Why is “Hot Chemo” an Acceptable Cancer Treatment—But IV Vitamin C is “Too Far Out There”?

hot chemoPatients liken hot chemotherapy to “being filleted, disemboweled, and then bathed in hot poison.” Best patient care, or merely the biggest moneymaker?

According to the New York Times, hot chemotherapy, which couples extensive abdominal surgery with blasts of heated chemotherapy to the abdominal cavity and its organs, was once a niche procedure used mainly against rare cancers of the appendix. Most academic medical centers shunned it. Now it’s being offered to patients to treat more common colorectal or ovarian cancers.

Dr. David P. Ryan, clinical director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, says there is little evidence that it really works and “has almost no basis in science.” The treatment is extremely costly, and is something of a desperation move by leading medical centers because the competition for patients and treatments is so intense.

So why is this dangerous, scientifically unsound, and outrageously expensive procedure considered a viable treatment option for cancer patients, when intravenous vitamin C—safe, effective, and far less expensive—is questioned as an adjunct therapy? Why is this common vitamin, administered in high doses intravenously, labeled an unapproved drug by a hostile FDA?

Why also is the nutritional advice for cancer patients from the American Dietetic Association so half-hearted? It seems more focused on stopping weight loss during chemotherapy or radiotherapy than it is about using nutritional and other natural factors to help rebuild immunity and get the body more into balance. Could it be because the organization gets about $1 million a year in payments from pharmaceutical companies?

You know the old saying: just follow the money. As we reported previously, oncologists are the only doctors allowed to sell—and profit from—their own drugs. Oncologists can buy chemo drugs at a deep discount and then dispense them at the higher rate in their offices. It lets oncologists run a kind of pharmacy as a side business, and represents a considerable part of some oncologists’ income. Contrast that with intravenous C. Because it is a vitamin, IV-C is inexpensive, and it cannot be patented, so no one makes any serious money. Oncologists lose the financial incentive to prescribe it.

The overtreatment of minor cancers is a growing problem. This is especially the case for prostate and breast cancer. Not long ago, prostate cancer was commonly detected with a digital rectal examination, which revealed palpable neoplasms. PSA (prostate-specific antigen) testing detected many more cancers—which led to many more biopsies and treatments. However, the observation that the number of cancer deaths stayed the same suggests that a substantial percentage of cases are unlikely to progress. Still, about 90% of diagnosed men seek immediate “curative treatment,” which in theconventional medicine world means chemo and surgery.

There is some good news—the tide may be turning, albeit very slowly. A recent statement from NIH stated that “active surveillance” is a viable option as treatment for low-risk cancers. This is a blow to the current standard of care touted by mainstream medicine.

At the same time, the active surveillance approach also recommends multiple biopsies to monitor the progression of the tumor. This is extremely problematic for several reasons. First, even the NIH admits that infection through biopsy is one of the side effects of active surveillance.

As we reported last year, studies from three countries show that infectious complications from prostate biopsies have more than doubled in less than a decade. As much as five percent of prostate biopsies develop infections from the procedure—or about 50,000 Americans every year, and an equal number in Europe. Nine out of 10,000 men whose tests were negative for prostate cancer died within a month from sepsis and other complications, according to a recent study in the Journal of Urology.

The greater risk, however, is that biopsies can cause cancers to spread, usually along the path of the biopsy needle, a phenomenon called “needle track seeding.” A 2004 study concluded that manipulation of an intact tumor, either by fine needle biopsy or by large-gauge needle core biopsy, is associated with an increase in metastases, perhaps due in part to the mechanical disruption of the tumor by the needle.

Another study suggests needle track seeding as a possible occurrence with breast biopsies, and concludes that the cancer may recur “if the tract is not excised or radiotherapy not given.” So the way to fix the spread of a cancer via biopsy is to do more surgery and/or radiation! This is exactly what happened to a 62-year-old woman whose needle biopsy caused the cancer in her breast to extend the full length of the needle tract. She ended up losing her entire breast because of the biopsy when only an excision was originally needed.

The Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark has studied the effects of mammography on breast cancer risk. They found that for every 2,000 women screened, only one will have her life prolonged, while ten will be treated unnecessarily because of “overdiagnosis” and will in the process be more likely to suffer future cancer and other complications. This kind of early, over-detection causes oncologists to administer conventional treatments even though, if the cancer had been left alone, the cancers in most cases would likely have been managed and controlled naturally by the body.

Why does over-diagnosis and over-treatment like this continue? Like chemotherapy treatments, cancer screenings are big moneymakers. This is wrong on so many levels. Hot chemo? Biopsies that spread malignancies? Taking away our right to opt for intravenous vitamin C, basically mandating a one-poison-fits-all, one-size-kills-all approach to cancer? It would seem that if you rely solely on conventional medicine to diagnose and treat cancer, you may go broke from the horrendous expense—but you may also get sicker and die sooner.


  1. The article says it all — IV vitamin C is relative inexpensive and very healthful so it not patentable. Sad and ridiculous but true.

  2. WHEN will you put human life ahead of pharmaceutical support.
    The special interests have bought the entire government, including the FDA.
    Do you wonder at the rage exhibited in the Occupy Protests? It isbecause of the subjugation of people to the business interests of drug companies, doctors, energy corporations, etc.
    Do you not see the outrage you are guilty of?
    Is money really more important than human life?
    The evident answer from your end is “YES. It is”.

  3. This information seems similar to LifeExtension’s story about how the FDA wants to make Walnuts an illegal drug due to the known health benefits stated by the marketers of Walnuts. I know for a fact that IV vitamin C battles Sepsis as well if not better than all known antibiotics! This is very disconcerting that a low cost non toxic treatment is not allowed by the FDA while a toxic heated chemo literally puts the patient in agony and is not proven effective. Please point me to a path where we can unite and confront the FDA about this inflammatory practice.

  4. My friend is recovering from colon cancer surgery, now they are insisting on chemo. After much research, we have decided not to go that route. If the cancer has been removed from the body, and she is doing well, getting stronger, and basically feeling almost 90%, as they say in sports, why should we put her through 6 months of poisoning, with the possibility of destroying her immune system in the process?
    This is scary. Life and death are being juggled around by Big Business. And any valid information on follow up care or treatment is also being doled out by Big Business.

  5. The oncologist should never be paid by the drug company for giving away or using their drugs. A law should be initiated that prevents the physician from ever being paid by the drug manufacturer for the use of drugs to treat all cancers.

  6. I cannot believe my eyes……hot chemo therapy.
    Check out this video….www.wellnesswarrior.com UK Mom is not doing chemo, she is not doing radiation, or surgery….like me.
    I refuse.
    This week my best friend died of an infection because the Dr. made her get off her food supplements and continue to distress and suppress the immune system. What will it take for
    MD’s to understand the immune systems and how to boost them instead of deprive them of the micronutrients that nourish and put oxygen into the cells.
    Somebody needs to talk to Dr. O, again about the horrors of shock treatments and bipass surgery to end Diabetes, too.
    I have had enough of gross stupidty for the day.

