FDA: All Homeopathic Drugs Illegal 

But not all will be pulled from the market, yet. Action Alert!
The policy comes in the form of a guidance document, which lays out the FDA’s current position on the regulation of homeopathic drugs.
In the guidance, the FDA says:

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug;
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E;
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process;
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process.

That’s right: in one fell swoop, the FDA has declared that virtually every single homeopathic drug on the market is being sold illegally. The guidance explains that the agency will apply a risk-based regulatory approach that will prioritize enforcement actions against:

  • products with reported safety concerns;
  • products that contain or claim to contain ingredients associated with potentially significant safety concerns, e.g., belladonna or strychnine;
  • products for routes of administration other than oral and topical, e.g., injectable and ophthalmic products;
  • products intended to be used for the prevention or treatment of serious and/or life-threatening diseases and conditions, e.g., cancer, heart disease and opioid addition;
  • products for vulnerable populations, e.g., children; and
  • products that are deemed adulterated under FDC Act § 501, e.g., do not meet standards of quality, strength or purity as required under the law.

The FDA also says that it recognizes that many homeopathic drugs fall outside of these categories and does not intend to take action against such products at this time, but the writing is on the wall. If it wants to, the FDA could go after any homeopathic drug currently on the market.
Is this level of regulatory scrutiny necessary? No. Although prior to the release of FDA’s guidance document homeopathic drugs did not need to go through the New Drug Approval process, they underwent a different kind of pre-market approval.  Homeopathic drugs traditionally required a monograph from the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), which involves clinical verification of the efficacy of the substance.
FDA’s process started two years ago, when the agency held a public hearing to evaluate its enforcement policies for homeopathic products. We suspected the agency was planning to tighten its grip on homeopathy, which, after all, competes with the pharmaceutical drugs that fund the FDA.
We cannot let the FDA eliminate consumer access to homeopathy.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA and tell them that previous rules were sufficient to regulate homeopathic products, and this new proposal threatens the future of homeopathy. Please send your message immediately.


      1. 60% of FDA employees receive their paychecks directly from the drug companies….Hey, no conflict of interest there!

        1. I believe what you say, but before I repeat that information, I would like a source to cite. Can you help me out with that, please?

          1. Wow! This was a few years ago. I think it was Dr. William Campbell Douglas MD, Dr. Mercola or Health Science Institute. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise, I read a lot of health issues and they all kind of blend together after awhile. But I stand by it as being true.

          2. PS, This item came from a story about how gays were crying to the FDA that they had to hurry and find a cure for AIDS so they could continue their depraved lifestyle. The FDA said they didn’t have the man-power to do it. That’s when Big Pharma stepped in and offered to pay for the extra employees. That was their way in and they’ve been there ever since paying FDA employees directly. Hope this helps!

        2. Similar vein:
          “Conflicts of Interest Rampant Among FDA Advisors, Study Shows”
          articles.mercola (dot) com/sites/articles/archive/2014/09/24/fda-advisors-drug-approval-decisions.aspx

        1. I think it’s just that it’s newer. The disgust over men doing it is implied by the “sailors”.

  1. This is a bit silly. As there are no active ingredients in homeopathic drugs, there’s nothing to make illegal.

    1. If there are no active ingredients then how can they do you any good? “Active ingredients” refers to whatever ingredients actually have an effect, versus fillers, dyes, etc.

      1. If you know anything about homeopathy, you would not ask this question. It is the frequency on the carrier substance that is the remedy.
        I wonder how computer generated remedies would be affected by this, and also how flower essences which are very nearly homeopathics fit into the picture for the FDA…

        1. You’re right, I don’t know a lot about homeopathy. Please educate me. It seems to me that if there is one ingredient, no matter how minute, that could not be substituted with something else and still have the same effect, then that’s an active ingredient. With that in mind, do you still say there are no active ingredients? Does it actually make no difference at all what’s in the remedy, as long as the frequency is correct?

