More Mainstream Media Censorship

This time directed at Joseph Mercola, MD. is a key natural health resource on line. We couldn’t recommend it more strongly for advice on every imaginable topic. And it is free.
Dr. Mercola recently released a new book, Fat for Fuel. This cutting-edge book focuses in particular on how to optimize mitochondrial function, but is a general guide to the healthiest diet.
Unfortunately, it seems the same media outlets that amplify bad nutrition advice, perhaps because of their Pharma and Big Food advertisers, are determined to censor those giving good advice. Fat for Fuel became an instant best seller when it was released in May, selling more copies than any other adult non-fiction book according to Nielsen ratings. Curiously, though, Fat for Fuel didn’t reach even the top fifteen in the New York Times best sellers list. Why? The Times said Fat for Fuel was disqualified because too many sales went through Amazon.
This rationale doesn’t pass the laugh test.
The only reasonable conclusion seems to be that the New York Times does not approve of the content of the book, and so does not want to promote it on its list. By doing so, they are denying their readers crucial information for their health.

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  1. This indicates business as usual for the MSM. They did the same thing to Dr. Kelly Brogan, and many of her and Dr. Mercola’s colleagues out here on the internet world of natural health. They’re hoping that by ignoring us we will go away; they’re threatened by the implications to their bottom line.
    It’s great that a book like this is a top seller, whether or not it’s acknowledged by the barely-breathing MSM.
    Not to mention how they censored whistleblower William Thompson’s revelation of corruption and scientific fraud committed by the CDC with respect to the MMR vaccine and autism.

  2. Government doesn’t really care about We the People. They are Just Greedy looking out for themselves

  3. Same treatment as to Sanders, says my Japanese husband. the Japanese call it mass communication like this “mass gomi(=trash).” Worldwide, people see through this. Thank you for letting me know about Mercola’s book. I’ll hop over to uh, Amazon (wish there was another way over here) and buy it.

  4. The NYTimes does this to conservative writers as well. Just ignore them. Carlos Slim is propping up what is a failing rag.

  5. With another holistic doctor, Damond, just killed/murdered, let us hope it stays with censorship and they do not kill him. In that thread one doctor replied he is looking over his shoulder daily. Just saw a new movie. La fille de Brest. Showing the power of Big Pharma and how they have no qualms to let people die with their medication Mediator. Something that has been going on for years in court, yet, despite trying to keep up informing myself, i never even heard of it or a ban. MSM is owned by those in power. Outright lies are communicated to the collective on mainstream dutch news. The lies repeated, again and again, to make the imprint stronger. TRUTH is now being censored in Germany, by calling it hatecrimes, with a liable fine of up to 50 million euro. Alternative healthinfo is already banned on labels, websites, magazines etc. with a liable fine of 30.000 euro. Personally i started juicing weeds that i know are edible and grow in my own garden like a pest. This autumn they will inject japanese knotweed with glyphosate in the plot next to my garden, making me fear the worst for my organic cottagegarden.

    1. Censorship is rife in Australia too – to protect Big Pharma and the ‘Medical Mafia,’ and to hide the harm of WiFi radiation, water fluoridation, GMO foods etc. These various industries/corporations, in collusion with the media, seem to be virtually running the government, no matter which political party is in power. Meanwhile they’re doing their utmost to kill the alternative health industry. It really makes me start to wonder what their real agenda is. Is it just profit, or are they trying to cull the population? The ‘conspiracy theories’ are looking more and more like fact.

  6. MSM is controlled by Big Pharma/Big Food; so this is not surprising. I have followed Dr. Mercola’s site for years – as well as millions of others – due to the cutting-edge health and wellness information he provides for free. Many condemn him because he sells his own line of products on this site … so what? There’s no obligation to ever buy them. But the daily (free) articles he provides are invaluable, and have helped so many people.

  7. I heard that about 70% of TV advertisements are for prescription drugs. Rxs now cause more deaths than illegal drugs and automobile fatalities. Nevertheless, the FDA who approves these poisons just put an Amish farmer in jail for selling a harmless homemade ointment. Daniel Smith was raided by the FDA thugs in the middle of the night and sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling MMS. Unlike drugs approved by the FDA, MMS has never killed anyone and has saved the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of grateful people. Who should be in jail? The corrupt FDA Nazis who are in bed with Big Pharma and kill about 50,000 people a year with “approved” Rx drugs or an Amish farmer selling a few jars of ointment to his neighbors?

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