  7. I lost a grandmother to cancer, and several relatives as well. Most if not all were treated with Chemotherapy. Chemo is a POISON. You’re poisoning your body in the HOPE that the poison kills the cancer before it kills YOU.
    I learned several years ago, that Frankincense oil was used to treat cancer. It does NOT attack the body’s healthy cells the way Chemo does. It ONLY attacks the cancerous ones! I wish I’d known about that YEARS ago before I lost my loved ones to cancer and Chemo!! Perhaps they would have been here a while longer.

  8. Thanks for the important info. I am 81 yrs. old and in good health. Just had a breast biopsy. Results: benign fluid cyst. The radiologist aspirated as much of the fluid as she was able. Dr. wants me to repeat mamogram in 6 months. I have decided this is unnecessary. Am I wrong?

  9. Great article!
    I would like to point out that the origin of the Vit C is very important.
    Most Vit C is out of China and is corn derived. Corn is genetically modified and has much less biological activity. Beet derived is not as big a problem but still for cancer work another source such as Cassava root Vit C will have a greater response than other types of Vit C.
    It is like cars, would you rather drive a Yugo or a Ferrari?

  10. I put this article on my FaceBook wall. Here’s the comment I put with it:
    This just confirms what I’ve been saying for years, and why, even after taking the necessary courses and qualifying to take the test to become a registered dietitian, I wouldn’t take the test. The FDA is one of the departments Ron Paul wants to “reign in” and probably do away with. That’s something else I’ve wanted for years! Our nutritional state is no better than a third world country’s if we eat most of the junk in grocery stores.

  11. I am a patient at a holistic center where I go for chelation therapy for my heart. I speak to many people who are there for Vitamin C therapy. Chelation therapy is the same. Even though years of use has been shown to improve circulation (at the very least), it too isn’t covered as it cannot be patented (patent expired an the 1940’s), It isn’t covered by insurance either (although is cost 90% less than a stent).
    The Hippocratic Oath has become meaningless. Greed rules our medical associations!

  12. Why is “Hot Chemo” an Acceptable Cancer Treatment—But IV Vitamin C is “Too Far Out There”?

  13. Well, I am not a “biology major” but I do understand the scientific method. How about doing a number of tests? One group gets the hot chemo, one group gets the vit C and see which group gets the most positive results. You will need a very large number of subjects because you must be statistically accurate. Secondly you will have to treat “simialar” cancers because the outcome of, say, prostate cancer compared to thyroid cancer would introduce a skew. I guess you will need a placibo group – but I did not include that because I would have a hard time denying anyone treatment for cancer. But do what you must to be scientifically accurate.
    If you get more poitive results from one group then that is the way to go. If you get the same number of positive results then go with the vitC because it is less tortuous.

  14. Current cancer treatments are very lucrative for the chemical industry and the doctors. It is not very helpful to the patient, however.

  15. Obviously, chemo is the bigger money maker….but possibly more important to Big Pharma, is that if they allow a simple vitamin to cure such a huge disease…..people will be expecting vitamins to do other important things….like keep us healthy. Can’t have that.

  16. This is generally due to a lack of knowledge about cancer and how the body actually functions. The level to begin the fight is at the secondary school level in general science. We cannot hope to fight face to face the incredible sums of $ that the pharma is proffering to one and all to denigrate our rights to choose our treatments and our “poison”. Ergo, somehow we must educate our children so that we may eventually present a knowledgeable face to those who would compromise our health in exchange for $$$$$$$$$$$.
    I know that our oncologists do not know how to cure cancer only to burn, poison or carve our precious bodies until life force departs, not from the ravages of the cancer but from the ravages of the savages posing as healers. Our own bodies have the tools and ability to fight and conquer such dis-eases of the body if we will only learn what we need to feed it in order to give it the fuel and nutritive supply to strengthen the immune system, our first and last line of defense. The poisons and radiation only serve to weaken the entire body, thereby breaking down those very defenses the body needs to deal with such invasions.
    What truly disappoints me is that someone as intelligent as Mr. Jobs, late of Apple, was convinced to allow those misfits to poison him in the hopes that the cancer would retreat ere the patient died. Well, we see how that worked out. But let us question and learn from these events, and there will be many more, in order to know how to save our own bodies, through proper nutrition and exercise, fresh air, clean water and this above all, do not put toxins into the body.
    Peace Spencer

  17. How does one comment on the murderous practices of mainstream medicine regarding the treatment of cancer? Most of what I’ve learned and experienced would seem to indicate outrage so intense that only discourteous and uncivil language could possibly convey the sense of it. That said, I’ll try.
    I know from experience how prostate cancer is likely to be over treated; for several years I went every 6 months to a Urologist due to elevated PSA readings. Finally, and I’m not sure exactly why, he decided that I should have a needle biopsy. Among the questions I asked him was “whether or not such a procedure might not cause any cancer to spread (metastasis). The Dr.’s answer was exactly this: “there is no evidence that this ever occurs with prostate biopsy”. I had the excruciating procedure done out of fear and, fortunately it was negative. Still I ejaculated blood for two months afterward! That was 10 years ago and, although I still suffer symptoms of prostate hyperplasia, nothing serious has yet developed.
    As an aside I’d like to report that high-dose vitamin C administered intravenously cured my chronic Lyme Disease. It was used in conjunction with a product named Carnovora. Carnovora alone had relieved my symptoms but failed to prevent eventual recurrence. When combined with the Vitamin C therapy a cure (hopefully) was realized. I’ve been symptom free for more than 5 years now. LL

  18. I have lost my Mother, Father, Sister, and two Aunts to cancer; I have always felt there was something “different” about Oncologists. Thanks for writing this article.

  19. Everyone talks about intravenous but I cannot find the dosage amounts anywhere.
    What is the dosage amount for intravenous Vitamin C ???

    1. Dose would vary from case to case, and IV-C should only be administered by a trained physician who would know the appropriate dose.

  20. What about that 2004 Stanford study which proved that the PSA test only tells how large a prostate is, not whether or not it is cancerous.