          1. Sorry to copy and paste the below instead of in my own words..I leave on a trip out of state in the am for a funeral… as I said, Homeopathics are so diluted that the substance is no longer there. It can no longer be found by a lab.
            The AMA was created to combat and snuff out the successful homeopathic doctors in the US.
            Find info for allopathic hospitals vs homeopathic doctors’ treatment for the 1917 Spanish Influenza:
            night [28.2% hospital mortality] and day[1.05% homeopathy mortality]!!!
            Hahnemann was dissatisfied with the state of medicine in his time, and particularly objected to practices such as bloodletting. He claimed that the medicine he had been taught to practice sometimes did the patient more harm than good:
            My sense of duty would not easily allow me to treat the unknown pathological state of my suffering brethren with these unknown medicines. The thought of becoming in this way a murderer or malefactor towards the life of my fellow human beings was most terrible to me, so terrible and disturbing that I wholly gave up my practice in the first years of my married life and occupied myself solely with chemistry and writing.[4]
            After giving up his practice around 1784, Hahnemann made his living chiefly as a writer and translator, while resolving also to investigate the causes of medicine’s alleged errors. While translating William Cullen’s A Treatise on the Materia Medica, Hahnemann encountered the claim that cinchona, the bark of a Peruvian tree, was effective in treating malaria because of its astringency. Hahnemann believed that other astringent substances are not effective against malaria and began to research cinchona’s effect on the human body by self-application. Noting that the drug induced malaria-like symptoms in himself,[13] he concluded that it would do so in any healthy individual. This led him to postulate a healing principle: “that which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms.”[4] This principle, like cures like, became the basis for an approach to medicine which he gave the name homeopathy. He first used the term homeopathy in his essay Indications of the Homeopathic Employment of Medicines in Ordinary Practice, published in Hufeland’s Journal in 1807.[14]
            Development of homeopathy
            Following up the pioneering work of the Viennese physician Anton von Störck, Hahnemann tested substances for the effects they produced on a healthy individual, presupposing (as von Störck had claimed) that they may heal the same ills that they caused. His researches led him to agree with von Störck that the toxic effects of ingested substances are often broadly parallel to certain disease states,[15] and his exploration of historical cases of poisoning in the medical literature further implied a more generalised medicinal “law of similars”.[16] He later devised methods of diluting the drugs he was testing in order to mitigate their toxic effects. He claimed that these dilutions, when prepared according to his technique of “potentization” using dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking), were still effective in alleviating the same symptoms in the sick. His more systematic experiments with dose reduction really commenced around 1800-01 when, on the basis of his “law of similars,” he had begun using Ipecacuanha for the treatment of coughs and Belladonna for scarlet fever.[17]
            He first published an article about the homeopathic approach in a German-language medical journal in 1796. Following a series of further essays, he published in 1810 “Organon of the Rational Art of Healing”, followed over the years by four further editions entitled The Organon of the Healing Art, the first systematic treatise and containing all his detailed instructions on the subject. A 6th Organon edition, unpublished during his lifetime, and dating from February 1842, was only published many years after his death. It consisted of a 5th Organon containing extensive handwritten annotations.[18] The Organon is widely regarded as a remodelled form of an essay he published in 1806 called “The Medicine of Experience”, which had been published in Hufeland’s Journal. Of the Organon, Robert Ellis Dudgeon states it “was an amplification and extension of his “Medicine of Experience”, worked up with greater care, and put into a more methodical and aphoristic form, after the model of the Hippocratic writings.”[19]
            Dr. Samuel Christian Frederic Hahnemann
            Samuel Hahnemann
            Samuel Hahnemann was the founder of Homoeopathy. He established the fundamental principles of the science and art of Homoeopathy.
            He is called the Father of Experimental Pharmacology because he was the first physician to prepare medicines in a specialized way; proving them on healthy human beings, to determine how the medicines acted to cure diseases. Before Hahnemann, medicines were given on speculative indications, mainly on the basis of authority without experimental verification.
            Hahnemann discovered the remedial powers of drugs and inert substances such as gold, platinum, silica, vegetable charcoal, lycopodium, etc. By preparing the medicines through potentization, these inert and insoluble substances became soluble in alcohol or water and were charged with medicinal force.
            Dr. Hahnemann espoused the law of cure known as “Similia Similibus Curentur”, or “Like Cures Like”. This means that a remedy that produces symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms when manifested by a person in a diseased state. This law of cure has been verified by millions of homoeopaths all over the world since the time of Hahnemann.

          1. Some homeopathic remedies are so effective they are regulated as drugs already. Hardly “just water”. However do I think the FDA like most federal agencies has too much power, too much oversight, and too much invasion of privacy and freedom.

          2. Perhaps not too much power…but definitely corrupted by Big Pharma. They need the power to protect us from dangerous drugs touted as safe, but are abusing it.
            But what has nitroglycerin got to do with it?

          3. Homeopathic (latin root: same symptoms or similar suffering) are made by taking a poison and converting it to a medicine by dilution and aggravation (shaking). The resulting medicine has much the same symptomatology as taking the poison. If you take it will give you the same symptoms. Take “nitro” when you have a heart attack. Like/Like. If you take “nitro” and you aren’t having a heart attack you will get symptoms that make you feel like you’re having a heart attack. In it’s simplest form Homeopathics are use to treat folks by matching their symptoms and ailments. In practice however over 70% of the symptoms end up being emotional states (e.g. fear) than physical symptoms (e.g. hives).

          4. I’m not sure I follow your nitro example. Nitroglycerin is used when the heart is failing to beat properly; it “jump starts” it. Obviously, if you take it when your heart is beating strongly, it will cause the heart to beat erratically. I don’t follow the connection to the principle of homeopathic medicine. I THINK I agree with your last sentence, if I understand what you’re saying.

      2. Water. Homeopathic remedies are chemically water. No one can forbid you water. Just go over to the faucet or out in the rain.

    2. Uuuuuuh yes, yes there are active ingredients in Homeopathic medications, go read a few homeopathic labels. In my experience having used at least 2 dozen homeopathics as directed, they work and for me they work very well.

    1. No, they’re FDA-approved. “Generally regarded as safe” is an alternative category that only applies to substances that have not been through the FDA approval process but have a long history of use.

      1. Just google FDA approved harmful drugs in news” and you will be surprised. Dont fall into “approved” trap thing. On the other hand majority of homeopathic drugs are safe or much lesser evail than the FDA approved drugs e.g. acid reflux drugs and many more.

        1. The FDA approves drugs where the value justifies the risks…or where the manufacturer has deep pockets to bribe them. >:(

          1. When Big Pharma makes several BILLION dollars off of a bad drug they don’t care if they get sued for a couple of hundred million…pocket change to them and they write it off as a “business expense.”

          2. You’re absolutely right, Fenderman52. Until the risks are in proportion to the profits, Big Pharma will go right on marketing dangerous drugs and passing them off as safe.

      2. Remember Vioxx? That was FDA approved. Killed 65,000 people. Pharma drugs are not safe. Later Vioxx had to be pulled it killed so many.

        1. I have to laugh… after my previously heathy body was permenently damaged from LymeRix which was taken off the market after it gave people the same disease it was supposed to protect them from… I was then put on Vioxx for a year until that was taken off. I’ve lost a little trust in our FDA and Pharmaceutical Industry.

