Vax Passports: Where Your State Stands

A lay of the land on what states are doing—or not doing—to protect freedom of choice. Action Alert!

As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, and vaccination recommendations extend to younger and younger Americans, we are starting to see more efforts to require vaccination as a condition of receiving services, as we’ve seen at American universities. This endangers autoimmune patients who are more at risk of serious adverse events following COVID vaccination. States can take a stand for medical freedom and privacy rights. To prevent de facto vaccine mandates that endanger millions of patients, we must encourage state leaders to take action to protect our health.

Ten states, so far, have taken steps to restrict or ban the use of vaccine passports, electronic applications that display an individual’s vaccination status or COVID lab test results. Many have done so through executive orders signed by the governor: Arizona, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho. Three states have passed legislation along similar lines, including Utah, Indiana, and Arkansas.

These policies have important differences. In Florida and Montana, executive orders prevent businesses, in addition to state institutions, from requiring patrons to provide proof of vaccination to gain entry or service from the business. In IdahoArizonaSouth DakotaUtah, South Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, and Texas, the ban on vaccine passports is generally limited to entities of the state government or (in the case of Texas) any business that receives state funds. 

Legislation is pending in the following states to prevent discrimination based on vaccination status and/or to prevent the use of vaccine passports: FL, NC, OK, HI, OR, RI, TX, WI, PA, and VT.

Texas State Senator Bob Hall, one of the sponsors of a bill preventing discrimination in Texas, had eloquent words to share about vaccine passports: “[My bill] aims to give Texans the peace of mind of knowing that their ability to navigate, participate, and function without being required to undergo an experimental medical procedure as a condition of that engagement is protected by law.”

Some governors have made positive statements, though have not yet taken action to prevent vaccine passports. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp tweeted, “I do not and will not support any kind of state-mandated vaccine passport…the decision to receive the vaccine should be left up to each individual.” Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska said “Nebraska will not participate in any vaccine passport program. This concept violates two central tenets of the American system: freedom of movement and healthcare privacy.” Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced “I oppose vaccine passports. The COVID-19 vaccine should be a personal health choice, not a government requirement.”

Some states are moving in the other direction. Hawaii is allowing fully vaccinated Hawaiians to travel between islands without quarantine and other testing rules, with plans in the works to launch a vaccine passport system. New York has already launched the Excelsior Pass, a voluntary app that allows people to upload negative COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination. Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut said he expects “some type of passport or validation … probably led by the private sector,” and that more planning will occur once vaccinations are open to everyone. Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina said his administration is exploring the development of vaccine passports.

We’re already seeing how this can play out. In Israel, for example, the government issues “green passes” allowing access to social, cultural, sporting events, gyms, restaurants, etc., to individuals who have either recovered from COVID or have had the vaccine. Green passes must be renewed every six months.

We are all eager for life to return to “normal” following extended lockdowns and isolation. But vaccine passports are not the answer. We cannot deny rights and privileges to those, such as autoimmune patients, who choose not to receive a medical procedure due to a legitimate medical concern.

Action Alerts!

  1. Florida and Montana residents, thank your legislators for banning vaccine passports. Take Action!
  2. If you live in a state that banned vaccine passports only in state institutions (AZ, AR, ID, IN, SC, SD, TX, and UT), thank lawmakers for taking action but urge them to extend the ban on passports to businesses in the state. Take Action!
  3. All other states: urge your lawmakers to take action to ban vaccine passports in your state. Take Action!


  1. I support mandatory vaccination for everyone for covid and therefore am unsubscribing. The right to public health is for everyone and those who choose to infect others due to their selfishness is unacceptable.

    1. Absurd. You do understand some people can literally not take the vaccine due to autoimmune issues right???

      1. That’s so medically incorrect. Please educated yourself, reading can be fun! And it could save lives but I’m guessing you’re one of those “I only care about me” type of person.

      2. Actually, the opposite is true. Those with autoimmune disorders are thought to be at higher risk for contracting COVID and are recommended to receive the vaccine before healthier individuals who are at lower risk.
        I personally have an autoimmune disease and was therefore able to get the vaccine before anyone else in my household. A month later, everyone in my house got it and I was the only one who did not develop any symptoms.