  21. The business of cancer like the business of war, energy and artificial foods is a monopoly without scruples. We live in a bubble created by scientific fraud and corporate “marketing”.
    The Healer’s Grail
    WE have all been alive since the first spark in the beginning, carrying the flame of life through the epochs and are of the primordial mother cell, all of us. The oneness of all living is exceeded only by the fact we are all (one) matter, born of the original energy that blasted the worlds into existence. You are me, the rock, the ocean and the galaxy. I’d say EVERYTHING is pretty closely related.
    The molecules that surround us are the same ones that construct our bodies and perpetuate life out of air, water and soil. These molecules may be packed with electrons or hungry for some, and this determines their behavior and associations (redox). Electrons themselves capture the power of photons and radiant heat from the Sun as the common currency of energy. Have-not molecules seek out those that have, and take them or share, and in sharing become larger. Large enough to build cells, large enough to build DNA and carry information and large enough to generate magnetic fields and… consciousness.
    It stands to reason that if molecules build cells and our bodies, that they must be of the correct elemental type and charge…and be capable of performing the business of cells, the biochemistry of life. Just as Dr Frankenstein infused his monster with gobs of electricity, we must quantitatively supply electrons to the body we live in and its cells must generate more. When through inappropriate nutrition or charge-robbing toxins and toxic thoughts our actual measurable voltage drops, our molecules begin to act erratically, cells refuse oxygen, immune systems grow weak and DNA malfunctions. Unchecked, this condition spirals down into disease, YES, MOST ALL DISEASE.
    When a healer’s efforts are organized to reverse these negative conditions, magically cells regain function and the monster rises robust and healthy. These efforts must be directed at the inventory of molecules AND their energetic condition, their electron balance. Once an overwhelming electron presence is restored, oxygen becomes available, mitochondria fire up their furnaces and the grid is brought to full power.
    A healer will not accomplish success with a single drug or supplement, he must address everything. It takes a holistic approach to reverse the CAUSE of the ultimate source of disease and bad ageing, a condition where essential molecules are attacked by electron have-nots, are oxidized and torn apart; oxidative stress. Sometimes oxidation is required to “fight fire with fire” and destroy sources of free radicals and unwanted pathogens. You can see oxidation in rusting metal, a burning match or an apple that turns brown. The medical mindset of chasing “unique” symptoms ignores the fact of this root cause which manifests in particular ways due to the nature of biochemical deficiency in areas of fluid stagnation.
    A close analogy to disease is the car that won’t start. Jumper cables boost charge so the starter can engage. Then Oxygen and fuel rush in (to mitochondria) to supply energy. AS soon as the engine turns over, the generator is activated, the dashboard lights up, the radio comes on and perpetual electron flow restores battery (fluid/electrolyte/cell membrane) charge.
    The causes of oxidation/reduction imbalances are mostly modern side effects of the industrial revolution which have undeniably altered our chemistry. Nutrition has changed from the paleo diet our bodies were adapted to over the eons. Instead of fish/animal fats and proteins, and wild plant foods “science” rearranged the food chain and based it on easily mass produced grains like wheat, corn and rice, and soybeans, and all their processed derivatives as well as grain feed-lotted meats/milks/eggs. Put simply, we shifted to electron-poor diets, high in carbs/sugars and bereft of minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and diverse proteins.
    Thinking on cancer (and most other disease) is beginning to recognize this view. Somewhere in the distant past our primordial cell line existed in anaerobic environments. When our typically oxygen-rich conditions of today are preempted by poor charge and growing acidity, cells revert to anaerobic fermentation to produce only small amounts of energy and are called cancer or other disease by degree.
    Folks are terrorized over this apex disease, become emotionally crippled and lose all coping ability. Having reversed cancer and many other diseases, I recognized the successful therapies of many alternative physicians and realized the common working thread; cell energy-draining acidic hypoxia. Once inner conditions decline, they favor primitive anaerobic life forms lying dormant in our DNA. Not only do our evolved oxygen loving cells decline, but oxygen-resistant survivors of the past like bacteria/molds/yeasts/fungi…reappear.
    The Grail of healing lies ultimately in restoring (electron) energy and total body charge in order to move more O2 into cells and mitochondria (a primitive cellular organelle responsible for energy production found in all living cells) and so power us. The healing protocol includes a combination of efforts to raise antioxidant intake AND stimulate (counter-intuitively) immune oxidative bursts. Alkalization of the system is aided by a boost in oxygen protective K, Mg, bicarbonate electrolytes. Detoxification involves raising charge to mobilize metals and organo-toxins. Replacing damaged/oxidized fat molecules incorporated in cell membranes removes a major bottleneck to oxygen penetration.
    No drug or single supplement can restore vibrant physiology and initiate self-healing. It takes a protocol equivalent to the bad foods, environmental toxins and negative emotions that initially eroded health. When the condition of our “inner ocean” becomes accepted as the cause of disease, we can begin treating our cells more like fish in an aquarium. Just “change the water” and provide fresh live food.
    The entire area of health and healing has become overcomplicated and financially conflicted so that information is not only confusing and subject to fraudulent science, but officially controlled. Real solutions are forbidden. Compartmentalization of scientific disciplines persists where chemistry, biology and physics must cross-pollinate and become integrated.
    A mass awakening is urgently needed to replace our environmentally unsustainable and artificial chemical grain-based agriculture and toxic industrial practices that seem to require an extravagantly expensive and ineffective pharma-care system. Higher consciousness and levels of intelligence depend on a strong body voltage. Restoration of health precedes improved mind function… so desperately needed by civilization.
    Biospheric suicide is the result of man’s mal-applied industrial technology that has resulted in acidic hypoxic oxidative stress, globally.
    We are the cancer.
    Sincerely, Capt. Randall, author Forbidden Healing

  22. Thank you for your helpful information. I feel a little saner and more capable of advocating for my own health care after I read your artivles. It is certainly worth looking at the large amounts of money being made for these “fashionable” treatments.
    How do we prevent the Pharmaceutical companies, using our puppet govt, from taking away the supplements that actually do give us better health and improve our immune systems so that they can fight of cancers and other illnesses.

  23. An area hospital and clinic nearby will give you a portacath, chemo and radiation for nonmetastizing cancer cells. Another hospital did a more simple procedure saving my insurance company thousands of dollars and perhaps saving my life in the process.

  24. This is about greed and more greed, especially by our bad government and also some doctors that being more then just greedy. Today it is not being concerned for our needs but for the money. Hopefully ohers that read will see lies

  25. Perhaps it’s time to fully restaff the FDA with hard-core scientists who use only the scientific method to determine what does and what does not work.

  26. It sickens me that people are losing their lives all in the name of money and greed!
    I wonder what someone who works for the FDA would do if they or a family member was diagnosed with Cancer. Hummmmm.

  27. I’d like to say I live in a free country. I’d like to say my country cares about me, my doctor cares about me, but I cannot fill the minds of the FDA with reason, or facts, or unadulterated studies. The FDA, it’s mind, it’s pockets are open. It is owned by the pharmaceuticals and bioteck companies. Shame on you all. Don’t you know that the life you save may be your own, or that of your child, or our future children. Disgusting behavior. Corruption that matches every other corrupt country in this world. FDA Look what you’ve done!

  28. The truth about vitamin C is suppressed because the truth obsoletes mass medicine, eliminates the need for vaccines, eliminates heart disease, eliminates the need for high-stress hospital births, and obsoletes most pharmaceuticals. This is not just about money and profit. Virtually all mammals convert glucose to ascorbate (vitamin C) in their livers in large amounts in response to stress (why don’t we learn this in school?). Humans (primates) have a genetic mutation that blocks that production, a defect in our carbohydrate metabolism that is the primary reason we have a “healthcare industry” worldwide. IV vitamin C to cure cancer is certainly miraculous, but the real science was done by Robert Cathcart on daily oral intake of vitamin C. The best links are Cathcart’s paper http://www.orthomed.com/titrate.htm; and a link about studies done on pregnancy: http://happybub.com/content/view/55/45/ which have been suppressed. Anyone can prove it…just keep vitamin C crystals on hand. Dissolve a tsp or so every 4 hours and drink. If it causes mild diarrhea, take less each time. If it never does, drink more, more frequently. The symptoms of any virus can be suppressed by taking it in at a high enough rate, and your gut tolerance increases if your body needs more. Healing of injuries is accelerated. Children supplemented at high enough amounts throughout each day, increasing to suppress any viral symptoms they experience, never need to be vaccinated or see the doctor. Many “healthcare” modalities simply are no longer needed once people understand their common defect (no internal vitamin C production), identify their personal demand for vitamin C for a given stress, and adopt a daily vitamin c practice, replenishing every few hours. So although this article is good, it doesn’t mention the elephant in the room.