          1. Sortof like the current round of flu “vaccine” killing off more people than any previous year’s vaccine? Consider that they can’t test it for “safety”, since it changes from year to year . . . hmmm. I got this year’s flu – first time I’ve had a case in maybe 10 years (I do NOT do ANY vaccines). It was bad. Not as bad as being dead from being given it intentionally, though.

      3. Have a long history of use… as in homeopathics. Except now homeopathics are expected to jump through extra hoops to be considered gras than any other product on the market. BS!

    2. Yes, isn’t this ridiculous? The FDA should be a lot more concerned with the toxic and dangerous FDA approved drugs that come with at least two sheets of dire warnings of dangerous side effects!

  2. The fda must provide case-by-case proof that banned items have caused death and serious health depreciation from normally acceptable levels of usage!

    1. They’ve banned a herb called ephedra due to an athlete’s death; the problem: the athlete also drank diet coke before the event (evidence was found in his locker). They haven’t banned diet coke. They banned the (harmless) herb.
      Several other athletes have died or suffered severe trauma to the brain in connection with diet coke. Ringing any bells? They can apparently ban whatever they please.

  3. I see this action by the FDA as a reaction to the rising market share homeopathic remedies & the practice of homeopathic medicine is enjoying. More recently, the public trust in conventional medicine has been even more sullied by the news of over-prescribing of antibiotics (resulting in increased sepsis deaths) and the opioid epidemic. I’m rooting for the success of the “outcome” not “science” based health care revolution.
    There is good reason, and research, that validates the use of homeopathy along with conventional medicine. I see no reason that either form of medicine should be mutually exclusive. Both can be used and patients benefit from the growing field of integrative medicine.
    More promising in the field of oncology, new research has shown that homeopathic remedies can lessen the severe side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in patients who had to stop this form of treatment. After homeopathic treatment, these patients could resume their treatment. There is definitely a place for homeopathy along with conventional medicine. Fortunately, one of homeopathy’s most adamant critics recently opined that many U.S. medical schools are now teaching their medical students the value of integrative medicine, including homeopathy.


    1. The FDA doesn’t make any medications. It is a government agency charged with making sure that drugs are reasonably safe and truthfully labeled.
      Your target is properly Big Pharma – the major pharmaceutical (drug manufacturing) agencies. Unfortunately, they have become strictly profit-oriented with little regard for people’s welfare, and have been known to hide negative results in order get approval.

  5. vaccines are primarily homeopathic. Smallpox, polio are homeopathic. Hypocrisy by the FDA – just one of their many flaws. In fact, there is NOTHING valuable, beneficial or accurate in anything they do. The most recent birth control “pills” approved killed over 50% of the women in the human trials. The Doctor conducting the trials tried to end the trials and recommended that no approval be granted. He was replaced on the committee approving by 3 of the researchers who developed the pill. It was approved by those 3 votes.

  6. marin5
    This is probably all due to Trumps pick for the FDA! Everyone he chooses has issues with the agency they run or no inkling at all what it’s all about about, like
    that black doctor? brain surgeon? he chose for housing HUD!

    1. Wrong these rules were done by the OBAMA admin. Look at the document dates. 2011-2017 point the finger at OBAMA or STFU!!

  7. Is this contradictory?
    AAHP Shares FDA’s Commitment to Protecting Public Health
    December 19, 2017
    In response to the U.S. Food and Drug
    Administration’s (FDA) draft guidance on homeopathic drug products
    released on Monday, December 18, 2017, the American Association of
    Homeopathic Pharmacists offers the following statement:
    The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP)
    shares the FDA’s commitment to protecting public health and applauds
    the Agency’s plan to take quick action against illegal or unsafe
    homeopathic medicines. In fact, the Association encouraged FDA to do
    just that in its comments at the regulatory body’s April 2015 workshop
    on the topic. The AAHP is confident that the current Compliance Policy
    Guide provides FDA with ample opportunity to take such action right now.
    AAHP also notes that the draft guidance would not
    materially affect the vast majority of homeopathic drug products
    available in the United States, given these products’ wide margin of
    safety and manufacturing according to current Good Manufacturing
    Practices (cGMPs). The Association further underscores that the current
    Compliance Policy Guide 400.400 remains in effect.
    AAHP looks forward to providing extensive comments to FDA
    on the new draft guidance during the open comment period. As always,
    AAHP is committed to ensuring that consumers have access to natural,
    safe, homeopathic medicines in the United States and throughout the
    Media contact:
    Mary Borneman
    AAHP Communications Committee
    [email protected]
    Filed Under: Press Release

    1. Is it contradictory to the current announcement? It would appear so. However, considering that the only consistent thing about the Trump administration is its inconsistency, that should not be surprising.

      1. This has nothing to do with the “Trump” admin. This thing has been going on at least for the last 100 years in this country. Read the speech of Dr. Richard Day (no endorsement), or rather, what’s left of it, while you still can, and then come back to tell us if what he foretold (with at least a partial knowledge of the master plan) was the makings of the Trump administration. I’ll wait.

      2. Let us not politicize this issue. Please consider taking the red pill vs the blue pill. No US president has any real power. They are mere puppets on strings. Blaming a president is like chastising Bert or Ernie for being bad actors. They have handlers and are directed to do whatever bankers or corporations want them to do.

      3. Belinda Eastmond, you are a dumbass. The document dates and rules were made during the OBAMA admin. Read the document before spouting off with your LIBTARD BS!! Document dates are between 2011 and 2017 well before the Trump admin. So STFU!!

        1. I’d like to point out that I was ASKING a question about the previous comment. The only thing I said about Trump is that IF there is an inconsistency, that’s not surprising. Please stop putting words into people’s mouths, it only makes you look foolish and hateful.

