Feds On Vitamins and COVID: Shut Up or Pay Up!

More lunacy from the federal government threatens doctors with $10,000 fines if they tell you the science about how vitamins and minerals can help with COVID. Action Alert!

The Department of Justice (DoJ) recently announced the first enforcement action against “deceptive marketing” of COVID treatments. The case involves a Missouri chiropractor who is alleged to have advertised that a vitamin D and zinc supplement could prevent or treat COVID—claims that are well-supported in the scientific literature. This is a disturbing and outrageous escalation in the federal government’s actions against doctors and health professionals that inform the public about natural ways of staying healthy during the pandemic, underscoring the need to change the law to allow the free flow of information about foods and supplements.

Previously, the FDA and FTC sent hundreds of warning letters to doctors and clinics discussing the role of natural medicines promoting public health during the pandemic. Then a strategy was put in place to enable the FTC to go after these health professionals with more force. The COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act was introduced on December 20th in the House and Senate, then added to an appropriations bill on December 21. On December 27th it was signed into law.

That’s right: right before the Christmas holiday, when the government knew focus would be elsewhere, this law was introduced, buried in a spending bill to further conceal it, and signed into law—all within seven days.

The law “prohibits deceptive acts or practices associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation or diagnosis of COVID-19,” violation of which can result in civil penalties. Statute allows the FTC to assess $10,000 for each violation; multiple fines can be doled out based on a single claim. State consumer protection laws could also come into effect, allowing potential class actions.

This is a clear warning to those in the natural health profession: either push vaccines and drugs for COVID-19, or keep your mouth shut.

The DoJ’s actions are astounding. For one, we are in the midst of a pandemic and don’t have time to wait for the ongoing RCTs—which can take years—when strong clinical evidence shows that supplements that pose little risk can be helpful. And the evidence we have for things like vitamin D and zinc is strong. We recently reviewed the evidence for vitamin D’s role in COVID, noting the dozens of studies that show COVID patients with higher vitamin D have better outcomes, not to mention vitamin D’s key role in immune function. There are also clinical trials confirming vitamin D’s ability to prevent upper respiratory infections.

Zinc is also incredibly important for immune function. Although more common in the developing world, 12 percent of Americans are estimated to be at risk for zinc deficiency. We know that immune function is compromised with zinc deficiency; indeed, those with low levels of zinc are at much greater risk of being hospitalized and experiencing severe COVID disease. There is increasing evidence for the role of zinc in reducing the severity of COVID-19 disease and also in COVID prevention.

It is incredibly irresponsible for the federal government to target healthcare professionals who disseminate information about these vital nutrients. We can help right this wrong with our legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and urge them to support legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Thought this was a Republic! We need the truth from our doctors about prevention and treatment. Stop the Big Pharmas from ruining our lives, even the most recent report from Oxford this week shows that masks do not help, only with those with Covid from spreading and ONLY N95s. The rest is bogus. Look at North and South Dakota, one is in lockdown the other not at all, no difference in numbers.
    Let the truth be told and seen by all.

  2. The President talked about injecting bleach to cure Covid and doctors are not allowed to talk about vitamins????
    Something is wrong with this picture!
    I urge you to allow health care professionals to discuss natural options as an adjunct to more traditional approaches.
    Thank you

      1. He suggested injecting disinfectants. But we certainly know he’s not very smart.

        1. He most definitely did NOT suggest that! It was actually a reporter who suggested the bleach idea! Look it up!

    1. Bleach? nonsense.
      He said detergents… and made a reference to the fact that in pushing vaccines the FDA already promotes detergents in vaccinations. Trump actually pushed Hydroxychloroquine, sunlight, and UV light – all of which are a proven way to fight viruses and aid as disinfectants (buses are disinfected with with UV light, sunlight is a natural disinfectant. There are key patents that have been garnered for such treatments by big companies, because they work). A Trump also called for Hydroxychloroquine because many thousands of frontline doctors all across the US had previously used it as a safe and effective anti-viral treatment – yet (not so strangely) the FDA pulled it from circulation prior to COVID – coincidence I don’t think?!

