Keep Health Food Stores Open!

State and local governments are starting to force many stores to close—let’s make sure those that protect our health stay open. Action Alert!
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments are putting restrictions on businesses in order to prevent the virus’ spread. In many cases this is appropriate, but it is equally important that essential businesses, such as health food stores, stay open. These stores carry products such as dietary supplements, healthy food options, products to replenish electrolytes, and many other such products that can help us stay healthy and boost our immune systems during the pandemic. This is especially true since major online retailers, like Amazon, are running out of items and experiencing substantial delays. We need health food stores to stay open.
Click the button at the bottom of the page to send a message to your state legislators emphasizing the importance of health food stores in providing consumers with essential products to keep healthy during this difficult time.
Our friends at ANH-International put together a list of immune boosting nutrients as part of their coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak. The piece is called “Build your immune resilience—as nature intended,” and we encourage all of our readers to read the full article. Their list includes:

  • Fresh, preferably whole, unprocessed or minimally processed plant foods
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Nucleotides (can be found in organ meats and fermented foods)
  • Andrographis paniculata(an herb with a long history of use in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • Beta-glucans (found in brewer’s yeast as well as shiitake and maitake mushrooms)
  • Echinacea
  • Curcumin from turmeric

Our international counterparts also note:
recent systematic review on alternate COVID-19 treatment strategies in China has found that the immune response is weakened by inadequate nutrition and they are proposing that the nutritional status of patients should be assessed before any drug treatment begins.
All of this underscores the necessity of keeping health food products available to consumers during this pandemic.
Action Alert! Write to your state legislators and tell them to keep health food stores open during the pandemic. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Heath food stores need to remain open to better help keep people healthy during this very trying time.

  2. Please keep all stores that offer health food alternatives open during this pandemic. Access to unprocessed food is essential at this time!

  3. We need healthy food now more than ever, the resource must be available to everyone to stay healthy.

  4. Health food stores need to remain open so that essential products will remain available to people.

  5. Health stores and natural safe supplements are critical to everyday health. Keep them open.

  6. Please keep Health food stores open. As people are fighting to avoid getting the CV, they will need access to healthier food than what you can typically get in a mainstream grocery store.

  7. Please do not close health food stores. Those of us that have chronic ailments use many supplements & foods that we can’t get at the grocery store.

  8. People need health stores to continue to be responsible for their own health like they have for years. Don’t take the side of Big Pharma instead of the constituents that elected you to help them. It was a big enough slap in the face to get fined for not participating in a system we don’t need or want.

  9. Walmat, Lowe’s, Publix and any more food stores are allowed to do business during this virus epidemic and health food stores should have rhe same rights and their products are helpful to keeping the immune system healthy which is very important for any virus epidemic.

  10. this should not even be a petition – you will force some of us to support stores on internet instead of our local health stores

  11. Health Food stores are equally as important as standard grocery stores at this time. Please protect their ability to continue operating if they can do so safely.
    Thank you,

  12. With all the toxins in the air, ground, & in our food, we need even more health food stores.

  13. Please keep health stores open. At at time like this when keeping a strong immunity can be strengthened by health products, we need to have access to these supply points, even if it means going to a pick up only scenario.

  14. My local health food store is very important to our community! Please leave it open!

  15. Wise up, we need to support our immunity with wholesome food, food supplements and vitamins in this time of crisis. This is no time to be limiting access to such items!

  16. I need my health food store to remain open. It’s the only place I go shopping for food.

  17. Wee need healthy alternatives to mainstream foods with unhealthy preservatives, additives, high sodium/sugar content, and even toxic ingredients. This includes meat and poultry not raised in factory facilities that is infused with growth hormones and antibiotics (the latter which make the ABs we need to safeguard our health less effective) along with fish that is farm raised instead of wild caught, and produce/grains that are not subjected to toxic herbicides and pesticides. . I’m a senior and have shifted away for mass and over produced foods to natural and organic products as well as meat from animals that graze, poultry that is free range, and seafood that is wild caught for my health.

    Everyone should have the right to nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables. We can’t grow much of
    our own in the City.

  19. Don’t forget to throw in Elderberry Extract, a natural anti-viral. Sambucol brand is the one with the most studies, but they’re all basically good.