  8. Homeopathics are not drugs. Drugs are there to cover symptoms and have many side effects. Homeopathics are safe/awesome help that doesn’t hurt like Conventional drugs which may hurt more than help with 20 side effects. They should focus on Conventional drugs not natural help.

    1. The problem is the cross over in terminology and intended use. We use homeopathic remedies to treat clinically identifiable (read owned) disease and illness.
      There’s the conflict. By this association CONventional med manufacturers see it as a threat and will set out to destroy anything that steals their profits.

      1. They also want to call food a drug and supplements so they can patent it and own it for themselves only to sell. Money is their agenda. They try to get rid of anything that works that is in competition with them.

  9. My goodness what a double standard. Now I think that we as adults can make the choices for ourselves. Secondly, I tend to shy away from anything that promises to cure serious illnesses. What about all Big Pharma’s wonder cures with the side effects that are often worse than the disease itself? I seem to remember all those e-zines from when I used to watch TV. You know the ones that promise all these wonderful things until you get to the bottom where the side effects may cause a myriad of problems including psychosis. They are all in fine print at the bottom of the screen and generally are rushed through at break neck speed in roughly 10-15 seconds. Yes, a psychotic break with realty is apt to occur. Not to worry though, trained law enforcement officials are standing by to assist you. Got life insurance?
    Who’s zooming whom?

    1. Hey, if you pay close attention to those ads, few if any promise to “cure” a disease. They only promise to treat the symptoms, to help you feel better and live a normal life. Where’s the profit in curing? – you don’t get repeat customers that way!

      1. That’s why I choose my vitamins and minerals carefully. They give my immune system an advantage and I’m 67 and still going strong. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs and I live a very cleanly. Get rid of the refined sugars and fructose too.
        You’re right about not curing and repeat customers. That’s what it’s all about – making maximum profit while slowly killing us off and reducing surplus population.

  10. Maybe the current political atmosphere has made me cynical but what are the odds the FDA gives a crap whether we write letters?

    1. The career bureaucrats don’t care. But the political appointees might, since they can only keep their jobs as long as their party holds the White House.

    2. Even if the FDA ignores our letters entirely, there are still reasons to write. One is that later, they cannot claim that Americans don’t care about this issue. Two is that if enough people write letters, the media will start to pay attention (hey it’s sensational) and more people will be alerted to the cause. Three, it gives you practice advocating for your rights you can then use with other issues you care about. And who knows, maybe it WILL make a difference! The FDA has backed down before over proposals that generate large enough backlashes.

  11. Together with some other individuals who study homeopathy and are VERY concerned, we are formulating a campaign to fight this. Would love to collaborate with you. We have a meeting coming up this Sunday evening. Please connect with me if you want to help or find out more you can do!
    We also have created a Facebook page, Americans for Homeopathy Choice
    If we don’t speak up and put a stop to this. No one will do it for us!


  13. What’s funny is the most effective flu med out there IS a homeopathic combo out there for the masses is Sambucol Cold and Flu Relief. TODAY, an 83 yr old friend in Texas had been to 4 pharmacies that normally carries it , and they are out…back-ordered. Some of you know that nobody knows when a homeopathic remedy stops being effective. Ive got one I still use that I know is atleast 18 yrs old and still heals. Im very stocked up on homeopathic remedies and I go into the forest/mountains and can sense what I need. I now make most of my own remedies. My dog who has cancer has THRIVED on several of my remedies. Ive got her cancer in her body down to a whimper…and she’s an old dog. I seem to be all over the place, but Im really trying to cover a lot of ground in a paragraph. Learn to make your own. Im 65, husband 69….thanks to homeopathic remedies..perhaps a few gemmotherapies, lithotherapies and self-taught acupuncture, the only thing thing I take daily….if I don’t forget…are vitamins. Im not saying all healthfood store owners will do this, but when homeopathic remedies expire…I made a deal with a store owner….I get most of them for a buck each. Bach remedies ususally $2 or $3 each. Don’t know until you ASK. Again, these remedies last a lot longer than their expiration date.

  14. I recall reading early last year that Trump was going to appoint a libertarian to head the FDA. This man’s objective would be to greatly loosen the FDA’s death grip on unorthodox alternative approaches to healthcare in America. So far this sounds like another empty Trump promise.

    1. Scott Gottlieb is the new FDA commissioner. In the handful of articles I read about him tonight, I did not see anything about supplements or homeopathics – things the mainstream media don’t really care about. Of all his initiatives, the most libertarian is an effort to streamline the approval of generic drugs, in an effort to undercut the monopoly pricing of drugs by Big Pharma. According to the Financial Times, “Dr Gottlieb accused branded drugmakers of gaming the system by trying to keep generic versions of their medicines off the market, and called on them to ‘end the shenanigans’.” He sounds like someone who will stand up to Big Pharma. Maybe we just need to get him focused on our issues.

      1. The name Gottlieb doesn’t ring a bell in my mind. What I recall is that the person rumored at that time for this job was a fire breathing libertarian who intended to liberate the entire healthcare system from the FDA’s stranglehold. Obviously Gottlieb is not that guy.
        One rather dismal thing in our favor is that as the American population ages, the demands on the already financially bankrupting and generally ineffective orthodox medical system will rapidly escalate, pushing Medicare, Medicaid and the insurance companies toward insolvency. The American people’s confidence in orthodox medicine is noticeably waning. Either we are allowed widespread access to safe, inexpensive and effective alternative medicine or the unnecessarily towering costs of modern medicine will collapse the economy. The salvation of poorer nations is that they are forced to rely on their inexpensive, ancient herbal medicine which heals, cures and does no harm because western prescription drugs and surgery are financially out of their reach.