    2. Just to be clear, Trump was referring to sodium chlorite which is used for sterilization in hospitals and is sprayed on meat before packaging to eliminate pathogens and in drinking water rather than chlorine because it is safer. Andreas Kalcker in Germany has used this successfully to cure Covid, using it Intravenously. I think that’s what Trump was referring to. Activated sodium chlorite is also called MMS.

    3. If you plan to comment freely about the President saying that bleach should be injected you should provide a quote to substantiate it. I have never seen that quote, but if you have one please provide it. Otherwise. stop spreading misinformation.

    4. REALLY??? You must not be a TRUMP fan. He never said that. It was propaganda from your “reliable” news sources(haha). He was the first to promote Hydroxychloriquin and he used it himself when he got sick. Stop being a LEMMING!!

    5. Get your facts straight, President Trump did NOT say to inject bleach ffs!!

  3. Using food as medicine was a concept to ancient Greeks. Current medicine is no where near as good. Homeopathy often works when chemical cocktails fail.

    1. Read DEATH BY MEDICINE, written by MD’s and PHD’s
      You don’t see THAT written anywhere!!!!

  4. My doctor is an Osteopath and I have used alternative medicine as a way of life. And I believe that it has an important role to play in both the prevention and recovery of COVID I feel it is important to stress that it while it can strengthen and support our immune systems, it should not be touted as THE only preventive measure or a cure. Masks, social distancing and other measures are still critical.

    1. You clearly have not done your research when it comes to masks. If you had you would know what the studies concluded and you would not be saying they were helpful .It has the opposite effect of weakening the immune system.
      Please be responsible when you are giving advise to the public and research what you are going to say.

      1. Masks actually do prevent droplets and that is probably one reason to use them. However, if a virus is freely floating in air and not encapsulated by a droplet it will certainly penetrate a mask due to its size. No mask including N95 can reduce 100% of air flow.

    2. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Masks are useless and dangerous; and Social Distancing? Divide and Conquer!

  5. Preventing dissemination of medical information so that only government sanctioned medicine is allowed plus not informing citizens that their practitioners have a choke hold imposed on them by the government as they will be grossly penalized if they disseminate medical information is even worse.

  6. The FDA allows hundreds of drugs onto the market that show little efficacy in the treatment of disease. Some are later pulled not by the government but as a result of lawsuits because of the harm they cause. We are caught in a spiral of disease and treatment for profit and the FDA is part of this. Viruses have been with us since the day we walked on the earth. The polio vaccine was helpful in controlling the disease but it was eradicated by cleaning up the drinking water supply.
    My wife and I had Covid back in early March. She had difficulty breathing and I had extreme nausea. I keep a bin of natural remedies that has anti virals such as elderberry extract, Zinc and other herbs. We started taking a mixture of these 4 x a day and in 4 days my symptoms were completely gone and her breathing was much better so she did not need a medical intervention.
    Of course we are both healthy to start so it was easier.
    I’m not recommending that anyone try this and they should make their families medical decisions them selves.

    1. This is horrendous! Vaccines were never necessary, please read http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v02n02.shtml about Dr Klenner and the work he did with vitamin C. Big Pharma have been destroying real cures over the last century to push their own medications and make huge profits without consideration of results for patients. Damage caused by vaccines to children are only just coming to light, and we have yet to discover the long term effects. But certainly, they are failing to cover up the side effects of this current group of vaccines for Covid 19. Latest possibilities – eye problems, including blindness – strange road accidents on the increase. The sooner President Trump returns to power the better! The cabal need to be destroyed before they kill off most of the world population.

  7. This is TOTAL INSANITY!! The government has been down-playing the MANY BENEFITS of vitamins and supplements since I was a kid – and I’m 72 yrs old now!! This is VERY WRONG. I can tell you plenty of HEALING stories that I PERSONALLY had from using vitamins and supplements. THIS IS SO VERY WRONG.

