Acid Blockers Cause Brain Damage, Kidney Disease? 

Increase the risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%? Kidney disease by up to 50%? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the science suggests.
Over the years, we’ve written extensively about the dangers of stomach acid drugs—conventional medicine’s completely wrongheaded answer to stomach pain and acid reflux.
Scientists aren’t certain what causes acid reflux, but a leading hypothesis is that it’s caused by a stomach environment that is not acidic enough. The lack of acid in the stomach short-circuits the signal needed to close the pyloric valve.
Stomach pain apart from acid reflux may also be caused by a lack of stomach acid. It sounds counterintuitive, but the lack of acid leads to poor digestion, causing undigested food to ferment in the gut. This leads to painful intestinal gas and other symptoms of “bad bacteria” (such as helicobacter bacteria) taking hold. Here, too, more acid, not less, will help.
Despite this evidence, conventional medicine gives us proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to treat stomach pain and acid reflux, which work by eliminating acid production—thus making the problem even worse.
Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. Recent studies have revealed a frightening spectrum of side effects caused by acid blockers:

  • large study published in JAMA Neurology found PPIs to be linked with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The study found that regular use of PPIs increased the risk for dementia by as much as 52% compared with nonusers.
  • Two new studies have linked acid blockers with chronic kidney disease. The increase in risk is cited as 20–50%.
  • Another study found that PPIs may raise the risk of heart attack by 15–20%. Other studies have shown that PPIs damage the lining of blood vessels and thus promote cardiovascular events.

The link with pneumonia and other infectious diseases was established years ago. This may be because acid is a barrier to infectious organisms getting inside your body.
Because stomach acid helps digest food, too little stomach acid can lead to nutrient deficiencies (since it is harder for the body to extract minerals and vitamins from food) and food poisoning. Reduced calcium absorption, for instance, leaves people who regularly take PPIs susceptible to bone fractures.
It can also be hard to stop taking PPIs once started. When patients stop taking them, fermentation can cause pain. It may also be hard to re-establish the ability to produce acid.
Given these dangers, why do doctors continue to suggest these drugs to their patients? As always, it is instructive to follow the money. Blockbuster drugs in this class such as Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium bring in billions of dollars each year and are some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the US. Nexium alone brings in about $6 billion a year. With so much money at stake, drug companies presumably do not want us to learn the truth, and drug companies are often the only source of information on the subject for doctors.
The good news is that stomach pain can be managed without using these dangerous drugs. Restoring stomach acid with hydrochloric acid supplements both helps the stomach signal the pyloric valve to close and also helps control the helicobacter bacteria. Lifestyle changes can also help reduce stomach pain and acid reflux, such as losing weight and eating a healthy diet.


    1. Try the Scarsdale diet – that works for me. It cuts back drastically on carbs, as well as fat sugar combination. 3 days on this diet & I don’t even need Tums. It’s a 2 week diet & I follow it every few months. It got me off a 6 year addiction to Prilosec.

    2. I can put you in touch with a group that may be able to help. Contact me >> L9info yahoo com.

      1. What manner of group are your referencing here, qman – a pyramid selling group for certain products to take? Curious before using a link that is unfamiliar to me, as should others be too.

      2. You are selling? Just as there are better ways to eat, there are better ways to advertise.

    3. Go on a Paleo Diet. It will do more than the Scarsdale Diet which didn’t work when it was popular in the 70s. It’s closer to the Atkins Diet– no deprivation at all. I have been on it for 10 years and love it.

    4. Yes, eat a raw vegetarian diet including plenty of veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouts and add fiber to your diet. A good one is 1/4 cup of ground flax seed each day with 16 oz of water. Actually tastes nutty and easy to take. Acid reflux is caused by a sluggish digestive system which starts with the enzymes in your mouth and stomach. A lot of people have what they call “auto-intoxication” where particles of food get into the blood stream because they are not being obsorbed in the small intestinal tract due to flatten villi (the tiny little spikes that absorb the nutrients in the food you eat). Too much gluten and eating too much cooked food flattens this villi and creates this unfavorable environment which has been found to make you really sick in many ways. Raw food has its own digestive enzymes and cooked food is dead food and the body treats it as a toxin! Enzymes are killed at a temp of 107% and the human body dies at 107%. Chlorophyll is one molecule different than human blood. So eat you salads! If your digestive system isn’t working and you do not have regular bowel movements (3 a day, one after every meal is “regular” like a baby), then you need to change your diet. Colonics will give you the boost you need and will help develop the peristalsis (the movement in the intestinal tract that moves the chime from the stomach through to the colon) and you’ll feel a whole lot better. I know I cured myself! Good luck!