        1. I’m a health economist, and I agree. Cash-strapped government health payers might have the clout to combat FDA. When interest rates return to normal and the government has to start paying interest on the huge debt run up by Bush and Obama, there will be pressure to cut government spending. That could happen fairly soon.
          Even when third-world countries do modern medicine, they do it more efficiently than the US. That’s why medical tourism is a thing. You can fly to Asia or the Caribbean, do some sightseeing, get routine surgery, and fly home for less than the surgery alone in the US.

      2. Did you read one of ANH’s articles from last spring when Scott Gottlieb was appointed? According to one written on April 12, he has financial relationships with several large biotech and pharmaceutical companies, has served on the board of GlaxoSmithKline, and believes that the FDA has focused too closely on consumer safety and should speed up bringing new drugs to market.
        Maybe he’s not the worst ever FDA commissioner, but he seems to me like more of the same. Just another pharmaceutical industry insider looking to enrich himself at the expense of ordinary citizens.

  15. “homeopathic drug” sounds just about as oxybloodymoronic
    as the idopathetic morons who run the FDA

  16. The Funeral Directors of America the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
    The top 10 list of treasonous organization against the United States of America which is it’s people. I personally have benefited from Homeopathy for helping me improve my immune system after years struggling with Lyme disease! SAFE, Non TOXIC, Non Invasive. Long history of usage In Germany, Switzerland, France, Iran, United Kingdom!! Used in our History before the AMA American Medical Assoc. deemed anything non Pharmaceutical as dangerous. Liars. They are the Father of Lies.

    1. Thank you Rene…. I’m strugglin’ with Lyme+ don’t know what I’d do without Homeopathy….FDA is right there with the CDC and the IDSA…gonna be interesting to see what HSS or NIH do with the “Working Group for Lyme……

  17. Notwithstanding that the stance of the FDA is not only ridiculous, but flies in the face of 106,000 DEAD Americans thanks to pharma products ANNUALLY, all approved by the corrupt FDA, since when are homeopathic REMEDIES called DRUGS?

  18. Considering all the serious harm that has been done to patients by “FDA Approved” drugs, this is ludicrous!

  19. The US Government is a criminal operation in every aspect of its existence and has been for over a hundred years. Its sole existence is to support its corporate interests both domestically and globally. Its creed is greed and its god is the almighty dollar.

  20. It just means that what is said by the present system, is the opposite of what is effective. As we know, things can be reworded, just as the system does. So the means of illusion, is the same means of realizing what is effective and placing it under another name. This is more doom and gloom, and the weaving and manipulation of information. It only has the power we give to it, and that happens when we do not investigate, which, humpty dumpty, no one can do but the self.

  21. Is there anyone (not associated with Big Pharma, etc) that wants this? I have yet to meet anyone that thinks this is a good idea. We need to put pressure on our legislators to stop this.

  22. NO ONE has ever been harmed by natural cures…NO ONE…NOT ONE…but the graveyards of full of people that died from Rx drugs taken as directed by their Dr. I’m going to get rich, I’m coming out with a line of tombstones that read: “HE TRUSTED HIS DOCTOR.”

  23. If you’ve ever read on how the FDA conducts its tests you wouldn’t believe it. It’s an absolute joke how they manipulate these “tests.” Like they’ll test only 3 people and if the 4th one dies…it doesn’t count.

  24. The traitor McCain for the last several years has been trying to push a law through Congress that would outlaw every form of cure except Rx drugs and surgery. Even vitamins would be outlawed. I’ve heard that in England and Australia you can’t even get a damn bottle of Flintstone’s Chewable Vitamins without a prescription….too late for those countries, I guess.

  25. Many people here seem confused about using the word “drug” to describe homeopathic products. I know it sounds weird, since we’ve been conditioned to think of only pharmaceuticals as drugs, but a drug is simply any nonfood substance that has an effect on the body. Before the 1940’s, when pharmaceuticals started ramping up, drug stores in the US were full of botanical medicine. After that, pharmaceuticals hijacked the word in an effort to claim they were the only remedies that could work as medicine. When I talk about pharmaceuticals, I call them “pharmaceuticals” – not “drugs”. We need to take back the word to mean what it always meant – a broad collection including homeopathic, botanical, all sorts of other natural medicines, and “the new kid on the block who thinks it has a monopoly” pharmaceuticals.

  26. A variety of approaches to maintaining health and curing illness is integral for optimal healing by our populace, which has a right to chose treatment that THEY sind effective and not be marketed addictive nightmare drugs like Oxycontin, or which so many false claims and junk science justified its over use and mega profit to Big Pharma which legally markets toxic drugs like Oxy with an ad budget of billions and consequently jacks up the price of conventional medicine that helps but does not make consumers hooked for life as cash cows. GRRR. This FDA push to ban traditional. effective medication that homeopaths prescribe to individuals in distress who choose the homeopathic route, while ignoring the actual cost in ruined lives and health of people whom Big Pharma addicts, is hideous and probably unconstitutional.

  27. It’s funny they are so hard on homeopathic remedies saying some are unsafe and when the drug commercials come on tv they talk about side effects of cancer, death, fainting, etc..I guess they consider those side effects “safe.”. It would be good to live in a society that protects the people and not the pocketbook.

  28. Too bad!!! Call me a criminal if you want, send the cops if you want, I’ve been done with their crap for years now. I will follow what is right, NOT what is law!

  29. When you write your comment to the FDA, demand that they do their jobs better on pharmaceutical drugs to prevent deaths from these drugs. Reference the article by Dr. Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, in JAMA, July 26, 2000, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” Dr. Starfield, now deceased, published the results of medical system surveys showing 106,000 people die every year from non-error adverse effects of medications. Nothing has changed since the publication of the article, so that is 1.9 million deaths from pharmaceutical drugs. This is simply genocide, and the fines paid by Big Pharma are just the cost of doing business. Big Pharma executives need to be arrested and charged with genocide and sent to jail.