  8. This is the same thing we went through with cannabis! Cannabis is a HEALING plant but our government LIED to us for years about it. Do you know how many people might still be alive if Cannabis could have been used to help them? Cancer patients. Lung patients. I had asthma so bad that I was always put into an oxygen tent to help me breathe. Then I began smoking cannabis and I haven’t had an asthma attack in 34 years!! Cannabis, vitamins & supplements are all I use now.

  9. jJust because a treatment can not be patented is no reason to deny it is a treatment.
    Psoriasis, a condition with which I’ve suffered since 1963 improves when exposed to moderate amounts of sunlight ( as well whit meat of poultry abd saline baths). Sunlight is not patentable but that fact does NOT negate its benefits.
    Sunlight also produces Vitamin D a biochemical reaction occurring in every human being, thus NOT patentable. Does that make sunshine or Vit D less beneficial to those who are ill with covid or any other ‘common bug”? NO! Fact: Zinc builds the immune system. So why would Zinc not help one fight off colds covid or cancer treatment? Because its not patentable? Wrong again!
    Herbals and (the ingredients in) most supplements have been healing the human body for MILLIWNIA, not decades. These are bio chemicals our body knows how to work with – thus few side effects – unlike the majority of pharmaceuticals what are constructed chemicals that may well break down in to real toxins. (Including far too many vaccines with aluminum as a component)
    CLEAN YOUR OWN HOUSE! Get rid of the Big Pharma bias’, read the international literature’, and start promoting HEALTH /WELLNESS therapies rather than chemical concoctions that may harm (via adverse or iatrogenic reactions, and side effects) far more than they help. Then may be the incidence of Dxs like autism and cancer can finally start to DROP!

  10. my family, with me leading the way, have all gone with the natural medicines that have kept all of us well during covid, including immune supporting supplements. we would not be able to say we have all been well through this year of covid if it weren’t for the advice I’ve received. while the rest of the country gets sick or dies, my family has been blessed to have the information that has kept us well. america has listened to fake medical information, has resorted to vaccines that can only be categorized as a vaccine because of the “emergency” that was put in place. overall, look at the results of what has happened to americans because they listened to what the government has said and done. we need more freedom of information and maybe more doctors willing to stand up against the government.

  11. I am outraged that the Federal government is talking about prohibiting doctors to tell their patients about the health benefits of vitamins and minerals – especially during the Covid crisis! MY SISTER-IN-LAW DIED 2 DAYS AFTER THE PRIZER VACCINE! perhaps if she had been taking vitamins and minerals, she wouldn’t have gotten so sick that she died! The ONLY thing she had wrong with her was endometriosis so badly, she couldn’t bear children and had to adopt. That speaks of a blood/vascular malfunction. What do we know about Covid? It causes EMBOLISMS IN YOUR BLOOD. If it heats up the blood enough to cause embolisms to break free, what happens when a “vaccine” – a drug that looks enough like Covid enough for your system to react against – does something similar? Isn’t it just a bit suspicious that WOMEN are getting the most serious issues with the J+J vaccine? Why wouldn’t alternative vitamins designed to help the system be a good way to prevent such hot, bloody , destruction?!
    I am all for vaccine – IF THEY ARE SAFE! Vitamins and minerals could make them safer.

  12. Many vital nutrients essential to the health of everyone, are removed as fruits, vegetables, grains are “processed”. That is, harvested foods are broken down to a form more compatible with high volume food production.
    Thus, people who buy processed foods at the grocer or at drive-through food sources, become deficit in essential nutrients, i.e., vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and more, to and become vulnerable to various diseases and conditions.
    Do this: eat whole, organically raised foods, local if possibl.

  13. Vitamin education is not a crime! Take a look at whose pocketbooks are benefitting from the dangerous behavior of punishing professionals for educating their patients on options for supporting their health that do not support pharmaceutical profits. Please do the right thing here and give people the access of the best conventional and alternative information that they can get. Then they can make up their own minds about what is best for them.

