05/19/magazine/say-hello-to-the-100-trillion-bacteria-that-make-up-your-microbiome.html?pagewanted=all ~ w w w . washingtonpost . com/blogs/innovations/wp/2014/04/17/the-secret-to-treating-your-allergies-may-lie-in-your-stomach/ ~ sustainablepulse . com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Glyphosate_II_Samsel-Seneff.pdf ~w w w . mdpi . com/1099-4300/15/4/1416 ~ You reap what you sow, and the U.S. sows Terminator Seeds.
      • Glyphosate makes vaccines far more
      toxic than they would otherwise be. When children are overexposed to
      glyphosate, they are more likely to react badly to vaccination. There’s
      an intricate connection between the gut and the brain, such that an
      unhealthy digestive system translates into pathologies in the brain.
      Aluminum, mercury and glyphosate work synergistically to create severe
      deficiency in sulfate supplies to the brain. This may be what’s causing
      the epidemic levels of autism and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
      articles.mercola . com/sites/articles/archive/2014/05/08/heavy-metals-glyphosate-health-effects.aspx
      ~ w w w . westonaprice .
      • Glyphosate is a chelator that
      deprives living things of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This
      is how glyphosate kills plants. It may also be how it’s killing people.
      Glyphosate-induced vitamin deficiency may be a factor in the growing
      cancer rates. Glyphosate has been directly linked to Non-Hodgkin’s
      Lymphoma. A recent meta-analysis found that exposure to glyphosate
      doubled the likelihood of contracting B cell lymphoma. ~ w w w .
      ~ w w w . ncbi.nlm.nih . gov/pubmed/24762670 ~ w w w . organicconsumers . org/articles/article_30153.cfm

    2. “human genie pigs”
      magical human pigs? You start off looking quite credible
      “known to cause and are linked to cancer, thyroid problems, liver problems”
      How about a citation that shows that, from a peer reviewed journal and nothing with the author names Samsel, Seneff, Smith, Druker, or Seralini. Good luck finding it.

  4. I believe all of the efforts going into labeling of foods that are derived from GMO seeds is a complete waste of resources. It would be far simpler to rely on honestly labeled organic foods or patronize stores that attempt to eliminate as much GMO-based foods as possible such as Trader Joe’s.

    1. Other countries have banned GMO seeds and crops entirely and we can’t even get them labelled….go figure

    2. If this horrid bill passes, Trader Joes or any place that sells food,

      1. Trader Joe’s does not label their food as non-GMO. It is in their missionfeatures statement.

    3. In a sense you are correct, simply labeling them isn’t good enough.
      We need an outright ban and conviction of all those involved in the creation of Cancer Food and if the system won’t convict itself, the people or the earth will.

  5. There is NOTHING stopping an individual state from banning GMO crops. The SCOTUS and the Federal government have no say about it

    1. Are you sure?
      The lawsuits from the GMA and biotech certainly aren’t an attempt to stop the states rights, are they? The corrupt government and the corporations buying them off think they have complete control and when they don’t they will whine and buy/sue their way into control. They are nothing but pathetic financial crooks who are a threat to all life.
      They are indeed preventing and going out of their way to attempt to prevent any labeling.

      1. The Feds think they are all powerful, but the states, (if they choose to) can nullify any overreaching laws coming from the Federal government (much like pot still being illegal on the Federal level but legal in some states now). The states can simply ignore the Feds. However, most of them will blindly follow so they continue getting the free fake money for roads,education, etc. This is why schools and roads should be paid for locally by the people who use them, so as not to be strong armed by the Feds

        1. Agree’d.
          That was also the main reason Texas didn’t secede, they want those millions of federal dollars.
          It is sad that the US is this way and it is sad that I won’t ever get to live a life because of it.

        2. However, you don’t take into account such things as the TPP which will allow corporations to sue anyone, including localities, nations, etc if they are deemed a barrier to “profits”. Which means scumlords such as Monsanto and their ilk can sue anyone, even other countries, to force-feed them cancer food. Not good.
          And oh, if you didn’t read this article this bill that the retard Mike Pompeo is working on would pre-empt state rights to label OR ban. If only the states were strong-spined enough to refuse to conform to the toxic monopoly and stand up for themselves. Unfortunately all of the crooks have been put in place of actual representatives of the people in districts.