  30. The FDA is a private company whose remit only applies to consumers and citizens. Stop calling yourselves citizens, we are the People.

  31. I am one of 10,000’s that got hurt from Levaquin, Cipro Family of Antibiotics…..Margaret Hamburg the previous Head of the FDA and her HEDGE FUND Husband Crony of Clintons…..was pitched by the Clintons to Obama Administration for the Position. FAILING to divulge to Congress that her husband held shares of Levaquin and the dangerous of Levaquin. So unknown to ALL and myself after 3 tablets which caused permanent peripheral Neuropathy , and the degradation of my tendons in my leg…..wheelchair, crutches, stem cells, for 4.5 years of recovery with remaining disabilities is JUST ONE example of 100,000’s of people who have needlessly been harmed so these corrupt souls can profit.
    THE CDC owning patents of Vaccines…..their coverup about the MMR1 and all the Aluminum adjuvants….etc. CRIMES against humanity with a slow drip that has picked up speed.

    1. I guess a good share of the people if not all own shares of stock in the pharmaceutical co.s. It seems like a conflict of interest to me.

  32. The FDA is going to Gitmo, just like all of the other 3 letters. We really don’t want them or need them. They OK poisons.

  33. Your headline and your article is fear-mongering at its worst. Although there are REAL concerns that the FDA may reduce access to some homeopathic medicines, there are no indications at present that they will make homeopathic medicines “illegal.” I sincerely hope that you delete this article or at least make it more accurate.

  34. Who sits on the Board of the FDA will surprise you …. maybe not ! Do some research and you’ll understand why this is happening . BIG PHARM wants their $$$$ ….

  35. Good. Anyone that markets a drug to treat an illness should have to show evidence that it is effective before they can profit from their claims.

  36. Nearly 100 people a day die from FDA approved opioids, so this is incredibly hypocritical and unnecessarily punitive. Fraud and Death Administration is becoming more and more appropriate and accurate.

  37. I am a Registered Nurse & my grandfather was an herbal healer christian. The things i saw him do as a little girl was amazing. He died when i was 12, but what i saw & the fact i had 1 night burned my hand pretty bad so i went to see PawPaw, he did what’s called “Talking the Fire Out” of the burn on my hand. He was to pass the secret to a woman of no relation, but that night he died in my bed from a massive Heart Attack & had just been that day & was cleared by an Emory Cardiologist that he was in perfect health.

    1. You might find something similar called Pain Siphoning in Donna Eden’s “Energy Medicine” book. We wrestle not against flesh and blood….

  38. l have always wanted to find a Herbal Healer in the Metro Atlanta area to go see because i’m having an unbelievable amount of health issues that i believe they can help me. Regular MD’s only prescribe a pill etc as a bandaide instead of trying to cure the problem & i believe it’s Pressure from big Pharma pushing their pills. If people quit taking these synthetic drugs of big Pharma & went to a herbal healer their health would drastically improve. And by the way i’m a RN with Bachelor of Science, sometimes the cure is growing right around you, maybe in what’s left of our wild forrests.

    1. Check out Emotion Code and Body Code webinar replays to start out with something via energy medicine you can do at home for free! 🙂

  39. I can’t stand how the government allows all these commercials preaching their cures with their ridiculous side effects. And make them seem so right— “ask your doctor “ soft voices, and THEN they make the prices unaffordable. FDA is wrong. This statement sounds like a Drug Company is terrorizing the American people. They are scared. FDA IS SCARED OF THE LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA. So many wrong things with their statement..

  40. The science behind homeopathic remedies is questionable at best, and no study has ever been able to demonstrate a clinical effect from a homeopathic remedy at typical concentrations of active ingredient.

    1. Things often get so juicy near the surface that we sometimes forget that the preeminent agenda behind all this mess is indeed depopulation.

      1. What agency is seeking depopulation as a deliberate goal?? and why??? Big Pharma, certainly not – people are its customers, and the more the better.

        1. Rumor says FEMA, known fact Planned Parenthood. Big Pharm is still a problem, though..

          1. FEMA could, theoretically; it would reduce their workload, which (through multiple administrations) they have proven themselves incapable of handling. Planned Parenthood? Their objective is to eliminate unwanted pregnancies by spreading the gospel of family planning – and the means to accomplish it, where needed. But the goal is a stable population, not a declining one.

          2. Hi Belinda,
            There are many that could us bc and don’t as a choice because they love children and see them as a blessing, each one unique and precious… If someone told you they’d give you $10 mil. one mil. at a time, would you say “Just two please”?

          3. Middle-class & up people in first world countries are all well-educated in birth control. That’s why they average about two children per family. They don’t go to Planned Parenthood for their birth control.
            The flip side is the many poor and working class in the US who either lack information on birth control, or can’t afford even the least expensive forms. These are the people that Planned Parenthood is here to help…with birth control, mammogram, PAP smears, venereal disease screening, and other public health services that better-off women routinely get from their doctors.
            It is my position that those who are fighting to shut down Planned Parenthood are the ones actually engaged in genocide, or at least in keeping the poor desperately poor, which in the long run amounts to much the same thing.

          4. Anna, that’s wonderful that you feel that way. But people whose economic situation causes them to consider children (or more than 1 or 2 children) to be a burden, should have that choice. Better that they should be able to feed, clothe, shelter, and love one child than watch many of their children die of starvation, disease, or exposure.

