GMO Mosquitos Gone Wild!

Join Us and Take a Stand Against Irresponsible Science

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  1. If I correctly recall, the idea was that the modified mosquitoes would mate with wild ones, resulting in sterile offspring. Are you saying that’s not the case? If so, I want to see your PROOF of your claim. Please furnish such through my email. If you cannot, then retract your article and apologize.

  2. Hmmm, why is this not surprising. GMO mosquitos breading with other mosquitoes causing hybrids of stronger and Lord knows what will be the result of this crazy ,unhealthy scientific experiment all gone wrong Now in other parts of the world, Florida. You do know it will take no time for this to be a bigger issue. Before you release, act responsible first. Is that too much to ask ?
    Responsible science is a necessity.

  3. excellent article on statins and it being a drug that causes another heart attack rather than prevent it. It is a evil drug that should be discontinued as soon as possible doing more harm to the body than good.

  4. GMO technology is reckless and irresponsible. So unethical. Do no Harm should be their mantra but it seems make the money and just do it is their haphazard actions. They lie when they say they care & want to improve what has existed for eons.

  5. I’m sick and tired of being the victim of other peoples’ ignorance, stupidity and laziness. We have all decimated the planet on which we depend for our sustenance, so we shouldn’t be a bit surprised when Mother Nature steps in an wipes the slate clean of us, because it’s what we all deserve. There are those of us who have done what little we could to show the planet our appreciation and leave behind a sustainable planet for our children and grandchildren, but unfortunately those who don’t give a rat’s ass far outnumber, it seems, those of us who do. We are all just circling the drain, and if anyone thinks otherwise, you are living in a fool’s paradise, OR when ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise, I guess, is the philosophy to which you stupidly subscribe!

  6. Rebecca is right being ignorant is Bliss but it’s not when it concerns the health of you and your family. People love to complain but don’t ever take action and do something about it!
    It is sad what big pharma the FDA and AMA have done to this country and globally for the greed of POWER and MONEY!!! Mother nature is not happy at all and she will soon wipe the slate clean once again and start over and I agree!

  7. The scientists may have the intelligence and skills to do many things, BUT that doesn’t mean that they have the wisdom to KNOW what the long term results are going to be from their ‘Frankenstein’ creations. We’re already starting to see some less than optimal results from the GMO modifications to tolerate Glyphosate. I don’t think we will be seeing too many actual ‘Good’ results from any of them. GMOs ‘Aren’t’ needed. Their only REAL purpose is to enrich the companies that produce them.

  8. My friends and family laughed at me this summer when I asked them to watch the local mosquito population. I have noticed more robust mosquitoes up here only for this last summer. But certainly the days of the wee mosquito are disappearing. And it is alarming.

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