  1. Terrible article! Suggesting something as serious as this and giving zero “good news” as the final paragraph suggests exists is negligent at best. In order to not be inflammatory this article needs to put more emphasis on what can be done to counter the problem that apparently so many people have. A generic nod to “lifestyle change”, “losing weight”, “healthy diet” is not helpful at all.

    1. Thank you so much for writing in so much detail about your account of reducing to getting off of these PPIs. Was just put on a higher dose approx 5 – 6 months ago due to the horrid acid reflux that I’d get even when not eating 3-4 hours prior to sleeping. Too, I purchased a Sleep-Number bed [over three years of financing] to aid me with this reflux and while it has, I still had to get the higher dose of PPI. Sure hope that your method of reduction aids me as well.

    2. I’m in complete agreement with you Dianne. There are no solutions entered here until close to the end of the article and even then, the ‘solutions’ are not at all fleshed out. I want to know how to reverse the need for these PPI’s so that I can find a reduction to this ripping pain suffered with acid reflux.

      1. That’s where doing your own due diligence to research the answer comes in. The lack of your answer in the article tells you the author doesn’t know the answer. Would you rather them say something that later turns out to be not the best advice?

        1. Jeffrey Liggens, I’d rather that they offer: [a] some kind of manner in which one can safely get off of the PPI’s and [b] a more natural, homeopathic path one can embark upon to take care of the acid reflux issue. Even avoiding the foods that typically created acid reflux has not rid myself of this pain.
          Thank you though for your suggestion.

          1. When it happens to you, are you laying down, or is your body vertical? Not often, but on occasion, I may have an acid reflux event if I eat a meal at night, then lay down too soon. But I don’t have a chronic condition of it.

          2. Actually Jeffrey, I purchased a Sleep Number bed some years ago specifically to treat this issue [and one other]. I sleep on an up angle and do NOT eat for anywhere from 3-2 hours before going to sleep .. and that’s not a full meal, but perhaps a small snack of some crackers to soak up any acid.
            I even had a bizarre attack 4-5 months ago while sitting upright in my work chair at home and had not even yet eaten breakfast! Was perhaps 11:30 a.m. and felt this pain shoot up one arm, and then up the right side of my neck. Also weirdness in the ear on that side as well. My throat too felt like it was opening up in a very weird manner. Totally strange and out of the blue.
            Am I having a heart attack or stroke I wondered? Am not overweight either. Went to the ER [was on a Saturday of course .. grrrr], had all sorts of testing and was even kept overnight. Diagnosis? GERD … same thing I’ve been diagnosed with for years! That’s when I was placed on an even higher dose of PPI.
            Seems that in the early 50’s members of my immediate family, ie: brother and mother, all developed this condition. Strangely, the one immediate family member who is GROSSLY overweight and is ’55’ has never developed Acid Reflux/GERD. Go figure. And ‘no’ we all live in different states from each other rather than together.

          3. If you haven’t eaten and it’s nearing noon, your stomach will begin to “talk to you” and tell you where to go for neglecting it. All kidding aside, you will get a build up of acid if you don’t eat when you should. It’s like drinking water; if you find yourself thirsty, you have already went too long without drinking it. Which brings me to that question; how’s your water intake? Not enough water will cause a host of problems. I do half a gallon a day religiously, and all at once. Also juices at some point in addition to your water intake will help neutralize the acidic environment of the body. Acidity is a natural consequence to our metabolism. Hence, we are told to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which go a long way in neutralizing the acidity, and bringing the body’s ph balance where it should be.

