1. Please don’t release these mosquitoes. Who voted for it? None of us. We are aware of the potential havoc it could create, and once it’s done, there’s no turning back. Just STOP! Nobody voted for this!

  2. These mosquitos are not what they are, by virtue of an evolutionary process—-by virtue of their relationship with the environment OVER TIME.
    Therefore no one is exactly sure of the long term effects.

  3. Please do not release these GM mosquitoes! I live in a rural area of the south. Mosquitoes are a perpetual problem some almost 10 months out of 12 yearly. I am not sure what your ultimate goal is, at this point, but to my family and friends thousands of children locally I implore you to think before you act! Permanent changes to our, already unbalanced, ecosystem could spell disaster for millions of living creatures on this planet! Play god if you must but, be aware of the dire consequences that could befall your loved ones as well! I know all things must change. However, If we can’t be 100% positive of the outcome, we can’t be 100% sure we aren’t setting up our only haven, this Earth, to be uninhabitable for humanity and the rest God’s creatures living within our little blue sphere! I am a a gambler and I wouldn’t take that bet for a trillion dollar payout.

  4. Ask the Aussies what they think of the frogs that were introduced to control bugs.

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