        1. Who are you receiving your recommendations from and have you done your du-diligance?
          Ignorant people are dying or having horrific vaccine reactions, hourly–throughout the world–who think like you.

    2. Sharon Hunt, glad you have your vaccine. That should make you feel safe.
      All who want to take the jab, should do so. And leave the rest of us off the hook, stop bullying.
      I have never taken a flu shot, and for 24 years have not been sick. How dare anyone want to stick a needle into me, and inject aborted fetal cells into my blood stream, just because lunatics insist we do that ? Try to force us to participate in a CLINICAL TRIAL PHASE III in order to get a’passport’ that we did that ? Unpaid volunteer participants in getting a jab that has killed almost 4,000 Americans to date ?
      How dare you try to force us to accept that jab that has killed many with ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK reaction, often in 24 hours ?
      People need to be supportive in vaccinating THEMSELVES, to feel protected by it, and not meddle in lives (literally) of others.

    3. For all those who are for vaccine passports, you do know that these vaccinations were never intended to stop the spread of transmission – only to minimize the severity of symptoms if you were to get COVID, right????? This is public knowledge and has been communicated by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.
      I’ll bet most of you who are advocating for vaccine passports are also pro-choice. Can’t be pro-choice on one issue, without also being pro-choice on this issue. A little hypocritical don’t you think?

  2. You are ridiculous. Vaccine passports ARE the solution! What are u guys afraid of? Get lost and don’t send me any of this idiotic propaganda. If u don’t want to get vaccinated (which is why you are so upset about the passports) don’t get vaccinated. I sure don’t care about you health or the fact you have through go through hell or discrimination to get in and out states/countries. Autoimmune patients by the way get and should get the vaccine with no problem. Get informed. It’s science!

    1. It’s bad science… You need to turn off the TV and read more from independent top rank medical people… In any case what they are dishing out is not even a real vaccine… Even Ray Charles could see that..

    2. Here is why you should fear vaccine passports. Naomi Wolf is a liberal and explains it on bitchute: NAOMI WOLF – WHY VACCINE PASSPORTS EQUAL SLAVERY FOREVER.

    3. It is a very bad science. A friend with RA got the jab,and now she progressed into full on case of Multiple Sclerosis. Very bad, malicious advice, one could say.

  3. The truth about how dangerous this non-vaccine is needs to come out. Right now people who choose to make a rational, safe decisions and not get the non – vaccine – gene alteration shot are being penalized. There are many vaccine adverse events reported even though the VAERS system only gets 1% of people reporting to them. They do have many health issues and deaths that have been reported. Almost everywhere “fully vaccinated” people may go without masks. It is against Hippa rulings to ask people that question. It is dangerous to get the shot but those who use common sense are told that they must be fully vaccinated.

    1. I sympathize with your position, but must state that in at least some settings, receiving a covid-19 injection is not considered a medical procedure, and is therefore not included in the application of HIPAA regulations. I seem to have discovered somewhere that although usually carried out by liscenced nursing personnel, it’s considered a governmental administrative procedure, under authority conferred by the declaration of various “Pandemic Emergencies”.
      Likewise, I’ve got an inkling that if the so-called “emergencies” were revoked or allowed to expire, the injections so far authorized for “Emergency Use” would thereby lose their current legal status.

  4. Where it says Protect Vaccine Choice in Your State! – Maryland is not there.

  5. Go for it, individual rights should cover your choice as to what you put into your own body

  6. Every state needs to ban ALL private businesses and public institutions from implementing vaccine passports.

  7. Republicans seem to be ONLY caring about the those refusing to take vaccines or wear masks. When will they ever care about those who have died or might die because of irresponsibility and down right condoning the spread of COVID. The really sad thing is, Republicans have and will continue to kill their fellow Republicans. The next flare up will be all Republicans!

    1. @Dorothy….And that’s what Newsome and Cuomo and many other Dem governors (and Presidents) were saying about Texas and FL and what a disaster that opening policy would be.. Tell me Dorothy how did that work out?