          4. Actually Jeffrey, with head bowed I admit to having suffering anorexia for the majority of my life – a mental disorder, if truth be told. Due to that bad dietary behavior for so very many years, I no longer get that stomach “talk to you”. Believe me, I get all excited [literally] when I actually FEEL hungry and my stomach growls, as it’s now such a rare occurrence.
            Regarding water intake? Probably almost too much as I’m constantly downing water and drink probably more than most people will within a two or day time period, in one day! Love my water 🙂 Good suggestion though.
            Don’t do much in the juice area any more as too many are acidic and end up hurting my stomach – as in I feel the pain. Heck, and I live in wonderful FL – a land of plentiful citrus! Regarding vegetables .. practically my entire diet consists of these in the form of organic when possible.

          5. Did you ever get to the root cause of your anorexia? Is it over? It’s great that you eat organic vegetables. I try to whenever possible. As for meat, you don’t have to ever eat red meat. But I do, as I have absolutely no problems with it. I love my rib eyes; medium rare, thank you. Chicken and fish will suffice for your animal protein needs. Yes, our bodies need animal, as well as vegetable protein.

          6. Oh yes, Jeffrey, thank you. Counseling by one who was aware of this disease was a good start, plus a growing awareness and self-research as I aged gave me the cause. Sadly, it’s never truly ‘over’ as it’s as much a disease as is alcohol and other such addictions. The key though is awareness; thus, I eat fairly healthy and attempt to not worry about this or that making me ‘fat’ [was skinny as a rail – too skinny! – prior to menopause, or perhaps the addition of too high a dose of PPI?] but am not considered fat by those viewing me. The continuation of anorexia in my case is that I still cannot see the visual me that others do – continue to see a ‘larger’ image than is reality. At least I’m aware 🙂
            Every now and then I’ll have red meat [“med rare” ABSOLUTELY!], but not often as I sincerely prefer fish for my animal protein, or at times chicken.
            Again, thanks for you kind caring .. appreciated 🙂

          7. I am glad to hear you got to the bottom of it. Knowledge and understanding enables us to navigate our lives going forward into better choices for our’s and other’s benefit.

          8. I get horrible chest pain if I don’t eat. I was rushed to the hospital so many times before I figured out that all I needed to do was eat. This was pain that literally brought me to my knees. I had an emergency angiogram and all that goes with that, and all I needed was a little food! But I can’t always feel hungry, it’s just that if that starts to happen now, I eat immediately.

          9. You probably now eat on a particular schedule? If my wife doesn’t do so, she get’s lightheaded, as she is hypoglycemic.

          10. Yes, I’ve been hypogl. for years. The thing is I have NO appetite, so I have to force protein so I don’t get the chest pain and faint. Doctors in ED’s have to treat those symptoms with heart tests and I’ve been through that enough. Now, I have to go find something to eat. Bleh!

          11. I don’t know how to eat a meal anymore! I used to be a good, natural cook, but now that it’s just me and my dog (who eats Little Bites) I’m on my own. I could try the dog food I guess, but I don’t care for the smell 🙂 Since it’s 10:30 pm, I’ll go for a piece of cheese and a seedy cracker.

          12. Have you considered investing in a good blender, and doing healthy shakes to replace the fuss of a regular meal?

          13. Yes, I want to do that now. But I’m going to break down and see a gastro doc, a naturopath and get that over with. I hate spending my time at the doc, so I only have my PM doc now (who is an amazing, incredible heavily-degreed guy). But I have been neglecting a few things and I have to just go get some stuff checked out. I just will NOT go on anymore meds unless is natural and I know where it comes from. I probably just need a good supply of Mj, but I live in Florida and I don’t like being high on THC anymore (those were THOSE days). I did get CBD oil (hemp/legal in all 50 states) and I want to try that soon. But yes, I have to find a way I can eat legs. (Ha! auto-correct for v e g s is legs!) I mean, veggies. I love them so much but my tummy hurts. Sad me.

          14. “But yes, I have to find a way I can eat legs….”
            I thought this conversation was taking an “interesting” turn. Enjoy your leggies…I mean Veggies. LOL!