  14. Efforts should be focused on alerting the public to dangerous medications instead of supplements!

  15. would love to take action sorry but you do not need to know my phone number thank you

  16. I agree that supplements are helpful in mitigating disease. Some people di not absorb vitamins and minerals from their food as well as others. I am a stage four cancer survivor and know this firsthand. However I do not think any doctor , as in MD, would advise someone not to get a Covid vaccine and rely on supplements as a preventative measure in the middle of a pandemic. I had to figure out that vitamins and minerals were a vital part of my recovery from cancer and the treatment I endured to eradicate it from my body. The issue is that some people do not trust the science behind the covid vaccine or any ither vaccine. Our previous administration talked out of bothe sides of the mothe, leading to confusion and distrust of science and facilitating spread of disease and more deaths in the United States

  17. Please support legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements.
    Thank you.

  18. Stop enforcing fear tactics and scapegoating those who are giving alternative information to the public. Do your research before you prosecute.

    1. Wake up! It’s on BOTH sides. Proof plainly see in all those on BOTH sides that voted for The Patriot Act that has taken away some of our freedoms.

  19. Because the Scamdemic is a Globalist plot to depopulate the planet, our government is doing all it can to join the fracas and make sure people take the COVID vaccine, which is designed to kill anyone with underlying conditions,
    Everyone roll up your sleeves…..

  20. The COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act targets healthcare professionals who disseminate information about vital nutrients such as Vitamin D and Zinc that can prevent or treat COVID, threatening them with up to $10,000 in fines. We can help right this wrong with legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements.
    I urge you to support legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements.

  21. Dear Congresspeople:
    It is of vital importance that Americans have access to the free flow of information about vitamins and supplements and their roles in maintaining good health no matter what condition their use may benefit. Freedom of choice in health care is a human right. Freedom to share any and all information related to health care is a necessity, the hallmark of a democratic country.

  22. Turns out sunshine and nutrition actually help create health. Stop enabling politicians/public servants paid by taxpayers (oops, yeah, Pharma pays them more), to have the final word about our public health information. Nobody reads anymore, or reads “fact checkers” and not the actual medical literature, TRUE scientific data (rather than the fake data distorted by corrupt individuals). Follow the money. Listen to those individuals who selflessly put everything on the line to speak truth, not to those who are ultimately funded by the indemnified vaccine companies who put ZERO on the line, invest our tax money, then never share the billions in profits with their investors/taxpayers. Or, compensate those injured by their genetic manipulation tools falsely marketed as vaccines which spread the very disease they claim to “reduce mild symptoms” of. This is the ultimate snake oil and quackery!

  23. This is wrong and against the constitution of the United States. Government cannot tell doctors what to do
    Our freedom is being taken away by the very people we elected to protect it

  24. We get hungry and then have the desire to eat food. This is true for all of us. Why do we eat? Because our bodies are telling us, through hunger, that we need vitamins and minerals and other substances to keep healthy and survive. Without those vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities, you will eventually die of disease. So all you drug and pharma lovers out there, give up eating and try surviving on big pharma hokum-pocum drugs and potions. Vitamins and minerals will help he body naturally by supporting the immune system and thus keeping a person healthy. If you are sick, there is a very good chance your body is lacking enough vitamins and minerals to propel your immunity. If I ever get CoV-2, I will use L-Lysine first. I will never depend on any gene altering therapy (fake vaccines) in any way, shape or manner.

    1. We do indeed need food for survival and good health. But when we eat ’empty’ calories, e.g. fast food, snacks, processed food, we are not actually eating properly, we’re filling up on rubbish – like eating tissue paper! We’re not getting the goodness of real food, and so we never really feel full, so eat too many carbs, and yet our system is starving for the vitamins, minerals, enzymes that are in real food. So we’re just stuffing our system with rubbish, which is stored as fat, and producing a lot of obese people – who are more likely – coincidentally – to succumb to Covid 19.

  25. I do not find this reporting truly factual. Doctors on local television channels and national channels have given the same information regarding Vitamin D and Zinc. These reports you are stating are NOT what I am hearing locally in Nebraska nor nationally. Stop creating division where there may be none. I am not impressed with much of the information that you are reporting.