  20. Please…leave the health food stores open. We need the ability to purchase products that boost the immune system, etc.

  21. Whole thing overblown by media hysteria. More die in car accidents daily and there’s no ban on cars!? Also flu kills more every year.

  22. Health food stores should be considered essential and allowed to remain open during the pandemic.

  23. There is a certain obvious hypocrisy if the order goes out to shut down health food stores. I, for one, will not allow my, and my friends’ health freedoms, be jeopardized by anyone – even government authority.

  24. Please keep natural food stores open throughout the COVID-19 crisis. There are many of us with medically-restricted diets per food allergies, immune-impairment, and chemical sensitivity needs that only natural food stores can meet without our becoming ill.

  25. Many people shop in these health food stores for bitamins ,gluten free and other special dietary needs that can be found in these stores .

  26. It is crucial that health food stores stay open throughout the covid-19 virus pandemic because people need fresh, organic food and supplements to keep their immune system and overall health up. They absolutely need things to fight the covid-19 threat, and it is reprehensible to close health food stores at this important time.

  27. I need health food supplements to keep me alive because of my rare blood disease.

  28. Healthy food is the key to get people’s immune systems up and empower ourselves to keep the virus at bay.

  29. Health Food Stores must be allowed to remain open, especially if the owner is on board… Of course, precautions can be set in place to minimize potential health issues but, these stores carry the cure to safety and health. If major retailers that offer similar products will remain open, the same should apply to health food stores. Thank you.

  30. Please keep health food stores open. Americans need more nutrition now than ever before to fight this pandemic!
    Keep healthy foods, herbs and supplements available to us!

  31. Please leave the health food stores open. It’s imperative that we are able to buy healthy food.

  32. Please allow people to take care of their health in a safe, responsible, natural way. If you close health food stores, you are almost ensuring that more people will get sick, whether from stress or actual illness. Please, please, don’t shut down health food stores!!!

  33. The link for Take Action does not work. The page will not load and the connection times out. Please fix!

    1. Hi Wanda! Thank you so much for your support. Please try the Action Alert link again, and if it still isn’t working please email [email protected] with a description of the issues you’re having. Thank you, and stay healthy!

  34. There are items that I need for health issues that I have that I can only get at a health food store. Please make sure that these stores are allowed to stay open during the corona virus pandemic.

  35. I have a lot of allergies to chemicals in foods, medications, household cleaning supplies, and even the air. I buy primarily from health food stores because its easier to find foods and other items that are organic, non-gmo, safer, and a much better selection of supplements that I need. if these stores are forced to close, I will be in serious trouble. especially at a time like now when there’s a pandemic, and with so many americans who, like me, prefer to shop at good “health” stores, it doesnt make sense to create a situation where people get more sick. KEEP HEALTH STORES OPEN!

  36. I buy almost all of my food from Natural Food Stores. I strongly believe this helps keep me healthy by eating a large variety of very nutritious Organic foods, MUCH of which is not in grocery stores. In fact the news is saying that many people are suggesting that poor nutrition is adding to the problem of people getting the virus and not being able to fight it off to recover properly. SO…PLEASE KEEP OUR HEALTH FOOD STORES OPEN IF THEY ARE WILLING TO DO SO….if people can shop in regular stores for food than there is no additional jeopardy posed by keeping food shopping in a variety of stores available – IN FACT, having more options will keep the people in any store smaller in number if there are more food stores open. Thank you!

  37. Get with it state legislators!!!!
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments are putting restrictions on businesses in order to prevent the virus’ spread. In many cases this is appropriate, but it is equally important that essential businesses, such as health food stores, stay open. These stores carry products such as dietary supplements, healthy food options, products to replenish electrolytes, and many other such products that can help us stay healthy and boost our immune systems during the pandemic. This is especially true since major online retailers, like Amazon, are running out of items and experiencing substantial delays. We need health food stores to stay open!!!!!! duh

  38. Please take what action may be needed to block anything would force the closing of any health food store.

  39. The immune response is weakened by inadequate nutrition. The nutritional status of patients must be strong before any drug treatment begins.
    This underscores the necessity of keeping health food products available to consumers during this pandemic.

  40. Hello , It is imperative that the Health Food Stores stay open and unhindered by politics!! We need their products to keep out immune systems, strong !!!!!!

