Have the Pediatricians Lost Their Minds?

HPV for BoysThe American Academy of Pediatrics, whom we have previously criticized for industry ties, now says all boys between the ages of 11 and 12 should receive the HPV vaccine—the same one that has harmed so many girls. Action Alert!

During the Republican Party presidential debates, Michelle Bachman questioned the safety of this vaccine and was roundly ridiculed, especially by the media. Commentator after commentator noted that the government said this vaccine was safe. But let’s look at the facts.
No other vaccine lists and thereby acknowledges the serious side effects that the HPV vaccine does. One particularly alarming side effect, acknowledged by the manufacturer Merck even in advertisements, is the risk of seizure. Of the twelve other vaccines recommended by the CDC for children, only two—the controversial MMR combination vaccine and the HiB vaccine—list “seizure” as a safety concern. Pain at the injection site, headache, fever—these are fairly commonplace reactions. But none of the others has the acknowledged serious side effects that the HPV vaccine does. We have created a graphic (click for larger view) showing the side effects side-by-side.

Vaccine side effects

We are emphasizing these side effects (acknowledged in writing by the manufacturer) because Merck, the Centers for Disease Control, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all seem determined to stonewall and deny any significance to the 20,096 adverse events and 1,498 “serious adverse events” associated with the vaccine and reported by physicians. We reported on this sorry state of affairs a number of times last year, most recently in October. These adverse events include blood clots, the neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and death.
Our readers will note the irony of this. One reported adverse event for a supplement is enough to get the FDA’s full attention. But when it comes to drug and especially vaccine adverse events, everyone in government looks the other way.
Wouldn’t you think that 34 associated deaths (there were actually 71 deaths reported through September 15 of last year, but 37 of the reports didn’t have enough information for the report to be independently confirmed) would be worth looking into by somebody? But no. The official party line is that the adverse events are not peer-reviewed research and therefore may be ignored. And the government isn’t about to do any peer-reviewed research into this frightening data.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends the HPV vaccine for boys aged 11 to 12. This mirrors a recommendation released last October by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
This is truly Alice in Wonderland medicine, and can only be explained by close—indeed, tight—financial ties between vaccine makers, government, and researchers. For more on the financial ties between Big Pharma and the AAP, please see our previous stories on heat exhaustion and sports drinks, and on cholesterol screenings for pre-pubescent children.
To say that the HPV vaccine is of dubious benefit is really an understatement. Although touted as a cancer vaccine, it is still very possible to develop cervical and other cancers even after being vaccinated. As we noted last September, of the 100 different types of HPV, only fifteen might someday develop into cancer, the vaccine targets only two; moreover, the relationship between infection with HPV at a young age and later development of cancer is unknown.
Unlike the HPV vaccine, other cancer prevention strategies are free or low-cost. The standard for cervical cancer screening, regular Pap smears, carries no side effects and when performed regularly can easily catch cervical cancer in time for a simple removal without complication. Women who have been vaccinated against HPV must still submit to regular Pap smears since the vaccine does not protect against all causes of cervical cancer. Most insurance plans cover an annual Pap smear, and programs funded by the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program offer free or low-cost Pap tests to women in need throughout the US.
Another really powerful  prevention strategy is to eat cruciferous vegetables or take the supplement DIM (diindolylmethane, a plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables), as explained by Dr. Jonathan Wright in the December 2011 issue of his newsletter Nutrition and Healing. DIM may also be used therapeutically for those with cervical cancer or pre-cancer.

The most effective combination prevention strategy both for viruses and for cancer (and certainly for cancer-linked viruses) is to maintain optimal levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D comes from the sun for free, and vitamin D3 supplements are inexpensive. Most Americans are deficient in the vitamin.
Virginia is currently the only state requiring that all children be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine, and Virginia legislators have introduced a bill to repeal the HPV vaccine requirement—HB1112.
Please send a message to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC denouncing their recommendations. Point out the major problems with the HPV vaccine—both its dangers and its ineffectiveness—and ask them to withdraw it from recommendation. Please keep in mind that these kinds of messages can also lay the groundwork for congressional or legal action.

Take Action!

