Media Misrepresenting the Facts in the First “Measles Death” Since 2003

As far as we can tell, there was no “death from measles,” just a seemingly desperate attempt to twist the facts to support a pro-measles vaccine narrative.
Last week, news reports started discussing the death of a woman in Washington. For the first time since 2003, the stories went, someone in the United States had died of measles. The woman was probably exposed to measles at a medical facility during an outbreak this spring.
Many of the articles used this tragic incident to bemoan the falling vaccination rates and shame those who choose not to vaccinate. But the lesser-reported facts of the case throw such a conclusion into serious doubt. The woman was on immune-suppressing drugs—and, according to Washington State health officials, she had already been vaccinated for measles! How can anyone use this as a reason to chide people for not being vaccinated? Had the woman not been on the immune suppressing meds, she would have likely had enough immunity to protect against the disease!
Because of her immune suppression, once the disease developed, she did not experience the characteristic measles rash. Instead, she developed pneumonia. The actual cause of the woman’s illness was only revealed after she had been hospitalized at a second medical facility, died, and underwent an autopsy: the cause of death was pneumonia secondary to measles, not the measles encephalitis that kills patients in many developing countries.
So a patient who is fully vaccinated against measles is given drugs that suppress her immune system, is exposed to measles in a medical facility, contracts the measles virus because of her immune suppression but no one realizes it because she never develops a rash, and dies of a complication that is extremely rare in developed countries. And now her death is being used as a cudgel to get more people to become vaccinated? How does that make any sense?
Perhaps they should consider developing a vaccine that will supposedly prevent the 128,000 deaths (or the 1.9 million hospitalizations) each year from FDA-approved drugs!


  1. The media misrepresents facts on most issues — no matter what the topic. It’s shameful that this is allowed and seems almost expected.

  2. I think the idea is that if everyone in the vicinity had been vaccinated, the woman would not have contracted measles, immunosuppressed or not. That is why this case is used as an argument for vaccination–it’s about herd immunity. Now, we can and should debate vaccination as public policy, but we should be able to understand the other side’s argument. In this case, it is pretty straightforward, even if not explained properly in the media reports.

    1. Measles and much more can hide in the body after the vaccine and then come out when the immune system is low. She may not have gotten it from other people, but was already inside her from the vaccine.

      1. This is completely untrue and you should be ashamed of yourself for promulgating such dangerous lies.

        1. Read Naturalnews or Mercola articles and more. There are books about vaccines also. Best wishes.

        2. What’s the lie? It’s public knowledge that she had been vaccinated for measles. The Rx she received altered her immunity and allowed the virus to reappear. Just because you don’t like facts doesn’t make them untrue.

          1. You are confused or don’t understand how vaccines work. The measles vaccine does not contain virus that produces the disease. While the vaccine is live, it is attenuated and doesn’t cause measles. It’s a bit like a snake with its fangs removed— still good for teaching what a venomous snake looks like, but not dangerous. She didn’t get measles from being vaccinated— she got it from exposure to the active virus shed from someone with the disease. It is simply and completely untrue that measles “can hide in the body after the vaccine”. The “measles” virus in your body after the vaccine is the snake without its fangs and can’t cause disease, even if one becomes immunocompromised sometime later in life.
            Facts are facts and truth is truth, no matter who likes them or not. I am presenting facts. You and Wendy are presenting opinions that have no basis in reality and cause harm to many by confusing people who see your opinions expressed as facts and therefore think there is controversy where there is none. There is no controversy whatsoever on this point, merely truth versus lies, facts versus fantasy. So shame on you too. Children worldwide are dying at the rate of 400 per day from measles alone (16 per hour!), a disease that is completely preventable—- only in countries like the USA where people have forgotten the danger (because until recently there were no measles deaths in the US for many years—-BECAUSE OF VACCINATION) is there any controversy regarding vaccination. Every one of those 400 mothers would crawl on her hands and knees to vaccinate their children if they had the chance. Only in the US are people so selfish and short-sighted that they would allow children (and others like this woman) to die when they could have easily prevented it. There is no cure, only prevention.

          2. So even though the package insert states that ” Excretion of small amounts of the live, attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in
            the majority of susceptible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination”, we should disregard this or even consider it false? If you are so worried about those 400/day dying children, go help them. Clean up their water. Give them nutritious food. But please don’t advocate the poisoning of children here. Your rant is baseless. Go educate yourself before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

          3. You don’t even know that Rubella (sometimes called “German measles”) is not the same disease as Measles. Rubella is relatively benign except for unborn children in women infected while pregnant (this is why many states require a rubella test in order to get a marriage license and they presume begin families). Measles is a completely different virus Rubeola, that is as different from Rubella as rabies. You have proven yourself to be utterly ignorant yet you troll these sites arguing with my two doctorates M.D. and Ph.D. and tell ME to educate myself. You are much worse than a fool because you are purposely misleading people just to hear yourself rant— again, shame on you !

          4. Theoretically….as advertised or desired that how it is. In real life under real conditions in the hands of humans the virus doesn’t always just die. We aren’t that precise in our determination of dead or alive when it comes to microbes or to viruses and we really don’t know that much about life and toxins. The addition of aluminum and other toxic, immune suppressing and dysregulating substances to promote dangerous and meaningless histamine responses just makes people more vulnerable to what they have been injected/infected with and to promote mutations in genetic expression that makes it very difficult to detoxify the harmful toxins injected. This process does not work as advertised or theorized. Study up on biocumulation, cellular immunity, synergism, epigenetic and many other more recent discoveries and scientific descriptions. Maybe a simple reading of the vaccine inserts would be illuminating so you might quit promoting something that kills and disables many based on an old, well intentioned (by some) theory?

          5. And your expertise comes from???
            I am well aware of all of these arguments, and as I’ve stated there is controversy regarding HOW we ought to vaccinate for measles, especially regarding the formulation of the vaccine with respect to preservatives, etc. but there is no credible controversy regarding WHETHER we should vaccinate against measles.
            Don’t misunderstand. I don’t advocate all vaccines, or vaccinating all people for all diseases just because a vaccine exists. I am very concerned about the efficacy and safety of the current practice of immunizing infants for 6 or more different viruses at a single visit to the pediatrician, repeated at 2 month intervals. (I just don’t think it’s prudent or frankly, effective.) I am also concerned about the issues of metals and thimerosal preservatives, and you’re right that there are some epigenetic effects which are not well defined or understood at this point. Nonetheless, I have personal experience with measles, both as a child and as a physician, and I had my children vaccinated without hesitation.
            ANY medical intervention has to pass the Cost-Benefit test. There is no question that the risks of vaccination in the case of measles are far outweighed by the minimal risks posed by the vaccine, even in this country where the disease is relatively rare. The same cannot be said for some other vaccines (e.g. I did not vaccinate either myself or my daughter for HPV. I agree that Americans should not be vaccinated for TB (tuberculosis) because the odds of a bad reaction to the vaccine are much higher than the odds of contracting TB here.)
            While you are correct that things don’t always work as advertised, literally millions of doses of the measles vaccine are given every year and the effects are tracked; it is effective and it is safe.
            In other words, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Some vaccines are problematic, yes, but others really do save lives and with minimal risk that is much less than the risk posed by the disease.

          6. My expertise comes from being vaccine injured and noticing how the vaccine industry responds to vaccine injuries, which is pretty much like a classic sociopath. You may think that they track injuries and do their best to prevent them, etc. My worst vaccine injury occurred over 60 years ago and almost killed me in a few different ways. Paralytic polio at the injection site, vaccine encephalopathy and then dysentary. Of course, there was no compensation; just obfuscation and denial and it wiped out my parents’ savings from serving in WWII. There was no follow up and it was supposedly an experimental vaccine – DPT. There were many other children and babies who suffered and died. Some still probably don’t even know how they got the “polio encephalitis.” Researchers in the UK noted occurrences of paralytic polio at DPT injection sites in the late 1940s and early 1950s and that was buried. I just saw copies of the documents last year. In 1949 alone there were 22,000 cases of paralytic polio with 2200+ deaths. That was my year. I was lucky to get physical therapy and massage, but it left me with a weak hip and eye and brain damage and a diagnosis of autism. It was a horrible, traumatic experience especially as a foundation for life. The medical people ignored my 20 hour a day screaming and fever after the first shot. The second shot brought on seizures and I was put in a quarantine ward with others. Sixty six years later the vaccine industry still denies a connection between its products and the classic damage that they do.
            And, of course, I had measles of all varieties. No contest. Measles is pretty simple with adequate nutrition. Recovering from vaccine damage is difficult and especially in an atmosphere where the old rules for toxics prevail and people have so many misconceptions about them and about how their bodies work. A little poison builds up into a lot of poison in tissues especially when vaccines and other toxins have flipped those genes to dysfunction in processing nutrients and expelling and converting toxins…messing up the immune system.
            Attempting to provoke hyper histamine responses as though that means anything is ridiculous and dangerous, yet vaccine “science” is stuck with some old and dangerous observations and theories that just didn’t measure up. Any cost benefit risk assessment is basically about as valid as the safety and double blind tests that the industry manufactures to support its position and profits….like using another toxic base to compare its developing product to as if one was an actual neutral substance. There are so many ways to falsify data! You can remove test subjects if they start to suffer side effects….
            Very little attention, if any, has been paid to the effects of other toxins like pesticides, in the disease phenomenon even when there are matching symptoms and disorders caused by those toxins. Toxins like Roundup and some medications, etc. damage our micro biomes and create an internal environment that encourages the prevalence of disease/hostile microbes and viruses. It just is much more complex than what I would guess (from the outcomes I see and hear about) that people are taught in medical schools, largely funded by Big Pharm.
            I know some of what I know through research and through finding my way out of some very debilitating experiences caused by toxins and mainstream medical care which might have seemed modern when I was a child. It is so stuck in its toxic big pharm ways I don’t know if it will survive the damage it continues to do to an increasing number of people…even though it doesn’t have pay for the damage it does and mess with law suits for vaccine damage. And it is demanding that it has free reign to poison everyone with whatever it can create for whatever purpose. It is bound to fail miserably. It is just unfortunate that many people will die and suffer greatly before it is over.