  6. Please FIX the Action Alert reply form. Ever since you changed the format several months ago, it doesn’t work on my system (and I have a pretty ordinary system Windows 7, current Firefox version). It’s apparently a cookies problem, but not because cookies are not enabled.. I have sent several e-mails, but either you don’t read your e-mails or you can’t be bothered to respond. .

    1. Clear your cache, and make sure you’re using antivirus software. The free ones work just fine. Enable cookies. And whether you want to admit it or not, Windows is a very buggy O/S, compared to Apple, Linux, or Chrome. Chrome is actually what most cell phones use (Android)

  7. Mike Pompeo needs to be shot out of a cannon into a wood chipper and his family needs to be tossed into lava (and anyone who supports these dumb crooks needs to be Executed for Crimes Against Life).
    As long as the US keeps pursuing this toxic nightmare, I will keep calling it the worst place in the universe and most importantly, I will never join or contribute to this broken system and when I die I will put all of my energy (including the energy I’ve collected) towards its complete and utter obliteration.

  8. Thank you for bringing attention to such an important issue! Keep up the important fight. — Caleb Laieski

  9. What we all need to do is to go to our sphere of influence, family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else we can and continue to share the ‘terror’ the food companies are foisting on us. While the tide is shifting the corporations and their minions continue to have billions to keep us under control. After sharing with all your connections then be sure to not buy the products which contain their toxic concoctions. GMOs are a failed system that is simply there to sell chemicals and to facilitate Monsanto and their friend’s buying up of all the seeds in the World. When we finally stop the toxic food they will then dictate the seeds which can be grown. This is serious business and we all need to get involved. Blessings on your efforts!

  10. Have you actually read the Act? Because it does the exact opposite. It specifically requires proper labeling. But it also require proper labeling of foods that try to use the term natural and it also requires proper testing if your stuff is going to claim to not contain bioengineered products.
    THIS is why the anti-GMO groups are upset. Because their products are going to actually be held accountable for their claims and they know a lot of them won’t hold up to scrutiny.
    It also actually regulates usage of the term “natural”, which before this was not legally regulated.

    1. Of course they haven’t read it, they rely on what they learn from activist websites.

    2. I’m a little suspicious of who you are. Have you read the act? SEC 104 Preemption-(c) Prohibitions against mandatory labeling of food developed using bioengineering.—Except
      for claims under subsection (a)(1) or (b)(1) of section 425, no State
      or political subdivision of a State may directly or indirectly establish
      under any authority or continue in effect as to any food in interstate
      commerce any requirement for the labeling of a food by virtue of its
      having been developed using bioengineering, including any requirements
      for claims that a food is or contains an ingredient that was developed
      using bioengineering.”.
      (e) Labeling.—If the
      Secretary determines that there is a material difference between a food
      produced from, containing, or consisting of a bioengineered organism and
      its comparable marketed food and that disclosure of such difference is
      necessary to protect health and safety or to prevent the label or
      labeling of such food from being false or misleading, the Secretary may,
      in a response under subsection (d)(2)(A), specify labeling that would
      adequately inform consumers of such material difference. The use of
      bioengineering does not, by itself, constitute a material difference

      1. That’s exactly what it says. Labeling will be at the federal level and based on differences that potentially affect health and safety.

        1. If you haven’t noticed, which you most likely haven’t, anything that is “voluntary” at a federal level essentially means “corporations, keep tabs on yourself and let us know”.
          When you let corporations voluntarily label their products, they don’t! This bill is a sham attempt to pre-empt state rights and force a very narrow minded view on GMO’s. They don’t want a debate, they want to END the conversation and FORCEFEED people cancer food. Anyone who supports such atrocity should be executed.
          I bet you also think the TPP sounds great after reading it from wikileaks website, wrong again!

          1. So, voluntary labeling seems to be working for organics. It seems to be working of Kosher or Gluten-Free. It seems to be working for Halal… why wouldn’t it work here?

