1. “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”
    Thank you Dr. Brownstein for being a man of conviction!

  2. When will a new Covid-19 Vaccine be available to the U.S. Public? I would like to know the cost per injection, the potential side effects that any of us might experience. The last thing I want is a case of the Covid-19 after I received the Vaccine, like I experienced back in the 1970’s with the FLU Vaccine, who got the flu? ME! Not happy about that at all

    1. No COVID SAFE VACCINE. BEWARE!!! synthetic DNA altering ingredients gonna trace and track and alter your DNA… it’s a weaponized custom lab made virus. The 1970 FLU vaccines have killed more seniors every year ever since. BIG VAXX FLU shots have made many seniors sicker than they ever been in their lives ever. NO SAFE Accuracy of FLU strains. Kills 10’s of thousands every year and that’s just the few get reported…many others just don’t get reported as families in shock and funerals sudden death of loved ones. NO gov approved fast track Vaccines gonna be safe. All prudent science says it takes 10 years to develop. DANGER US FED GOV PASSED LAWS REMOVING ALL LIABILITIES from Big VAXX for any and all horrorific harms due to their deadly injectables. H.R. 6666.

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