          7. I’m glad that you don’t advocate for all vaccines and that you are concerned about the volume of vaccines, such as vaccinating against 6 diseases at one office visit. I appreciate that you are not totally party-line for every vaccine for everyone.

          8. If it is so harmless and does not spread why then was my immune comproised friend asked to remain away from newly vaccinated people?As the doctor doesn’t want her to get the virus’s from them?

          9. Actually viruses are in a nether land between a live or dead. Strange little things.

          10. Actually viruses exist in a Netherland between alive and dead. Strange little things.

          11. Yes and that makes it all even more bizarre in any claim that “we” can determine whether they are alive or dead.

          12. In the future vaccines along with chemo and radiation will be considered primitive barbaric practices kept alive by ignorance and superstition. But sadly today we are creating a weak and sickly population. I belive our obesity epidemic is in part the body’s response of creating fat to store the deadly toxins in our environment.

          13. Well I.had both of them and no issues except my health seems superior to people even generations younger. I attribute my vitality to intelligent hygienic lifestyle and food. I will give up all medical care if it become a requirement to vaccinate. I look around at humans of this day and they look like a new species. Even the children lack the glow of health.

          14. You were that presumably your parents practiced an intelligent hygienic lifestyle (because you were too young to be making those choices at the time) and you were stronger. BUT, we don’t usually rely upon natural selection as a public health strategy these days. Maybe we should, but that’s a whole different discussion……

          15. And again, the virus is live but attenuated. By definition, “attenuated” means it does not cause the disease. Like the snake without fangs, it is recognizable to the immune system but not dangerous. So the virus found in the weeks after vaccination does not cause measles (or even Rubella).
            *** No one is more foolish than one (like you?)who refuses to learn. You should troll where you’ll do less harm.***

          16. I posted a comment which is being held up in moderation showing that sometimes the measles vaccine can cause measles infection.

          17. “–only in countries like the USA where people have forgotten the danger (because until recently there were no measles deaths in the US for many years—-BECAUSE OF VACCINATION) is there any controversy regarding vaccination.”
            Um-m-m-m-m, you do realize that there is an anti-vax movement in Europe, right?
            Oh, and according to the WHO: “Measles is still common in
            many developing countries – particularly in parts of Africa and Asia.
            The overwhelming majority (more than 95%) of measles deaths occur in countries with low per capita incomes and weak health infrastructures.”
            Also, per the WHO “The highly contagious virus is spread by coughing and sneezing, close personal contact or direct contact with infected nasal or throat secretions.
            The virus remains active and contagious in the air or on infected surfaces for up to 2 hours. It can be transmitted by an infected person from 4 days prior to the onset of the rash to 4 days after the rash erupts.”
            Nowhere does it indicate in ANY of the news stories that she came in contact with someone who actively has measles. So if no one actively has the measles, where did she get it?

          18. First of all, I said “only in places like the USA”—there are no countries more like the USA than those in Europe! For all intents and purposes, they are the same. Again, they’ve forgotten what it’s like to see kids die from this disease.
            Second of all, the virus can last on surfaces and in the air for much longer than 2 hours. The WHO is just being conservative so they aren’t accused of fear-mongering.
            Third, it says she was presumed to have been exposed to the virus, meaning an active case, at the medical center where she was being treated. She got it because there were sick kids all over the West coast resulting from the index case at Disneyland.

          19. “Sick kids all over the west coast”? 174 cases nationwide, and the average age was 22.

          20. Dorothy, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this article: thevaccinereaction{dot}org/2015/08/measles-the-new-red-scare
            You’ll need to replace the {dot} with a period when you copy/paste into your browser.

          21. Honestly, no, I really DON’T give a crap about those poor “400 children a day” who are dying worldwide. I’m just sorry it’s not 4000, or 4,000,000.
            We humans are a cancer on Mother Earth, anyway….
            (….and yes, your “facts” are mostly FANTASY.

          22. With only 11 comments total (all posted here) to your profile so far on this subject, we have to wonder when you become such an expert on measles?

    2. Not everyone can or even should be vaccinated. There are contraindications for some people. So many love to hold up the VICP as the recourse for injured families when it in reality is a sham. How old are you? Do you plan on being generous to these vaccine injured people when their parents are no longer able to care for them?
      The bigger picture that many miss is that the entire population is getting sicker to accommodate immune compromised individuals. This places everyone at risk. Tell me why I and mine ought to sacrifice our health for this woman? I am not that altruistic. Just as I would not sacrifice my children’s education so that the ps could extort more monies from the state.

    3. Yes, I think that is the argument. At the same time, the measles virus is assumed to be causal, although we are constantly told, “Don’t confuse correlation with causation!” If someone in her condition has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, we are told that it was not caused by the vaccine but by her health conditions. If vaccine strain measles virus is found in the intestines of children with autism, we are told that signifies nothing and is not related to the autism nor to inflammatory bowel disease.

  3. Typical lib/dem/prog/AMA propaganda for profit for vaccine makers “licensed” by FDA on gov demand. Vaccines are dangerous. Measles, mumps and chicken pox are safer than the vaccines. The MMR almost killed my 9mo old. Direct result. CDC was ordered by that liar sebelius to attribute all respiratory deaths to the bird flu when less than 200 deaths could even remotely be attributed to that cause, presumably because the gover had promised profits for the ineffective vaccine they ordered and paid for to the manufacturer

    1. I hope and pray that your baby has no continuing effects from the government mandated poisoning program. However, this issue should not be relegated to the usual socio-political pigeonholes. It’s not just liberals, progressives and democraps. Conservatives and rethugnicans are just as guilty. In fact, very few of the people I know who consider themselves
      “progressives” support vaccinations or mainstream medicine. Most rely on
      alternative natural healing and healthy lifestyle.

    2. I’m progressive, and a registered independent who typically votes D. And yet, I’m fully on the anti-vax side, because of a) my religion and b) I believe in true informed consent (which also comes with the right to refuse) and also c) I do NOT believe vaccines have ever been proven safe, nor that they have ever truly been responsible for “elimination” of any disease. If you look back at old government records, it’s all sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, and a lot of twisting of statistics and diagnostic criteria. Anyway, point is, don’t demonize me for my political leanings, @handsoff1944:disqus . You can’t knife your allies and hope to win this big a fight.

      1. I “knifed” no one. Your views are not the typical lib/dem/prog/soc idealogue. I am surprised with your stated views, that you could buy into anything like the lib/dem/prog/soc confused ideology, nor can I believe that your “political leanings” are anything like the lockstep, everything gov does is correct and necessary and the bigger the better and crush all who disagree lib/dem/prog/soc confused ideology.

        1. I am also a progressive and usually vote democrat. I am not religious, more metaphysical. I know many progressives who do not believe that vaccination is healthy or should be mandated. I do understand that some liberals’ belief in vaccines is a misguided utopian belief that has been badly contaminated…like other industry “sciency” promotions…by sociopathic, greedy toxic industries. They are usually adamant about supporting the science they were raised to believe, which is quite different than what is available now. And many people on both sides and in the middle just do not seem to be aware of the fact that they can more gently and effectively promote health with nutrition and clean air, water, soil and nutritious foods. The old toxic paradigm that separates humans from the rest of the world (nature) is at the root of the danger that has our entire ecosystem at risk.