  41. We need our health food stores more than ever now. Please do all that you can do to keep these health promoting businesses open for business.
    Thank you.
    Josephine Laing

  42. Health food supplements are vital to keep our immune systems strong during this pandemic.

  43. Not everyone appreciates how very necessary our health food stores are, especially during times like we are experiencing now as a nation. Please leave us the right to choose how we decide to fight for our health and let the health food stores remain open – without government and big Pharma’s interference.


  45. This is a GREAT action! I’m a 75-year-old retired chiropractor, who was raised naturally and organically by my fore-bears. Wife and I have eaten as organically as possible over the years, plus take daily nutritional supplements as a matter of course. So we’re VERY interested in keeping nutrition and health food stores open…not just for ourselves, but for ALL people…because good nutrition, we feel, is just one important approach to overcoming this coronavirus event. Thanks for sending this email out!

  46. SHAME ON THE AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA!! NO mention of nutrition/ vitamins to support one’s immune system!! Vitamin C alone has been so researched, including Vitamin C I.V.’s, that it’s actually criminal of our medical establishment, the FDA and the CDC. Big Pharma’s lobbyists are controlling our health care system and the news media in the U.S. WE MUST KEEP OUR HEALTH FOOD STORES OPEN NOW MORE THAN EVER!! AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE!!

  47. Include health stores as exceptions to closures, as long as they want to remain open, as they provide nutrition as do grocery stores.

  48. Please keep the health food stores open during these trying times. I believe the vitamins and minerals can have a positive effect on this virus and any other diseases to come forth.

  49. We must have wholesome foods and supplements, especially during this time of the pandemic. Please keep the healthfood stores open!!

  50. Health food stores are on the list of top 10 establishments needed to help stop the virus and keep people alive! Closing them would be a dangerously careless thing to do!

  51. Please keep Health Food stores open during the pandemic. Adequate and proper nutrition is necessary to resist the virus and stay healthy. Please continue to give us access to our healthy and safe food choices

  52. Keep health food stores open! They provide consumers like me with ESSENTIAL products that help keep us healthy during this difficult time.

  53. halthfood and farmers markets shouldnt be closed., anymore than food banks should be
    lets be sensable whenthe body is stressed with abnormal situations, oneneeds fresh foods more thanever

  54. The best protection for each of is is a well supported immune system!
    Support organic foods and whole food supplements.

  55. Maintaining nutritional health is crucial during the run of this pandemic, and access to the smaller health food store and coops is essential. Please keep them open!
    Thank you.

  56. During this most difficult time we need our health stores to remain open to us. Taking OTC pharma products can make a health condition far worse; complicated!
    I am diligent about what I put into my body. And I Know what works for me. I taught my children about holistic livingness. They are teaching their children likewise. Please let health stores remain open. It is our way of living.
    I am a Great Grandmother so our way of living is in the 4th Generation, not to mention my father who took care of me holistically when I was growing up. So i guess you can say, into the 5th Generation.

  57. These times may be dangerous, but we need nutritious foods, sustenance, and medicine to help us get through the pandemic.

  58. In a 1987 PAP smear, I tested positive for cervical cancer. My physician treated me with acupuncture, homeopathy (also used by the world’s longest-living monarch – Elizabeth II), herbs, and nutrition. I recovered in 6 months, evidenced by a clean PAP smear.
    Because of financial considerations, I had been waffling about committing to the added expense of eating totally organic (to the extent that was possible 33 years ago). But after that experience in the natural healing of a serious condition, I was ready to commit. Since that time, I have relied heavily on health food stores to provide me with superior organic nutrition, as well as vitamins and supplements, and (especially) herbal remedies.
    There are many who would disparage the health food industry. This is unfortunate. Is there perfection in any industry? In my 70+ years, I have spoken with many people who have had their own positive experiences with natural healing. These were sane, reasonable, responsible human beings, all willing to try new or different ways of caring for themselves and/or their families.
    My experience with natural food and supplements has shown me that, among other benefits, they can help to fortify a body’s immune system. When I feel the symptoms which I have learned over many years indicate the possibile onset of cold or flu, I depend on my tried-and-true remedies, and can often altogether avoid falling ill. If I do succumb, I can often keep my “down-time” to a few days and, occasionally, to a matter of hours.
    In this time of heightened concern about SARS-CoV-2 and the resultant COVID-19, it seems reasonable to suggest that a fortified immune system could contribute significantly to a positive outcome, and that those who have survived this virus (some without observable symptoms) are those with stronger immunity.
    I hope that you will ensure that pesticide- herbicide- fungicide- and additive-free foods, as well as high quality vitamins, herbs, and other natural remedies will continue to be available to those of us who rely on them to maintain our health and —more to the point — our immunity.
    Caring for ourselves and for others we know, especially in these significant areas, constitutes an important contribution to a united effort to contain this pandemic.
    We would be significantly hampered without access to the very supplies that make it possible.
    And we need the best available. Unfortunately, the vast majority of supermarkets fall far, far short, in terms of both quality and selection of products, and, more especially, in terms of quality customer service, which is virtually nonexistent in supermarkets. Online shopping for these types of products can’t compare to in-store experience, in terms of either service or immediacy. In my experience, the best available products and the best service in the marketplace are available only in our brick-and-mortar health food stores.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Nipomo, CA

