1. You know, being of who you are!! That it always comes down to a strong Immune system the general public is walking around with Toxic Pathogens’, not known to them, going about their lives without that knowledge, Of course if one choses to partake in those vaccines that are one the horizons, which I understand that most are not interested, also well known is Wormwood for Malaria, known in the Jungles for thousands of yrs, very available in the natural form instead of HCQ… More should be on a Holistic Health regime all the time, consider what we are up against, whatever, since Viruses .are always around us…..Suma G Nathan,Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Planetary Chinese Herbologist, article writer on Howtocure.com Strength Trainer, Rock & Roll Dancer, 83 yrs young and still rocking it with clients..pioneering since the 1960’s

    1. I have been eating health food and taking supplements, since I was 24 and organic food, since it became available. I have taken vitamins and other supplements since 1968, and more recently all the supplements listed for Trump except famotidine, which I never heard of. Lately, I use homeopathic remedies and colloidal silver. I have been noticing that none of the health food and supplements websites ever mention silver, an ancient remedy used before antibiotics. Treating infections with silver has been very successful and without the side effects of antibiotics. I am 76 and doing well on no medications but aspirin. We need to make sure that Big Pharma, and the government agencies do not ban our supplements, ban speaking about alternatives and make sure we are not forced to take vaccines, especially the Covid ones

  2. I’ve been a passionate proponent of natural medicine for about a decade. Starting when my daughter was 15 and had attempted suicide after sexual assault and being diagnosed with BPD/ PTSD/ severe depression and anxiety. Her Psych team had her on a cocktail that took away, well… her! She had no joy, or sorrow… no happiness, or anger…. just a shell of my babygirl. I refused to accept it; so began my research and relationship with natural alternative medicine. Did I mention I’m a Nurse?

  3. Please let me take natural medicine given to me or suggested to me by my doctor. I worked with the MD for years, my gynecologist, and he was the one that helped me learn to take vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, and all the other vitamins are so essential. In the last three years I have been taking homeopathy to get off of Advil. It’s wonderful!Thank you, Ms Cook

  4. Thank you for sharing and starting this petition. We must fight to have freedom of information and diversity not only in our job force, but also in the way we can receive or reject medical treatments, and the way in which we can choose variety of remedies and therapeutics natural or synesthetic, and get treatment from various doctors and nutritional experts.

    1. Hi Ahdda,
      I agree with everything you said. We have to fight Big Pharma and the FDA, CDC, etc., to keep our freedom to avoid their allopathic medicine and be able to use all the other kinds of medicine.
      Hope you are doing well. I am living in NM now.
      Stay well,

  5. I think that pesticides have a lot to do with Americans health problems. I also don’t like not having a choice of what drugs I put into my mouth, the only drugs that the pharmacies sell you are from China and India two countries that I don’t want drugs from . Where are our Choices?

  6. Natural medicine has been forgotten in todays medicine. Doctors wont tell you anything about vitamins and health. I have experienced this first hand and had to teach a doctor why I was so instant on having my vitamin levels checked during a routine blood test. And Surprise. I was right. Push the issue when going in for a blood test it could save your life.

  7. The government needs to do proper clinical studies to verify the efficacy of all and any potential methods of helping recovery.

  8. I’m 86 and have COPD and an enlarged heart with some defective valves. My body has never been able to accept prescription drugs except for limited antibiotics., so I have always used natural remedies. Ginger and Tumeric with pepper, horehound ,tea etc. at the moment I’m trying to reduce my enlarged heart and lessen the impact on the valves.
    It is not easy since to get even a sonogram to compare the heart on even a monthly basis is a fight. We used to have a Medical school on our Island until the Dutch chased them off thinking they could expand the oil terminal by limiting our financial independance, we would allow them To destroy our enviroment . It did not work, we stopped them but now we need a medical school, hopefully one who teaches natural medications.Know any possibilities?

  9. The conflicted Dr. Fauci has abused his role on the Coronavirus Taskforce and Director of NAIDI and has committed gross negligence by failing to inform the American public alternative and proven ways to improve one’s immunity for 6 months. This includes but is not limited to discussing good sleep, exercise, decreasing stress, improving co-morbidities such as obesity, lack of sunlight, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Melatonin, Vitamin A, Quercetin, Zinc and others. I believe his actions and recommendations of lockdown, quarantines of healthy people, and and failure to address immunity actually harmed many people’s immunity and health by increasing their stress(lost businesses, lost work, being overly frightened), lack of exercise(closing gyms, parks, beaches), increasing obesity while being locked down at home,
    I believe his omissions of this discussion and lockdowns have resulted in many unnecessary deaths.
    The FDA with their tactics further hurt the American people by their handling of hydroxychloroquine and their hard handed treatment of natural products and Vitamins.. Their incestuous relationship with the Pharmaceutical industry conflicts their recommendations and actions on inexpensive generic medications, new peptides and natural products.
    It is time to have sunset laws on the FDA and maybe other government agencies that fail the American people.

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