“What supplements should I take (or avoid) prior to my Covid vaccine?”

For those who decide to get vaccinated against COVID, ANH Board member Ronald Hoffman, MD, provides answers to questions about how to prepare before the vaccine and what to do after vaccination.

Note: This article is adapted from an earlier post by Dr. Ron Hoffman. ANH believes individuals should have the choice to take or not take the COVID vaccine. As such, we want to provide information on questions we’ve been receiving from members considering the vaccine.

It’s acknowledged that “results may vary” when it comes to vaccine responses.  Notwithstanding that preliminary trials showed that Covid shots were 90%, 95%, or 76% “effective” (take your pick), there’s lots of inter-individual variation.

Research protocols for new drugs or vaccines are notorious for cherry-picking younger, healthier subjects to game the system for approval. Precisely the individuals at highest risk of getting very sick or dying from COVID-19 are less likely to be included.

When they are, as with Astra-Zeneca trials in Europe, lasting protection waned for vaccine recipients over 65 in the approval trials, which led to hesitancy by some EU countries to authorize the vaccine for the very seniors known to be most vulnerable.

This is due to immunosenescence, the natural tendency for immunity and vaccine responsiveness to wane with age. It’s the reason that seniors are given a special version of the flu shot, which is more powerful than the regular vaccine.

There’s plenty of evidence that a significant number of Americans—regardless of age—are nutritionally deficient. Surveys reveal that high double digits of the US population have insufficient levels of key nutrients like vitamin D, zinc, selenium, and magnesium, to name but a few.

Several of these nutrients are now undergoing intensive investigation to see if they could curb the severity of COVID-19 infections.

But whether they “boost” vaccines is different. There are as yet NO studies or clinical trials that correlate low levels of critical nutrients with COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. Plus, theoretically, heightening the immune response to the vaccine might increase the danger of side effects. For the vaccine to deliver protection without over-stimulating the immune system requires “Goldilocks immunity”—not too hot, and not too cold, but just right.

That some nutrients may play a role in preparing someone for a COVID-19 vaccine might seem plausible, but is entirely speculative. It’s an untested hypothesis, or rather a collection of hypotheses, because there are multiple ingredients—and none have been specifically vetted for enhancing COVID-19 vaccines, or preventing side effects.

So what’s the take-home for Americans queuing up for their vaccines? I think it’s reasonable to keep taking a multi containing adequate amounts of all the key vitamins and minerals prior to your shot. Judging from the benign reactions of all my vaccine-recipient patients who take high doses of vitamin D, I see no reason to discontinue it either.

As to those “immune boosters”, like elderberry, mushroom extracts, astragalus, and beta-glucans, while they may protect against COVID-19, I’m not convinced they’re needed when getting the vaccine. And they may stoke immune responses to the vaccine, which in theory at least, could heighten the risk for allergic or autoimmune reactions, or else general malaise, fever, or soreness at the injection site. We simply don’t know, so why go there?

Quercetin is probably OK with its anti-inflammatory effects, as is fish oil. Both may tamp down adverse vaccine reactions without compromising immunity.

Do you need glutamine and branched chain amino acids? Probably not. While it’s true that your body needs protein building blocks to synthesize the antibodies that will protect you from COVID-19, you can get that from food.

That’s why it’s probably not a good idea to short-change yourself by fasting, or going on a juice detox at the time of your shot, although it probably won’t matter much.

Glutamine might support glutathione synthesis, especially necessary if you take acetaminophen to quell a vaccine reaction. Tylenol depletes glutathione, so I tell patients who take it to add N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) 500-600 mg 2 or 3 times per day as a countermeasure. And, no, a little Tylenol won’t compromise the effectiveness of the vaccine.

And probiotics make sense for immunity, but there’s no evidence they’re decisive for vaccine effectiveness.

When it comes to diet, one intriguing study suggests that “Increased fruit and vegetable intake improves the Pneumovax II vaccination antibody response in older people, which links an achievable dietary goal with improved immune function.”

Additionally, it’s probably a good idea to limit your refined carbohydrate intake for a few days around vaccine administration, notwithstanding Krispy Kreme’s generous offer to reward customers with free glazed donuts on presentation of a vaccine certificate. Dr. Jeff Bland reported to me in a recent podcast that, even though he experienced only minor symptoms with the covid shot, the continuous glucose monitor he was wearing registered significant short-term deterioration of his tight blood sugar control in the immediate aftermath of his vaccination.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you get adequate sleep and allow time for ample rest when you obtain the shot. Keep workouts moderate and pace yourself according to how you feel. Overexertion may be immunosuppressive.