In addition, if you are a Virginia resident, please contact your legislators and support the repeal of the HPV vaccine requirement. Together let’s pass this bill.

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  1. In reference to the HPV vaccine for boys aged 11 – 12 ! I am speechless this morning! This is not fair on these children. When oh when will parents stand up and refuse to have their children vaccinated! Perhaps I should ask ” When will parents start thinking for themselves and NOT blindly follow what is dished out by the spin doctors? ” There really is no excuse to be blindly ignorant these days. In my day the literature on holistic issues was very limited and my entry into THOUGHT and knowledge was via a book by Gaylord Hauser! He was mainly dealing with people who wanted to be beautiful and taught that beauty comes from within, starting with good health! !
    I started my thinking then, 53 years ago and it’s frightening to see how so many people are still back in the dark ages and ignorant of their basic human functions! Thank you for your wonderful work in getting the information out there! I just hope it is not too late for us as a species! Stopping my rant for a moment, your remarks about Vitamn D is enough to make me cry! In Australia we have an aggressive government funded TV campaign against going out in the sun and our beautiful children are told “There is nothing healthy about a tan” and walk about dressed in rashie tops at the beach, hats and deadly chemicals on their skin!!!! I despair at times!

    1. Yes the world wide attack on our salubrious sun is proof that something far worse than ignorance is at work here. That HHS and its sister operation down under would not be COMPLETELY cognizant of the THOUSANDS of studies demonstrating the extremely salubrious and ESSENTIAL nature of sun exposure and vitamin D, especially in helping in attacks on our lungs.
      It is my personal belief that sunshine and vitamin D will prove very efficacious in fighting the upcoming political pandemic thus sunshine and sunbeds are being attacked. This only makes sense if there is a world wide high level political desire that the political pandemic succeeds in killing vast numbers of us.

      1. It is incredible is that the manufacturer Merck, health authorities, politicians, doctors and other Gardasil promoters know so little about this vaccine – yet they have the audacity to aggresively promote it.
        Who wants to buy a car from a pushy salesman who knows nothing about cars?
        They cannot answer if the vaccine increases risk of cancer, brain damage, blood clots, autoimmune diseases, genotoxicity, infertility, dangers to recipents in connection with blood donation from the vaccinated, possibly horrific consequences in connection with the recombinant HPV DNA which was revealed by an independent laboratory, etc.
        Here’s a llst of 27 important questions which the promoters are unable to answer. The list is not even complete!

  2. It is so frustrating that I can’t take action as every time I go to send a letter, the fact that I am not a resident of the USA stops me from completing the task.
    What is the answer there?

  3. More natural solutions need to come from medicine rather than injecting foreign substances into the human body without proper testing and analysis.

    1. Will not happen because the Medical Industry would lose revenue. But Sir why do you need the Medical Industry to take natural foods and supplements?
      You do NOT.

  4. I applaud this article and would like to suggest that for more information about the dangers of all vaccines your readers go to the following websites:

  5. HPV is a rising cause of head and neck cancers, specifically oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and along with HPV-related anal cancer is more prevalent (75%) among males.
    Pap smears do not catch all cervical cancers and they do not detect vaginal or vulvar cancers that can also result from HPV.
    There are 500,000 cases of cervical cancer annually but 640,000 cases of head and neck cancer (75% from HPV). Many are non-resectable (50% survival rate) and the resectable ones can yield the same horrific results as those from smokeless tobacco.
    The listed side effects of vaccination are laughable when the alternative is death or disfigurement. The vaccines are remarkably safe. In trials the CDC reports 71 deaths subsequent to 59.000 vaccinations. Of those, only 34 included identifiable patient information. None of that 34 showed evidence that the death was caused by the vaccination and some stated specifically that it was not.
    In the UK, the government pays for both prevention and treatment. The Institute of Head and Neck Studies at University Hospital Coventry considers both vaccines to be cost effective even though they prevent only 70% of cervical cancer and are expected to have similar efficacy for head and neck, vaginal, vulvar, anal and penile cancers.
    The author assumes that scientists who spend their entire lives studying viral diseases are ignorant regarding vitamin D. That is insulting at best. Vitamin D is cheap to buy but expensive to prescribe and not particularly effective especially for the age group targeted. Young white women (age 15-49) in the U.S. have at most a 4% chance of vitamin D deficiency vs. 40%-50% for those over 50.
    I personally believe Dr. Hisham Mehanna and his team at University Hospital Coventry over an amateur with an axe to grind.
    I choose to get every immunization available for my age group including HepA, HepB, pneumonia and most recently shingles.
    I do this partly because I owe it to the people around me to minimize the chance that I would transmit a disease to them.
    The article argues that I should choose the cheap, easy and ineffective alternative and hope that my responsible friends protect me.