          2. If you were the maker of a product that was toxic to all life, would you want to label it as such and lower your own sales? I don’t think the organic labeling is voluntary, either. There is an entire board setup to reviewing and confirming, etc.
            If you really want to trust toxic chemical companies with all the food on the planet, be my guest, but I will not be apart of it and I will be destroying whoever so aligns with it.
            If you support cancerfood, you should die ASAP.

          3. Well… clearly I’m dealing with a level headed thinker here.
            Yes… organic labeling is voluntary. Obviously there are regulations as to what criteria you must meet in order to use the USDA label, but it’s totally up to the company as to whether they choose to use it or not.

          4. Voluntary eh? So Voluntary means you have to spend outrageous amounts to get the USDA certification? No.
            Voluntary means you choose to label and you do, not pay to go through a rigorous testing scheme to get certification; which the toxic cheap food doesn’t have to do because their cronies are in the regulatory agencies rubber stamping their products before hand.

          5. “Voluntary means you choose to label and you do, not pay to go through a rigorous testing scheme to get certification”
            No, voluntary means it is at the discretion of the producer, not a requirement set forth by the government. Labeling food grown organically isn’t required, they choose to do it, having received certification through the NOSB. They could just as easily sell it without the organic label, but it would be a ridiculously stupid business decision.
            The voluntary certified GMO-Free label also requires a manufacturer.producer to pay for that designation, but it isn’t required, therefore voluntary.

          6. “Voluntary” regulations on companies are also why there are so many outbreaks of E.coli and other health risks. When companies are allowed to regulate themselves, they choose not to simply to save money and increase profits. If a few people get sick or die, they don’t care because they are never held accountable. I shouldn’t have to explain to ANYONE why voluntary labeling doesn’t work, it is like telling a murderer to voluntarily turn himself in when nobody knows he has done anything. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT! Just like Hugh Grant, the CEO of Monsanto who has probably poisoned millions upon millions of people and even killed people with his toxic products, he never has to worry because the families aren’t breaking down his mansions doors to kick him in the teeth for killing their relatives! But one day, the dues must be paid Hugh, the dues must be paid.

          7. Now you’re just making stuff up.
            Regulations on e.coli are not voluntary. Safety regulations are not voluntary. All health & safety laws are still applicable. We’re not talking about any health or safety regulations. We’re talking about a label describing how the corn or soy was produced.
            Similar to the examples I gave, it’s a label meant for people who want to avoid something on ideological reasons. So, I ask again…. why wouldn’t it work? Particularly given that it seems to be working just fine already. Voluntarily labelled non-GMO foods seems to be popping up on my grocery shelves all the time.

          8. Stop spewing stuff just to look smart/cool and please go look at the actual situation. We are being poisoned by corporate crooks in cahoots with the system. It is blatantly obvious if you would just look at the evidence right before your eyes, in their own legislation, in their own actions. Not their words (LIES).
            I’m at the point where, if someone doesn’t understand or want to accept that they are being poisoned by this toxic monopoly, they are a lost cause to me and I don’t care to help them.
            For: “He would only help those, who would help themselves”.
            Least I spend my time banging my head against a wall trying to convince hundreds of thousands of fools of something they will never accept and always deny.

          9. Can you explain to me why biotech crops are “cancer food”, but organic crops made using radioactive mutagenesis, also known as atomic gardening, aren’t?

      2. The funny (and criminal) thing with biotech is they strong-arm the regulatory and patent agencies to do their bidding. They forced the patent agencies to accept that their products were unique and different, thus patentable ~ but when they go to the regulatory agencies they make the claim that their products are just like the natural versions and thus safe (which is obviously wrong).
        Corruption at its “finest”.

  11. I am seeing a future that is red with the blood of patriots and tyrants

  12. Further investigation proves that GMOs are a form of forced monopoly, decreased bio-diversity, and population control. They can cause sterility. There are far more sinister things going on, than many realize.
    Don’t eat their processed foods or junk fast foods. Buy organic whenever you can, preferably that’s all you should be buying. Go back to farming instead of that silly green lawn that doesn’t do anything to help you. Hydroponics are good idea too

    1. ” They can cause sterility.”
      So, your theory is that companies that make a living off of feeding people want to put out a product that keeps them from making more people?
      Sounds legit.