  29. This revelation has me seething:
    “You know the old saying: just follow the money. As we reported previously, oncologists are the only doctors allowed to sell—and profit from—their own drugs. Oncologists can buy chemo drugs at a deep discount and then dispense them at the higher rate in their offices. It lets oncologists run a kind of pharmacy as a side business, and represents a considerable part of some oncologists’ income.”
    My wife died under the care of TWO oncologists after surgery, one for chemo and one for radiation. I now wonder in particular regarding the chemo doctor how much his bottom line was enhanced while my wife suffered the toxic effects of a treatment that worked only very briefly and then allowed her cancer to grow, meanwhile ravaging her remaining good health.
    I did not know that oncologists profit from the drugs themselves. This is outrageous. And I am left with even less respect for allopathic medicine than I had before reading this article, which was virtually none.
    A curse on ye, AMA!

  30. i am an integrative physician in upstate NY fighting on a daily basis to keep my patients healthy and OUT of mainstream medical practices. i absolutely hate what is happening in medicine. what avenues do we have to protect our patients????

  31. This continuous talking about unnessrsary and dangerous chemo is going on and going on…
    Isn’t it more essencial to make STEP forward: to collect INFO on cases chemo and IV vitC
    to COMPARE benefits and fails from them? There is a book full of this INFO by one genious Doctor from New Zeland with the comprehensive compilation and real facts about benefits of Vit C megadoses in crical cases. Is not it time now to gather our power TOGETHER w/ signatures
    addressing it to HSI for their responce? May be something else can be done in this way to STOP
    killing innocent people to befit medical terrorizm?

  32. It is a shame in this counry that as citizens we should have the right to who we choose as are health providers and not dictated by na goverment that only sides with peolple that have a ungodly way og treating cancer and not try to cure it .

  33. It is a shame in this counry that as citizens we should have the right to who we choose as are health providers and not dictated by na goverment that only sides with peolple that have a ungodly way og treating cancer and not try to cure it .

  34. It is a shame in this counry that as citizens we should have the right to who we choose as are health providers and not dictated by na goverment that only sides with peolple that have a ungodly way og treating cancer and not try to cure it .

  35. It is a shame in this counry that as citizens we should have the right to who we choose as are health providers and not dictated by na goverment that only sides with peolple that have a ungodly way og treating cancer and not try to cure it .

  36. It is a shame in this counry that as citizens we should have the right to who we choose as are health providers and not dictated by na goverment that only sides with peolple that have a ungodly way og treating cancer and not try to cure it .

  37. It is a shame in this counry that as citizens we should have the right to who we choose as are health providers and not dictated by na goverment that only sides with peolple that have a ungodly way og treating cancer and not try to cure it .

  38. The medical / pharmachalogical industrial complex is as treacherous as the military industrial complex and probably does just as much dammage, surreptitiiously though.

  39. I read all these things about FDA making choices for us or Wanting to and it is very upsetting to me. I like to make my own decisions and always have. They really don’t seem like they know what they are talking about AND do not have our health at heart. I’ve seen my parents get sicker as they age and the doctors appts they have gone to gives them no healthy “cure” or feedback. I on the other hand seek Only the advice of my nutritionist-who is my healthcare provider across the board… I have no insurance. Anyway. I would rather die than get chemo. I think allopathic medicine is good for broken bones and fixing the heart etc, but it knows nothing about how the body truly functions because the students are not taught that in medical school. Though I am told they are starting to. I use any alternative to healthy eating for dis-ease prevention. I love David Wolfs videos, Dr Oz, Kris Carr’s-Crazy Sexy Cancer info, etc. Allopathic meds has a doctor for every different body part and a big huge money making building with nurses that take your temperature and blood pressure, like they know what they are talking about….. when they don’t. I have not much need for that.. and its frustrating because my experience with myself and my family has not been positive at all. My experience with alternative medicine is so great… so healthy. And isn’t the word health the root word of healthcare?

  40. I have had 2 different kinds of cancer in my lifetime. I had a non-lymphoma type of cancer that had tumors along side my lymphatic system, when I was a young adult. Then in my 50’s I had breast cancer. I continue to have non-cancerous tumors in my breasts. I believe in preventive examinations. Also, you do not have any idea what You will do until someone tell You that you have cancer! You will do anything they tell you to do; just as I did. I trusted my doctors completely, and I am still alive today. In fact I am quite healthy! I am very busy with my life. I had radiation the last time. The first time I had a type of chemotherapy that was not approved by FDA. It was experimental. I don’t know if it cured me or if I lived because of my determination to live to raise my children. I still believe in my doctors. If you do not know your doctors, you may not trust them. I see my primary doctor regularly for preventative exams and know him well. I trust him completely. You may not do the same. If not you may have reason for not trusting a stranger’s advise. This is just my experience. I am still alive in spite of my experiences with cancer; the dreaded disease.

  41. Okay, constructive thoughts:
    1. Don’t generalize about diseases–e.g., prostate cancer–because the information inevitably becomes. What do I mean? First, prostate cancer cannot be diagnosed solely from a digital exam. Why not? Because male anatomy dictates that the doctor can reach only half the prostate–the other half cannot be touched. Second, no PSA test by itself ever led a doctor to diagnose prostate cancer. It is only when the doctor puts together the various pieces of information with experience and judgment that he orders a biopsy. But, because biopsies can miss cancer cells, they are not definitive. This is why, if symptoms continue (yes, there often are symptoms), biopsies are repeated.
    2. The tone of the article disparages treatments like surgery and radiation. A wise radiation/medical oncologist once explained it to me: No one can look at cancer cells under a microscope and determine which cells will grow quickly and which slowly. Therefore, it is a medically appropriate judgment to operate on 10 men to save one. The choice of radiation depends on the individual case, but the rationale is the same.
    3. Correct! Heat does kill cancer cells. The problem has always been that the heat is non-discriminatory. It kills everything in its path. Pure oxygen kills everything it touches, too. However, a recent development using nanobots has demonstrated that nanoparticles can be constructed to deliver heat selectively when heated by a magnetic field. In addition, these particles (a) are attracted to cancer cells only; (b) find cancer cells wherever they are; (c) kill all the cancer cells but none of the healthy ones.
    So, sure, “hot chemo” is inelegant and, well, barbaric. But, if your life were on the line and this were the only treatment option, would you take it? Since government isn’t pursuing the technology I described above, I’m guessing that the answer is yes.