    2. Dorothy, people were free to stay home, get delivery, wear masks, and do their thing.
      CDC told us over last year’s Labor Day :”Stop looking at the huge 400,000 figure, and consider Covid killed them – IT DID NOT KILL THEM. Only 6% at the most could be direct deaths from covid flu.”
      Take a calculator, and multiple the big figure by 6% – boom, you get the lower level of yearly flu mortality ! Please stop watching the idiot tube CNN and MSNBC, they can’t even count their own fingers right.
      6% of 600,000 would be 36,000. Meanwhile in 2017/18 flu season 80,000 died, and nobody reported on it. If you take the jab, you should fee safe, as it ONLY protects the one who receives it.
      Fauci clearly told us that it does not protect from getting it, or spreading it, its entire purpose (which is on application to the FDA) is to make the infection milder.
      There are to date thousands who got Covid after the vaccine, so who is selfish ?

    3. Dorothy, there are cures! One of my friends got C-19 and did one of the natural cures and was back to work in 4 days! STOP living in fear! Follow the Front Line Doctors!
      I am 61 years old, have refused to wear a mask, have not ‘social distanced’, have not stopped seeing my kids, grandkids, and friends, and have NOT been sick! One of my sons-in-law came home sick with C-19, and my daughter also got it. Both were sick for about a week. I watch their kids and was around both the week they came down sick and I did NOT get sick! I even eat and drink after the little ones whom I watch ,
      I take high dose vitamins and minerals, eat only whole (real) foods, and use natural medicines when I do get sick, which is very, very rare.
      Our very large family celebrated all holidays together last year and this year. I attended my family reunion last year. I attended my 78 year old uncle’s birthday, along with many other family and friends, in a bar near his home, which he frequents. Two months later, my dad came to this bar and we celebrated his 85th birthday with family and friends. NO MASKS. NO SOCIAL DISTANCING. And NO ONE GOT SICK!
      Life is way too short to stop seeing loved ones.
      Life is too short to live in fear.
      Life is too short to not know how to stay healthy.

  8. Auto immune and other folks with medical conditions where the vaccine is contra-indicated should get a pass on the vaccine by a legitimate MD. The rest should get the vaccine and have a system that can’t be counterfeited. It’s a safety issue. You have to have vaccines for about 4 different things just to get into grade school. Businesses should have the right to refuse to admit anyone who has not been vaccinated for no good reason. If you want privacy you can have it. Go some place else for service. Drive instead of flying. Have your groceries delivered. That way you don’t have to reveal your medical history. If you live in a society you have certain obligations to keep it safe. Your rights end where my safety begins. That’s why we have speed limits, stop signs and sanitary regulations. No difference.

    1. I don’t think you understand how difficult it is to get a medical exemption for vaccines. Doctors refuse to write them because they don’t want to put their medical licenses at risk. Those “in charge” want death to be the only exemption. They don’t care if you are harmed or killed by the vaccine, and they’ll lie to make it look like covid killed you rather than their “treatments.”

  9. Personal health choices, and decisions relating to medical procedures, medications, and health information, including vaccination information are all individuals’ private business. Government, businesses, educational institutions, religious organizations, restaurants, bars, airlines, public transportation, entertainment venues, etc., nor law enforcement shouldn’t have any authority over private citizens’ health decisions and medical information, unless the individuals choose to provide such private information without being forced. However, they should have a right to choose to ask for proof of vaccinations on their property, just as citizens have the right to refuse to patronize, visit, attend, or work for such places requiring proof of vaccinations. This is America, where we have choices, not Russia, N. Korea, or Cuba.

  10. I believe COVID vaccine passports are an EXCELLENT idea! I believe people with autoimmune diseases or those with serious health issues making it impossible to get the vaccine can get a passport exemption from their doctor.
    A vaccine passport will undoubtedly be required for foreign travel and travels on cruise ships.

  11. Vaccination should be a personal choice and do not agree with having to have a van passport .

  12. Please make an executive order or whatever it takes to ban ANY mandatory state, city, county, etc. requirement for “vaccine-passports”!!!

  13. My Demoncrat-dominated commonwealth, Virginia, has not yet instigated vaccine passport, has actually lifted mask restrictions for most people, but I DO NOT trust them! Will watch this carefully, esp. when mid-term elections take place. No one who’d even think of such a thing will get my vote!