And don’t forget to hydrate—adequate fluid consumption may ease side effects. How ‘bout some comforting chicken soup with plenty of vegetables?


  1. Take a dose of Thuja occidentalis 30C homeopathic from a Natrual Food Store after the shot. It will take care of any possible after effect.

  2. I am surprised you left out one of the best supplements: vitamin D3 – the one that cannot be regulated by pharma fanatics; the one that is free – yeah, no cost to you. So take off your clothes and get full body sun (be careful not to get burned) – if you are white as a raw chicken, all you will need initially is less that 1 minute.

  3. well i took my 2 vaccines as i was told ,and since i took the last one ive noticed i fell tired all the time ,my body will hurt like crazy some days like i have the flu ,and i have fibermalga and oseopena and man alive i feel like total poo some days that i would most likely fell good other wise ,the vaccine may stop me from haveing covid but i wonder if it was worth all the pain i have now ,i don’t want to die from some crazy covid stuff but it has really done a number on me and my life since the vaccines ,so what do you do ,well i wish i had not had the shots ,more testing needs to be done with peole who have health issues like mine and all so my heart will race sometimes ,and that scares me since ive had a heart attack and heard it has done some damage to some people with heart problems ,again it worries me ,i so wish i did not do damage to my self by haveing his so called saveing grace vaccine

    1. Consider talking with your doctor about your adverse reactions and be sure to report this in VARES (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). It’s important that we learn about side effects and contraindications for these shots. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. Search for “Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness” but remember this is for non mRNA vaccines.
    Also look for Zelenko Protocol for those who get the shot and are rightfully concerned about later coming down with covid. This protocol might save your life.

  5. You forgot to mention anything about vitamin C. I would think important, but I don’t know if its good or bad to take it and if good in what amount. Thanks

  6. You should talk to Dr. Rashid Buttar about his protocol and supplements he uses for the vaccine damaged.

  7. > For those who decide to get vaccinated against COVID…
    SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated/purified, so how can there be a vaccine to protect against it?
    > …preliminary trials showed that Covid shots were 90%, 95%, or 76% “effective”…
    completely incorrect – they are 0% effective because… see my last comment
    > This is due to immunosenescence, the natural tendency for immunity and vaccine responsiveness to wane with age.
    immunosenescence relies on virology which is pseudoscience – for a primer, read Dr. Thomas Cowan’s book, The Contagion Myth – it’s free on archive.org – also Virus Mania by Torsten Engelbrecht, Claus Kohnlein
    no virus has ever been isolated/purified by following Koch’s or Rivers postulates – logic then dictates that “vaccines” are completely ineffective – no pandemic was ever ended due to “vaccines”
    > There’s plenty of evidence that a significant number of Americans—regardless of age—are nutritionally deficient.
    now you’re on to something – add to that environmental toxins and most pandemics can be explained without having to drag out discredited ‘germ theory’

  8. Getting the shot is IMO both dangerous and ineffectual. Why would anyone want their ribosomes to produce toxic synthetic spike proteins is beyond me. They damage every structure containing Ace2 receptors causing blood clots, endo and pericarditis, strokes, heart attacks, autoimmune disease, potentially prion disease, anaphylaxis and sudden death to name a few. All this for a viral disease that is over 99% survivable. VAERS reports almost 14,000 people died after injection and over 640000 injured. There are much safer ways to prevent and treat the infection.

  9. so the main point to this is that there’s simply not much that anyone can be very shure about on this subject? actually this makes sense to me. how can anybody be shure about much of anything when dealing with an all new pathogen that was created such a sort time ago?

  10. “Notwithstanding that preliminary trials showed that Covid shots were 90%, 95%, or 76% “effective” ……”
    That was the claim initially but we now find that the effectiveness of these vaccines has waned considerably – Pfizer for example a couple of weeks ago was described as only 42% effective against the delta variant, probably even less as the weeks pass. In addition, reports from Israel state that hospitals are now treating more vaccinated than unvaccinated patients.
    As a natural health site, why don’t you point out the benefits of alternative treatments that don’t incur risks of serious side effects?