        1. “Chicken pot pie hotpocket, now they are just messing with us. I’ll have a hotpocket hotpocket.”
          I thought that corporations are driven by profit at the expense of all else, now you’re saying that their real goal is massive depopulation?

        2. That doesn’t seem like a very good long term business strategy to me. Why does it to you?

          1. So, if it doesn’t seem like a good business strategy to you either, why do you so blindly believe that’s their goal?

          2. I function on deduction, practicality, and logic.
            Provided with the evidence, it is plain to see what they desire. Where the connections are and how all the pieces fit together in this puzzle.
            Which is exactly how I have deciphered what their intentions are.
            You should stop wasting your efforts on attacking me, which won’t net you anything, you should attack the people attacking you.
            The system is corrupt, whether you want to accept that or not is not my issue, I don’t have to convince you, you can believe what you want.
            Blind Patriotism is not an excuse or justification for Toxic Food and I will never accept any excuses from anyone, ever.

          3. Oh… ok.. practicality and logic.
            So, even though you agree that killing everyone doesn’t seem practical nor logical for a business that exists to sell seeds that meet the demand of feeding people, you blindly continue to perpetuate the notion. Heck.. you don’t even have a good explanation as to how they would do it… let alone an explanation as to how the population of the world has continued to rise for the 20 years these foods have been consumed.
            Sound crazy to you? Ya… me too.

          4. Its called reproduction, maybe you’ll learn about it in school soon, or did they stop teaching that too? If you can’t tell, I’m done speaking to you because you lack any content to your posts.

          5. Ahhh… so you agree that these seeds don’t cause sterility and that whatever grand plan these companies have to depopulate the earth (contrary to all logic) isn’t working?
            Sounds like it’s settled.

          6. If it makes you shut up, sure, believe whatever you want.
            This will be my last response and any of your comments directed at me will be deemed as trolling/shilling for a toxic industry that poisons all of life.

          7. “This will be my last response and any of your comments directed at me “
            You said that once already. Yet… here you are. 🙂
            I do get a kick out of all you poor sensitive creatures that have no qualms about spreading lies & misinformation, calling other people name after name, but then get all upset when someone challenges you with a little facts.
            If your accusations can’t stand up to a little fact checking, maybe you shouldn’t be throwing them around??

          8. “You should stop wasting your efforts on attacking me, which won’t net you anything, you should attack the people attacking you.”
            Well, right now, that’s just you.

          9. “Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?”
            ” It isn’t cool, it isn’t funny, you need to take your leave while you still can.”
            Well, I suppose that’s just a matter of opinion.
            ” I will obliterate it and anyone who stands in my way”
            Ok… sure.
            ” I will avenge the earth and all life on the planet for this atrocity the humans have perpetrated.”
            Wow… you’re a Grade A kook, aren’t you!?

        3. If I had a business, then yes, the first thing I would do is to kill off all my customers. That makes sense…

  13. The idea of seed patenting sends chills up my spine. I can’t even believe they got away with that

      1. Stop playing devils advocate and responding for the sake of it and provide content or stop shilling, thank you!
        Why does seed patenting scare him and anyone with a brain? Because it means companies can control the very source of food for people around the world, that is why. Because corrupt companies who poisoned Vietnam soldiers are now in control of the US food system/supply and are POISONING it MALICIOUSLY! Telling farmers they can’t save their seeds and actually engineering the seed so that it cannot be saved! Its blasphemy against life itself.

        1. If farmers want to save seed they still can (most don’t want to because it is easier, cheaper and better to buy new seed from a seed breeder). They just buy seed that is not patented. Easy peasy.
          No company can come along and patent already existing seeds. They can only patent new traits that they create. No loss to any farmer.

          1. They can’t do that, they are bound by contract to monsanto.
            You really need to go RESEARCH topics before you spew made up nonsense, otherwise you lose credibility and become an industry shill.