          15. Laying down after eating is the worst thing you can do. And if you don’t have much of a problem now, I wonder if it could get worse?? Also we need to listen to our bodies on how we react to certain foods. For example, if you have any lactose intolerance, drink a milk, then lay down to sleep, you will likely wake up with spoiled milk in your nose 🙂 Lovely, isn’t it?

          16. I agree with you on all points. Your last comment made me laugh. I try not to lay down within two hours of going to bed. I’m a night owl. I went to bed this morning at 10am. But that’s extreme; I’m usually in bed well before the sun rises.

          17. Hee hee. Last night I was working on an article for National Pain Report, and I had to stop. I stopped because all of a sudden I just had to begin developing silly, bogus meanings for medical acronyms. I even made myself laugh at a couple of them. Of course they have to do with one’s lower abdominal system…wonder where I could send them for publication? 🙂

          18. Ok, now you’ve got me laughing. Maybe he’d enjoy the goofiness of it, but I would imagine the letter wouldn’t get opened, and he certainly isn’t going to answer the phone, and I emailed John Stossel the other day, and he hasn’t gotten back to me, so no no, I think I’ll just see if one of my editor’s wants to add some humor to a site. Ewe…I’m scared.

          19. Coming off PPI’s is tricky, and in my opinion needs to be done with a holistic doc experienced in solving the low stomach acid production problem while slowly lowing the dose of the PPI. In other words, solving the problem before removing the crutch.

          20. Love that last line: “… solving the problem before removing the crutch.” Sincerely would love to find a practitioner who knows how to do as such and cares!

          21. I’d find a practitioner that is experienced with using Standard Process supplements b/c they have the solutions to solve the problem and been educating doctors about this exact problem for like 75 years and counting. The PPI’s have not been around that long, but the problem of low HCl were around before these drugs and they have the solutions to fix people and get them back to normal.

          22. Hey everyone. Just wanted to give my 2 cents. I had serious gastritis reflux etc. D-limonene really made a difference. OK start with changing diet (too complex to write here) but the D-limonene really helps, also Mastic Gum & Esophageal Guardian (from Life Extension Co.). I used a product called Candex to kill the candida & sometimes Oregano oil also for same reason. Took high quality enzymes with meals combined with the Esophageal Guardian before bed + the mastic gum (Jarrow) & D-limonene. The point is, that doesn’t seem to be addressed commonly, is that once the esophagus is damaged one needs to heal that so that the spasms there, which we feel as chest pain, stop. So first of all I took the E. Guardian after every meal to protect the esophagus from the rising acid. Once it was healed, maybe 2 – 3 weeks, in this fashion, I continued with the other supplements. I still take the E. Guardian before bed & sometimes D-limonene &/or mastic gum (if I feel there is any upset going on). I can eat whatever I like now, but am naturally somewhat moderate (almost no alcohol, almost no caffeine & the usual fresh & whole foods). Hope that helps any fellow sufferers. Remember; heal the esophagus first. You can do it!

          23. Thank you tremendously Terence Pearce, for such a detailed explanation of how you healed this awful esophageal problem. I too first had the gastritis and wondered if that had anything to do with the reflux later on.

          24. You’re welcome Cathmi. It was my pleasure. I hope it helped. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about my experience, which was long, before I managed to control the problem. I researched treatments for several years before I understood what was happening. FYI :- I lost 20 pounds during the gastritis, could eat nothing but jello etc. Even hurt to drink water. Near hospitalization I guess. Best. T.

        2. Totally on-Spot Jeffrey Liggens!. What Dianne & Cathml are apparently looking for is the liberal left-brain “Tell me WHAT to think” instead of the original conservative libertarian adage of: “Teaching a Student HOW to think” & then encouraging self-exploration & research (As you point out & as this article & the author plainly does as well). Leftists Liberals Stinking-Thinking wants ALL the answers simply & fully given to them without nary any responsibility on their part to do their own research & draw their own conclusions. BOTH Dianne & Cathml Comments are essentially Ad hominem in nature & from my Highschool Discussion & Debate Teachers view?? Shows forth the depravity of their intellect & the absolute niggardlyness of their controverting assertions & argument. (Oh! Can;t wait to be accused of being a racist for supposedly using the “n” word here, lolz).

