COVID Quickens Antibiotic Resistance

This pandemic is exacerbating a big problem, but natural alternatives are still ignored. Action Alert!
Antibiotics are being widely used in hospitals around the world to treat or prevent secondary infections in COVID-19 patients. This will make the problem of antibiotic resistance much worse and lead to many deaths. Natural alternatives to treat bacterial infections exist, but they are ignored by government and the medical establishment.
Researchers around the world are sounding the alarm about the problem of antibiotic resistance during the COVID pandemic. Patients hospitalized for COVID-19 are at great risk of succumbing not only to the virus but to secondary bacterial infections. A Chinese study of 191 patients in Wuhan showed that 50% of those who died had a secondary infection. Nearly all severe COVID-19 patients will receive antibiotics.
More antibiotic use means more of the medicines currently being used become less effective or even useless. With every dose of antibiotics given to a patient, some bacteria survive, and these surviving strains multiply and evolve into resistant superbugs. Superbugs infect one American every 11 seconds and kill one every 15 minutes. One researcher warns that “the current COVID-19 pandemic threatens to further weaken the already crumbling antibiotic infrastructure.”
Resistant infections cause 700,000 deaths worldwide each year. By 2050, they are expected to kill 10 million people each year. Hospitals are particularly dangerous for this: hospital-acquired infections kill 90,000 people a year. MRSA alone infects 90,000 people and kills 20,000 a year.
It is maddening to see conventional medicine continue to rely on drugs when there are potent natural options available to fight these deadly illnesses.
For example:

  • We’ve reported on the anti-pathenogenic properties of colloidal silver, the world’s oldest known antibiotic.
  • Researchers have reported that CBD, one of the compounds found in hemp, has shown promise against antibiotic resistant infections such as methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA)
  • Two studies have now linked vitamin D to the successful prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB). In the first study, white blood cells converted vitamin D to an active form of the vitamin, which helps make a protein that kills the TB bacterium. In the second study, Indonesian scientists compared vitamin D to a placebo, testing both on seventy patients for nine months. The patients who received 10,000 IU of vitamin D (rather than the 600 IU recommended by conventional medicine) had an astounding 100% cure rate.
  • Some evidence suggests that vitamin C could be effective in fighting antibiotic resistant infections.
  • There have also been studies showing that ozone therapy—which increases the amount of oxygen in the body—can be an effective treatment for TB.
  • An Italian study found that thyme and clove essential oils were effective in treating bacterial vaginosis.
  • US study found tea-tree oil was a more effective treatment for staph-infected wounds than conventional treatments.
  • Additional research found that lemongrass oil could reduce MRSA.

Russell Blaylock, MD, a leading integrative physician, discussed several important studies on silver in his May 2016 newsletter:

  • One study found that adding just a small amount of nano-sized silver to antibiotics made the treatment much more potent in killing a resistant type of bacteria.
  • Subsequent studies showed that this approach was not harmful to human cells. Animal studies showed that the toxicity that can result from higher concentrations of silver can be avoided by administering silymarin (from milk thistle) and vitamin E in conjunction with the silver.
  • Nanosilver can also destroy the bacterium’s biofilm—a protective organic coating that helps protect the bacteria from antibiotics. One study showed that nanosilver destroyed the biofilm, making the bacteria susceptible to lower doses of antibiotics. Researchers found this strategy to be effective against some of the most dangerous bacteria.

Natural alternatives are clearly supported by good research. But sadly, research doesn’t seem to be enough. Silver, essential oils, and vitamin C cannot be patented, and so cannot make billions for drug companies. Then, to prevent these treatments from competing on a level playing field with drugs, the FDA bars the public from learning about their benefits.
Action Alert! Tell the FDA, with a copy to Congress, to advise healthcare professionals on the use of natural antibiotic treatments. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Please use natural medicine and encourage healthcare professionals to do the same. The money saved will be in the stratosphere. Traditional Chinese Medicine is one arm of natural medicine which has an enormous effect on the immune system.

  2. Since there is no sure-fire drug for curing or recovering from COVID-19, we do need to keep our options open. Especially for mitigating symptoms, we should be giving a considerable amount of thinking towards administration of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have proven to be a boon to patients’ bodies under attack by bacteria and viruses. Studies about natural alternatives need to be done and need to be known about.

  3. I have just read an article about how naturally occurring compounds can rival antibiotics for treatment of pneumonia & perhaps other respiratory infections. Why have I not read or heard about this before?

  4. ALL Avenues of treatment should be equally used to combat natural disasters like SARS-Covid-19. It originated due to global warming which then infected animals, people and now you thwart ALL NATURAL USES TO COMBAT IT? SHAME ON YOU! Before DRUGS WERE INVENTED, there were natural alternatives. I’m going back to that. All Natural. All things natural. .

    1. Before 10,000 years ago humans didn’t get these viruses because the didn’t keep animals to eat. The just hunted for them just for what they needed at that time. All these viruses come from the animals we heard and keep to eat. Some examples are: Swine flu, chicken pox etc. These factory farms are breeders of viruses. The animals live in there own feces. Chicken breeders many time have to kill all the chickens because of a disease that has spread and would get out to humans. It seems to me the Chinese are not as careful, because lately a lot of viruses are coming from China every 3 or four years. Maybe they are doing in on purpose??

  5. The FDA needs to advise healthcare professionals on the use of natural antibiotic treatments.

  6. Trump/Deplorable’s faith based non scientific Community SHAM SCAM is pure unadulterated MURDER

  7. Natural antibiotic treatments are being ignored for the sake of enriching Big Pharma. This must change. Natural antibiotic treatments must be taken seriously for the sake of public health.

  8. Stop the FDA from raids, bullying, and saying natural remedies don’t work. They do. Reduce healthcare costs? get big pharma out of the way. Advise healthcare professionals on diet, lifestyle and natural antimicrobial treatments.

  9. To the FDA:
    Please advise all healthcare professionals on the use of natural antibiotic treatments that are available!!!! Such as Vitamins and supplements including Vitamins C and D, Selenium etc.

  10. My family and I have been treated by a naturopath for about seven years for a variety of conditions. I had serious ailments related to my immune system. I was treated with a variety of “unconventional” treatments including vitamin C IV, supplements and vitamins including vitamin D and had great success with no side effects or long lasting problems. It is unreasonable for only treatments that can have long lasting or permanent side effects be the only ones to be considered of value. There are many solutions that are natural that are incredibly beneficial, and, in many cases, cures.
    The FDA should be advising health care professionals of the treatments of natural antibiotics. It will improve and save lives.

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