          1. If there are progs who believe as you indicate, they and you are the exceptions that prove the existence of the rule.

          2. Voting for either side is just as bad as being either side.
            You’re still helping the same corrupt system and the same crooks that are poisoning you (+everyone else) and ruining all life on earth.
            The system is corrupt and if you support it, that means you support ruining life on this planet and thus you are a threat to life and must be eradicated in self defense of it.

        2. ….dude, that whole “lib/dem/prog/soc” fantasy bogeyman that you’re so scared of, is *ALSO* a fabrication – that’s right, *FABRICATION* – of the “GREGB.s”…. That’s Global Ruling Elites, &Global Banksters. They’ve gotten you to believe that Repubthugs & Demoncrappers were created by the Constitution. One of their main tactics is called “divide & conquer”. They fabricate 2 supposedly “opposing” sides, then narrow and define the terms of any debate. Your political beliefs might be more amusing, if you weren’t unwittingly playing right into their hands. You’re a DUPE. You’re a PATSY. You’re a SHILL. And that “anti-government” sentiment you have, is also part of their plan. How many million$$ in YOUR stocks&bonds portfolio?

          1. Stop attributing your illogic and irrationality to others. Nothing you wrote bears any relationship to what I believe or post.
            What does the stock market or my portfolio have to do with your psychotic fantasy. I am NOT anti -government and you clearly ASSume opinions not in evidence. I am a student of and advocate of the Founders’ Christian world view that resulted in the Constitution and the most free country the world has ever seen-so long as the government is limited as was the intention of the framers and not tyrannical which it has become, as represented and caused by socialist/dem/lib/progs as WW and FDR and now BO. The names have been interchangable since the 1920’s.
            I only despair when I see what has become of the citizenry’s ability to think and understand the principles upon which this country was founded.
            Your ad hominems, other logical fallacies and complete irrationality do not sway me.
            PS I am lower middle class, retired. I am living below the poverty level.

          2. “PS I am lower middle class, retired. I am living below the poverty level.”
            God loves his poor sheeple…..

          3. I live below the poverty level, yes. I am not poor, just smart and careful. I live very well-don’t waste my money and maximize my assets. You were the 1 that implied that I must have $$ in stock to not believe your conspiracy fantasy and believe that lib/dem/progs/socialists have undermined the foundations of the Constitution
            I do believe Christ is my Savior …… I trust God, just don’t trust “Cesar” in the form of the Fed Gov’t.

          4. Sir or Madam, if you are truly a constitutionalist and a follower of Jesus, please stop playing into the hands of the global elitists by parroting their tired old divisive rhetoric about lib/dem/etc. vs. conserv/repub/etc. I believe that most of us here are not so one-dimensional as to fit neatly into those boxes. You, of course, are welcome to cram yourself into whichever little pigeonhole you wish. Just leave me out of them…

          5. Yeah, what “MendoGal” just said….
            (….i jus’ hope she don’ have dat Mendocino Beano growing out along her head….

          6. Umm, me too. Although I live in Mendocino County, I have no idea what Zappa was talking about and I doubt that anyone else in these parts does either. Sounds like a special grind of coffee. Wouldn’t want it coming out the side of my head….

          7. Isn’t Mendocino County up North in CA?…..I can’t recall the exact meaning of the “Mendocino beano”, but the “Camarillo Brillo” was a reference to the State mental hospital in Camarillo, and Brillo Pads. Remember *those*….????…/….Yeah, I know, it should be pronounced “Cama-ree-O Bree-O”, but, wtf……?…..
            thnx 4 poppin’ in & sayin’ hello…..
            (It does take a certain twisted sense of humor to really enjoy the sublime
            Zappa album “Overnight Sensation”… should really look at the original cover art…. etc.,…………………

          8. I forget. Is that > lol,lol,lol ROTFLMFAO < ?….
            Have a good weekend…. 😉

          9. Whatever. The lib/dem/prog/soc is a very large, almost all encompassing way of identifying those who have a confused, usually anti-christian “ideology”, and lack critical thinking skills for the most part. I consider the statists and big government supporters and the social transformation crowd to fit into the general category. The lib/dem/progs are the ones that label anyone they think disagree with them as right wing nutcases, rethugs, homophobes, religious nutcases. flying monkey believers. I don’t fit any of those, but have been called all of them if I dare to question any of the cherished but misunderstood or inarticulated positions of the big government “for the good of all” crowd.
            I question your one dimensional label of global elitists and their being the reason for the “division”. I studied the founding of this country and could not escape the clear and massive evidence of the Christian principles and worldview being the foundation of the Dec of Ind and the Constitution and the evidence that almost all the citizens and founders were Christian.

          10. Constitutionally, we are not to trust it. WE control it by Constitution and limit its power. W as a people, let the gov become our master instead of our servant, via misplaced trust and the socialism of WW and FDR that because of the distraction of war, allowed the bureaucracies to expand beyond control. That is the danger, that unelected bureaucrats are making laws and have become tyrants-proscecutor, judge, jury and jailers. It is out of control.

          11. Seriously, I really don’t believe that you DO know how bad it’s gotten, especially because it was never really as good as you seem to think it was…..
            You DO know about the Fed, right? Fiat currency?…..
            The $250TRILLION Federal Debt, that is mathematically UN-REPAYABLE…????….
            Yes, that’s correct. The U.S. “debt” can NOT EVER be paid back….
            Think about it. The only way to “pay it back”, is to BORROW MORE,
            at MORE INTEREST…. The recent Greek bru-ha-ha was over an *interest*payment*….NOT a principal repayment….
            The ENTIRE Global economy is a *PONZI**SCEME*…..
            ****WAKE**UP****, and GET EDUCATED…..

          12. I do know that Dem admins have undermined the Constitution and that the Fed is not under the control of anyone and that the debt is unpayable and that our money is not based on anything.
            Still, that is not “global elitists” causing or fabricating right/left division. The Constitution and our government could not be perfect, because humans are fallible. The Founders knew that. The phrase is “…a more perfect union”. It worked better before WW and FDR expanded bureaucracies and undermined the checks and balances, specif FDR’s blackmail of SCOTUS. You need to stop making ASSumptions and learn all the facts and history. I am awake and highly educated in what matters. You need to get practical and stop accusing.

          13. If you really don’t think the minority of criminals who are running the show aren’t intentionally dividing people for their own gain, you need to go back to reading your history lessons.

          14. The differences between lib/dem/progs/socialists and conservatives, Christians are real. I am not sure that the global bankers are the cause of the differences. I am sure that Soros fans the flames and tries to single handedly, one nation at a time to destabilize the economy. I am not sure there is an active, controlling conspiracy of global bankers. Atheism, communism, socialism does a job on basic liberties and economy. Keynes did not help. I see the illogical, irrational, anti-individual, anti-christian, muslim “philosophies” (individually and collectively) as clear and present dangers to the representative republic founded on enduring Christian principles (read Adams, Madison, Joseph Story, Washington) that is our US. You need to examine history objectively and read what others say not what you want to believe. Your perspective is a little off, when it comes to what I actually said.

          15. The facade of your post is the very last sentence, wherein you declare that my perspective “is off”. Hello? Its MY perspective, it doesn’t adhere to YOURS or ANYONE ELSE’S but NATURE and the EARTH that provide the life I am using to fight for it (and so should everyone else, or you’re welcome to leave the planet by all means). 🙂
            All of those divisions you mention, I have no interest in anymore.
            I want the environment to be worshiped, not maliciously poisoned (that includes life in it).

          16. Your perspective of what you think I think and should think is way off. Your meaning is lost in your inability to write a grammatical sentence with meaningful syntax.
            Worship environment? You mean worship the inner city-that is an environment. Or maybe you mean the polluted air of China-that is an environment. Get a grip and learn to think and communicate what ever strange philosophy you develop, because so far-you have not a developed or communicable “philosophy” good bad or indifferent.

          17. Apparently you think that cities are the only thing that exist. Clearly you are braindead. I don’t have to do anything you say and I can speak however I wish (and if you can’t comprehend what I say, that is your problem and not mine). I don’t live in a city and I don’t live in china. There is no reason to attempt to communicate with someone who won’t be reasonable, such as yourself; So this will be my last post to you because you are a waste of time and words.

          18. I don’t have to believe or take your advice. You attacked me for what I said and you clearly cannot read. You attacked me over my original stmt about the clear diff between conservative and lib/dem/prog saying I did not understand, that I was stupid because you knew that global banksters had created the divisions ad nauseam. You are illogical irrational vocabulary deficient ungrammatical and syntax confused with nothing but conspiracy theories that you cannot explain.