          1. I don’t find you racist for using the word “niggardlyness”. I find you rather condescending in your tone in general. I respect the fact that you have a BS degree in Dietetics, but your mannerism in sharing your knowledge causes people to reject whatever you have to say. Must everything be made out to be political? BTW, I was republican for 19 straight years, until I got tired of hearing their lying political rhetoric, and left the party some seven years ago to have no party affiliation. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what political party one identifies with; our representatives behind closed doors are all on the same side, sleeping in the same bed. Their agenda is not in the best interest of their constituency. None of them. They are beholden to another master, and it’s not the American people.

          2. How tiresome. You really are proud of your contribution, even though it amounts to finger pointing and patting self on the back.

          3. I assume, Shawn, that this response of yours is to Casmige rather than to Jeffrey? No idea really but would like to know prior to giving you an up arrow or not. Thanks.

          4. I totally disagree. But it is quite telling that you say nothing about Casmige’s bigoted and unnecessary verbal assault against her.

          5. Y’all ain’t gonna improve your health scratching around this comment section

          6. I certainly may, Shawn Foster, as might some others. I’ve seen suggestions for GERD/Acid Reflux relief here that I’ve not found anywhere else; any one of these suggestions might be the cure for the situation. I sing praises for this comment section and will forward it to my sister who’s husband has developed throat cancer from acid reflux, has been on PPI’s and is due for surgery soon. Hopefully something mentioned in this comment section will create a healing for him; thus negating any need for the surgery!

          7. I think the suggestions that have come out of it may encourage us to do more research into better options than what big pharma has to offer. That is what this article is all about.

          8. Actually Casmige, you’ve no idea whatsoever of how much research I’ve – and possibly Dianne as well – have done through the many years of suffering this malady known as GERD. Mine all started when in a coma 28 years ago with tubes going into all orifice plus other areas of my body. Standard treatment for ulcers back then were in giving individuals PPI’s as it wasn’t yet discovered that it was a bacteria harming the gut! For all I know the PPI treatment at that time, and the natural damage to my stomach and intestines from the trauma and other treatments might be the cause of the GERD in my early 50’s that continues now.
            Before you make assumptions about how others ‘think’, are liberals or conservatives or whatever, pull back please before conducting your own ‘Stinking-Thinking’. You have no idea what others have explored prior to making responses beseeching answers to such a situation or not.

        3. I don’t agree that the author doesn’t know the answer — I think that’s speculative and some authors do, some don’t. I write for a medical website and I usually like to leave some info-gathering up to the reader. Also, I am not a medical professional, so I call all my pieces “Opinion.” And like I mentioned above, there are space limitations. Longer articles are not read as much as shorter ones. When there is a comment section like this, it’s best to keep an article 700 – 1000 words. And if medical solutions are given by non-medical writers, the world blows up in the comments section, believe me!

          1. I didn’t have a problem with the article myself. I think it was enough to raise the warning that acid blockers have horrific consequences. I agree that it gives the readers an incentive to do more research on their own, to see what other options are out there for their health treatments.

      2. Again, not a fairly tale, an article and the solution is outlined at the end of it. Support endogenous hydrochloric acid production by taking HCl supplements and/or apple cider vinegar.

        1. Yes & thanks Rejoove, the solution is listed at the end of the article; however, for those of us who have been taking PPI’s for many years there are no words on how to make a safe and hopefully mainly pain-free transition from ingesting PPI’s to taking [how many?] HCI supplements and which ones [by some names please] as well as the apple cider vinegar.
          We are not all scientists or have a bent towards that mode of intelligence, so some guidance in this area is appreciated… as was your comment.

          1. Totally agree. The challenge that the Alliance for Natural Health has (or any person or organization dispensing health information to the public), is that only the prescribing doctor or another doctor can change dosage and/or take someone off their meds. Secondly, it is way to complicated to explain the scientific nuances to the public of what is safe, dangerous, and the multitude of variables for each individual for them to share that level of information. In other words, even if they did write that 7-page article, there is no guarantee that the reader’s unique situation is applicable to what was written or how it might have been interpreted by each reader. So in essence it comes down to liability and integrity on the part of the educator to make sure they don’t hurt anyone in the process of trying to help people.