    1. You hear what THEY want you to hear. Depending upon the Democrats for news even locally is all corrupt. Division was made by Obama and Socialism was made by Biden.
      Use your own brain, read! It’s time to realize that doctors own a business and we are repeat customers!. They could cure us all but, instead repeat. . .

  26. Actions can only be considered deceptive if they represent that they are treating or curing a disease. Informing people of the available experimental use of substances that have demonstrated benefit in peer reviewed research studies is not deceptive. Zinc has a well established record in the scientific literature for mitigating upper respiratory tract infections and COVID.
    Vitamins D has been shown to play a role in preventing
    Auto immune disease especially multiple sclerosis and having normal serum levels is important if considering getting the COVID vaccines. I will defend anyone who advocates them for those purposes.

  27. If it was signed into law on December 27th, that means Trump signed off on it. I hope people are paying attention to this. I’m not a Trump hater, but my cautious optimism turned quickly to serious skepticism with “Operation Warp Speed”, and the push for 5G. There is a core agenda that has been rolling out for decades regardless of who or what brand of who is in the White House. We need to wake up to this fact and stop trusting in a choice between poop soup and crap sandwich every four years.

    1. I agree! Those two issues were huge red flags to me as well. I think President Trump is part of the psyop.

  28. it is outragious the fight against Nature from these drugcompanies,,,,, I always support a natural way of living , vitamines are extreme important for keeping up a good health ,,,,,, We must stop the pharmaceutical maffia

  29. Fining doctors for citing studies that show the benefits of supplements and vitamins in combating the coronovirus is unforgivable. Please stop this insanity now. It only goes to show the government is in cahoots with the vaccine companies to sell their product which has not yet been approved by the FDA, only allowed for emergency use.

  30. Support legislation that allows the free flow of information about supplements.

  31. The next step will be making these supplements illegal like Heroin, Cocaine and all the others.

  32. When will this insanity stop? People can make their own decisions about what they want type of nutrition they want to put in their bodies. Oh yes, and let’s just add more stress to the MD’s who are already stressed, working without any recognition and some with expired contracts due to the “covid crisis!!”

  33. Our federal governnment, of which I was so proud in my youth (1940s and 1950s) now DISGUSTS me! It is a prostituted corporatocracy!

  34. I have a hat message “I’ve been vaCZINCateD3” I had made a week ago and did a webcam of and forwarded it to
    key local officials, etc around Palm Beach County a few days ago

  35. Common sense says to employ every promising weapon in the arsenal against this, and any, biologic adversary.

  36. If ever we do organize and fight to get our democracy back, we should hold hearings in which these irresponsible money-grubbers, working for the HMO’s, Big Pharma, and businessmen-doctors are held to account very publicly and, hopefully, sent to prison. The tons of information out here has already prove them to be liars.

  37. We need to reduce the size of federal government with the idea of RIFing all of these corrupt anti-America bureaucrats.

  38. This is not the degree of persecution that it seems. It sounds like he asked for the trouble by letting his greed get the better of him, which caused him to ignore the rules of engagement. Simply explained:
    1. You may provide information about supplements (free speech).
    2. You may sell “nutritional” supplements, so long as you can make that argument.
    3. However, you may NOT make any health claims about any supplement that YOU sell, which is a conflict of interest and it is prone to causing fraud.
    We provide information about alternative therapies and even cures, so we are not able to sell any of the supplements that we recommend. We know the rules as did he, and we would not complain of persecution if we intentionally poked the hornet’s nest with a stick. Greed made him do something really stupid, so he’s going to have to pay the price. Seriously, there’s something ethically wrong with charging someone for the information, and bilking him for the product that you recommended.

  39. WE the people should let the next politician who wants our vote to have a plan, and tell how they are going to implement their plan to drain the swamp – drain the FDA, drain the FTC, drain the lobbyists, drain the 1st amendment violators….