          19. And you became passive aggressive when all I was doing was trying to point out that not everyone fits into a political party and that it is better when you DON’T! You’re still stuck in that divisive rhetoric, even if we are saying the same thing you clearly are still spewing societies white lies and that is why we don’t get a long.
            Keep attacking my posts but you should remember, the contents of my posts mean nothing compared to the poison you allow to be injected into your veins and into your family members. The poison you subsidize with your tax-contributions goes to ruining the health of hundreds of millions of people, but, oh!~ I am the bad guy, right? Wrong!
            I’m sure you’re the same kind of bigot that would insult English people for spelling their words differently, wouldn’t you? (Just so you know, I use a hybrid english language and that is why I don’t speak the way you want me to and I never will so why don’t you just get over it, it isn’t an issue and I can speak however I want! The less you understand the better!)
            I also speak in code and use a lot of sarcasm and metaphors, something that doesn’t come across online very well.
            Either way, this discussion is over. I am not the problem, you are not the problem (unless you work for the industry). The crooks ruining the world and poisoning all of life are! (And if you defend them, welp I guess you are one at that point!)

          20. You can twist and ignore all you want, but you claimed I was stupid and ignorant because you knew that the divisions were not real but fabricated by “global interests”. The political divisions are real, only 1 can be correct and it that which most closely corresponds to the view of inalienable rights and the sanctity of the Constitution as expressed by the Founders and Framers in all their writings, including the views of the Constitution as documented by John Marshall and Story. You have never said anything close to what I said. Your rhetoric about global banksters and unreal political divisions and the worship of the environment is unclear. The only one who is insisting on meaningless rhetoric is you. Why don’t you do what you said and no longer post to me?

          21. This isn’t a playground, you are going to have to try better than just turning what you are, on me. Understand that, you are the one who became over-zealous over my one-sentence comment that every-one already agrees with. It is known that the minority are controlling the world for their own gain and if you can’t accept that, that isn’t my problem so you should take it out on yourself instead of me. 🙂

          22. I doubt “everybody” agrees with you about anything. Your comment was far more than 1 sentence, and none of it made sense, nor was it relevant to or on point to what I wrote. BTW, if you cannot take disagreement, stop attacking other people’s comments. I should open a tinfoil hat business-with people like you thinking you know better than anyone, I should make a fortune.

          23. You clearly are in some need of an intellectual renovation.
            The post I referenced is indeed only one sentence, but considering that you are only here to flame my posts, you couldn’t be bothered to actually understand what I was talking about. 🙂

          24. I made a post that you tried to flame as you have done everytime you posted ad hominems. You are only here to attack me and try to make yourself look like something other than the uneducated, ignorant that you reveal yourself to be. Stop looking in the mirror and projecting.
            I do not care what you think you were talking about. You cannot communicate clearly much less understand what anyone else has to say and respond appropriately or with any critical thinking skill.

          25. You don’t get to tell me what to do, because you cannot understand even what you say. The problem with toxic chemicals is not the “minority are controlling the world for their own gain” and it is not “known”. Not “every body” knows or agrees with that limited, tin foil hat theory.

          26. You clearly cannot read or understand. I do not accept any of the lib/dem/soc/prog/atheist/bigpharma/greed excuses and justifications for vaccines or drugs and have stated so from the beginning. Nothing in my posts suggests otherwise.

          27. Truth is always in greater supply than demand. You should try to at least read and not ASSume that which is clearly NOT in evidence in any of my posts.

          28. Oh good! I was tired of your irrationality, but felt it necessary to answer your foolishness and ignorance, lest you become wise in your own eyes.
            PS You cannot read or understand which is evident in your incomprehensible attacks and inability to write grammatical clear sentences.

          29. No more pro-poisoning child talking points anymore? Have to go after grammar on the internet (which makes it very clear that you do not use the internet for more than trolling people)?
            Sad, truly sad. Keep blathering, the fools on T.V. spew lies and get paid to do it, you are no different! Just another talking (lying) head.

          30. You are way off base. You ignore points and truth and employ the ad hominem logical fallacies and straw dog and false premises to try to cover for your ignorance and inability to answer rationally.
            You came after me, you ignorant ranter. If there is a troll it is you. Reality of Truth makes no sense at all.

          31. Mmmhmm, uhh huh, keep talking.
            You refuse to accept the Reality, but it will crush you regardless. 🙂
            Keep squirmin’. I enjoy your shrills underneath my boot.

          32. Self deception makes you blind. Your reality is not real. It will not crush me. Those shrills are yours

          33. The funniest thing is you attacking my name because your incompetent. My name isn’t based on some kind of little world I live in, it is based on the planet you live on. You can’t avoid my reality, it is the world that provides your very existence and it is also the one that will TAKE IT AWAY IF NEED BE!~
            Keep replying though, I laugh at you industry goons with your weak attempts to attack me. It is pathetic.

          34. Your “reality” is your perception.
            Learn the difference between a possessive and a contraction. “your incompetence” is meaningless- You are is spelled you’re. You also used the wrong word-you have no idea what competence is and why you can’t know what my competence is or is not.

          35. It can be spelled either way. Keep attacking my posts though, real classy~! These are the same goons who think that injecting children with toxic chemicals that bypass their natural immunity is a GOOD thing! No wonder they are so toxic!

          36. The current admin spokespeople believe that toxic vacccines are the only way to go. I have never supported the FDA or the liberal/socialist view that any thing and everything the government supports and endorses is right and good. I have consistently opposed obamacare, the FDA the Dept of HHS (remember it was Sebelius, bo’s cab head who said the bird flu was pandemic and a real danger and flu shots in general were approved by the FDA (not true, the gov placed orders with big pharma to make a vaccine with no testing and no proof of efficacy so the pharmas could make a big profit and pay some to the gov) and later ordered the CDC to attribute all respiratory deaths to H1N1 virus, 10K+ when only 200 were even remotely linked to any flu.
            Big government, statism, bureaucracy, violation of the right of the people to govern themselves, decide for themselves, is the big problem. If a self described prog only sees the problem as vaccines, there will be no hope for correction, because the real problem is the prog/lib/dem ideological support for big government. The problem of toxic legal drugs, toxic vaccines are just a symptom of the big problem, lib/dem/prog/soc government instead of the limited, republic form intended by the Founders/Framers.
            NO, your (possessive) and you are contracted as you’re are different in meaning and cannot be spelled the same.

          37. I am not on TV radio or any place else. You attacked my original comment as though you are superior in your knowledge and thinking and called me names. You are sad, truly ignorant, pathetic. You are trolling me.

          38. God loves all, but He does judge the heart. Living below the established (false) povertylevel does not make one a sheep. Those who believe not God and do accept as masters the current and past socialist/lib/prog agenda/in the form of government, may be sheep, but not innocent (Lambs/sheep are metaphors for people who need shephards to protect them) Sheeple are those who allow themselves to be mastered/owned/used by tyrants.

        3. That is wrong. Natural health and anti-vax sentiment is close to uniform across the political spectrum, and actually has slightly greater representation among liberals.

          1. Can’t believe it. Big business/FDA/HHS are in collusion on drugs, vaccines ins, medicine. It is a big business big government issue.

          2. Vaccines and medicine are big government liberal values. Natural health and anti vax sentiment are contradictory to lib values of big government, or are you not aware the lengths lib/dem/progs have gone to crush natural health values alternative health, vitamins and supplements and kill them or make them too expensive? If government controls our food and our medicines they control us and it is easier to tyrannize us.
            If you hold “progressive/liberal/socialist” views, you are contradicting yourself and your views, by your natural health and anti-vax sentiment- are you aware of this and that “sentiment” has no real value in opposing the imposition of big government tyranny.

        4. You’re doing a disservice to the cause by painting “liberals/progressives/democrats/etc” with one broad brush. And you’re doing yourself a disservice thinking you know what’s important to them. If we “anti-vaxxers” (I hate that term because we aren’t wholly anti-vaccination) are going to be effective in this fight, we need to rise above labels. This (and every) issue is much more nuanced than that, which is why the movement includes people of all political and ideological stripes.
          Get out of the “us/them” mindset, and focus on the issues, not meaningless labels. It’ll benefit not only you and your allies, but also the cause and society as a whole.