      3. Unfortunately there are space requirements on articles, even online. Each publisher has its own rules. I don’t mind having to look for answers if what is stated in an article gives me enough information to know what to search. I think we learn even more too, when we have to dig a bit deeper.

    3. It’s reporting the findings. That’s the purpose of the article. It’s not a book or how to. You must invest in your health and research. Research key words like natural remedies to……. That’s when you find the answers you need. Many natural ways to address what ails us. Pharamacueticals are rarely the answer to cure, it’s usually a bandaid that eventually causes other issues while only masking the initial symptom. Symptoms are our friend trying to tell us that we need to adjust something and, oh so much is diet related. I’ve addressed a laundry list of symptoms (ques) and MS by diet and lifestyle change. When I revert to old ways, my body has issues again and it’s so obvious that I must do what I have learned. It’s sacrifice, and vigilance with healthy ways, not a quick pill. The end result is dis-ease prevention as well as ending the symptoms and regaining true health all while only doing what’s required to treat our body like the temple it is.

      1. You’re right though, there is no reason that since this is a newsletter related to natural health that they couldn’t find time to make it easier for those wanting to know how to get off these meds to wean and their options to try alternative, natural methods. They should indeed provide a link for both of these needs. It does leave the reader frustrated. I get your point entirely.

      2. I tried to delete my first comment as I see how harsh it reads and I feel bad. I am unable to delete it. I’m sorry.

    4. Looking for the “Magic Bullet” or “Cure-all Pill” much?? Holy Writ states that “The curse does not come without a cause” & Hippocrates (You know, that pesky “Father of Medicine”? Stuff) Asserted 2 laws for Medical care. #1 we’re all familiar with: “Do no harm”. #2 Law?? We’re not so familiar with: “Let FOOD be your Medicine”. Now correct me as being an imbecile with regards to this (I’ve a Bachelors of Science Degree in Dietetics BTW) and tell me how STUPID Hippocrates was compared to Western Medicine & present day Doctors & their beliefs?. Bahwahahahahahahaha!.

      1. In getting your highly self-regarded degree, the university forgot to take you out in the hall and teach you about life: manners, kindness, willingness to give and staying away from good conversations others are having because you are interruptive and rude. When someone has to mention their degree, one knows the problem child has just come down for breakfast.

        1. I was just reading some of our earlier posts, and up voted you here. I may be slow, but I get there eventually…with certain things, but not all.

    5. I love Alliance for Natural Health, they let all of us voice
      our opinions, not so at natural news from my personal experience, they
      delete posts that do not match their agenda, many other sites do the
      same. (I refuse to use facebook or any site that is moderated,
      moderation is only in fact used to control the narrative period)
      I had terrible reflux, I identified the foods that were causing it , as well
      as combinations of food that cause it, sometimes mixing acids and
      alkaline bases will create problems.
      The first thing I found for me was peanut butter, I can eat it during the
      day, but not before bed as an example.
      The second thing I learned from others was to angle my bed so
      my the acid if there was going to be a problem couldn’t get up
      to my esophagus.
      When I go to bed if I think I might have trouble , I take a handful
      of dry oatmeal.
      For a while until I changed my eating habits and learned to eat very
      little before approaching bedtime , I might have an attack in my sleep,
      I would get up about to throw up and put a 1/4 teaspoon of so of
      baking soda in a 1/2 glass of water, and get relief in minutes.
      But I also discovered too much baking soda can be very, very dangerous,
      don’t ask me how I found that out…lol
      Any way listen to your doctor, nothing I say here on this subject is advice
      for anyone, this is just my experience, again consult your doc.
      Today as long as I keep track of what and when I’m eating I have very
      little trouble.
      I understand your frustration, but that’s the beauty of this site , it’s not
      perfect but we are all here to contribute our thoughts freely…Peace!!