  14. Let talk about the larger issue, which is there are states with very low vaccination rates and will continue to have both Covid positive, and asymptomatic people walking around. Add to the the introduction of variants which can spread the virus faster and are more lethal. So how does anyone like the owners of public establishments know who has been vaccinated and who isn’t. Unvaccinated people need to wear masks in public. I have a vaccination record I carry and I don’t see the problem with this. We are dealing with a highly contagious disease.
    So I guess by this article
    , you want to pretend the vaccine is worse than the disease

    1. The variants are transmitting from the vaccinated. Check out Dr. Tenpenny’s website for information. There are several scientific proven cures to the COVID which has a death rate of more than 98.99+% for most age groups. And people with healthy immune systems do not get COVID flu. There are ways to make sure your immune system protects you. The so called asymptomatic do not have COVID. They have tested positive due to the inaccuracy of the PCR test. Do some searches. Lots of good, scientific backed information from scientists and doctors who are brave enough to report the truth. By the way, the so called vaccination totally compromise your immune system. Another topic to check out. So much to learn. By the way, pine needle tea is a big help in protecting oneself from the transmissions of the vaccinated.

    2. I would start with the Patient Information Leaflet which you can Google for whichever vaccine you’re considering based on availability. If you want to see protocol documents (that outline the study intervention’s instructions, layout of experimental injections, placebo types, etc) you need to join the clinical trial or you can request data formally from the manufacturer. Clinical trials for Pfizer go until 2023. It’s a live trial as we speak due to the Emergency Use Authorization.

  15. What is the risk to auto immune patients. My husband has RA and altered kidney function and both of his doctors have recommended he get the vaccine. I have low thyroid function and my doctors recommend the vaccine. Do you have any information about this please? We have not gotten the vaccine yet, but we might want to do that.

    1. Many years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease which is an autoimmune hyperactive thryoid disease. After a couple of years of treating it with anti-thyroid medication, it went into remission. But, that did not mean I was cured. In 2018, after 2 years of pressuring me to take it, I finally took the pneumonia vaccine. By the end of the month in which I took that shot, I was hospitalized. After much testing and bloodwork, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. I am currently taking medication to treat it.
      Things to know about the covid shots in the US: They are not approved. They only have emergency use authorization which went into effect back in December. Nobody can be forced to take a vaccine that is not have FDA approval. The government and the corporate media just wants to confuse the people. They want the people to be afraid of covid; because, they know that fearful people are easier to control and manipulate.
      In the US we have inalienable rights. These are sometimes called natural rights or God-given rights. The Constitution does not give us rights. It protects our rights. If you do not live in the US, then you need to look at the laws where you live.

    2. I would start with the Patient Information Leaflet which you can Google for whichever vaccine you’re considering based on availability.
      If you want to see protocol documents (that outline the study intervention’s instructions, layout of experimental injections, placebo types, etc) you need to join the clinical trial or you can request data formally from the manufacturer. Clinical trials for Pfizer go until 2023. It’s a live trial as we speak due to the Emergency Use Authorization.

  16. If this one posting, you have negated all the years of trust you have built within my myself and my family. You have made me regret all the times I have forwarded your email to friends, family, acquaintances. The logic was so flawed, so many points were ignored that your image has mutated from “guardian of the public” to one of raging nuts with aluminum foil hats running about shrieking about aliens from outer space.
    Has not a single member of your staff considered the person who for health reasons or any other possible reasons does not or cannot want to be vaccinated, but who NONETHELESS don’t want to risk be espoused to the Covid-19 virus (perhaps for the same reason they can’t be vaccinated). Walking between two worlds, they are perfectly willing to wear masks to protect others from themselves, but they need others who are unvaccinated to themselves wear masks.
    You seem to forget that masks and (vaccination proof) is not to protect the wearer or the bearer, but the people he or she encounters.
    We are already at the point where the majority of businesses are willing to let anyone in, masked or unmasked, proof of vaccination or no proof. Most people will have the chance to do whatever they want, and screw the other person at a time when society has reached the ultimate of me-first and you-don’t-matter. Those few stores, businesses, schools, gyms that honestly care about other human beings need to be able to confirm that their membership is either vaccinated or masked.
    This is no more about individual freedom or “right-to-choose”; you are standing up for right-to-do-harm.
    If you don’t believe me, see how you feel about all the people who need faster, more reliable internet connection, perhaps for reasons of emergency (an elderly person who has fallen, can’t get up and needs to reach their medical provider) and who prefer 5G to 4G. Should 5G be banned? Not according to your logic. 5G is as much a right as not carrying a “passport”.
    It’s time to rethink your reactionary pronouncement and come up with a policy that protects and respects everyone.