  40. This law can be avoided by telling patients to take these things for a strong immune system without mentioning COVID. Women are supposed to take Vitamin D3 to prevent Osteoporosis anyway so recommending Vitamin D3 can’t be outlawed. Even men need it these days because broken feet has become a problem for Military recruits because young people haven’t been drinking much milk for decades. Women break their feet because of Platform shoes. Zinc tablets have been used for Colds and Flu for decades so I don’t think this law is enforceable. There are too many ways to get around it.

  41. Comment submitted to Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) on 25 April, 2021
    Fraud is fraud, and a pandemic ought not to have any different standards than under ordinary circumstances. Fraud is always wrong. We don’t need more laws saying so.
    This new law, the “Covid19 Consumer Protection Act,” ought first to have been enforced against all the “vaccination” clinics which are NOT informing the recipients that the jab they’re receiving is NOT a vaccine, but rather it’s an EXPERIMENTAL gene therapy injection, and it will NOT do what people expect from a vaccine. THAT IS FRAUD, which has resulted in severe illness and death, with more to come. Next, go after all the false advertising which has been displayed to the public making the same false claims: that the Covid jabs will prevent recipients from contracting Covid19; that the jabs will prevent recipients from spreading Covid19 to others; and that the jabs are “vaccines,” ALL of which are FALSE CLAIMS.
    Hey, Justice Department, who are you trying to protect – the American People, or the Harm-aceutical companies and their obedient minions?
    Whereas, the Congressional Budget Office declared that the bill from which this “law” originated would have ZERO impact on the budget; i.e. it would not COST anything; and,
    Whereas, the bill was incorporated into a massive omnibus appropriations bill, thereby disguising its existence; and
    Whereas, incorporating a ZERO-COST bill into an appropriations bill with the intent to conceal its existence from the Representatives of We the People; and
    Whereas, the bill was never properly debated on its merits in Congress assembled;
    Now, THEREFORE, this “law” became law through a fraudulent process, rendering it illegitimate and unenforceable.
    Readers, feel free to reuse the above reasoning and be sure to add it to your blogs and emails to your Congress-critters. It’s past time that We the People exercise our fundamental right to be dealt with honestly by our servants in government.

  42. I am outraged that the Covid 19 Consumer Protection Act was passed under the guise of ‘protection’ when it is nothing of the sort! To penalize doctors thousands of dollars for upholding their Hippocratic Oath to support good health in their patients is outrageous.
    I urge you to support legislation that allows for the free flow of information about supplements. I urge you to support the rights of every US citizen to make their own choices for bodily health and total well-being.

  43. Dec 8, 2019 How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally!
    Dr. John Bergman and Justin Stellman from Extreme Health Radio discuss tips, ideas, biohacks and more to help boost and strengthen your immune system naturally.

  44. Amazing, really, how much of a stranglehold Big Pharm has on the governments. And, news junkie that I am, I knew nothing about this “Covid 19 Consumer Protection Act” til just now. Ya’ll can fight about what President Trump said or didn’t say, kind of a moot point at this juncture. I’ve done my research, and I’ll just stick with what I think will be best for me, which doesn’t include an experimental, unapproved, rushed vaccine. “But you’ll die” they wail. Yeah, like my existence makes a s*** to any of you. Don’t try to pass off your desire for control as concern, Karen. “But you’ll kill others” they wail. And you’re certain of this how? I’ve already had it. “But you might could get it again” they wail. Yeah, and I’ll get rid of it the same way I did last time. And again, why does anybody on the planet give a crap what happens to me. They don’t. *snort* Control freaks looking for a victim.
    A quote from a book I read, “When bards are silenced, men should listen harder.” And “Methinks he doth protest too much, such men are dangerous.” I think those apply here. How about making all information available to all, and let every individual make up their own minds. Forcing Big Pharm/Big Govt pablum down my throat does not change my mind, given what I know about their greed, corruption, and lust for power.
    Let the scared people have their masks and their franken vaccine. I know what worked for me. Leave me alone. I’m just not interested. I have things to do, and they don’t involve living in fear.

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