          2. If farmers buy patented seed from Monsanto then they have an agreement that they cannot save that particular patented seed. If the farmer wants to save seed, then they just don’t buy patented seed in the first place. There are many options for farmers to buy non-patented seeds from many different seed suppliers.
            There are no contracts any farmer signs that says they can’t buy or use non-patented seeds.

          3. And if they do want to save patented seed, they just have to pay the patent holder the royalty fee and they are off to the races.

          4. No other seed will grow in the fallow, toxic soil.
            You really deserve to be strangled, stop protecting toxic monopolies and corruption. You don’t even know what kind of wrath I will crash down upon you if you support this toxic monopoly. It will be an all ending, unbare-able nightmare for all that oppose Nature and The Earth. Don’t even attempt to shill or troll me, because it will only result in a curse and hex on your entire bloodlines.

          5. Sure, its “anti-factual” if you replenish the soil first and let the toxic chemicals dissipate. But it is not a lie that if you attempt to plant a normal seed in toxic soil, that it will not grow. It isn’t engineered to withstand the toxic amounts of chemicals and thus, it dies as the chemical intends it to.
            If you had a brain and weren’t just an industry-supporting, Cancer food loving, “lets give kids autism” defender, you would of figured that out with your own thoughts before responding in a stupid manner. 🙂
            Keep trying though, you entertain me.

          6. Sure, its “anti-factual” if you replenish the soil first and let the toxic chemicals dissipate. But it is not a lie that if you attempt to plant a normal seed in toxic soil, that it will not grow.

            The two most popular GMO traits are Bt and glyphosate resistance. Bt is not toxic to plants or people, so in those fields the soil is at no time toxic for plants to grow. Therefore, I’ll assume you are talking about applying glyphosate as an herbicide to a field, making it toxic to non-resistant plants. That is indeed the case, so I agree that you need to wait for the herbicide to breakdown until you can plant a non-resistant variety. So what is the half-life of glyphosate in the soil? As low as 3 days, or as long as 130 days, with an average around 40 days. It also has no effect on the seeds before they germinate. This means that you likely don’t even need to skip even a single growing season before you can plant your newly acquired non-GMO seeds.

          7. Keep lying for money, doesn’t change the fact that US citizens are paying taxes that create food that makes them unhealthy, or that the system is completely corrupt.
            Keep blathering whatever you want, nobody cares about your industry paid for shilling lies you crony.

          8. You really deserve to be strangled, stop protecting toxic monopolies and corruption. You don’t even know what kind of wrath I will crash down upon you if you support this toxic monopoly. It will be an all ending, unbare-able nightmare for all that oppose Nature and The Earth. Don’t even attempt to shill or troll me, because it will only result in a curse and hex on your entire bloodlines.

            *backs away slowly*
            *gently closes the padded door*
            *drives home and donates to better public mental health agencies*

          9. Wow! No kidding. This guy has some serious mental issues. Aside from really bad grammar and spelling, he is now going to strangle us, hex us, and curse us.

          10. Wow… you obviously need to practice what you preach. Your facts are so messed up it’s hard to even address them.

          11. Oh… so you’re allowed to spew ridiculous allegations all over the place, but I’m not allowed to challenge them? That doesn’t seem very fair to me. Does it to you?

          12. You bore me.
            Do you really want to challenge somebody who is trying to protect, even someone such as you? We don’t deserve to eat toxic food, nobody does.
            It is destroying the natural world, I don’t care about humans I care about the planet and its ability to provide life and the US is destroying that.

          13. “Do you really want to challenge somebody who is trying to protect, even someone such as you? “
            If that someone is perpetuating lies, then yes.

          14. Actually, with your limited knowledge of anything to do with agriculture, it is pretty nigh impossible for you to be able to insult anyone.

        2. It doesn’t mean companies control anything other than that particular patented hybrid or variety. If I don’t want to be subject to those patent regulations, I just plant another seed variety. Easy Peasy.
          Why are you so adamant about limiting the choices that a farmer has?
          And what seeds have been engineered so that they can not be saved?

