1. The FDA needs to keep their hands off natural substances and should not be allowed to ban them. There are plenty of chemicals and drugs for them to regulate. Let them focus on that.

  2. Please do not ban estriol as a bioidentical hormone from being prescribed as a treatment for alzheimers. Many women depend on this hormone replacement therapy after menopause.

  3. I need estriol to be preserved for my use bit is the only thing that helps me. Without it, I itch and have soreness. Ineed it to keep me from becoming too dry and hurting from intercourse.

  4. With my mother and sister both long term victims of Alzheimer’s Disease, I have been spared only through the use of hormone replacement therapy for a number of years. Please don’t take estriol away since it allows me to be mentally and physically healthy to be caretaker for my husband with Parkinson’s Disease.

  5. We, Americans have sat back and allowed ourselves to become Guinea pigs for Big Pharma, the FDA, and companies like Monsanto now Bayer. We are done watching ourselves and others suffer.
    We owe much to our outspoken and honest scientists, doctors, and anyone who has taken the initiative to expose these greedy government branches and large companies who are willing to kill our entire population simply for money. I wish my eyes would have been opened much sooner. I feel almost helpless in knowing what to do. Let’s ban together and take those first steps so we can all see ourselves as honorable and brave people! Bio-identical have made an amazing difference in my life.

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