  42. Pharmaceutical companies can’t make any MONEY with plain ordinary Vitamin C so they poo-poo it as quack fakery,

  43. Is IV vitamin C made with corn, rose hips, or what?
    Most vitamin C made from corn is genetically engineered to become a pesticide in the gut of the insect, animal or human who ingests it. I don’t know about rose hips. But I would certain want to know the source before I went for that therapy if I had cancer.

  44. Early detection and treatment of breast cancer saved my dear friend’s life. She had a lumpectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. While I don’t think that a one size fits all approach to cancer treatment is appropriate, it is also inappropriate to disqualify traditional forms of treatment. I am all for alternative treatments that support the patient through their cancer therapy. It’s possible that intensive IV vitamin C can be an effective therapy in some cases. But don’t make it the one size fits all solution that you are so strongly against.

  45. I speak from first-hand experience, as a year ago I was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma, with a 3-month prognosis, 4 months if I chose the conventional therapies. I chose to do my own research and bypass the 4 months of nausea that would’ve left me heavily in-debt. My research led me to IV Vitamin C, and I was lucky enough to find a local clinic where I could get IV/C treatments. The first 20 gram dose of IV Vitamin C induced me to cough-up a small tumor from my lung as soon as I got back from the clinic. A few days of Textbook Herxheimer Reaction later, and I noticed that a couple of moles (non-melanomas) died and came off in the shower. After a few more treatments, I stopped having Herx reactions. I also had started trying Curcumin supplements, and found that even more/older moles died and fell off in the shower. Today, I routinely take Curcumin on a weekly basis, and every once in a while, get another IV/C, just to make sure. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/?term=cancer+curcumin+apoptosis This is a great source of cancer science, just plug-in the type of cancer you want killed and try Curcumin, Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol, Milk Thistle Extract, and Olive Leaf Extract – All supplements available OTC at any good vitamin shop.

  46. I had hot chemo & radiation to a myxoid lipo sarcoma in my lower leg.My leg was on a heart lung machine leg turnacated off from my body so they could up the amount of hot chemo without it getting into the rest of my body for 90 minutes. You need good lymph system,., It shrunk the tumor enough for it to be removed without losing my leg and my life because it can travel to the lungs, brain stomach area. The radiation was a difficult desision but I decided it would up my odds of survival.I do believe in many ypes of alternative medicine but when you have a agressive type of cancer you have to react agressive back to regain your health.
    After when I started healing I could enjoy alternative ways to regain my health and lots of rehab.
    Would be interested if any tests were ever done with Vit c and what it can do for the human body/.

  47. I would recommend reading “Garlic For Health” (printed in Japan 1988) written by Benjamin Lau, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Lau is/was a professor at California’s Loma Linda University School of Medicine, where he taught medical microbiology and immunology. ( Some of the studies used garlic directly on various tumors, which shrank eventually into scar tissue.) The back cover: ” From his own research discoveries as well as those of other international research scientists, Dr. Benjamin Lau presents this book on garlic, inside these pages he will tell you about…
    * The potent ability of garlic to prevent and reverse the number one killer in today’s
    society – cardiovascular disease * The healing power of garlic to prevent and possibly cure certain types of cancer * The enhancing potential of garlic to strengthen the body’s immune system against allergies and the dreaded disease AIDS * The strength of garlic to help alleviate stress, the common problem affecting our entire society .. . and many more interesting findings!”
    From a personal perspective on needle biopsies, it sounds like the pathway created in obtaining the biopsy possibly spreads the cancer cells, I wonder if the same syringe drawing the specimen could then be exchanged with a immune enhancing mixture…megadoses of Vit C, or garlic? (or would low dosage peroxide be safe?) Then injecting the area while withdrawing the needle?

  48. In the near future, medical doctors, as with thier predesscors, the Inquisitors of yesteryear, will realise that they are as ignorant as they assume their patients to be. A medical doctor’s “degree” is what it says, “A” degree, not more and lots less! They are a hapless community of super ego’s, basking in the reflected glory of their circus trainers. No fault of theirs. Most are unaware of their own ignorance, otherwise they would take steps to remedy the disease of ignorance.
    As a lay person, I have learned that MY body as well as yours, is constantly producing antidotal and nutritional remedies, that in ignorance, as decreed by medical Degree, provides not only medicine but health thirst quenshing tonic water, known as Urine. Cures all diseases. Armstrong’s “Water of Life”
    and Unique Dr Matthias Rath’s claim that the human, unlike the animal, does not produce natural vit “C”. Mind you, the British Medical Soc only took 150 years to learn that! Limeys?
    “COMPETITION IS A SIN” John D Rockefeller Sr.
    Ignorance is all around and is not the prerogertive of the few,

  49. Chemo also does a job on your internal organs. I was dagnosed with breast cancer in August 2010. I did a lot of research immediately after my diagnoses. I also told my doctor that nothing was going to happen until I had the time to decide, on my own, what I wanted done. I upset him to no end. I finally decided to have the surgery at least. But the first surgery wasn’t until mid October. I had to have a second surgery in November because the Lumph Nodes they removed with the first were cancerous. That meant that they had to take the rest of them on that side in that area. But I flat refused CHEMO even though he was very mad when I told him. My reasons for refusing CHEMO were what it does to your body and if I got an infection and ended up in the hospital I could still die from the treatment for the infection. That really upset my doctor. I didn’t budge though. I told him that it was MY BODY and MY DECISION not his. He tried scaring me into it and tried bullying me. I told him no again and that he COULD NOT change my mind. I did opt for radiation treatment which is only a one time thing. If it returns on that side my ONLY option, in my opinion, is surgery. I will still refuse CHEMO which he will probably totally condem. But I have already decided that I would rather die from the cancer than the treatment.

    1. Another treatment no one has mentioned here is Gerson Therapy. There is a lot of good information on it and a couple movies (I watched the one made by a documentarian). Information dissemination is key. Susan Somers has a great book beating cancer. Immune system support is supposed to be good for all cancers. I am so moved by all who are fighting this disease and just hope we can all help to get the facts out there. Some docs are not informed of other options. I agree FDA is so off base and I guess bought and payed for by Big Pharma and let’s not forget Big Ag.

  50. There is an FDA approved clinical trial now at the South Florida Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Institute, using white blood cell infusions from the 10-15 percent of us who have cancer killing WBC in the summer. Zheng Cui of Wake Forest calls it LIFT, Leukocyte InFusion Therapy.
    Measuring Nagalase in blood is a good test for cancer without disrupting a tumor. Nobuto Yamamoto has conducted studies and small clinical trials in Japan with GcMAF, macrophage activating factor and published them in peer reviewed journals.
    GcMAF is a gentle approach to cancer cures with few side effects. Activated macrophages often cure cancer and seem to benefit also chronic fatigue and even autism patients. It can be expensive, but not compared to chemotherapy, since it can’t be patented. See http://GcMAF.eu for more information.
    The latest form for MAF is a yogurt where the two sugars are removed from amino acid 420 of vitamin D binding protein by the bacterial that turn milk into a tasty yogurt. See papers about MAF 314 for preliminary clinical results, not formal blinded trials. As long as we just say it supports the immune system, it remains a food, not requiring hundreds of millions of dollars of testing.

