1. Plumbers have an expression “Your shit is our bread and butter.” It does not surprise me how certain people will make something as common as fecal matter into an expensive drug. “No man sees evil in how he profits.”

  2. POOP is a natural product just as blood is and as such should not be patented or nor its use restricted but should be readily available after being screened just like blood for any person so needing it.

    1. Big Pharma is famous for taking a natural substance, be it a vitamin or poop, and adding other chemicals and manipulation to it, and then patenting it. The FDA removed the natural form of one of the B vitamins from the market, I think it was either B6 or B12, I forget which, because Big Pharma was working on a manipulated version and didn’t want the competition. So they lobbied the FDA to take this action.

  3. Profiting off Poop is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, I cant believe I’m writing this. The Sh%*s about to hit the fan if they think they can charge people for it. The greed and Corporate abuse is appalling.

  4. All I can say holy s*#t! The scumbags behind this are SICK!!! They should be caged like the animals they try to treat us as… It’s worse than dumping their poisionous (flouride) industrial waste in our drinking water and calling it good for our health (teeth).

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