          1. You don’t have the logic or the credentials to chastise me for my opinions, nor to tell me what I should do and think and how it will be “good for me” and society. The very fact that you attempt to do so, with arrogance proves you to be a labeller and meaningless critic. Lib/dem/progs are totally about labels and in general pro big government and pro FDA and the concommitant beliefs that medicine is god and bureaucracy and insurance mavens and Big Pharma are always right and to be worshipped. To be anti vax is to be not a lib/dem/prog. You cannot be anti vax and still believe that the liberal bureaucratic government, which orders and promotes vaccines, useless dangerous untested ones at that, and lies about all the drugs and vaccines is the government we need and to call all who object to Big Gov and Big Pharma et al, thugs, right wing nuts religious fanatics, anti-science nuts. There is no way to avoid “labels” or judgments about anything.
            The “issues” are us/them. The liberal agenda has fractured society and emphasizes sub cultural identities, not what promotes national cohesion and national values and identities. The issue of vaccines is all mixed up with the whole idea of big bureaucratic government deciding what is best for each individual-a one size fits all, which is NOT what the Founders created to protect the individual liberty. No one can focus on this one issue-it is not possible to win on this without the basic shared philosophy of the Founders’ creation, a nation of individuals with the shared values of liberty , individual inalienable rights and freedom from government interference (very limited government with limited enumerated powers) Until that philosophy is shared, no one has a chance to “win” or ” benefit society” in any way, much less stop forced psuedo drug use, like forced vaccinations, fluoride in the water (lowers IQ in children and is an aluminum and pesticide waste product neuro toxin “allowed” and encouraged by EPA). There is more to the problem than just vaccines-it is barely a problem, compared to the cascading negatives of the lib/dem/prog/socialist/atheist/anti constitutional agenda promulgated by many admins, esp WW, FDR, Clinton, BO in particular.
            If the ONLY concern is some vaccines I have no allies. Your criticism of me is misplaced, shallow and illogical. The problem is not “labels” but philosophy. Without a return to the philosophy and the Foundation of this country, which is no longer striving towards a more perfect Union and has lost much of what made our society and self governance perfectable and almost all of our individual liberty, the war is lost. The battle over vaccines cannot be won, because vaccines are a symptom not a cause. The problem is Big Gov and the bureaucratic state, which is socialist in nature, is what the original revolution was fought over, and the Constitution was designed to prevent, is the reason for bad vaccines, worse drugs and devastating gov policies.

          2. Wow, you are really mired in the divisive muck. This and other issues are not about taking sides or pointing fingers. I see others here have tried to explain this to you already, but you’re allowing yourself to be divided and conquered. This is the disservice I previously mentioned. It’s only keeping you from seeing the bigger picture, which is what the powers-that-be want. A public that’s too busy fighting each other won’t rise up and revolt against its rulers.
            There’s no need to attack me or get defensive. It’s a pointless waste of time. Take a deep breath and look at the issue itself, not from the perspective of ideology or political party. That means losing the meaningless labels and not looking for someone to blame, but rather rising above the false dichotomy nonsense in order to focus on finding a solution. Only then can you truly make a difference.

          3. I see quite clearly that the problem is not doing away with accurate, descriptive language, whether shorthand or not. Words have meanings. Divisive are lies, misrepresentations and misuse of words. You are mired in illogic and irrationality. You are guilty of reductio ad absurdum, not to mention arrogant condescension. Incoherence is not explanation-which those you ref as “explanatory” are (incoherent) and inaccurate. All the “causes” are symptoms of the real problem, lack of shared values based on the shared values of the Founders which resulted in the Constitution, Bill of Rights. Return to that. A start will be to do away with the statist government ie all the alphabet departments that are anti constitutional and responsible for the symptoms of forced medication, and loss of liberty (to make our own choices).

  4. Healthy people are not at risk from measles. I had it, and it was not serious. Maybe if more people took vitamin A and other supplements, there would be no risk at all from measles.

    1. Most supplements are GMO, so people should be careful. Get truly organic supplements.

      1. Trying to explain this to the elderly is impossible.
        “You need to stop taking vitamins, they contain toxins!”
        “Bhut Mai Vhitamins!>?!!”
        Darn old people.

    2. This is completely untrue. More than on hundred thousand previously healthy children die every year from this disease and many others are left deaf. That is 400 children dying per day from this one disease! It is one of the deadliest and most contagious diseases on the planet. You are deeply and horribly confused and you should be ashamed for spreading such blatant lies, and for ignoring or minimizing the risk. Would you tell your lies to one of the 400 mothers who lost their child today? Shame, shame, shame on you!

      1. Good Lord, from where are you getting YOUR info? According to the CDC’s data, within the last 10 yrs there were ZERO deaths from the measles itself but 108 due to adverse reactions to the vaccine. Don’t bring in deaths from starving children in war torn areas. If you insist on jabbing them, that’s a different issues.

        1. The CDC only reports on deaths occurring in the USA. Until this woman’s death there had been zero deaths in the US from measles for many years; that’s why it was headline news! The hundreds of thousands of deaths of previously healthy children occurring every year are around the world and yes, SO FAR, outside the US. They are not starving or in war torn areas, but healthy children struck down by an entirely preventable disease. Measles killed many healthy American children before the vaccine became available in the early 1960’s and left a lot more deaf or with profound hearing loss; the fact that you don’t remember those days doesn’t change the reality. The facts are out there if you’ll get your head out of the sand and pay attention!

          1. I was born in the 50s. Everyone in my generation had measles and yet I know of no one who died or became deaf from my generation. The only person I ever knew or heard about that had complications was an elderly uncle (from a past generation) who had some hearing loss due to measles.

          2. Same here…never knew anyone who had any mother and grandmother used to say it was the ones who did not eat butter or fish oil…now we know why! Vitamin A status has everything to do with mortality and morbidity of measles virus.

          3. Me too. My siblings, neighbors, friends, and classmates all came down with measles before the vaccine existed, and we were all fine. Yes, rare complications can occur, but in the U.S. they were very rare.
            An immunologist told me that the reason why there are more deaths from measles in third world countries is because measles temporarily suppresses the immune system, and due to malnutrition, lack of clean water, and lack of antibiotics some people die from secondary infections.

          4. Please consider purchasing “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr.
            Suzanne Humphries. She uncovers the truth of the history of diseases and vaccines. In certain portions of American History (Great Depression being an example) people in America lived just like those in third would countries today. In addition to horrible living conditions, the people drank from contaminated water sources and had totally improper hygiene practices. The craziest fact of all? The vaccines for various epidemics were released at the END of the epidemic. So how did those diseases ever become eradicated? Clean water, food, and proper sanitation. To be honest, YOU need to get your head out of the sand. I say this with all love- we have been lied to for years and years. Why is it that third world countries today still have these diseases running wild, EVEN though Bill Gates has spent billions of dollars to vaccinate there? Because we are not addressing the root of the problem – living conditions. If you give a child a vaccine for polio, but you allow them to keep drinking water that is infested with fecal matter that contains polio, the child is still going to get polio. Vaccines aren’t magic. We have to change sanitation if we want to see diseases eradicated. THAT is why, to a large degree, first would countries do not see these diseases anymore. We must learn our history. Therein lies the truth.

          5. Before the vaccine was available very few died from measles. I lived it I know. Out of 5 million who got it each year in say 1963 maybe you had 300 deaths…and these were usually those with poor nutritional status …we laughed about measles when i was a kid…the reason this case got attention was because it serves the purpose of fools pushing their vaccines for profit

          6. My mom was born in the 40s. She does remember those days because she lived them. She and her 10 siblings all got the measles and not one of them had complications. They ate and drank full fat butter and milk, a very simple diet, even though they were very poor. No one worried that they would die. She said it was exactly like when I had the chicken pox as a kid. There were measles parties just like the chicken pox parties. Look up the Brady Bunch/ Flintstones/ Donna reed compilations on Youtube. Measles was never a big deal. No one was scared to die of measles. You’ve just bought in to the garbage you’ve been fed, or at least I hope you’re saying it out of ignorance because anything else would be evil. Please wake up and stop encouraging this nonsense. You’re harming so many people by perpetuating these myths.

          7. You are confusing measles with rubella (sometimes called German measles). I had measles as a 3 yr old child (before vaccine was available) and it was a very big deal. The doctor had to make a house call (rare even then) because our house was quarantined, which was standard practice, and close household contacts (my brother) got gamma globulin shots— there were certainly no “pox party” equivalents! Rubella is not a big deal unless you are pregnant. Measles is a completely different disease.

          8. why would you think that she confuses anything? measles was cowmen and normal when i grew up and not panic inducing. and people rarely even called a doctor, it was normal and they knew how to nurse a child with measles.

          9. Yeah and I flew a Pterodactyl across mountain landscapes while fighting dragons with a laser sword!
            See, I can make things up too, although mine was WAY cooler.

          10. While you have a great grasp of the concept of fantasy, I am not making things up. Unlike you, I don’t hide behind a moniker like “Reality of Truth” while posting. I guess it makes sense that a troll would enjoy fantasy, though.
            Please try to stick to the facts (as many do here, even the ones who disagree) and stop with the baseless personal attacks.

