Special Report: COVID-19—Fearmongering Born Out of Uncertainty

Our friends at ANH-International go in depth to provide some context on the pandemic.
We’re just settling in to a new normal around the US: social distancing, empty grocery stores, and major events are being cancelled or postponed. It is an anxious time, but our international counterparts put out an excellent piece that lays out the facts and puts this pandemic in context.
ANH-Intl Special Report: COVID-19 – fearmongering born out of uncertainty
by Rob Verkerk PhD, founder, executive and scientific director, ANH-Intl
Coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2, that causes COVID-19 or just plain old ‘coronavirus’ – call it what you like – has taken the world by storm. Humans in every corner of the globe are coming together to ostensibly minimise human tragedy, suffering and hardship linked to the severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by the new circulating virus. Unwittingly, some of these efforts might actually cause harms they’re intending to prevent. Governments, corporations, transportation companies, schools, the entertainment and sporting sectors – mostly everyone – have accepted that in the absence of a silver, pharmaceutical bullet against this novel viral infective agent, we must accept the cost of the economic impacts caused by our efforts in trying to contain and control transmission…
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  1. I stopped reading when I came across this “COVID-19 sitting in the bottom left corner, with moderate contagiousness and relatively low fatality rate (presently around 1-2% of those infected).”
    Have you done the math on fatality in Italy? 2,500 out of 31,500. Now do the math.
    I trust numbers coming out Italy but I don’t for China and theMiddle East.
    Very disappointed.

  2. I really don’t appreciate that you want to invade my privacy by forcing me to accept your tracking cookies with NO opt out!!!
    I won’t use your site anymore if this continues.
    “This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our products and services, and provide content from third parties.”

    1. Hi there! Since this article came from our partner organization ANH-International, which is based in the UK, they are required to follow EU guidelines for their website postings. The EU mandates the display of the “this site uses cookies” message, so unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about it. Thank you for your support!

  3. I posted some terribly important questions re the COVID-9 virus. Why were my questions censored? Whose side are you on? Again, the questions were terribly important. People need to consider. You apparently do not think so. I am very deeply disappointed, given the nature of the content that is being censored from your site, of all places.

    1. Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear that you feel like your questions went unanswered. It’s possible that they were lost amid all the other comments. If you’d like you can email your questions directly to [email protected], and I promise that someone will follow up with you as soon as we can. Stay safe!

  4. With the fact that a) the immune system recognizes bugs it has fought off previously, rendering it stronger to fight a re-infection b) that there is no herd immunity to this corona COVID-19 virus c) no tests to confirm the spread or the numbers, though of course the picture in Italy and China are very serious d) the fact that this one spreads so rapidly e) how does a “novel” virus suddenly and magically appear, out of the blue? Had it started with the animals, we would have been cross-infected long ago, that story, I am sorry to say, does not add up. Viruses evolve over eons of time, true?
    Therefore, I ask a deep question, based on fact, not anything other than fact. Could this virus be genetically engineered? I Want to see verified (not fake) health experts stepping forward, who do Not have ties to special interests involved in genetic engineering or in BigPharma, and hear what they have to say. If my hunch proves correct ,there need to be lawsuits left and right, in and out, and upside down.
    Conspiracy theory? Come on. Genetic engineering is as common as daylight nowadays, don’t we all know it? Don’t we know by now, that sin is as old as Adam and Eve, and some people will stop at nothing just ot make a big buck? Don’t we remember how Monstanto covered up the cancer connection to its product? Gimme a break, conspiracy theory. It is time to look at facts, not wall off realities, and to have a think. A serious think. To ignore such things is to allow them to continue> Is this what we want to continue, ongoing? Then continue your denial. I choose to look at reality because that helps us to make progress. The solution: Lawsuits, left and right.

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