Are Vaccine Passports the Answer?

The scientific and ethical problems with vaccine passports.

The Biden Administration issued an executive order that, among other things, called on federal agencies to “assess the feasibility of linking COVID-19 vaccination to International Certificates of Vaccination Prophylaxis (ICVPs) and producing electronic versions of ICVPs.” This adds to fears that those who choose not to be vaccinated will have many privileges closed to them.

Our friends at ANH-International have demonstrated the scientific problems with vaccine passports. Presumably, vaccine passports are aimed at determining whether a person is capable of transmitting the virus. But there are too many unknowns to make this a tenable strategy. For example, Phase III trials on these vaccines have not yet been completed, and their endpoints don’t even include transmissibility. We simply don’t know how much protection is conferred by vaccination, for how long, and to whom. 

Some private companies like airlines also accept negative tests, but molecular diagnostics like PCR tests are prone to false negatives and positives. Antibody tests are another option, but we still don’t know the duration over which antibodies are raised, throwing the accuracy of these tests in doubt as well.

There are also ethical considerations to conferring rights to those who receive experimental vaccines versus those who don’t. As ANH-International writes:

People should not be coerced into medical treatments or testing in order to qualify for basic human rights, particularly in groups at low risk of any ill effects of covid-19, but also as a general principle. Any form of coercion is against the principle of medically informed consent.

An advisor to the White House coronavirus team said that the government will not create or mandate a vaccine passport, but will provide guidance to the private sector, which we already know is seriously considering—and in some cases has already promised to implement—vaccination as a requirement for air travel. Most cruises require vaccination. National governments are in the process of updating their policies for admitting overseas travelers. Most countries so far accept proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

The use of vaccine passports goes beyond international travel. Governor Cuomo of New York recently announced the launch of a free app that will allow businesses to scan a code to confirm whether someone was vaccinated or tested negative for COVID. Other states may follow suit. The governors of Texas and Florida, however, have banned vaccine passports in their states.

California has taken it a step further; the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest school district in the US, has mandated the COVID vaccine as a condition of employment. Currently, LAUSD is being sued in federal court for requiring an experimental vaccine, since current COVID vaccines have only received emergency use authorizations rather than full FDA approval. Rutgers University was the first American college to require COVID vaccines for on-campus courses; the list of colleges following suit is growing by the day.

Everyone should keep in mind that COVID vaccines are experimental and have not been fully approved by health authorities. The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Database lists nearly 57,000 adverse events reported following vaccination against COVID. Should special privileges be conferred to those who sign up for treatments given these risks?

We will keep you abreast of developments regarding vaccine passports. See if your state is listed below and take action to support choice in your state.


















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  1. They are stupid and discriminate against people who are not getting a vaccine, such as myself. I cannot believe what is happening to this world, all because the people in charge, (the billionaires, including Bill Gates), who are controlling every aspect of our lives, want to keep us down and end overpopulation. They have tried other things, but a pandemic was the only way they felt could end the population problem around the world. I may not be able to do the traveling I want to do, and, by the way, I have paid for all of my trips in full, because I won’t have a so-called vaccine passport. This whole thing is ludicrous. Vaccines and masks are not going to do anything, but the brain-washed idiots still believe everything everyone, including Bill Gates, is telling them. I still cannot believe this idiocy is really happening.

    1. I have two cruises booked for December, but I have told our travel agent that unless vaccinations are mandatory, I will be cancelling them. I do not want to be stranded on a ship with people with the virus. I have the vaccination, but the ship could still be quarantined somewhere because of people who don’t believe in safety and have not gotten the vaccine and are at risk. This could be a non issue if our former administration had handled it correctly and not kept telling us that it would just go away miraculously. All we got were lies and schemes. Cult followers have not helped the situation.

  2. You’ve had to have proof of vaccines to enter many schools and universities, so this is not new. You’ve also have had to have proof of vaccines to visit some foreign countries If you don’t want to get a vaccine that is fine. No one is forcing it, but we live in a society where certain norms are expected.

    1. RM–I completely beg your pardon but you are missing the point. For entering ‘mandatory’ k-12 there are exceptions granted for beliefs. Also the shots required to visit foreign countries are long established for your own protection…not experimental with dna manipulators in them that were rushed thru and do not do anything besides cause side effects, still give covid and therefore you are still a risk and still have to wear mask etc..not to mention we are talking about viruses–which mutate and they gambled on the the strain just like with flu–its hit and miss..and the fetal cells and mercury or ”adjuvents” included in the sloppy soup of toxins that is pumped into willing fearful guinea pigs. THE WHOLE POINT is COERCION. My body is my body, my rights to my conscience, my beliefs and protection of my body from forced harm is my right–my right that comes from GOD. This is all a dress rehearsal for when you will be denied work, services, access to food for being a christian or holding beliefs the brainwashed find offensive–the mask thing, the lockdown, the fearmongering lies of the media and the coercion of the shot all dress rehearsal to ”conditioning” the masses to keep step with the Overlord. It is unamerican, and inhumane to deny basic rights to people for their beliefs. Period.–and especially when it involves endangering their person with toxic, damaging , dna changing experimental vaccinations.

    2. With respect, your argument is weak. Your “many schools and universities” and “some foreign countries” do not equate to societal norms. Also (to borrow your use of the adjective), *many* of those requirements have historically contained exceptions (e.g. for ethical or religious beliefs). Lastly, the article pointed out that these vaccines are still experimental, not having gone through the entire trial process.

    3. You are so right. I have had the vaccine and had no problems. I am actually more wary of some of the drugs I am on that have been on the market for years, two in particular, Metformin (constant diarrhea) and the statin I am on. Statins are the worst, but I haven’t been able to get my Dr. at he VA to switch me to something more natural.

  3. I am so apposed to this forced “passport”. I will not get an experimental shot! We have to stop this madness before they win! I can’t believe so many people are getting this. I feel like I have heard them claim it’s approved!? Only for EMERGENCY use!

  4. I’m one who has not gotten the shot, mainly like you mentioned this is s new shot and hasn[t been around long enough to know if it works and what efects it will have later. Now with Johnson and Johnson who already had known about the poder they had out and didn’t let the people know that it caused cancer. Why would I trust a company with that back ground?
    I will send your email to my friends and let them know what it’s all about. too many people just jump on what ever they hear. Makes me think twice. Thankyou

  5. All these “vaccines” (they fail the definition) are experimental. Coercion under color of law to “voluntarily” take them violate the Nuremberg Code.

  6. They should be called compliance passports. Arthur Lupien nails it. Our country is the worst law breaker on earth.

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