          5. You asked above for this:
            youtube (dot) com/ watch?v=SMNFQ4tLRFc&t=12s
            [The comments are set to put links in a moderation queue, so I am avoiding that by taking off the “www”, adding spaces, and replacing the “.” with “(dot)” …so take out spaces and put a period instead. 🙂 ]

          6. naturalnews (dot) com/2017-11-09-the-economics-of-the-abortion-industry-save-money-through-depopulation-make-profit-through-sale-of-baby-parts-to-medical-industry-for-experiments-and-vaccines (dot) html
            [The comments are set to put links in a moderation queue, so I am avoiding that by taking off the “www”, adding spaces, and replacing the “.” with “(dot)” …so take out spaces and put a period instead. 🙂 ]

        2. Belinda, as I look over your posts, your are well indoctrinated with press release utterance but don’t appear to have researched much beyond that. You seem interested in knowing what’s really going on but sound a bit naive. Margaret Sanger’s position on removing the “less desirable element” from society is well documented and rooted in Illuminist thinking. Aldous Huxley, President Theodore Roosevelt and quite a few other notables share in the belief that certain inferior races should be eradicated. So Planned Parenthood’s “Gospel” is basically just the rational explanation for the execution of a diabolical social engineering scheme by some really smart people..

          1. Thank you for giving me a rational response and not assuming I’m an idiot for not agreeing with you, as so many do. 🙂
            Yes, eugenics was a popular idea in her day. That doesn’t mean that she was a proponent of ridding society of undesirable races, but she WAS a proponent of using birth control to reduce runaway population explosion.
            Here’s what Wikipedia says (excerpt): “After World War I,
            Sanger increasingly appealed to the societal need to limit births by
            those least able to afford children. The affluent and educated already
            limited their child-bearing, while the poor and uneducated lacked access
            to contraception and information about birth-control.[111] Here she found an area of overlap with eugenicists.[111]
            She believed that they both sought to “assist the race toward the
            elimination of the unfit.” They differed in that “eugenists imply or
            insist that a woman’s first duty is to the state; we contend that her
            duty to herself is her duty to the state.”[112]
            Sanger was a proponent of negative eugenics, which aimed to improve
            human hereditary traits through social intervention by reducing the
            reproduction of those who were considered unfit.[113]”
            So she agreed with eugenists in using birth control to reduce population, but not necessarily with their goals regarding the use of it.
            In any case, even if she herself had been a eugenicist, it does not follow that the organization she founded still shares that attitude a century later, when it has long since gone out of fashion among the intelligentsia who popularized it.
            The fact is that the rich usually limit their family size, because they know how and can afford to. The poor, who most desperately need and want to limit their family size, lack the knowledge or the wherewithal or both. This is the problem that Planned Parenthood exists to solve.

          2. Belinda, your Wikipedia thesis leaves me afraid for you and many other well meaning people who believe the press release drivel that we’re constantly fed. Sanger was a bigot who thought herself and those of her strata to be brilliant enough to determine who’s fit or unfit to live and reproduce.. Do you know Jesus?. . . I only ask because He’s the only one who willingly died to save you, and His TRUTH is the only antidote for the toxic misinformation that government and media spew continually. You, madam sound like a many other “good Americans” who live in the relative comfort of the blissful ignorance that insulates that keeps the facade safe. Google “hipster racism” and see if you fit the definition given; and may GOD bless and keep you through the trauma that invariably comes with transitioning from darkness to light, and from facts to Truth.

          3. I did not deny that Sanger was a eugenicist, nor justify eugenics in any way. I stated my belief that modern Planned Parenthood policy is NOT based on eugenics, and challenged you to give me proof to the contrary.
            Or did you just see that I quoted Wikipedia, and stop there? Wikipedia is no authority, but it’s a good starting point. And in this case, the article supported your position on Sanger but did not address current PP policies.

          4. Your choosing to dismiss the only substance I offered in either of my previous posts tells me that you are simply a contentious woman who’s looking for an argue-mate. I’m not interested in that job and see no value in debating PP policy, be it old or new. When the Creator of heaven and earth issued a mandate to mankind to “. . .be fruitful and multiply,” he fully understood the “problems” that you seem to believe Sanger and her “enlightened” associates are successfully addressing. May GOD bless you and someday awaken you to what really matters.

          5. Ah, I see where we differ. I thought you were upset with Planned Parenthood because it was founded by a eugenicist. I, of course, totally reject eugenics. But it seems your real objection to PP is that they offer birth control. If you object on religious grounds to birth control in all forms and in all circumstances, then there’s nothing for us to discuss.

          6. Only to get basic information. I usually use it as a jumping-off point to get more information; W gives me an idea what questions to ask. I notice that of all the arguments I have been assailed with, not one point has been made that actually refutes anything I cited from the Wikipedia, which causes me to conclude that this particular article must be pretty accurate – or else there’s no one on this thread who understands logic and reason.

  41. The Homeopathic Materia Medica was grandfathered into the F D & C Act, THE ACT, at inception, circa 1906…
    A US Senator from New York, who had been Commissioner of Health for the state of NY and was a Hom. MD, and was instrumental in the creation of THE ACT and made sure that Homeopathy was preserved. WE need to be knowledgeable about THE ACT and the illegal activities of opponents

    1. toxicbeowulf says my “story” is BS. Do you have resources to confirm what I posted?
      I said, Travesty is a good START for a description of the pharmaceutical companies’ evil oppression of the poor. I pray God will provide ​another way.
      ​I have three options for pain medications for osteoporosis​.​
      Voltarin Gell sold in the USA as one Rx is $2, 600 per time. In Canada it is less than $​5 per tube.
      The Pensaid Pump Rx is $1,800 per bottle of about 3 oz. at the ​local pharmacy. Canada ​has ​two strengths of Pensaid Pump–1.5 and 2.0.
      The Flector Patches are $2,600 per bo​x​.
      I pray that our President will search into the unfairness of the Pharmacy industry. I live on SS and a very small retirement from my last five years of school teaching.
      My best to you in the new year.