          11. The only reason I use a moniker is because I say offensive things that could get me killed by violent, malnutritioned patriotic lunatics. It isn’t hiding, it is basic internet principle. The only reason everyone uses their name and picture online now is because that is what the corporations want! They want their free marketing research, they want to know how you act, what you like, what you see and you show it all to them for free! I do not because I was taught the exact opposite of what social networking is on the internet today. I do not use my real name and picture and I never will unless it is official business, there is no reason to.
            I don’t want to be recognized on the street, I don’t need friends or a relationship so there is no reason for me to use my real information. I’m not going to make myself prone to Phishing attempts just to satisfy your curiosity of who I am.
            If freedom is doing as you like, I will continue to do so, thank you!~

          12. The only one confused here is you, my dear. I don’t know why you think you’re going to fool anyone. There are still people living today that had measles. They know it wasn’t a big deal and we do to. All your squawking won’t change that. I even have a friend who is a few years older than me who had it, as did everyone in his neighborhood. He wasn’t scared to get it, nor were his friends. I certainly hope you’re getting paid for all this because it sure seems like you are.

          13. Obviously! there are still people living today that had measles— I am one of them! And again, it was a big deal, our house was quarantined, and household contacts were treated with gamma globulin (which provides passive immunity).
            Again, please deal with facts and discuss them rationally (as do most on this thread, even when disagreeing) and stop with the baseless personal attacks. Modifying your attack with “my dear” doesn’t make it any more civil; it just makes your disrespectful tone more obvious.

          14. Well, I’m sorry your mom freaked out over something like measles. Her odd behavior doesn’t mean you get to dictate everyone else’s.
            Unless you and your brother were seriously malnourished or had some other serious health issues, you most likely didn’t need gamma globulin. Giving medications to people who demand it or don’t need it is not a new thing, obviously. I’ve been given unnecessary medication and so has most of my family. All that does is damage people’s health. Hopefully, one day, you’ll start to see a trend here.

          15. Our family doctor (from the god old days of actual house calls) never suggested that anybody needed gamma globulin shots. In what time period did your family have measles?

          16. Who’s confusing measles with rubella? In my day (born in 1944) we got measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox. For me and my brothers, in spite of the discomforts—which were not NEARLY as bad as poison ivy!— they were all an occasion to miss school and lie around in bed with comic books and ginger ale.
            What I remember about those times was the warning about ADULTS getting those diseases, which could cause complications in pregnancy. Mumps could make a man sterile. So, while it could be a serious problem for grown-ups, this nonsense about rampant child deaths is pure bunkum. Parents used to expose their children intentionally so that they didn’t get the diseases as adults. And, no, actually having a case of measles is NOT the same as a dirty, pus and mercury laden injection, which, to make matters worse, is nearly always combined with multiple other vaccines!

          17. Yeah and the dairy that people ingested back then was the way it is suppose to be, RAW! Look up the benefits of raw milk (for all those that believe the FDA propaganda that it is “bad” ~ it isn’t, just a competitor to the unhealthy industrial dairy that is in every grocery store. Ultra Pasteurization and the other methods utilized by dirty dairy are merely a bandaid on their contaminated, artificial hormone, antibiotic laced confined animal feeding operations.). Ultra Past. makes the fat in the milk so small that it can pass through the blood-brain-barrier, which is why it causes health problems – They only do it because their operations are beyond dirty/disgusting/cruel.
            Learn more: h t t p : / / w w w . naturalnews . c o m /039244_milk_aspartame_FDA_petition.html
            “How about the pus content of its dairy products? How about its inhumane treatment of animals who are subjected to torture conditions and pumped full of genetically engineered hormones? How about the fact that homogenization and pasteurization turn a whole food into a dietary nightmare that promotes obesity, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease? There are lots of dirty little secrets in the dairy industry of course, and that doesn’t even get into the secret closed-door conversations to encourage the FDA to destroy the competition of raw milk. …The dairy industry is to food as Lance Armstrong is to sports. It’s all a big lie, laced with secret chemicals and false claims.”

          18. That is exactly right. The milk and butter my mom consumed back then was fresh and raw. They either milked their own cow or got the milk by walking down to a neighbor’s house. They poured the cream in a jar and all the kids took turns shaking it to make butter. It’s nothing like what we buy in the stores today. My mom worked out in the fields all day with the rest of her family and they all grew up fit, strong and healthy. Obese kids were just as much of a rarity back then as deaths from measles.

          19. Ever since I was a child, I had always dreamed of the days where everything was just ‘Real’ again, sadly, I will never get to live like they did.
            Keep up the good fight, we’ll win no matter what (because we side with LIFE itself!)!

          20. My hearing was so good the neighborhood kids quit playing hide and seek with me. After measles, my hearing was probably almost as good, but I could hear a faint hissing sound. Fortunately, it did not bother me in adult life very much. But, after measles, my eyesight went from 20-15 to 20-220. Ruined my chances of becoming a pilot.
            What really irks me are the ones that say, “I had measles, it didn’t hurt me.” Well, but the small minded trash should realize that isn’t even the point. or any point at all. Selfish, very selfish and self-centered, and plain mean. Of course, they don’t realize that it might have hurt them.
            In jury duty, I once had an old Navy veteran ask why I was holding and flexing my back. I said four hours on a hard bench waiting to be called as a juror hurt my back. His very, very indignant reply, “it didn’t hurt me, I am 65 years old, and it didn’t bother me.” I said nothing, but I wished I had told him where to get off. Same seems to be the mindset with these sociopaths.
            “So, it killed you. It never bothered me. So, all is good.”

      2. Not in the USA! In underdeveloped countries where there is malnutrition and poor sanitation and lack of clean water and refrigeration there are deaths from even the most mundane viruses. Measles is NOT a killer in the USA.

  5. When you hold the mic, you control the story.. that is the problem with media and especially the consolidation of media corporations. They own the narrative for the masses.. Also, pharma is one of their biggest advertisers, so they tow the line and tell the story they’re fed. Those who dig can easily see the twist of facts, but sadly most won’t look deeper,

    1. Yeah, if you ever wanted to know who is bribing the network you are watching, just take a glance at their commercials! Pills, insurance, lawyers, auto industry, fossil fuels, weapons/etc developers, etc. All of the industry, basically.
      If you would notice, advertising is not even real advertising anymore, they are all commercials that fuel some part of this toxic monopoly they have going. Real commercials are not about car insurance, or health insurance, they are about a specific product and selling that product but the majority of commercials you see now are all “service” commercials. The crooks are the ones who run those services.

  6. She had been vaccinated for measles but was immuno-compromised.
    If the slackers and religious nuts around her had been responsible and been vaccinated then she might be alive.

    1. Well, regardless of the state of the lady’s immune system, the vaccine didn’t work, did it? And just how does one determine the condition of one’s immune system? How many people who have been inoculated with the pharmaceutical cocktails already have compromised immune systems and don’t know it? Or to put it another way, who DOESN’T have a compromised immune system these days? Are we supposed to inject our children—including those with possible undiagnosed medical conditions—with toxic compounds because there are people out in public who have health issues? Maybe everybody should simply be quarantined every time someone sneezes.
      Those of us who do not buy into Big Pharma’s fear tactics and are aware of the MSM’s commitment to pushing the corporate agenda, i.e., those of us who actually bother to RESEARCH the facts and THINK, are the ones by and large who are diligent in our choice of food and lifestyle. I raised my children on fresh, organic food and family hiking and camping trips, not McDonald’s and video games! Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food,” but many of today’s doctors have forgotten that simple, rational advice.

      1. This person who fears using a real name insults me, a total stranger because I not only disagree but have the temerity to supply facts.
        I not only received every vaccine that was available as a child but also receive a flu shot every year from multiple use vials that contain mercury. I paid for pneumonia vaccination in 1985 and 2015. I paid for hepatitis A and B and Zostrix. Last month when due for a tetanus booster, I paid for the much-maligned DPT.
        I work in software and do not make a dime from the medical industry. I write for others because I have only encountered heartless charlatans in so-called “alternative medicine”.

        1. Hello mindless zealot, it has nothing to do with fear, but rather, with BASIC INTERNET PRINCIPLE!
          Back in the 90’s, see, before you had a computer or knew how to use one (or had a smart phone, or anything else) ~ I was on the internet and guess what they taught people who were on the internet in those days? DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL IDENTITY ONLINE! Not in your e-mail, your usernames, nothing.
          But just like the good guinea pig you are, you put all your personal info onto the internet for the government, and whoever else, to read.
          Vaccines are stupid and so is anybody who defends them, if you love injections by all means go get them but you cannot tell anyone else to (and most certainly do not have the grounds to force them).
          I don’t care who you are or what you say, if you poison children, you deserve to be poisoned back.

