All We Need Is One Minute of Their Time

speak-outOur Action Alert is simple: Ask your senator or representative to make a one-minute floor speech opposing the FDA’s plan to sweep many supplements off the shelf and make the ones that survive much more expensive. Please help!

As you know, the comment period for the NDI Draft Guidance is now closed, and the FDA will be reviewing all the comments they have received. During this period, we want to make the Draft Guidance such a hot-button political issue that FDA will be forced to take notice and will address the public’s serious concerns.

As we reported last month, two powerful senators and longtime friends of natural health, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), wrote to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg and formally asked the FDA to withdraw its guidance document. We thank these courageous senators for speaking out and clearly articulating the problems inherent in the FDA’s proposal.

In addition, Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) recently made a one-minute speech entitled “Overregulating Dietary Supplements Endangers Americans’ Jobs and Health” on the floor of the House of Representatives. This was his speech:

Madam Speaker, I rise today to express my concern over another example of rampant government regulation.

For seventeen years, the Food and Drug Administration has sought to ignore congressional intent and create a vast new regulatory regime for dietary supplements. Millions of Americans, including many of my constituents and my family, rely on dietary supplements as part of their everyday health maintenance routine. Moreover, they play an important role in ensuring that people take individual responsibility for preventative health care. We all can agree that the FDA should not limit Americans’ access to dietary supplements….

Last week, the comment period on the FDA’s draft guidance closed. Now that they’ve heard from the public, and now that I’m sure they’ve heard from countless Americans who share my concern, I urge them to go back to the drawing board and ensure that they do not limit Americans’ access to dietary supplements.

Simple. Clear. Direct. And painless.

Today we’re asking you to send a message to your senators and your congressional representative. Ask them to make a simple one-minute floor speech in opposition to the guidance. Urge them, just as Senators Harkin and Hatch did, to ask the FDA to retract the guidance altogether and start over. Remind them too of the economic impact—an argument that will have a great deal of power right now—that the NDI draft guidance is bad for the economy and costs American jobs. Please send your message today!

If you are a resident of Illinois, please take action here:

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If you are a resident of Iowa, please take action here:

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If you are a resident of Utah, please take action here:

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If you are a resident of any other state, please take action here:

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    1. The NDI draft guidance is bad for the economy and bad for jobs.
      Please do not sweep these off the shelves. We want the freedom to choose. Thankyou

  1. I sent a letter to the state rep and got a prompt reply. In essence I was thanked for my concern and that they were in the other court. What to do when your reps are already biased.

    1. If a rep is already biassed, write them again, be polite, gather eveidence, they are being misled, given false info, point them towards linds that detail proof for our side, don’t let them have the last word. Those letters they send are usually form letters anyway, but still, please keep the information flowing.

  2. Dietary supplements should only be prohibited if there is scientific documentation presented to the FDA that documents they are dangerous. If there is no scientific documentation that they are dangerous, they should not be prohibited.
    State of Washington

  3. Tell me how the proposed regulations will improve health compared to the annual death toll produced by bad prescription drugs and their side effects.

  4. It is an absolute disgrace that the FDA is attempting to limit Americans’ access to dietary supplements. Bad enough the FDA is inept at overseeing dangerous pharmaceuticals aggressively pushed on the market without proper testing…now they’re attempting to INTERFERE and CURTAIL Americans’ ability to get the dietary supplements that are completely safe and beneficial?
    The NDI draft guidance is bad for the economy and bad for jobs. Further, Americans want our vitamins and supplements left IN TACT and UNTOUCHED!
    As my representative voice, please have the same type of courage and integrity Senators Harkin and Hatch demonstrated by making your own one-minute floor speech opposing the FDA’s ill-founded guidance. Enough is enough.
    Thank you.

    1. The war on natural care has been going on for decades, the competition scares them, we must keep the pressure on, we have rights, they only care about profits. See how rich they are, see how much disease there is, the sicker we get, the richerthey get. Stop the flow, pull the plug on them. Stay informed, be active, know your rights and exercise them.

  5. Tried to Take action for NJ. I first left out some fields by mistake. Now it won’t recognize my entries. You really need to test these forms before you submit them to the public.

  6. Vitimin C is much more healthier to the immune system than bathing a person in hot chemicals when it comes to treating cancer. I ask that you oppose FDA’s plan to sweep many supplements off the shelf and make the ones that survive much more expensive. Please take one minute to oppose this on the floor. For as long as the human race has survived it is unarguable that the body relies on minerals and vitimin support. Modern chemical is simply unatural, and frankly toxic.
    Thank you for taking a minute to oppose this measure.
    Vaughn Brown

  7. I have found that many of the Health Food stores I visit and discuss this with are either complacent or ignorant to this. As if they believe that this won’t happen because it comes up a lot and it never seems to get to fruition. Like the ‘boy who called wolf’ and maybe that’s what Big Pharma is wanting to accomplish here. Make folks numb to the cause then slide the thing right through. Due to their massed power, someday they will control the supplement market and we will be buying our vitamins from China.

  8. The FDA was formed to control MAN made drugs, and the Companies that make them.
    Why don.t they do their job better and not try to take on what God has given man to use.

    1. The FDA has become the gestapo for the drug companies in the USA. Instead of herding us into their death camps with guns, they do it by adding poisons to our food and denying alternatives that work better than what the drug companies have to offer. And if you don’t think these are not death camps, just listen to the side affects from a few drug adds on TV. And those are only the ones they want you to hear about, many are hidden and or never reported.

  9. As a health care practitioner supplements are a complimentary component in the healing equation. Please do not sweep these off the shelves. We want the freedom to choose. Thankyou

  10. I want to thank you for giving us a platform to participate. Congress is all about debate and compromise. In order to be part of the debate we must speak up. For Congress to focus on this rather than addressing the other more pressing issues is a waste of time, energy and resources. Shame on them. Leave our vitamins alone.

  11. this has to be the worst abuse against the american people to have the fda tell two us senators that they will not listen to their request to reveiw this draft who are they to tell the american people that they no whats best for us who are these people to just ignore what the american people want this is so insane and the mainstream media just ignores this agency and what we have to say please let your senators and congress men and women this is just pure abuse ask your doctors to get involve its our right to do what we think is right for our health

  12. This legislation is NOT good for our economy or our health. We deserve the right to choose.

  13. The Health supplements we choose to take, instead of the drugs that cause serious, long term side effects, are keeping us out of the doctors office. Millions of adults and children have unhealthy immune systems that need to be treated with nutritional supplements.
    Please take a stand on keeping the FDA out of the vitamins that we “choose” to buy for our health.

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