    1. An alternative to making pronouncements about the character and motivation of others would be to seek information from all sources, regardless of how you feel about them. That way you can then say that you are well-informed. Many, if not most of us are only getting their information on health topics and issues of personal health self-determination from mainstream media outlets, which never seem to mention at all that their are alternatives different from those espoused at the centers of influence and power.

  17. Glad to know that our freedoms are being protected, at least by some. Anyway, just about everyone knows vaccines are a money making thing for Bib Pharma and we are not meant to be on the Earth just to make money for them.

  18. If vaccinated people are protected, why force others to risk their life to make them a few percentages more secure. They can just take care of themselves and know who they socialize with. Mostly they are protected. Telling others who don’t want it to inject toxins into their bodies is a risk we cannot take. If someone follow the pressure and then dies? Or becomes disables? What then? I am old and would 1) Rather get Covid than the jab. 2) Would NEVER want anyone to take a risk on their own wellbeing in order to increase my changes of staying alive longer. Never.

    1. There have been ZERO deaths from people who got the vaccine.
      You cannot get covid from the vaccine. The vaccines aren’t made of active covid virus.
      Those with autoimmune disorders are encouraged to get vaccinated more so than those who are not which is why in many states elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions (like autoimmune diseases) were the first to be eligible to get vaccinated.
      There is clearly a deficit of reputable information and an abundance of propaganda making people harbor fixed false beliefs which is the definition of of a delusion.

  19. Given the severity of this disease that has killed hundreds of thousands in the USA alone, not to mention on the entire planet, I find it hard to believe that people in our country are so ignorant to think that our “freedoms” are being infringed upon. In my mind, the biggest freedom we have is to be disease-free and healthy. My husband and I got our Phyzer vaccinations as soon as they were available to us (WITHOUT ANY COST TO US!). We’ve all been vaccinated in our lifetimes against small pox, measles, chicken pox, shingles (for the older ones), flu and so many other diseases. Why is this so different???

    1. The “jab” is not a vaccine. The companies who manufacture the vaccines had to have it labeled “vaccine” so they would not be legally liable for the thousands upon thousands of deaths and severe reactions. It is an experimental shot that changes your DNA and makes you more vulnerable to the COVID. It actually alters your immune system. Note that in states and countries with the highest rate of COVID shots, there has been huge increases in COVID positives. The death and injury rates from January thru May 2021 have more deaths and adverse reactions than all vaccine death and injury rates over the previous 22 years. Lots of good scientists and doctors are recommending NOT to get the “jab” for a number of reasons. Look it up.

  20. ANH needs to have an on-line petition that we can sign for each state that ANH sends to state representatives once per month.
    The current way ANH is handling this now is muuuuuuuuuuch to slow and clumsy. Let’s get this fixed !

  21. Everybody that can should get the vaccine shot. Mutations are because of people not getting them. Stop sending me these whiny emails.

  22. I am in full support of vaccine passports! I doubt that my comment will be published or allowed to be read by anyone. I want to know that I am protected by all of us choosing vaccination if at all possible. The irrational rumors and inaccurate information by Robert Kennedy and others is sad and incorrect.

  23. It is my firm belief that the vaccine will cause more deaths than the covid flu or the PLANED EPIDEMIC has! Come hell or high water, we will not have this trial poison injected into our bodies. This is our government using us as guinea pigs for BIG PHARMA!
    If a passport is needed to move or travel into a state or out of a state we will risk it without one.