          1. Ummm.. no. They are not called terminator seeds. Roundup seeds sprout the next year just like any other seeds do.

          2. “Terminator” seeds, or “GURT,” is a technology that allows seeds to form, but those seeds are unable to germinate. This was developed and patented by a company that was later purchased by Monsanto. They still hold the patent, but there have been no seeds produced commercially from any seed company that employs this technology.

          3. So, maybe you could explain all of the corn plants that sprout up on their own in a farmers soybean fields the year after they’ve planted Roundup Ready corn? Are they magic? Were they transported there by Monsanto to hide the fact they are terminator seeds? Please explain what I am seeing year after year, please.

          4. So your answer to anyone that disagrees with you is to kill them? That is getting very close to the legal borderline of terrorism.

          5. Haha… seriously? It is extremely obvious that you are total clueless about what RR seeds are, and about the non-existent “terminator seeds”.

        3. There are thousands of varieties of un-patented seeds available. Do you think that farmers and gardeners are somehow forced to buy only the patented ones?

      1. “They” are the dumb crooks in this corrupt fake “country” who are perpetrating this toxic monopoly on life, who else? Certainly isn’t you shills.

  14. What is sad is we are partly to blame. They tried to pass a initiative to get GMO food labeled in California. It didn’t pass. My idiotic roommates voted against it, justifying their choice by claiming it would make food too expensive (cost of labeling). Hmmm, well it’s the cheap food thats making him and lots of people obese, sick etc. People are so dumb, it’s unfathomable. They can’t see past the grove to the the forest.

    1. The funny thing is that is just a lie by the industry, if your roommate never noticed, the companies change their product labels and box designs ALL the time. FDA changes the nutri-labels ALL the time. It is just a sad lie for the sad little people to believe.
      This is partly why I just want to destroy anyone who supports it, instead of trying to talk sense into them. Words don’t work on braindead drones!

      1. Umm, the label does not cost anything. It is the new supply chain that will have to be created that will cost billions.

        1. Guess what, they already had that supply chain created in the 1930’s and have been destroying it ever since. Everyone use to eat organic because that IS REAL FOOD! If you want toxic food, by all means go eat all of it that you can and die ASAP because nobody wants you here with your trash attitude.
          You support giving millions of people health problems and you support the destruction of the natural world, you are a heretic against life and don’t deserve yours!

          1. Don’t be crazy, no one ate Organic food before 1960s. The organic farming method has only really been around for 50 years of so. And in that fifty years Organic grew from 0% of farmland to a whopping 0.6% today.

          2. Liar.
            You are so naive to think a fake country so young as the US knows it all, aren’t you? As if there was no farming during the medieval era. You shills are PATHETIC. The world you live in, aka society, is false and that is how I see through all of your nonsense. Keep blathering though, since you get paid to.

          3. Look it up, What do you think before GMOs no one used pesticides? Farmers have been using pesticides for 100s of years, sulphur, lime, copper and mercury compounds, creosote, Nicotine sulfate, and dozens of others.

          4. There are natural pesticides and methods, like Diatomaceous earth or Neem oil. There are natural methods of farming that are not chemically intensive or fossil fuel reliant.
            There is no reason to defend toxic food, if you do so, you are a cohort in the scheme who is benefiting from defending it.

          5. What??Just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it is not a chemical or toxic. For example the active ingredient in Neem oil is Azadirachtin, which is banned for Organics in the EU. Diatomaceous earth is very harmful to bees and other non target insects. Both of these “Natural” pesticides are as toxic to humans as Roundup.
            Oh and neem oil can cause sterility in males and spontaneous abortions in pregnant females, it should not be handled by pregnant women or children.

          6. Are you saying that Diatomaceous earth takes no fossil fuels, for example? You do realize that it is mined, right? “..Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is used as a filtration aid, mild abrasive in products including metal polishes and toothpaste, mechanical insecticide, absorbent for liquids, matting agent for coatings, reinforcing filler in plastics and rubber, anti-block in plastic films, porous support for chemical catalysts, cat litter, activator in blood clotting studies, a stabilizing component of dynamite, and a thermal insulator…”

          7. Well of course there was farming in the medieval era, even before that. The ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians used pesticides on their crops.

          8. There you go lying again, just because the term Organic wasn’t used until recently, doesn’t mean that the methods that are used n Organic farming are new to agriculture. Try it again liar!