          1. Having been in the industry since 1974, perhaps before you were born, I can offer some expertise here. There have always been trolls and bots that spew insults but cannot risk a human name because its reputation has already been soiled or it previously said the opposite.
            Netnews should still contain my responses back to the early 1980s and mail reflectors back to the early 1990’s. Disclosing one’s name online is no worse than doing so in a letter to the editor. Many newspapers and some web sites no longer accept comments from anonymous sources.
            Epithets like “stupid” and claims like “poisoned” without any supporting facts, statistics or documented mechanisms suggest that one has become invested in someone else’s opinion and cannot accommodate variant facts. I eagerly await them.

          2. Look, you self absorbed cur, nobody cares about you or your fake little story. If you side with the industry that poisons and ruins the world, you deserve to be poisoned and ruined back. I don’t care about what you’ve experienced, I don’t care about what you say or think (it is irrelevant, because you are wrong anyway).
            If you side with the corrupt monopoly on life that is poisoning and ruining the world through greed and ignorance, you are apart of the problem and nothing you say will change that.
            I don’t bother linking any evidence to you because you will never be satisfied with any answer because you refuse to accept it. If you can’t handle that Mercury, Aluminum and Glyphosate are all toxic and work synergistically to create deficiencies in the brain and thus health problems, once again, THAT IS NOT MY ISSUE, THAT IS YOURS!

          3. My, My, does one detect an element of hatred?
            Monty Python depicts a character who honestly came in for an argument but was sent to the wrong room and received abuse instead. Hilarious!
            It is actually quite pleasant for knowledgeable people to discuss questions of fact. Each finds and shares sources and some semblance of the truth is revealed.
            If one does not want to expend that effort and is accustomed to an audience that agrees without question, then that does not reflect the world around us.
            It may surprise you but disagreeing is not an inherently evil act.
            Please do reconsider and make some rational arguments from factual sources to support your position.

          4. No. I wouldn’t do that because then it actually gives credence to your case, which it does not deserve. Like it or not, the earth only rotates one way and when you think you can make it go the other direction, you’ll be sorely surprised. Say what you will, but remember, it is irrelevant.

          5. If the purpose of an organization is to affect public policy, then one must convince policy makers that the organization’s recommendations are supported by fact and civil discourse.
            Convincing policy makers that the recommendations of anh-usa are based entirely on who can lob the most extreme insult is more than I ever could have asked.

          6. I’m going to change policy by getting rid of the system, it is much easier than dealing with corrupt crooks who line their pockets and don’t play by the same rules they enforce on the populous. If you really think you can positively affect public policy without illegally bribing the politicians, you are the one who is crazy. You also can’t “sue” them and they refuse to be held accountable, there isn’t a single court that isn’t corrupt that would stop those who bribe them.

    2. Maybe she should have stayed home instead of potentially infecting others.

    3. If she had taken better care of HER health, perhaps she wouldn’t have arrived at her untimely end. She died from pneumonia. What was her vit D status? How about her nutritional status? Weight? etc. Stop blaming others for her bad health.

  7. She was in poor health. Obviously. Add in immune-suppression drugs (for what condition, I wonder?) and a cold virus could have led to pneumonia and death. How on earth was this spun into a vaccine agenda story? Especially as she had been vaccinated against measles! Huh? That means the stupid vaccine didn’t work. THAT is the real story. What a colossal JOKE the mass media and our medical system is.


  9. ha – so now the media is concerned about the truth. why aren’t they concerned about the truth in many other issues as relates to our politicians?

    1. Just like the system/cops/politicians/crooks/etc, their concern is a facade.
      They only act concerned to keep people thinking that they are legitimate, when they are not.

  10. QuackWatch……….a site run by a guy who has no medical degrees at all, and has been proven wrong countless times by actual medical professionals. Yeah, great resource there.

  11. Of course they are, the media is nothing but a propaganda distraction machine that feeds you the false information from paid-for industry shills and only talks about distraction stories like shootings/celebrities/books/movies/sports/etc.
    They are in cahoots with the system, it isn’t real journalism (and you can tell) because they don’t ask the hard questions and REFUSE to talk about the real stories! (Like oh, idk, US food being poisoned and destroying the world?)

  12. Yeah you did when you ate the poisoned food and exposed yourself to the toxic society without ever caring about looking up the alternate means of living. You did it to yourself because you were uninformed and made the choices you made. Hopefully you’ll realize that the system is not on your side and the only reason you are sick is because the industry wanted to hook you to your “medication” to make more money.
    If you had lived in a healthy environment, eating healthy food like the crooks make you believe you are, you wouldn’t have your health problems.
    So who is really to blame?
    The system of course.

  13. This news story was televised on KIRO-7 “news” about a week ago; I remember it well.. In fact, I force myself to watch and listen to every action and word those immitation ‘reporters’ perform or produce out of their truth challenged mouths.. They claim to have won the peabody award for “best news cast”, “morning news coverage”, etc., etc.; I wondered for a while, how in the world did they win such prestigious honors? The facts are not difficult to find especially when they reveal the answers so obviously.. BTW, I have renamed the channel: LIRO-7… it seems to fit…



  16. You are, I trust, well-meaning, but you don’t understand the facts of this story. I am both a physician and a molecular biologist and I hope you’ll read this post and consider the facts before opposing mandatory vaccination. This unfortunate woman died because she was exposed to an active case of measles. Her vaccination didn’t save her because she was immunosuppressed, like thousands upon thousands of other people. What would have protected her, and the multitude of others who are either too young or too sick to be vaccinated, was “herd immunity”. Herd immunity prevents the spread of infectious disease through a population so that there are no active cases showing up in hospitals to infect the most vulnerable. The measles virus remains infectious for DAYS in any room where an infectious person has been; it doesn’t require any direct contact or interaction with the diseased person to become infected. Herd immunity is accomplished by having a large percentage of the population vaccinated effectively. Because every vaccination is not, in fact, effective, an even higher rate of vaccination is necessary. Anyone who does not have a medical contraindications to vaccination but yet chooses to refuse vaccination is relying upon herd immunity to prevent their infection, long term effects such as severe hearing loss (not uncommon in children), and perhaps their death from encephalitis or other complications such as the pneumonia that killed this woman. There is no cure for measles so the fact that she didn’t develop a rash is irrelevant. The only effective “cure” for measles is eradication, which comes about via large scale immunization programs like the one that eradicated smallpox. It need be a population-wide effort and it benefits everyone in the population. Those who opt out of vaccination because of their (largely if not completely unfounded) fears drag down the rest of the population who cannot otherwise be protected from this horrible disease.

    1. I stopped reading at mandatory vaccination.
      If you love toxic chemicals so much, go get injected!
      No one cares about your shill story, go collect your petty cash and get lost.
      We also don’t care that you are an industry goon either, big deal, you poison and murder people for industry and pharmaceutical profits, oh you’re just so great! NOT!~
      Take your vaccines and SHOVE them, anyone who supports poisoning children should be gassed.

    2. Are you aware that there are actual physicians and microbiologists that disagree with you?

      1. Not with credibility.
        There’s an old joke that goes, what do they call the medical student who graduates at the bottom of his class? (maybe even from the worst medical school in the world)—-” Doctor”.
        I am not posting here to stroke my ego. I’m posting because I am genuinely concerned that people are being misinformed in ways that endanger us all. Again, there is no controversy here. There are arguments about HOW best to vaccinate for measles, but not about WHETHER or not to vaccinate.

        1. Anyone who poisons people, will be poisoned back.
          You’ll pay your dues in the eternity of suffering waiting for you on the other side, where you experience all the suffering that you committed to others.

    3. Theoretically, we have sufficient MMR uptake to achieve “herd immunity”. And recent articles have commended the high vaccine rate for eradication of rubella. Since measles and rubella vaccines are only available together in the MMR, the vaccine rates for measles and rubella are identical.
      I can’t find a citation now, but the uptake for the smallpox vaccine was actually low by today’s standards – as I recall it was about 60% back when smallpox was being eradicated.
      In 1936 “vaccination coverage rates were 62.7% for smallpox”. In 1941 “only slightly more than 50% of those in need of protection said that they might be willing to be immunized.”
      In 2009, “The number of cases of most vaccine-preventable diseases is at an all-time low,147 and hospitalizations and deaths from these diseases have also shown striking decreases. Our national vaccine recommendations in the U.S. target an increasing number of vaccine-preventable diseases for reduction, elimination, or eradication.148 This success has been achieved at least in part because vaccination coverage among young children in the U.S. has reached record highs with estimated national coverage that exceeds 90% for many recommended vaccines.110”
      We still are at over 90% coverage. So all the moaning about not-enough-vaccines is puzzling.
      The attached chart shows that 40 to 50 years ago vaccine uptake was actually much lower than now.
      The number of vaccines has increased greatly, and the percentage of the population receiving them has increased. Yet we are told that we are in danger of terrible epidemics if less than 99% of the populations receives dozens of vaccines.