    1. .Re. Parnel Ide’s comments. You should realise that this is not a scientific forum, therefore the data relating to statements that you seem to require would be inappropriately given here. However, I can guarantee you that these statements are not made gratuitously. Is he referring to Dr Andrew Wakefield when he speaks about an MD who is now in jail ? He does not provide the needed reference to clarify his comment. If it is Wakefield of whom he speaks, then a) Wakefield is not in jail and b) Wakefield did not say that vaccines cause autism, merely that there was an association which needed further investigation.
      Other unreferenced remarks include the statement that more children have been harmed by not taking vaccines than by taking them. At which point I lose interest in anything further he might say.
      And now let us look at Mr Cruder.
      Paragraph 1 : Qualitative remarks which tell us nothing about absolute numbers, therefore not worth stating.
      Paragraph 2: Implicitly, then, pap smears catch most cervical cancer ? And they are not designed to catch external cancers, which are more clearly identified by eye.
      P3 : Worldwide? Or just in the US ? Please be more specific.
      P4 : The side effects of vaccination are laughable, apparently ,when compared with the potential outcome of not vaccinating. Mr Cruder, the side-effect of vaccinating that we are discussing here is death. The rest of the paragrapoh implies that the vaccine is safe because of the relatively low death-rate. Mr C does not address the issue of all the additional major but non-lethal side effects. If it does not result in death, he is not interested. He sounds like the Dad from hell.
      P5 : The UK pays for…etc. We need to know that the rate of cervical cancer has declined by 70% since the introduction of the vaccine., which is the implication made by the august body he references. Also why the cancers of the various other tissues can not be stated to have similarly declined in incidence at this stage. Surely all these cancers will be as positively impacted as cervical cancer.
      P6 : This IS laughable. Mr C becomes very patronising, but he fails to realise several important facts relating to Vitamin D. I hope he is not one of the scientists he mentions. Vit D is known about, but the recommendations for its use are that it is taken at a level of at most, twelve times less than the doseage at which it becomes effective in preventing cancers and infections. (See the Chief Medical Officer for…

      1. (See the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Jan 2012 NHS Lothian publication). He references young white women’s Vit D status. This is a cunning deception, as it fails to mention the equivalent rates amongst black persons, who are significantly more problematic, because their skin colouration reduces their ability to synthesize Vit D. Additionally, recommended plasma levels of Vit D are designed merely to prevent rickets; this is the very least of the vitamin’s functions, which are apparently ignored by mainstrem medical personnel in favour of a knowledge base which is at least 100 years out of date. Mr C tells us that vit D is not particularly effective in helping the HPV vaccination target group, but this is simply his own opinion, , because to my certain knowledge no studies have ever been done to confirm his prejudice.
        His penultimate paragraph plays the moral superiority card, which is quite nauseating. Mr Cruder should realize a very basic fact, which is that vaccinating an individual will perform the same function as treating an individual with antibiotics, ie the pathogenic organism will mutate through selective pressure into forms which can evade the intervention. We are informed that there are many other viral types associated with HPV which are present and waitiing for just such an opportunity to infect the individual. He should also be aware that vaccination decimates CD8 cell types, which are strongly implicated in both resistance to cancer, and in the response to organisms similar to ones already encountered. Vaccination is therefore a strategy which favours present resistance against one pathogen over longterm resistance to a myriad of similar pathogens; and a contemporaneously increased susceptibility to cancers of all kinds