  51. The reason is simple: Doctors and Hospitals do not make money.
    I know of individules who have made a break through in cancer resurch who have been rejected because WE can not find a cure for cancer because we will not be able to recieve money from the cancer resurch fund.
    The Doctors that do try to cure the cancer are under attact from the FDA and AMA for their practice.

  52. Cancer treatment is a free market like all other health oder sickness related markets. There are not only the treatments offered but there seem to be needs to be fulfilled. Perhaps a deep ingrained conviction that medicine must be bitter to work lets people seek these devastating treatments. The image of diagnosis cancer is laden with horror and fear and no member of the cancer industry seems to be willing to lift this burden. People with a cancer diagnosis seem to be ideal cash cows.

    1. There are other nations that have taken the profit motive away from the health industry. You might think one is paying higher taxes in Europe, but the people have coverage and when you add in what Americans have to pay in medical costs or insurance – that’s not much bang for the buck!
      I’m an American living in France and had to go to a heart clinic for 4 days 2 years ago. EVERYTHING – private room, + meds, + tests, + intensive care for 24 hours, + doctor’s bills came out to: less than $4000!
      Yes – the costs are kept down over here. Nobody needs hospital bills of tens of thousands, or HUNDREDS of thousands if it isn’t for the purpose of bilking those when they need it most.
      Unfortunately, American has become a nation of preditors feeding on itself.

      1. PS: of course I didn’t have to pay for the hospitalization: the French state picked it up.
        Somehow our taxes are directed to the right things here. I’d rather pay the extra (which isn’t THAT much more – see the stats). Big peace of mind – can you imagine? And happy that others have it, too.
        And by the way: my mother in the states had to wait two months for her lung cancer operation (she never smoked). Waiting for procedures happens in the states, too.

  53. Well this is an eye opener. I can understand politicians and investors getting greedy and not wanting to let go of their dirty money but when doctors do it?…makes me sick.

  54. I’m very glad that you are out there with all this info. No one can make a good decision without having as much info. as possible
    Thank you,

  55. The FDA long ago gave up protecting patients from drug companies. Patients don’t pay their paychecks, drug companies do.
    The FDA opposes any natural safe treatment becauses it threatens the drug companies abikity to cough up money for the FDA.
    If we want the FDA to care about the American people, the government wull have to start funding then instead of the drug companues!

  56. Sometimes I have nightmares of people crying in pain, sick and dying, all needlessly. The most common belief in religious communities is thou shalt not kill, but we continue to try to kill cancer, instead of restoring a body to health. Even when people hear the truth, they tend to turn their heads and say no that can’t be possible, they wouldn’t destroy lives for money. Let the money trails be known, before they take away our freedom of speech and information. I used a cancer salve to remove a tumor from my body I am quite sure I got from the only mamogram I ever had. I never went to the doctors. I have it in a bottle of alcohol.

  57. A thoughtful and well written argument. There is no consistency from the FDA and the frustration is building. If they are going to take the stand that “hot chemo” is acceptable as a form of treatment then they must allow safer alternatives that have at least a little better documented results and far less chance of doing harm. What ever happened to “first do no harm”?
    I know many people in the pharmaceutical industry and many doctors are truly trying to help the general public. But people are frightened. Health care is becoming outrageously expensive. They are not being taught how to truly care for themselves nor given appropriate access to the research supporting natural supplements that give them a chance to help their bodies heal themselves.

  58. Four years ago I had a mammogram (the annual check-up). I was told that I had to do a more invasive mammogram because they saw something. Upon completion of the invasive mammogram, which I had two weeks after the regular mammogram, I was told the it was inconclusive and that I had to return six months later for another one. I have yet to go back for another one. My take on this is that I have subjected my body to all of this x-rays to be told it was inconclusive, why should I return six months later to put more radiation in my body. I feel that this industry is just draining people’s pockets, in most cases the insurance pockets, and thereby increasing the risk of cancer to people by subjecting people to all this unnecessary testing.

    1. If you want to know more about your breast health, thermograms are the way to go. NO radiation! And check out Think Beyond the Pink on Facebook and http://www.BreastCancerChoices.org for other alternative treatments that don’t do harm to the body, like the Hippocratic Oath requires the professionals to do, which they don’t.

    2. You could try an ultrasound………no radiation. That is what I did. Maybe someone will tell you it is not as accurate as a mammogram, but from reading a lot of articles……..mammograms aren’t always accurate either.

  59. Interesting report on needle track seeding! And I questioned my Stanford Medical Center oncologist in 1999 about this possibility prior to any treatment to diagnose breast cancer — “don’t worry, my dear, this doesn’t happen!” Amazing and tragic that we patients are so much more intuitive than some of the “professionals!”

    1. On the way into surgery, I insisted I was going to slip away under anesthetic. I begged my doctor to be conscious of my slipping away because he had to bring me back for my 5 year old son. He assured me nothing was going to happen, only 1 in 10,000 people die from anesthetic. As he pounded on my chest to restart my heart, he kept muttering, “How did you know?” We live in these bodies, some of us are willing to acknowledge WE KNOW. It can be a conscious choice to crossover for a moment, experience ecstatic joy, and return refreshed to complete our life’s work.

  60. We MUST allow more natural methods for treating cancer. The health of patients MUST take precedence over profits for drug companies and doctors. This is unconscionable.

  61. Our country must allow natural treatments in favor of expensive drugs that make the drug companies and doctors rich, rather than promoting health and healing for patients. If other methods are successful, they should be allowed, considering they are safer than artificial drugs and radical treatments.

    1. Problem with this is, the drug companies now control the government through agencies like the FDA and USDA, and these agencies are doing everything in their power to block or minimize the use of natural substances and maximize the use of overpriced, patented drugs.

  62. I am certain that anyone who has undergone cancer treatment of any kind will have something to say here. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer and was fortunate enough to have doctors who attempted to minimize the treatment I would need as much as possible yet kill the cancer. I was given one of the mildest chemos available, and had radiation. I WAS informed that nutrition before, during, and after was very important – that diet and nutritional supplements could only help. I do have a certain disdain however of mainstream medical treatments and have noted that there are other doctors in our region who seem to be mainly concerned with drugs, drugs, drugs. I prefer a doctor who wants to care for my whole body health, not just fix a symptom with a drug. I do believe I was given the right treatment by people who really cared. I also believe not everyone is fortunate enough to experience that.

    1. I also know by experience that all people who beat cancer via chemo say that. They should be crediting themselves for having won the fight … not their doctors. A doctor who says “aw it was nothing” instead of “you did it, not me, I just gave your body what it needed to do it’s job” doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

  63. Once I got IV Vitamin C for an infection. The infection seemed to be KO’d by the time I got to the parking lot. It needs to be done safely, but that should not be a major problem.