  24. I think vax passports should be mandatory in all states and vaccination should be compulsory! Anyone who won’t get vaccinated is either just plain stupid or Republican or both! They should all contract this disease and suffer dire consequences!

  25. The article is Vax passports: where your state stands. The The headline makes it sound like you’re going to tell where all 50 states stand yet you didn’t mention them all including my state of West Virginia. Make your headlines a little more accurate please

  26. Absolutely should have this. These people who have no regards for anybody’s health, apparently not even their own. If they choose not to be vaccinated, please stay out of public places. It is so selfish & disrespectful you just need to crawl away into the dark & let the rest of us try to keep our families, friends & people who do care, safe from people like you.

  27. The Same IBM That Partnered with Adolf Hitler to Help Facilitate the Holocaust Is Now Partnering with Moderna to Mandate Vaccine Passports
    IBM’s Sordid History of Helping Adolf Hitler Carry Out the Holocaust
    “Watson capitalized on a technology called the tabulating machine, which became an extremely important data processing tool for governments and for businesses around the world. Watson ultimately met with Adolf Hitler after Hitler become the chancellor of Germany in 1933. 

Watson, who was the president of the international chamber of commerce at the time, sat down with Hitler and sold him a tabulation technology that was used to help carry out the Holocaust. Watson never had to answer for his role in the Holocaust.”

  28. Nobody in these past 15 months, ever says WHAT HAPPENS to all brain chemistry to anyone of any age from any birth of an infant, to an older senior who gets the metals and EXCITOTOXIN$, that causes severe brain & heart conditions to anyone, OR if a person has any of those conditions, related to the HEART or BRAIN, death is a greater chance of happening OR the heart or brain condition one has becomes instantly WOR$E and CO$TLY. Toxins like MSG, ASPARTAME, GLYSOPHATE, MERCURY, ALUMINUM, TALC, TITANIUM, & many other EXCITOTOXINS will just make any person a HIGHER RISK of death from a massive seizure, or heart attack or a stroke that can happen from any of these vaccines, & MY BODY & BRAIN IS NEVER GOING TO EVER BE ABUSED AGAIN, as it got abused already over 60 years ago. It is MY ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPOSIBILITY to keep my brain & heart HEALTHY. It is NOT any medical agency or government policy to tell me I am going to be vaccinated by a MANDITORY rule from CDC or FDA or BIDEN or CONGRE$$ to make me a part of the population control scam along with MONSANTO & BILL GATES, & others like WARREN BUFFET & JEFF BAISIO so we poor people wont need to be around by them all killing us 1st, before a world of 500 MILLION will be in this earth. I choose to TRUST in God 1st, before any shot or needle gets put in my arm. PSALM 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord, than to have confidence in man. < That verse is the center verse of the Bible. There are 1188 verses BEFORE that verse and 1188 verses AFTER that verse.

  29. People are ridiculous for years you have been required to carry a health card showjnv you have been vaccinated for certain illnesses which haven’t caused as much death as COVID.Get the damn card and carry it around and start living life and showing yoh respect others lives.

  30. Thank you so much for this important information and working to stop the Vax passports. This so unamerican and it is causing division among family, friends and coworkers. We should be able to chose, it’s our bodies. I would much rather use holistic treatments then putting things in my body I don’t want…..Thank you….Thank you….Thank you!

  31. Thank you for the good information on where the various states stand on Vaccine Passports. Please keep us informed as laws get passed. (It would help in planning a route to take on a cross country trip.)
    Thanks, too, for your work in keeping our access to natural health free and unrestricted!

  32. Accountability seems to be a historic characteristic that the Republican Party has thrown in the gutter. Many countries that have mandated their citizens conform to health regulations have controlled their infections, and death rate. A nonpolitical safety format should be a common sense vaccine passport required for any social activity outside a private home. The airlines could start by demanding a special stamped certification vaccine passport that could be computer verified by airline or any travel or entertainment data system. In this country we have Passports, Social Security Numbers, and Drivers License, so it can obviously be accomplished with any justified intelligence.