    2. Sir you do realize that the HPV “vaccine” has not been proven or demonstrated to protect against ANYTHING. The “protection” touted is all unproven, even very good, THEORY. No MEANINGFUL clinical tests have been run. Note this holds for all “vaccines” I know of. Gold Standard clinical testing is NEVER done. ALL “testing” of “vaccines” is done to demonstrate antigen creation.
      How difficult would it be to double blind placebo [honest placebo please] control clinical test the “seasonal flu vaccine” against an efficacious dose of vitamin D? Answer it would be SIMPLE. Why has this NEVER been done? WHY? WHY? WHY? Note many good doctors have run this testing on an informal basis. Their conclusion: vitamin D works infinitely better than the “seasonal flu vaccine”; vitamin D does not GIVE the subject the flu and LOTS of miserable side effects.
      “Vaccination” does not work; it has NEVER worked; it keeps us in the dark about our immune system; it prevents the actions that REALLY would help our health.
      “Vaccination” is a deadly scam.

    3. I’d hate to be one of the 71 people that died, according to your statistics. I didn’t get this vaccine for my daughters. I’m really glad I did not. Why should we trust the FDA or doctors for that matter? Everyday they make decisions that put my children at risk. One of them is allowing carginogens in the foods we eat. Food coloring has been tested in rats and shown to cause cancer, yet these food colorings are allowed in our medicines, food, drink, lotions, etc. Why? Because its about the money and how they can market poison to our kids and families. I don’t trust the FDA and neither should you. I have had my children vaccinated with other things and I sort of have regrets. My oldest has Aspergers and my youngest has sensory issues. This makes me wonder if it was from the vaccinations or something else. I can’t be sure. But what I can do is prevent them from getting this vaccination and that I will do. I stopped trusting my kids pediatrician a long time ago. Sometimes a mom has to go with her instincts and so far, they haven’t failed me yet when I’ve listened.

  6. It’s all about the money! They don’t care about the health and safety of our kids. (As a corporation)

  7. I think you are entirely misinformed and actually dangerous. You give no data related to your statements. Actually, more children have been harmed by not taking vaccines which are well researched. The MD who stated that these vaccines were responsible for autism is now in jail because his study could not be repeated ever again. This was wrong and people believed it and acted accordingly. If young people can be protected by this vaccine, it is well worth it. It is confusing to people to have conflicts that are based thinking without proof. Please be very careful of this in the future.

    1. Parnel,
      I agree with you that, in general, vaccines are necessary and we should not retreat from providing them to our children – a concerning trend these days.
      However, this article is not about vaccines in general, but about one specific vaccination – HPV. Given that, I believe your response is itself misinformed. I would invite you to re-read the article, determine what it is really about and re-post your thoughts on this particular topic – not on the general efficacy of vaccinating.

    2. it’s best to do research and take into account unbiased knowledge and opinions. Trust your instincts and have open discussion of our fears and concerns with others in our situation. Learn not to tout one decision or the other as wrong, use your own best judgement, that’s our job as parents. The government is not my friend, and it’s not your friend. It’s tainted my water, raised my taxes, taken my job, my security, imprisoned millions of people for cannabis, ruined peoples lives by allowing FDA to turn gestapo, and turned my beautiful state of California into a police state. My government continues to kill our young people by having them fight wars on foreign soils. Still. My government allows the FDA to raid Vitamin and herbal suppliers – in full on swat style. My government kills our own. Every day. So what is there about them to trust? The lives of our children? Are you serious?
      As parents we must be able to make decisions with accurate information from various sources, and unfortunately it’s a known fact that drug companies will not make profit if they save our lives, even doctors are being duped, and vacationed, so how can even their opinion be trusted? Our children rely on adults to make the right decisions. If the decision is made by someone that is driven by money, and not the parent, there’s a problem.
      When my government has lied to me my entire life, when I realized that politicians and drug companies were not only working hand in hand, but are money driven entities, they aren’t to be trusted with my children’s lives, period.

    3. Our government has a history of being wrong. How many drugs has the FDA approved and then we later found out there were serious side effects? That’s the only data I need. We should question every single thing they tell us to do. Do your own research, do not base what you do on government recommendations.