    1. I have had several iv c treatments in Florida, Broward Co. All of them were for prevention to enhance health along with chelation and mega vitamin therapy, Dr. Hoffer did extensive work in thiis field from 1955 to his death in 2008,, google Dr hoffer megavitamin therapy the info will blow your mind and make you mad at the established Drs.. The webb is our only source of real info,, I first ran across his study in 1970 when i was drinking heavily, in 3 months of using his process my craving for alcohol was
      diminished greatly,, check it out

    2. Go to ACAM.org, and look up people in your state. Most all the practitioners listed there will do it. If they haven’t done it before, tell them that it’s just like chelation therapy but uses the IV cocktail specified here: http://orthomed.com/civprep.htm
      The protocol is generally 70g/day for 3 days/week for 6 weeks, plus or minus 20 grams.
      FYI, your insurance probably won’t cover it so shop around if you can.

  64. Great article. Excatly what I have experienced. The world is greedy for money and vitamins work. That is the only reason we are being ripped off by the pharmacy companies and doctors.. I don’t know how they can live with themselves…

  65. If they are not making money off a treatment they will not do it.I firmly believe most cancers are the cause of poor diets and years of exposure to toxins in our foods and everything we touch. This testing and hot chemo should take a back seat to nutrician and the indiviuals needs. It has been proven that many cancers are halted even cured by intense proper vitamins and nutrician. People need the knowledge and feedom to make these choices for themselves.

  66. I have always thought that Vitamin C infusions were more likely to slow the progression of tumors as I received VC infusion in 2005 after I found out I had colon cancer. I got a second opinion at a top notch Cancer Treatment Center after about 7 months later after just juicing and receiving VCI but decided to have the mass removed and The Dr. told me what ever I was doing had the tumor under controlled and had not spread beyond the lymph nodes and chemo was not recommended. During the span of 5 years after being followed up by local onconlogist I was always told that everything was fine only to discover this past July that It had metastisized to my liver and as a result I have been receiving chemo over a 3 month period not realizing I had other viable options because I was told there are none.; Had I had the sense to request my medical records during this time I would have been able to make a more informed dicision about my care on my own rather than rely on the Dr’s expertise! My CEA is down to 4.4 as of January 12, 2012 but I am still having side affects from the toxic chemo granted they are minimal at best. I am getting ready to go into my 9th treatment and after that test will be performed to see how the treatment has impacted my tumor and if there is anything left, Radiofrequency Ablation will be done.
    What I would like to know is, am I able to get VCI while I am taking Chemo? Can anyone help answer this question!

    1. I hope you have been able to do some research since you wrote this, but I am pretty sure you can do the VCI with chemo. I spoke to a woman who does it and she was speaking to a family who wanted to help their father. I even believe I read it here on ANH. They have archives. Good Luck.

    2. Dear Brenda,
      “I” don’t know but I do personally know someone that will tell you. email me at: [email protected] put nasr in the subject line so I don’t delete it! Then, I will tell you how to contact them.
      Best regards

    3. The doctor I use claims IV C is an easy compliment to chemo b/c worse case scenario it eases the side effects of chemo. However, in some patients it actually seems to aid chemo in breaking down the cancer cells.

    4. Will is right. Ignore Jose and Laura K. Anyone that won’t answer this outright is a charlatan. Google Cathcart Cancer, Mark Levine Cancer, then Thomas Levy Cancer, for more information and head on over to vitamincfoundation.org and ask all your questions in their forum. IV Vit C potentiates chemo (makes it work better), and lessens the side effects of chemo. Likely you will have to threaten your oncologist with litigation to get him to do it. You can’t be nice anymore. Time to b*tch, because your other option is to die. Nice cancer patients die. All of them. My best friend did, because he was nice, and so will you if you want to do his bidding too.

  67. Cancer is too big of a money maker for the AMA, FDA and American Cancer Society to come clean and stop the lie they have all co-signed for close to a century. The “War on cancer” is an illusion. Our only hope for good medicine, good healthcare providers and the organizations that regulate and approve medicine/medical care is to not support the above mentioned institutions and those they are in bed with i.e. politicians, pharmaceuticals and big business. If enough people stop co-signing the lie along with accepting bad treatment and medicine hopefully it will destroy these evil predators.

  68. I want to concur with this article regarding the use of Vitamin C. I also understand that the American Cancer Assoc. is the founder of verifying the use of mega dose Vit C as a useful chemotherapy. My husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer after metastasizing into the lungs and a tiny spot on the liver. It took us 10 days to get to the Oasis of Hope in Tijuana where Vitamin C with Oxygen therapy was a significant treatment along with the additional natural chemotherapy. the growth in the lungs had enlarged and doubled in 10 days! BUT the growth ceased with the first treatment!! We were aghast with the wonders of the treatment. Our loss was that it took a delayed diagnosis and the gross growth in 10 days that disallowed him to reverse the already disabling effects. Yes, Yes, Yes, Vitamin C with low concentrate of oxygen is a viable treatment!! Thank you for this coverage. We need more of this information along with some of the protocols from other countries that do CURE cancer to be allowed to serve us here in America.

  69. Grateful for a better overview, thanks for sharing. Recently came across book on intravenous Vit C that raves about effectiveness and overall rejection by medical establishment here in US. So if we want to explore intravenous Vit C as a protocol, how do we identify a safe provider?
    Seems as though doctors are less interested in living up to their Hippocratic oath than OVER- protecting their financial assets. I have a condition from a car accident that causes prolonged headaches (2-4 months) as a result of muscle spasms irritating nerves from my neck to my tail bone. After six years suffering, found pain mgt. specialist in Las Vegas who uses 1/2 Vit B w/ 1/2 anesthetic for intramuscular trigger injections. Other doctors used anesthetic w/ steroids (which caused me more prolonged and intense pain). Inflammation is NOT the cause of nerve irritation. The nerve gets irritated if I move the wrong way, muscles go into a spasm, spasm irritates nerves. The Vit B relaxes the muscles. Since 2001 have pain under control unless I travel away from CA where my General Practioner was persuaded to properly treat me after communicating w/ Dr. Pasimio & researching online. So what if this protocol was developed by a Veterinarian, it works and it is safe. Even with 13 pages of file notes from my doctor on my treatment with this protocol, FL Cleveland clinic pain specialist REFUSED to do more than inject an anesthetic, that wears off in an hour, leaving the nerves to be once again irritated by the muscles still in a spasm. Hundreds of thousands of Americans could find relief from intense pain and be ever so much more productive if these doctors would just use common sense.

    1. Alice,
      why don’t you look into Neurosomatic Therapy as well? I work at the St. John-Clark Clinic in Clearwater, FL where we apply this type of integrative manual therapy and we’ve been helping a lot of people.
      If you care to know more about it go to stjohn-clarkptc.com.

    2. Which Vit. B are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?
      Thanks for the info. My husband has terrible nerve pain. And, you guessed it, they tell him it’s inflammation. I’ve always disagreed with that because of how I manage my own pain.

    3. What is the name of the Vitamin C book you mention?
      IV C saved my life. I have been on it for two years and it halted growth of masses and gave me back my life from the hands of “cut and see what happens” doctors. I am amazed at its effectiveness and the low cost ($155 per treatment) made it available. Thank God it cannot be patented or I’d be dead today. I don’t know what it could do for you but it helped me.

