1. 500 IU of vitamin D per day all winter. Zero colds, no flu, no Covid 19. Age 74. What’s not to like?
    A coffin.

  2. I have a family history of heart disease. A few years ago, I found a book written by a cardiologist in practice for over 30 years. On page 253 he lists 33 nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids), “…for optimizing the ability of the artery to regenerate itself and reverse any existing atherosclerosis…the typical diet does not even come close to supplying enough of these essential nutrients.” (Quote from book)! I have been taking these nutrients for a few years now and find that my clogged arteries are now “clean as a whistle” (quote from my doctor)! I am on a mission to get this info. out to the public. If you would like a list of these nutrients, along with their proper daily doses, just search online for: Save Your Heart Dr. Linus Pauling and choose any Save Your Heart.

  3. My doctor checks my vitamin D level and has me taking Vitamin D supplements. The task force members need to be educated. Science!

  4. Let’s not keep on being stupid in this whole e penitence get the vitamin d testing

    1. It is not only stupid it is criminal. Where parents can be helping their children, they get the wrong information and think there is nothing to be done to prevent so much disease.

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