1. There needs to be more research done on a more natural response to the Covid-19 issue. Those currently in control are beholden to the pharmaceutical companies and have only one aim: money. The welfare of patients should be the foremost deciding factor and not money in the bank.

  2. I am disappointed that crony capitalism is driving the protocols for treating Covid 19. I urge you to learn about natural ways to deal with this pandemic. The processes/determinations for Covid 19 are not effective and unfortunately there is money to be made without positive outcomes from the medical and pharmaceutical corporations/industries. I am saddened that so many are dying or trying medications that have little or no indications that have little chance of success. Natural methods offer more to support the immune system and help individuals recover.

  3. Thank you for exposing the truth. I talked to a federal aide yesterday and he assured me that the Repub. know about Bill G., ID2020, 5G, untruths about social distancing, etc. He agreed that our Congress is controlled by Big Pharma. They Repub. are trying to stop this agenda.

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