  42. Homeopathic “remedies” contain only water. How can the FDA ban water? Why would they want to? If you’re upset, just go outside in the rain and open your mouth. No one can stop you, at least I hope not. Also it’s super “natural”!

  43. The pharmaceutical industry has become an out of control monster, poisoning humanity at will from every angle. They have captured the US government long ago, along with the regulatory agencies. This is leading towards medical tyranny, as laws are being put in place to take away any rights and freedoms, concerning medical procedures, and vaccinations. This is what fascism looks like, and it will only get worse if serious changes do not occur. We have a government that works for corporations and banks, and we the people are mere commodities for them to plunder, cradle to grave. This is not freedom, its slavery.

  44. The FDA is as crooked as it can be. They are in the pocket of the Big Pharma companies. They continue to withhold drugs and cures that are saving lives all over the world. They need to be disbanded and we need laws to shut the revolving door between the FDA and Big Pharma and members of Congress!

  45. why can’t we launch a Class Action lawsuit against these corrupt, colluding buffoons? I’m so sick of this charade!!

    1. one only needs to watch the explosive docu~series “Vaccines Revealed” to learn more of the documented evidence as to how deep the collusion, corruption and conflict of interest goe!!. Isn’t it time we, the People, stopped allowing ourselves to be victimized in this way?? ENOUGH I say

  46. In my former (pre-retirement) life, I was a biomedical research tech in a large western university. When I first learned about homeopathy, it didn’t make sense, but that was because of my (cave-man-level) chemistry/biology training. After acquiring much esoteric understanding of things, it made sense. There are no upper limits to the frequency spectrum – we just can’t “detect” them higher than our current instrumentation will allow. X- and cosmic-rays existed long before our ability to detect them. The Nature article of 1988 by Jacques Benveniste taught me that someday we will understand homeopathy, as well. The new science of energetic/vibrational medicine will probably be as well-accepted by that time as current (and barbaric) A.M.A. style medicine is now. But the greed and corruption inherent in the FDA/Big Pharma system will have to be replaced by men and women researchers/practitioners of deep integrity and honesty before that will happen. And a lot of stuffed-shirt “scientists” will have to die off before new paradigms will be allowed to flourish.

  47. No one really thinks the government is here to protect the little guy right? Big pharma wouldn’t exist without government.

  48. Homeopathy is bullshit, pure and simple. While I agree that the FDA and Big Pharma, in this case they are on the right side. Want your homeopathic BS verified? put it through double blind studies.

  49. Oh, yeah? Like cannabis?
    It shrinks or deforms brain structures in adolescents, even with casual use.
    But can still be sold in corner shops, mixed into edibles, and bought with no prescription.

  50. George Carlin said it best!! They don’t give a F**K about you!!,at all,at all
    Go and watch his 2005 Feb 15th Beacon Theater show.It was his best political standup rant!! George Carlin: Life is Worth Losing (2005) – YouTube This applies to Canada too!!
    Just change the name of the country and the color of the flag!!

  51. Natural medicine like eating organic cannot be stopped, in fact the demand is growing every day and in the technical advance diagnostics i invite you to google in You Tube “The Renua 3D Body Analyzer” you will be amazed about how this machine tells you what is wrong and what to do to correct the problem. you will find this machines within the holistic industry not in the regular medical field.

  52. Travesty is a good START for a description of the pharmaceutical companies’ evil oppression of the poor. I pray God will provide ​another way.
    ​I have three options for pain medications for osteoporosis​.​
    Voltarin Gell is less than $​5 per tube if I buy it from Canada.
    The Pensaid Pump Rx is $1,800 per bottle of about 3 oz. at the ​local pharmacy. Canada ​has ​two strengths of Pensaid Pump–1.5 and 2.0.
    The Flector Patches are $2,600 per bo​x​.
    I pray that our President will search into the unfairness of the Pharmacy industry. I live on SS and a very small retirement from my last five years of school teaching.
    My best to you at the year’s end

    1. You could try Energy Medicine for free…
      You can search the internet for one type: EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique]
      by searching youtube for “Could Tapping Be The Solution To Chronic Pain And Anxiety? | Megyn Kelly TODAY” as a cursory introduction. There are lots of free video and online resources from a myriad of places.
      You can find our about Emotion Code [Body Code has an amazing free webinar replay]
      by finding free resources about the Emotion Code model.

  53. What next? The FDA will say plants are illegal? As if, we will listen to the FEDERAL DEATH AGENCY, and discredit what our ancestors used for healing, for 1,000’s of years. We are a force, and when united, no alphabet agency will tell us what we can and cannot do. Peace and love.

  54. Imagine that, the body that govers drugs wants to regulate drug sales in the US. If homeopathic “medicine” is shown to have any actual medicine in it, this regulation should have no effect. But since homeopathic remedies are nothing but water and sugar pills, the snake-oil salesmen will have to find another source of income.

  55. The End is Here… This is a takeover of an industry by the morons who made going back to natural medicine a requirement to save lives. If I read this right it is a 1st step in a schedule 1 of every medicinal plant in the jungle. If outlawing a handful of natural plant medicines filled prisons to capacity, what do you think this will do? I’ve heard enough delete the FDA and replace them with nothing. This needs to be their last traitorous act. #terrorAlert

  56. This a disaster! We need some big gun lawyers to take this on! I am willing to donate to this cause. What can be done to avoid this and who is the best person to spearhead this cause?

  57. FDA can’t make money on cures. They want you to remain on medications so they can make money off of you being sick.

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