      1. THANK YOU riverstrat for your AWESOME reply to my angst regarding your first message here!!! In fact, I’ve learned more from this passage that you’ve written, than from my doctors that have worked with my supposed ‘reduction/relief’ from GERD. LOL – I can only guess what your body’s response was to ingesting too much baking soda, but will not speak it here. ;-D
        Regarding the ‘dry oatmeal’? You eat this as is? Not even mixing in a partial glass of water? Must be very difficult to get down throat to swallow in its’ entire. Would not having a piece of bread or cracker – both minus the wheat – help in the same manner? Just wondering.

    6. This article was not written to please a small child like a fairy tale, it is to inform the public of troubling medical practices. It’s up to you to do what you need to with the information, not complain that it does not have a happy ending. Besides, it tells you exactly what to do.

  2. I’ve been coming off of PPI’s from about 5 years of everyday use. If it helps anyone out there- try slowly coming off them by taking a pill cutter and halving them for a good month or two. You’ll get some acid reflux even at half- just don’t eat, or eat a small amount of neutral food. Also, when you feel it come on, activity helps a lot, just get up and start walking around if nothing else.
    PPI’s are nasty and I’m guessing they are also a leading cause of obesity in the US. I gained massive weight when I started using them- and now, coming off, I realize I just can’t nor do I want to eat the same old terrible foods. When I was using them I would be hungry ALL the time!
    It’s been a couple of months now of NO PPI’s and I’m healthier and have already lost around 20 lbs.. Now my stomach is doing it’s job which is to remind me not to eat garbage food and to let me know when I don’t need to eat at all. I’m also more active and feel infinitely better with much more energy. And FWIW, I feel like I’m thinking clearer- which may support the dementia/alzheimer link (I noticed this even before that study was released).
    Just stick with it- you can get off this junk!

    1. Thank you so much for writing in so much detail about your account of
      reducing to getting off of these PPIs. Was just put on a higher dose
      approx 5 – 6 months ago due to the horrid acid reflux that I’d get even
      when not eating 3-4 hours prior to sleeping. Too, I purchased a
      Sleep-Number bed [over three years of financing] to aid me with this
      reflux and while it has, I still had to get the higher dose of PPI.
      Sure hope that your method of reduction aids me as well.

      1. On a regular bed, put a four inch square piece of wood under each of the headboard legs. The tilt/angle helps to keep down acid reflux at night. PS A lot of cases, as mine, are psychological.

    2. Great post, Neil. If you want help speeding up the weight loss a bit and give you extra health, write me >> L9info yahoo com

    3. No wonder Larry The Cable Guy is the ad man for PPIs in the t.v. commercial.He is an overweight guy.

    4. This info means a lot to me! I didn’t know one had to titrate down, though. I am finding out slowly, that most of the meds I’ve been on have been making me sick for years. Now, thanks to this kind of information coming out, we learn the truth. But how many drug companies already know this stuff is bad right from the get-go? I suspect MOST. I’ve taken myself off of six Rx’s in the last few years and only had to go back on one. I am a researcher/writer in the medical field (freelance articles mostly about chronic pain). I have to dig pretty hard to find this kind of information. This article’s content is precisely why that unusual friend who never goes to the doctor is the one who never takes meds and is the one who is the healthiest, dah. I didn’t know about the weight gain, but 15 pounds lighter and I’d be very happy.

  3. I solved my reflux problem with apple cider vinegar capsules. Two of them before a meal will restore my stomach acid, closing the pyloric valve.

    1. Great idea! Apple Cider Vinegar is good for so many things so it must be adding health to one’s body.

  4. I haven’t been to a doctor for anything other than a skin lesion in about 40 years.
    I’ve used aspirin twice in the last 15 years. We are what we eat. There are so many
    good and effective ways to avoid as well as treat illness. I have nothing against
    junk food, but we must realize every meal we consume of junk food deletes a
    nutritious meal that we could have had, so for me its and extremely rare treat
    to have junk food, I love it but I also know better than to make a habit of it.

    1. Actually riverstrat, some medical situations can be caused by other than what we eat, such as imbalances in brain chemistry [having suffered a brain hemorrhaging TBI, this has been one of new areas of awareness], suffering physical traumas, etc… Doctors have their place in life as do certain modes of medicine, surgeries, etc… I simply wish that more of our physical practitioners were more open and aware of homeopathic cures rather than writing out prescriptions for medications.