    1. I anticipate that in the months and years ahead, science will make many interesting and perhaps useful discoveries in immune system research.. These will quite possibly come in the form of the unintended consequences of great multitudes of healthy persons participating in the current mass inoculations connected with the current covid-19 emergencies. Science will benefit from having such a large population of test subjects, re: those who have received the various experimental vaccines approved for use by our government, in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry.
      The control group will consist of all those persons who, for one reason or another, declined to receive these experimental immune therapy treatments.
      In the months and years ahead, we should all be the beneficiaries of the information gleaned from these experiments in human health.

  33. I think vaccine passports are the way to go! I want business, airlines, restaurants, cruises, movie theaters etc to REQUIRE IT.
    Those that do not want it should be entitled not to have one and stay home.

  34. These are experimental treatments that may or may not protect against the CCPCV19. They are in no way vaccines, and it is reprehensible and irresponsible for anyone to be referring to the current 4 treatments as “vaccines”. There are currently and have been wide-spread reactions to these 4 experimental treatments. My GF and I both had the CCPCV19 in 01/2020, but due to the hysteria around this virus, and ‘vaccine passports’, she decided to get the shots. She had the Moderna shot, and was very sick for the next two weeks, but we are going in tomorrow so that she can get her second shot. I hope like hell that it doesn’t kill her, but it is her decision. I will never get any of these experimental treatments, as I have already passed through the virus with an uncomfortable week.

  35. Is there an area to take action in favor of vaccine passports?
    Unfortunately, from its early stages, this pandemic, instead of being viewed as a medical issue as all viruses are, has become a political issue which has given rise to a variety of opinions many of which stray from scientific rationale much like believing that the world is flat in recent years after. A theory which has been established as false since the days of Galileo. Strange times we live in for sure. I think the internet is a blessing a and curse. A curse because it allows misinformation to be spread easily and to be passed as fact. In some ways I suspect the anti-mask and anti-vax / micro-chip conspiracy theorists fall into the same camp as the Qanon’ers, or sipped from a similar kool-aid recipe as the flat world’ers.
    In some respects, I feel this may be an ultimate test of natural selection. One where ones right to ignorance of science can cause one to pay with their lives to harbor their fixed false beliefs. But unfortunately in states without high concentrations of vaccinated, the likelihood of promoting morphed variants may undermine the efforts vaccinated individuals have taken.
    I think our American pride in freedom is an ethical and very litigious matter.
    Does one have the right to refuse to wear a mask and get a vaccine.
    -Yes. It America! Live free or die! Give me liberty or give me death!
    Is it right if one’s failure to wear a mask or get vaccinated can have lethal consequences for others around them?
    -Um… No, of course not!
    Our last president helped to divide our country more so than I have seen in my lifetime to such an extent I believe the term “United” States of America has become ironic since “divided” would be a far more accurate description.

  36. Vaccine passports are illegal. This is being revealed daily and there a lawyers around the world that are joining a growing mass to litigate this issue and all issues Covid.

  37. WHY? Other than a republican iniative would we want to prevent vaccine passport to be blocked. I thought our goal was to eradicate this disease. I don’t want to sit on a plane or work next to anyone who is so selfish as to not getting a vaccination to protect their family, coworkers, or friends.

  38. this is the globalist way to track and control us. they all need to be taken out of office and put in jail. crimes against humanity.

  39. You should never be asked anything about your health and preventions-HIPPA, and you have the right to privacy act. The flu vaccine, polio etc are never asked about. NON OF ANYONES BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  40. WHY? When our physicians, CDC, scientists have researched this virus should we ignore their expertise and not get vaccinated? I don’t want to work or sit in close proximity to someone who is not vaccinated. The VAX passport would give us that information. I think if we truly want to eradicate this virus and protect friends and family we need vaccinate and carry the VAX passport.

  41. Dangerous experimental treatments should never be required or pressured to take by anyone. This is medical tyranny.

  42. Agree. Vaccine passports violate our legally protected medical information rights as well as our right to control our own bodies.

  43. It’s time to split the US into two countries. One can have vaccine passports and medical apartheid, the other can have freedom of choice. I have a thousand factual arguments to support my position, but half the population doesn’t want to hear them because they are so invested in what they’ve been told my the media, corporations, and corrupted 3-letter organizations. Y’all can argue all you want, there is no way in hell I am going to live as a slave.