  59. Please keep health food stores open during this national crisis. We desperately need them!

  60. Please make sure that health food stores stay open during the pandemic. It’s important to have access to a variety of immune boosting supplements

  61. Many of us want to consume healthy food and realize that BigAg’s intention is to amass monetary profits while reducing their cost – often contrary to our needs. Let us choose our own food sources and allow us to support small businesses that we trust.

  62. Any and all stores that contribute to the national health should stay open through the current Corronavirus crisis.

  63. Just because some people don’t believe in natural supplements, does not mean that they can’t be effective and helpful. Further, to clamp down on and close health food stores, invites the scrutiny to think that those who even I thought were going overboard into conspiracy theory, may in fact be right. Apparently the powers that be really WANT us to be sick?? T his is in itself, sick. The more we can support our body with natural health, the better off we are in supporting our immune system. Is this what they want to clamp down on? Good, go ahead and prove it to us! Take the action, prove it, and we can sue and we all exactly should! Time for class action lawsuits ahoy! An idea whose time has come?

  64. Please keep Health food stores open. This would enable rational thinkers to strengthen their immune systems as we work against this virus. In addition it gives up additional avenues to buy fresh foods instead of not-so-fresh foods coming through the general grocery stores.
    Thank you,

  65. Plz keep all Health Food Stores open!
    Their products R more than doing nothing to prevent getting sick or sicker!

  66. Please keep Natural Grocers and other health food stores open! May family depends on those particular type of stores.

  67. I shop primarily at health food stores, for organic produce, and other supplies. I am Multiple Chemically Sensitive, so I make every attempt to put no harmful chemicals into or upon my body, or in my house.

  68. I have relied on health food stores to maintain my health for 10 years!
    Without these stores the health of many Americans will suffer!!!!

  69. Business is booming and we are up to the task. We are restocking quickly and pouring revenue into needed inventory.
    While Amazon cuts back on some items we are happy to step up and keep the important stock on the shelves.
    Just old fashioned service with a heavy dose of calming advice…turn off the tv and go out and help someone in need.

  70. Please do not force health food stores to close; they are vitally important to the health of US citizens.
    Especially in these uncertain times, if there should be a shortage of getting fresh produce and other food sources, vitamins and supplements help to make sure nutritional needs are met.
    There is a plethora of sound research indicating certain vitamins and supplements can support our immune system, which is beyond vital right now.
    Finally, there are people like me that take supplements for specific health issues and gain apparent benefit; again, with research to back up the claims.
    I implore you not to shutter these stores in these trying times. Thank you.

  71. i agree our health food stores should be kept open for us to take care of our health and well being.

  72. The only good stores are the health food stores. We recently had to major natural stores close in St. Petersburg and its been tough to find good groceries and good supplements. We need more of these stores not less.

  73. Now more than ever we need to keep the health food stores open during this time of crisis.

  74. As someone who regularly shops for organic produce and staples as well as nutraceuticals at health food stores, I’m asking that these facilities stay open to support the needs of me and my family.

  75. I have worked years on my health and depend solely on health food stores to provide the necessary food supplement. Please do not remove this from me and my family. Traditional medication and America diet make us sick. Please support our continued health.