  11. “For those who decide to get vaccinated against COVID”…..
    You should have done your homework. The shot doesn’t fit the definition of a vaccine. The shot doesn’t keep you from catching COVID, nor keep you from spreading it. The shot is toxic, damaging, and is killing people. Sure people can make their own decision. But it should be an informed decision based on the facts, and this organization specializes in correct information. Or so I thought.

  12. Sir I have a concern in regards to myself. Since my gallbladder was removed in 1991 Alopathic meds have not worked for me and caused me near death
    In fact in 1994 when my MD said I should have a tetanus shot and I was given the wrong shot..It was DPT shot it nearly killed me
    My mother died 2 years ago of side affects from meds..she had no gallbladder
    In 1992 she was in the hospital 5.5 months due to continued side affects of meds
    What is the link of no gallbladder and side affects of meds foods and other allergens?
    I cannot get any shot because if this.
    Thank you

  13. how about I don’t get the shot as I’ve seen what’s in the shots and it’s not not good.

  14. Thank you for providing this valuable information given that we may find ourselves forced against our will to get the shot whether we want to or not. I’ll pass this on to my loved ones who have already gotten it and may be facing a booster soon.

  15. Thanks for posting this article. I am amazed that many of the replies are not about the article so much as posters using this as a platform to rant about the vaccines, the government, etc. We are in a place where so much is unknown… and that’s very challenging, for us all. I did get the vaccine – in February. Yes, I realize we are ‘the walking data”, and that is a choice some of us have made. I also use the prevention protocols (zinc, D3+K2, C, diet, etc.). I also wear a mask indoors, especially with the dawn of the Delta variant. The Delta variant has surely complicated things. We have a very low vaccination rate in our State, and a very high incidence of the virus, per capita – among the highest in the country. Are these stats related? Possibly. Currently, the rate of COVID hospitalizations for the past month (in our State) shows 88% unvaccinated and 12% unvaccinated. Is this a significant difference? Will this change over time? My point is, this does not need to be an “either-or” approach. I surely get that this is a time of great uncertainty and challenge. The virus seems to be a ‘moving target’. We will continue to make decisions for our health, and the health of our families and neighbors, decisions based on our best understanding, which may change over time. Hope we can be kind to each other. We are all doing our best.

    1. Like you are “kind” by denouncing those commenters who “rant about the vaccines, the government, etc” as if these issues are inseparable from this article addressing a Covid vaccine issue? Bizarre!
      You claim that “We are in a place where so much is unknown” when in fact much of the most important things are known IF YOU PAY ATTENTION and do not push unofficial facts away in a self-defeating way as MOST people do (who then truly get to a stage of not knowing much of anything real apart from mendacious propaganda).
      Start by reading “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” by Rolf Hefti at www dot  CovidTruthBeKnown  dot com
      It will open a whole new world of authentic understanding on Covid, governments, and the world we live in.

  16. Hey did anyone ask the question why are the vacined spreading the variants? Oh thats because their microbiomes are acidic with a ph of 4/5 6.0! Anyone over 40 years loses their ability to buffer acid in the gut! Therefore by changing your ph to alkaline i.e.6.8 to 7.35/4.5 with smart water or apple cider vinegar you stop replication of the virus. Sars2 is ph sensitive which implies your gut biome is the key to controlling whether or not you maintain your homostasis! Pathagenesis starts in the gut so why is the first step when you are born that you get the bacteria in the birth canal to start the pre and pro biotic environtment in the babys gut! Oh maybe you should find the youtube video of interview with a 100 year old women whos family survived the swine flu in 1912. Her mother gave each child a warm glass of water every morning with baking soda!Every family in her town died of the swine flu except her family!Oh by the way Im 72 years old and Im on the blood banks donor list. They check my blood and they cant find any antibodies to the Sars virus! Oh it cant replicate in my cells.

  17. No one should be forced into taking anything against their free will and this is truly the point of the covid fiasco. Please exercise your right to make a sound decision for your health and welfare. No government has the power to mandate or force anything unless we the people comply. So just say NO. If we all do this standing in our own truth we will win this battle against medical tyranny led by big pharma. I’m also disappointed in this article which explains nothing we haven’t heard by the mainstream media. If you are about health then support that intention please and stop pandering to the lies and deception currently going on. Thank you.

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