1. When are we going to realize the people have been had. Our so-called health care system is, in reality, a cartel designed to mask symptoms for huge profits. REAL Health care is educating people to eat healthy food, exercise, rest properly, and stay involved with friends and family. If we lived our lives this way, we’d mostly only need doctors for catastrophes. We do not need 95% of what Big Pharma brings to the table.
    And how is it that we have millions of citizens in jail for cannabis, a plant which kills no one, yet Big Pharma has no accountability for the hundred thousand yearly deaths of its FDA approved poisons. This picture is on its head.

  2. It’s more than discouraging that people in pain or suffering other diseases are labeled addicts. How about setting limits and standards as to how many new drugs, which are NOT properly tested can reach the public? How about not adding more chemicals to our already suffering bodies? How about not making so much money at the public’s expense?

  3. Our medical system is completely flawed. I heard one doctor say, on a youtube video, “the bulk of my medical training, was how to become a good prescriptionist”!!! Think of our elderly, every visit to a doctor, coming out with yet another prescription, until they’re are taking 14-15 drugs numerous times a day. They simply don’t live long on so many toxic drugs.

  4. I have a very small group of close friends and 3 out of four of them are addicted to Dr. prescribed medication. This medication is extremely hard to get off of and in many cased the withdrawal causes people to commit suicide. These are FDA approved medications . What a tragedy.

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