1. I agree that this technology needs to be better understood and acknowledged as potentially dangerous for not just humans but also other inhabitants of the Earth. Is there some government secret as to why it has been developed and put out and about to poison the population under false pretenses? I think so….

  2. Glad to see this As I have had concerns about 5G towers coming to our area. I live in Richfield Minnesota, I went to a hearing on this and we are only beginning to watch and understand 5G. Basically, the Internet provider that was there made it sound totally harmless.

  3. Well, I guess now we’re seeing what 5G does to our bodies-Covid-19! I chose not to even have android phone because of these dangers and fought with Verizon, who shut down my service, because I fought against changing my copper wiring to fiber optics. When I mentioned 5G,the person I was speaking with said, “this has nothing to do with 5G,” then why are you forcing people to change their phone lines? They dropped my line at one point I guess to scare me, to take it, but then gave it back to me when I didn’t cave in. Eventually they did permanently cancel my service-and my Lifeline that came with it, even though my phone had been working when the rest of the building was changed to fiber optics and could have worked if they had just let it be! Look at the video again and see what happens to your body from 5G and think about Covid-19 and what’s happening to people. It’s obvious there’s a connection.

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