  76. Please, it’s important to keep health food stores and the companies that sell to them dietary supplements open in order to keep a healthy supply of supplements/nutrients flowing to consumers!!!!

  77. Some of us use supplements to support the medicines we take.
    These stores sell many immune system boosters that cannot be found elsewhere. Healthy immune systems fight viruses.
    Do not deprive us of our immune system boosting supplements.
    Do not deprive us of our tools to fight against viruses.

  78. The video link below to view “Bolster Immune Function During Pandemics” must be forwarded to all state legislators in every state and to all local news media stations! Good healthy nutrition is important in booting ones immune system in fighting to prevent and reverse the effects of a pandemic such as the COVID-!9 (Coronavirus).Washing your hands and social distancing is not enough. People must take care of themselves by strengthening their immune system and they need to be informed about how to do this. A doctor in Wuhan, China is using high dose Vitamin C intravenously to successfully prevent and reverse the Coronavirus. Why are we not hearing about this in the news media?
    Please keep all health food stores open during the pandemic!!!
    Bolster Immune Function During Pandemics

  79. It’s especially important to keep these stores available to shoppers during this time.

  80. Keep open access to health foods and supplements to boost immunity during this difficult time! We need these products to be healthy and it is counterproductive to close access to products that help maintain our health! To shut health food stores and grocery stores during this time will do more harm than good. We rely on vitamins, natural food products, and natural anti-inflammatory herbs to stay healthy during this time and all the time. Thank you. “Let thy food be thy medicine.” -Hippocrates

  81. All Health Food stores should remain open during this pandemic. Vitamins and minerals are essential to supporting our immune systems,

  82. Especially during this time of pandemic we need healthy foods and vitamins! Please keep our health food stores open! Sometimes this is the only place where we can buy organic or special diet foods that are essential to our health. Thank you for listening and helping us maintain our health.

  83. Dear Senators and Reps in California, the state in which my family of 8 resides:
    Many people’s first and second lines of defense against this virus are – sanitizing /social distancing – BUT ALSO eating healthy to ensure proper nutrition which will allow the body the tools to combat the disease. Please DO NOT deprive people access to health-enhancing, and possibly life-saving, supplements and nutrition during these scary times!! Children, stressed-out working adults, and the elderly all need to keep healthy right now!

  84. My health food store is amazing. I get all my health herbs and vitamins and food from them. i would be lost without them

  85. Please keep health food stores open! Good nutrition is the most foundational and best first line of defense against illness. Thank you!

  86. The right to life is under attack.
    Many people with medical vulnerabilities can’t eat mainstream grown food products because of toxic food.
    Others may require the support to the immune and other body systems from natural supplements.
    We pay our senators and representatives to uphold, protect and defend the US Constitution.
    Any official who supports the closure of health food stores at any time, and particularly during this time, deserves a jail sentence and to be driven out of public office. They are a danger to the public, and must not under the law, which requires those who are a threat to others to be held in the psyche hospitals, or by the arresting officer’s discretion be locked in jail… allowed to walk the streets.

  87. It’s our inalienable right to be able to eat pure, natural, and healthy foods. It’s as important as the air that we breathe. Thanks!

  88. Please keep Health Food stores open. They are vital in keeping this disease at bay.

  89. Health food stores were ahead of the mainstream selling echinecea, Vit. D, etc to combat illness and they are again just as ahead of the curve on ways to boost immunity with the threat of viruses (different from bacterial infections but not mutually exclusive). Health food stores are keeping many healthy minded people stocked with Vit. C, Vit.A, Zinc, NAC, etc. that is helping their immune system deflect this virus. I myself have felt sick a few times during recent times and i have bucked the full onslaught of illness and recovered quickly due to these and other supplements.
    There are common sense steps we can make to take care of our health these days- hand washing, social distancing, and good nutrition bolstered by immune building supplement- zinc, Vitamins A, C, etc. I expect YOU to be representing the common man or woman who wishes to take care of their own health and stop the spread of this horrible pandemic.
    Health-minded folks like myself are stopping the spread of this virus by keeping ourselves and others healthy. If anything, information about this immune boosting supplements should be touted on high as one of the best things you can do after social distancing and hand washing! I hope you can help spread the word in fact!

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