  44. When it is blatantly evident we have a president that given many times on national tv has cognitive difficulties and is running our country, allowing ridiculous numbers of immigrants to enter without COVID testing and pressing for vaccines for them as well as masks, it seems that a lot of people support just doing what you are told without questioning or even taking the time to really research when you make a decision like this. If you are choosing to fully vaccinate yourself and they assure you this is the way to prevent you from getting it why are would people be worried or concerned about those that do not want a vaccination. Make it available to all but it should not be mandated or incentives given such as free fries, burgers, and beer if the government is promoting health. Look at what is happening and wake up that the truth will eventually come out and politically people want to mandate control on a lot of freedom of speech and thought issues and if you take the time to open your mind and research you will be closer to the truth. Fauci will also have to deal with his nonsense and be found to know more than he will ever admit to. Please wake up and realize there should be no entities like Google or Facebook allowed to donate millions to any political side and money can be the root of evil and agendas can be pushed that are not reasonable and take away liberties and rights construed such as those opposed should be cancelled. When a person passed even if they had other health issues it was Covid counted, but now if someone that never had Covid but got the shot and dies within a few months of it we are told it was an illness. Stop allowing politics to segregate people. This is what they are trying to do. This vaccine is not approved only a a recommendation. Really think about your thinking when you want to mandate a shot for all.

  45. It’s shameful that some responders have stooped to politics on this. Choosing to blame and belittle others is childish and egotistical. There is little wonder that reasoned discourse is rare.

  46. Thank you for continuing to fight for natural health. There has been NO LONG-TERM testing on this vaccine…. People are not hearing about the adverse affects!!! Two teenagers in our community have had major issues. One of which has had uterine lesions appear within days of the vaccine…(with a clear STD, Cancer, and other disease screenings!) the other hasn’t had a menstrual period for months. From another person working on a hospital floor, three nurses on that floor miscarried their babies shortly after the vaccine!!! We just DON’T have the long-term testing to see what will happen yet. I refuse to put something in my body or my children’s bodies where we have ZERO idea what will happen down the road…ALSO, the fact that all Vaccine companies have a pass from the gov’t…ZERO liability if things go awry… totally makes me stop and think!

  47. I find it fascinating reading these comments and the assertion by some commenters that if you are not vaccinated that you are being selfish and putting others at risk! I cannot understand that rationale. If the vaccines really did work then why would a vaccinated person care if anyone else was vaccinated or not? Just no sound logic to it. So, someones vaccinated status is irrelevant and it should be a personal and private choice.

  48. To date, the medical evidence of record indicates that the vaccines are 90 to 95 percent effective against all variants of Covid-19. Therefore, if the evidence of record is accurate, and it appears to be, the vaccinated indivdual has nothing to fear as it relates to Covid-19, from any individual that is not vaccinated or that doesn’t wear a mask. If the vaccine works then the vaccinated person is protected from all things Covid-19, period.
    All individuals who have been infected with Covid-19 have greater immunity after they recover than that which the vaccines provide. Therefore, they are thereafter immune from Covid-19 and do not present any danger to anyone else. There are approximately 150 million people in the U.S. that have recovered from Covid-19 and thus need no vaccination because the process of recovery provides them with protective antibodies in their bloodstream and protective memory cells in their bone marrow.
    Given the 150 million people who now have natural immunity greater than that provided by the vaccines and the growing number of vaccinated people in the tens of millions, we have reached herd immunity which is needed to weaken the effects of the virus and cause it to dissipate.
    May God’s mercy protect us from any such future events. And may God’s wrath rain down on those responsible for this tragedy.

  49. This is highly irresponsible and completely against health safety. Vaccine passports are an incredible idea to keep us safe. If people don’t want to get the vaccine that’s fine, but they also can’t expect to frequent crowded places that could potentially infect and kill others.

  50. Thank you for keeping us up to date on this crucial issue.
    Happy to say that here in Louisiana we passed LA House Bill 349. This bill “Prohibits requiring vaccination verification or immunity status for certain transactions or for inclusion on a driver’s license or special identification card”

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