      1. can you tell me how to find someone (a doctor perhaps) who will agree to give me the IV vita c? I am in Florida.

  70. “Increasing the risk of cancer to people by subjecting people to all this unnecessary testing.”
    There is destructive testing and non-destructive testing. Why is the destructive testing being pushed? Why are we not given the risk to reward figures. Oh yes they do exist but if you knew you probably would not be tested; not be “treated” and not have a bunch of new bills to pay..
    Speaking of destructive testing the radiation machines your friendly TSA goons use have never been tested. There can only be one reason for this. Future historians will be at loss for words explaining how such a “technologically advanced” society could subject their citizens with so many forms of deadly radiation. Then it will hit them oh yes that was the time of the great depopulation.

  71. When I had surgery several years ago for kidney cancer(kidney removed), my husband insisted that the doctor do a needle biopsy on me. That is when the surgeon informed us about the needle track seeding. There was no biopsy done before the surgery after receiving that information! I am alive and well. I know of two others with a different outcome.

  72. The real reason we must take vitamin C is because we cannot finish the 4-step glucose pathway which makes it endogenously. This is because we all lack the gene for gulonolactone oxidase (EC, which catalyzes the 4th and final step.
    Thus our body burdens of vt C are at best 1% of the correct mammalian value: 2000–2500 mg/kg.
    But we can reinstall the gene, which has been sequenced. That will cure the universal human scurvy.

  73. Very good article. It appalls me that more information about the curing powers of vitamin C given intravenously isn’t publicized more by medical fringe groups, especially in the treatment of cancer. Of course the mainstream medicine does everything they can to fight any knowledge of it and they have the FDA leading the charge. Another thing that irritates me is that the FDA is paid with taxpayers money to go about their devious business. They work for the pharmaceutical businerss and the food industry, they’re the ones who should be paying their salaries. Alternative solutions to our medical problems of today are never going to have any inttelligent resolve as long as the FDA has the control over us that they do. The FDA has one and only one goal and that is to insure the outrageuos profits of the pharmaceutical industry continues. That is why alternative cancer cures will continuously be kept from the public by mainstream medicine. The FDA forbids any doctor from informing patients of alternative cancer cures. The FDA is not concerned with our well being, but only the profits of the drug companies and the food industry.
    Until people start becoming outraged over this it will continue. I’m a diabetic and have been for the past 53 years. During those 53 years I have had only one doctor who understood the disease and got me on the right track with. Since his retiement in the late 70’s I have almost entirely turned my back on the medical professio and I have done quite well without them. I don’t think the same attittude can be taken when confronted with cancer but mainstream medicine absolutely does not have any answers. I have armed myself with a couple of books and plus information availble over the internet on alternative cancer treatments and recommend to everyone to do the same. Be armed with the knowledge before your back against the wall and need the knowledge. I don’t have cancer and safeguard against it but it is a devious disease and a big money maker for mianstream medicine. This little fact or big dact is the most important to keep in mind.

  74. I have ulcerative colitis. I have tried many different supplements. I have found rectal ozone treatments are awsome for the disease and I have tried IV infusions like chelation, C, and peroxide and found all these infusions are beneficial. There is a stem cell procedure I like to try but it costs way into the thousands. I found that the ozone and gluten free and juicing and certain supplements work best for me but all has to be organic and non gmo. I knew long ago that poking a tumor with a needle to take a sample will cause the cancer to spread, that is common sense. Several gastronologist want to remove my colon and rectum if I don’t take the meds they want to prescribe me which is Imuran and does lower your immune system and many other side effects. I did take the meds for a year and around 8 months I started developing side effects. I tell them I can not afford it but they said not to worry about that, that I can get it for free for a year until I get back on my feet. I refuse to submit. What I am doing is working for now but not working will stop all this next week.
    What I am saying is, do your homework and seek other opinions and research other alternatives if your consciouness is telling you to.
    I thank Dr. Julia for her alternative medicine knowledge in Ozone and her knowledge in the right supplement to prescribe me in the right timing of my stages of my active ulcerative colitis disease back in 09 which I came close to death. I thank God for her. 🙂
    I am open for any other information so feel free to contact me, we need to keep fighting for our rights.

    1. I have found that Probiotics will help with any problems in the alimentary canal (digestive system from mouth to anus). They must be taken in a form that will not open in the stomach. Such a delivery system is a pearl that passes through the stomach and opens in the small intestine. This guarantees that your system is flooded with billions of good flora.

    2. I would like to cover all bases and call your attention to the fact that Ulcerative Colitis could be considered one more symptom of Fibromyalgia. Investigate with an expert doctor other possible symptoms to see, if you can get to said diagnosis. Fibromyalgia has no cure yet, but you can carry a normal life with maintenance Rx for life, which I know about. If things go in this direction, I could help you. I am in Europe: [email protected]

  75. I was visited by cancer 6 years ago and fortunately the slash and burn thing turned out to be a myth. The only time we believed i was having chemo was when my hair fell out.We have always done lots of supplements and still do, no canned food,or red meat and we don’t smoke. The other thing I did was leave a very stressful career,which was killing me. I started going to a wellness community and found for myself it wasn’t a fit,since all of the peeps seemed to have given up. I decided the doctors could do their part and i would do mine. It worked. If they do anything to supplements i will move to Canada. The world health organization has rated The US. as 38th in quality of health care. That’s a long way down. France and Italy are first and second. By the time these senators get their way and the CDC has denied the existence of half the current diseases and scientists have tweaked enough deadly viruses to kill half of living beings (U.S.research Rotterdam),we will be at the bottom of quality health care, if we are alive at all. And that,s the way it is.

    1. I believe conventional cancer treatment is all about the money and it is indeed a crying shame. The Pusherman (big pharma) and the Dealers (AMA) have got the FDA sewn up, whom have us by the gonads. There is little money in curing cancer but there sure is a heck of a lot in treating it.
      The FDA’s interest is in growing Big Pharma’s pocketbook. Look at all the junk meds they are allowed to peddle complete with debilitating and deadly side effects. I’ve never heard of anyone OD on weed but take a Celebrex and you can bleed to death and; that’s OK with FDA.
      Let’s take a look at their name: Federal Drug Administration; not administration as in doing actual work but administering as in dispensing! Big pharma has gotten way too big for it’s britches and none of these above mentioned parties should have the right to determine who lives and dies.
      We have the right to control our own destiny and we should be allowed to do it. Personally, I do this by avoiding the medical community as much as humanly possible. I choose to treat myself and when all else fails, I go see the doc and “we” decide how it will be done.
      Knowledge is something they can’t take away from us. If We, The People stick together and help each other, we will overcome the corporate control leaving our fate in our own hands.

    2. Cancer mortality is 96% as average. I am glad you are doing temporarily well, You know the joke about the guy falling from the top of the Empire State, while passing by the 49th floor. If you run into problems in the future, I might be able to help you with alternative Rx with a success rate of 80%, if I am still alive. Go to
      [email protected]

  76. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in truth was once a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! However, how could we communicate?

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