    4. You get in that cattle chute for your herd immunity. No thanks. Staying out of the herd gives the best health.

      1. Until, of course, the government becomes so malicious that it intentionally infects anyone who doesn’t have one of their engineered injections.
        We are either 1. already at that point at they are trying to implement it or 2. slowly creeping upon it. (they are already pretty malicious, intentionally making people unhealthy just to make more pieces of paper and gain control of markets/people/etc)

    5. Dear “physician and a molecular biologist” – LMAO
      Nuclear physicist and rocket scientist

  17. Genetic? Ever hear of epigenetics? It’s the study of how our genes are changed/damaged by extraneous factors, ie enviromental toxins such as foods, viruses, VACCINES, radiation, etc. Which came first, your vasculitis or vaxes? For me, the vaxes came before my immune modulation issues. I have drawn the line in the sand. “NO MORE”, says I.

  18. What do you mean by a “strong immune system”? An over-zealous one? Immune systems must remain flexible to be strong. Today’s rampant allergic responses have been blamed on an over-zealous immune system. And yes, toxins can compromise/modulate one’s immune system. Toxins come in many forms, including parasites, bacteria, viruses, gmos, and vaccine adjuvants. What good are vaccines if they don’t?.

  19. Vasculitis is NOT a genetically inherited disease. One inherits a propensity to react to different environmental toxins such as foods, viruses, parasites, VACCINE ADJUVANTS.

  20. The lauric acid in coconut oil is used by the body to make the same disease-fighting fatty acid derivative monolaurin that babies make from the lauric acid they get from their mothers= milk. The monoglyceride monolaurin is the substance that keeps infants from getting viral or bacterial or protozoal infections. Until just recently, this important benefit has been largely overlooked by the medical and nutrition community.
    Recognition of the antimicrobial activity of the monoglyceride of lauric acid (monolaurin) has been reported since 1966. The seminal work can be credited to Jon Kabara. This early research was directed at the virucidal effects because of possible problems related to food preservation. Some of the early work by Hierholzer and Kabara (1982) that showed virucidal effects of monolaurin on enveloped RNA and DNA viruses was done in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control of the US Public Health Service with selected prototypes or recognized representative strains of enveloped human viruses. The envelope of these viruses is a lipid membrane.
    Kabara (1978) and others have reported that certain fatty acids (e.g., medium-chain saturates) and their derivatives (e.g., monoglycerides) can have adverse effects on various microorganisms: those microorganisms that are inactivated include bacteria, yeast, fungi, and enveloped viruses.
    The medium-chain saturated fatty acids and their derivatives act by disrupting the lipid membranes of the organisms (Isaacs and Thormar 1991) (Isaacs et al 1992). In particular, enveloped viruses are inactivated in both human and bovine milk by added fatty acids (FAs) and monoglycerides (MGs) (Isaacs et al 1991) as well as by endogenous FAs and MGs (Isaacs et al 1986, 1990, 1991, 1992; Thormar et al 1987).
    All three monoesters of lauric acid are shown to be active antimicrobials, i.e., alpha-, alpha’-, and beta-MG. Additionally, it is reported that the antimicrobial effects of the FAs and MGs are additive and total concentration is critical for inactivating viruses (Isaacs and Thormar 1990).
    The properties that determine the anti-infective action of lipids are related to their structure; e.g., monoglycerides, free fatty acids. The monoglycerides are active, diglycerides and triglycerides are inactive. Of the saturated fatty acids, lauric acid has greater antiviral activity than either caprylic acid (C-10) or myristic acid (C-14).
    The action attributed to monolaurin is that of solubilizing the lipids and phospholipids in the envelope of the virus causing the disintegration of the virus envelope. In effect, it is reported that the fatty acids and monoglycerides produce their killing/inactivating effect by lysing the (lipid bilayer) plasma membrane. However, there is evidence from recent studies that one antimicrobial effect is related to its interference with signal transduction (Projan et al 1994).
    Some of the viruses inactivated by these lipids, in addition to HIV, are the measles virus, herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1), vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), visna virus, and cytomegalovirus (CMV).

  21. What else is there to say, some things are actually genetic; However, most of the “diseases” that they’ll have you believe are genetic, are not. They are perpetration’s, such as: Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Celiac Sprue, Autism, Cancer, etc. Some are more prone to develop than others due to possibly weak genetics, poor health, poor immune system, poor environment, etc. There is evidence of toxins in the very womb blood of pregnant women, thus the fetus is exposed before birth.

  22. Malnutrition and sanitation are the big players in resistance to disease. When I was expecting my second child, the first having been delivered by Caesarean section, I was determined to have a normal birth. My obstetrician assured me that there was no danger in letting me go into labor and as long as things were progressing satisfactorily I probably would be able to deliver normally (which turned out to be the case). I told him I had been warned that my old scar could rupture and he pooh-poohed the idea. He had only heard of that happening in countries where expectant mothers were severely MALNOURISHED, and it wasn’t even necessary for them to have had a previous C-section for the uterus to rupture!

  23. The only thing that matters is we aren’t the ones poisoning and ruining peoples health; you can say whatever you want but you are still just as irrelevant as you were before.

    1. Please reread your own response. The only people who are never wrong are those who never admit it and never learn anything new.
      The biggest flaw of the FDA is excessive caution. Lives have been lost that might have been saved if the FDA had approved a drug or procedure on a timely basis. Your eliminating an entire class of intervention would, if you had the power, determine a set of deaths.
      The term “poisoning and ruining people’s health” is an extreme claim and obligates you to provide a matching level of proof. I have provided both personal experience and expertise recognized by academia, industry and government. That would only be irrelevant if your original claim were an article of faith or superstition.
      Most readers are grateful for your making that admission.

      1. Another one of those shills who just spouts the “provide the evidence or I won’t believe you” line.
        It is self evident, I don’t have to provide anything to you. It is CLEAR AS DAY that the FDA will intentionally block anything that the companies it panders to cannot patent and make a profit off of. You don’t need someone to hand you some scientific research document to figure that out, you just need to open your dammed eyes!

        1. Just how is the readership to tell whether a response is true or false? Every response is “self-evident” to those who already believe it whether it is factual or not.
          Most would consider, not merely the inability but the self-righteous refusal to argue one’s own position as evidence of intentional falsehood.
          Policy makers who must decide whether to consider objections from anh-usa can read this exchange and conclude that anh-usa has nothing to offer.
          While that dark cloud was not my original goal, it bears a silver lining.

          1. Your attempt at defining self defeat is merely your own falacy. Understand that, they never had any interest in reasoning with any side. They are intent on making themselves money and their agenda is the only one that matters in their mind. They know they are wrong, they know what they are doing and it is paid shills like you who attempt to white-wash the situation and turn those fighting against this corrupt monopoly on themselves, when clearly, it is you (the crooks and their supporters) who are turning on us (by poisoning us, enslaving us, attempting to control us through fear and abuse).
            It won’t work. Nobody cares about what you say, your empty words are nothing but hollow echos in your chamber of corruption and your palace of false elegance in fabrications of no worth or actual value to the real world you don’t live in. Enjoy your false realm and your deceit!~

  24. Like I’ve said before, 1984 was only a playbook, they’re constantly putting it to shame.
    They strive and aspire to failure and toxic mediocrity! Sad, isn’t it?

  25. If you really want my real name, it is Mike Gustine. I have no “fear” of using it, but prefer anonymity on the internet (as much as possible…I realize it is a difficult, if not impossible thing). I wonder if your “real” name is actually that? I certainly have facts, and it’s quite easy to find out lots of information about the problems with Quackwatch, if one is interested. I doubt you are since you seem to use the appeal to authority for every argument. Good luck to you with that.

    1. I do not appeal to the name of an authority but rather to the facts revealed by that authority. Cochrane’s credibility comes the ability to follow up each of its references and from how few intervenions it is able to statistically justify. It does not recommend every claim or even the majority of claims from any given source.
      The beauty of open science is that anyone can submit contrary information. Cochrane collects the statistics of both intentional studies and reported industry experience. Any reader can read them as I do.
      This only becomes an argument from authority if one refuses to make that effort.

  26. You know, when I was a kid, I remember the doctor saying the vaccine will give you a “mild” version of the disease. He was telling us that we we should be expecting to get sick in the next few days/week with some form of the disease we were vaccinated against. The only way to get sick with some form of the disease is if the virus in the vaccine is “live”!

  27. Do you mean 123? 55 out of 123, is a very high ratio. Or did you mean to write some other number?

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