    2. So your solution to obesity is to make food more expensive so people cannot afford to eat as much?

      1. My solution is to provide food that doesn’t make them unhealthy and thus obese.
        The cost is associated with the industry rigging the system to subsidize the toxic food, which is why it is so cheap.
        Anyone who defends toxic food should be executed, we don’t need you.

  15. Yeah, that is just one of the grains of salt that make up the corrupt salt mine that is the U.S. system.
    Now take that segment, and apply it to every other industry the US has its grubby little hands on and now you are starting to see just HOW corrupt the US is. Basically it is the strong-arming bully on the playground that must have everything to themselves and nobody gets to use anything else, not the slide, not the monkey bars, not the jungle gym, nothin.

    1. Reality of Truth… There is some good in the American government but it is so rare that is is difficult to find and automatically trust.
      For a few years I worked for a very large retail company’s Global Ethics. Talk about oxymoron in just in the department’s title. I worked with the execs and other department manager and it got too sad to stay. Before working for this huge company I worked for others, other industries. Yeah, I know many industries are fowl.

      1. I disagree, there is absolutely no good in the US.
        It is the worst place in the universe, in all of existence, of any dimension and alternate universe possible.
        It is somehow even worse than Bizzaro World.

        1. Reality of Truth… I agree. It’s just so hard for so many of us to be farmers. Concrete and tar get in the way for us city dwellers.

      2. Yeah, I know many industries are fowl.

        Especially the poultry industry. *rimshot*

          1. Yes, that industry is very dirty.
            They have allowed the inspection lines to be increased ten fold, which means more dirty chicken getting through. Not to mention that these chickens are dunked in vats of chlorine bleach, sounds tasty!
            I haven’t had chicken in a long time.

          2. Reality of Truth… You are killing my appetite. :-). Yeah, I know, so maybe we should go back to all organic and do as much of it as we can ourselves. Until the FDA gives an ‘ethics’ about us (FDA is looking more for paying the government’s bills and that means catering to the food and drug companies more than they do us) we are on our own but we need to be informed.

          3. Exactly, your best bet is to go all organic and stay as close to the *authentic* earth as possible. Nature has done it right for this long and there is no reason for humans to think they can do better, let alone replace her.
            Look up organic agroecology! 🙂

          4. No doubt but it’s best to go organic, but gtow your own is way better. The USDA organic system is designed to allow genetic contamination by GMO crops. Eventually, the contamination will allow Moron-santo to claim ownership of all food produced.
            The only seed company i know of who checks the genetics of their seeds is Baker Creek Seeds, and they find increasing levels of contamination in increasingly remote areas and have to reject more “organically grown” seeds as viable seed.
            Go heirloom, get plants not typically GMO or not grown in your area – example – corn pollen can contaminate your corn from a mile away – 2 if you are in a windy area. The same holds for other pollenated crops. Not sure about the GMO zucchini and yellow crooknecks all over the place. Those are bug pollenated i think. Grains are cool, what about that new damb GMO apple the idiots approved? Takes bees to pollinate the apples and stone fruits.
            Grow your own – aquaponics is a good thing – especially in the city. Protein and veggies in a pretty intense, but atttention demanding system. The upside of having to pay attention is that YOU LEARN HOW NATURE WORKS and the process is both fascinating and incredibly rewarding.

          5. bsroon… Yeah, from some of my reading it ca be as airborne as a desease. Monsanto will spread their contaminants without much effort in their part. You have Monsanto “our claim” right on. All this just so they gain control of all farming, and sales.
            Thanks for your info, I’m always interested in more of that.

          6. i sugggest Toby Hemenway’s “Gaia’s Garden”. Permaculture principles which culminates in his move to the urban areas toward the end of the book.
            As for USDA Oranic – you USED to be organic if they measured the food you actually bought. It was checked to verify toxin and other contamination. Thus you bought a PRODUCT. In the USDA process (which is having the organic standards continuously assaulted and raped) you purchase a process. In this process we know that Chinese “organic” food – 4 party verified – was grown according to approved process, but watered from a river which had literally 4,000 dead pigs floating down it, has raw mercury dumped 2 miles upstream, lead a few miles more upstream…..
            Can’t recommend a particular aquaponics book, but there are a ton of youtube videos out there…

          7. “Not to mention that these chickens are dunked in vats of chlorine bleach”
            Nope, not all chickens are processed this way. Air chilled chickens are chilled on racks and sprayed with chlorine rinse (as required by the USDA).