      1. @ Crystal
        It is incredibly difficult for new medication to be approved these days by the FDA, go and have a look, compare the amount new drugs introduced in the past 10-20 years to now. There has been a significant reduction since (and probably due to the serious adverse side effects of some, there is no denying) They do take they’re job very very seriously. And as unbelievable as it might sound to you, people who work there aren’t out there to try cause needless harm to others.
        There are potentially beneficial drugs out there for people who could really use them. To say a drug will work for everybody (and should work for everybody without any side effects) is over simplifying things. Make an informed decision, take responsibility on trying to find out as much as you can, don’t hinder others who will benefit as a whole from these by villainizing the FDA

    4. Dear Parnel
      Please do not spread scurrilous untruth about a courageous fighter for our kids and us. Please learn the FACTS. The MMR “vaccine” has been demonstrated strongly and REPEATEDLY to be a strongly suspected factor in autism. Doctor Wakefield, like all who stand up to the evil vaccination machine has been attacked with all the power of the Medical Industry. Academia, the Science Industry, the Media and “Government”.
      As is often the case the Medical Industry. Academia, the Science Industry, the Media and “Government” are LYING and the brave lone researcher who discovers something true but politically incorrect (Doctor Wakefield) is correct.
      Here is a list of 28 studies from around the world that support Dr. Wakefield’s controversial MMR findings:

  8. The maintable in the article is technically incorrect. When the left hand column lists the side-effects, its header should be side effects and Vaccines and brand name should be above the list [columns 2 to 14]
    Otherwise it is an excellent article. If the suggested amendment is incorporated, I shall post it on my discussion groups.

  9. I have four daughters, my oldest did not get the vaccine; she is 28 now and has had a pap come back with pre-cancer cells a year ago. Perhaps this could have been prevented if the vaccine was available to her when she was younger. Now my second oldest 16 has received the vaccine with absolutely no complications. My younger twins will receive it as well.
    Stop scaring everybody with misinformation. I trust my pediatrian and wish this vaccine came out earlier for my oldest daughter! What, pray tell will you attach next?

  10. “This is truly Alice in Wonderland medicine, and can only be explained by close—indeed, tight—financial ties between vaccine makers, government, and researchers.”
    Please let us include the “Peds” in this circle of infamy. IMO the class of doctors we know as Pediatricians was created to shove needles into healthy babies until they were no longer healthy. Yes this may be overly harsh, it is only my opinion and I apologize to the many good Pediatricians out there, but for someone who makes their life work shoving needles into little human beings to be so ignorant of the basic “vaccination” facts is IMO inexcusable.
    A few hundred hours examining the basic “science” of “vaccination” should be enough to give serious pause to one’s dogmatic beliefs in “vaccination”; one thousand hours should inform you that “vaccination” may not be the best way to achieve immune system optimal efficiency and thus protection against the diseases you are purportedly “vaccinating” against. Further study should bring you to the awful conclusion that HHS KNOWS “vaccination” is harming, often killing our children and out country.

  11. The bottom line is that no one knows how effective this vaccine is. The studies done on this vaccine to prove the outcome was no where near long enough to determine if the vaccine is even effective, never mind safe. Anyone who gets this vaccine for their child is willingly letting their child enter into a long term study for the medical industry. The children today getting these shots are being monitored and will be followed up for 20, 30, 40 years to see how they fared. There is no question about it. Free research for the drug companies.

    1. Excellent comment Carrie Hunt. This is so true! Adults and Children are Guinea pigs for the drug industry. Parents need to be informed that they have a right to waive these immunizations.

  12. This is just another reason for Parents to not Vaccinate their kids. For those of you who read this and say well I won’t be able to send my kids to school if they don;t have the required vaccines well you are wrong, Federal Law states that you can Waive the Vaccine requirements based on Medical, Personal, and religious reasons.. Get yourselves educated so you will have the ability to put the schools and big Pharma in their place.

  13. HPV has caused numerous death and injury, but Vaccine Injury Denial continues to pervade the mainstream as always. What are the long-term affects on health on the many kids who get this? Is it really worth it? Probably not considering that viruses can be prevented by other means.

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