          8. One day I hope you’re sprayed with Chlorine rinse and scolded alive like those chickens that you clearly don’t care about.
            The world doesn’t need filth like you.
            Go inject more poison into children and spoon feed babies toxic herbicides you stupid industry crook! You’ve got money to make by murdering innocent people!

          9. “scolded alive”
            Why would anyone scold a chicken? They don’t understand English.
            “I hope you’re sprayed with chlorine rinse”
            well, I was a swimmer, so I’ve been chlorine rinsed an awful lot of times, still alive.
            “stupid industry crook”
            nope, don’t work for the biotech or pharma industry.

          10. you forget that huge percentages of tested chicken BEFORE the reduction of inspectors and increased line rates had salmonella and other pathogens and was still allowed to be sold. Or that the illegals doing the work are getting crippled in the refrigeration in short time frames and getting kicked out.

          11. Jackson, My education is nicely beyond high school and I have never been even an adequate speller. Joke away, I can take it, I hated it when people told me “just sound it out”. LOL

  16. GMO crops are engineered to withstand lethal doses of toxic chemicals, the residues of which remain in what they are applied to. This means that these crops, which are fed to animals that are fed to humans, are poisoning people. Glyphosate is an ingredient in the herbicide used on these crops and it has recently been classified by the WHO as “possibly carcinogenic”, which we clearly know it is carcinogenic because it strips whatever it comes in contact with of its vitamins, nutrients and minerals.
    If you support destroying the natural world and ruining peoples lives with health problems just to make Hugh Grant a few more value-less pieces of paper currency, you deserve to be hung on the gallows.

  17. There are a huge number of Big-GMO “spokesmen” whose sole job is to shut down the conversation. Ignore their LIES?

  18. Legally, this is not true. The federal govt has ZERO jurisdiction over anything NOT in it’s clearly stated, 30 legitimate powers – labeled the Ennumerated powers. Any right, freedom, jurisdiction, or responsibility NOT included in those 30 authorized areas is a right/freedom that is retained by the states and the people.
    Since the ennumerated powers don’t include labeling food (defining marriage, vaccinations, education and most of what the psychos in DC do to us) they have no legitimate jurisdiction to make a lawful piece of legislation regarding this issue. The law is – if one wants to follow the highest law of the land – to be not obeyed, to be removed as soon as possible, etc. You essentially are NOT supposed to obey illegitimate legislation.
    Therefore the states, as clearly stated in the constitution, trump federal law in this regard – in fact in ANY issue in which the state/individual does not try to usurp the fed govt’s 30 ennumerated powers.

  19. Alar was used on apples. It was non-cancer causing and residue was removed during processing. The man who wanted Alar banned or labeled (virtually the same thing) was short-selling the stock of Alar’s manufacturer. He may still be in jail.
    Cows naturally produce BGH in milk. Injected BGH makes more milk with no more BGH in the milk. BGH is not absorbed, has no effect even when injected has been consumed for millennia. Small, usually organic producers demanded that BGH be banned or labeled. The FDA and USDA said “prove the harm”. They tried to label their product as “no BGH” even though it had natural BGH. They tried “no added BGH”. The FDA and USDA said “prove the difference and the benefit”. It was all about profiting by disparaging the competition.
    In Colorado, organic producers wanted food labeled as GMO if even one component had been processed in a factory or even shipped in a truck that might have handled even a single load of one GMO crop. They believed that non-organic producers would eliminate GMO rather than construct a duplicate production system. We voters said that we would not vote for contrived fear that is not science-based.
    Those MAKING the claim of harm and DEMANDING that others take action must be the ones to provide proof.
    Why would an innocent man complain about being arrested and required to prove his innocence? What does he have to hide?

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