      1. I agree.
        Not to minimize the good they do, it is important to note
        that 400,000 deaths occur annually due to Medical
        I don’t believe that have much of a revenue stream tied
        with homeopathic entities, and industry pressure may
        preclude recommendations if not legally bound, loyalty
        to the ‘secret handshake’ mentality.
        Drugs manufactured here can be bought for a third the price
        if Americans Cross borders to buy them, the same drugs made
        by the same facilities.
        The Pharmacutical industry generates Billions in revenue,
        and contributes greatly to the FDA
        It is my opinion the FDA and Pharma are as corrupt as the day
        is long, as well as most of our Federal Agencies that operate
        without regard for our Great and Inspired Constitution.
        For some reason links are getting kicked back at me , I had a couple
        to post:
        Gwen Olsen on youtube:
        Pharma Not in Business of Health
        CBS (use startpage or google, I use startpage 100 to 1)
        FDA Corruption Letter Authenticated.

        1. I so agree on the corruption of the Pharma and the FDA but I also keep in mind that there ARE some medical practitioners will to stick their necks out on the line to prescribe that which is holistic in treatment. I’ve a neurologist who is fantastic; following a most nasty bout with a kidney stone caused by a migraine preventative I was one for some years, I pleaded with my neuro doc for something holistic. Lo and behold, he prescribed something that’s been sold in EUROPE and works quite well for a large percentage of sufferers, for many years now. The laugh here? The product is produced in Orlando, FL!! Amazing. This product aided me greatly with NO negative side effects.
          Copied your links which I’ll check out later this evening .. with appreciation 🙂

          1. Great to hear.
            I’ve been working on a tooth ache using Wheat Grass, I’m
            not ready to say its 100% for another month or so as it had
            been on going (on/off) for about a year ,currently I have zero
            pain, started the (swishing) 4 weeks ago…..time will tell….
            By the way , the links are not actually links, they are just
            search words since disqus is not letting my actual links

        2. Thanks for those. I believe the number of medical error deaths is 800,000, but I’m using my memory, not my research. But medical errors are for sure the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

          1. Its funny how mainstream media shies away from this massive loss of
            life yet gives us 24/7 coverage of some crazed shooter.
            We also have 40,000 a year die from auto accidents, imo 80%
            of the could be avoided if drivers slowed down when they see
            dangerous situations instead of speed up just to try to teach
            someone a lesson, or show how important they are that they need
            to get to wherever it is they’re going before anyone else….so they can
            accomplish what…lol

          2. Media is messing up consumers big time right now, especially in the medical arena. We are fighting tooth and nail to get some voices heard on the work I do, but the media will only report opposing stuff they get from altered government reports. And the government started the whole thing with its special interests, lies and agencies doing unthinkable things to win the money they get from Big Pharma. We are so lied to it’s a disgrace and people naturally believe what they read. But I have learned that my natural (and previous) trusting nature is way off. Everyone needs to do their own research now — especially if one is taking medicines. What we need is more doctors and lawyers speaking out, but they’re afraid of the FDA, DEA, CDC, etc.

    2. It is not only junk food which almost all contain msg, coloring and all sorts of additives. Our foods are laced with antibiotics that kill the good bacteria in the gut, which leads to all illnesses. The hormones wreack havoc also with our delicate balance. Our young girls are getting their menstrual cycle at seven eight and nine years old. Certified organic is the way to go, but it is expensive. Big agriculture and the big pharma companies have too much power and are contributing to our illnesses and early death. The medical profession benefits also. When medicine is for profit it is in their best interest for all of us to get sick.

      1. You are so right , we need to be vigilant and make sure the Health Food
        sources that get co opted are not slipping in GMO and pesticides where
        they claim they are not , or worse ingredients. Was it Whole Foods that
        acquired someone or was acquired and went rogue on us , at any rate
        we need to be watchful , they will not stop until we can cut budgets, and
        close some of the more corrupt Federal Agencies as well.

        1. It never ceases to amaze me that most people take such good care of our vehicles and make sure we change the oil, get proper tune ups, but when it comes to our bodies, people don’t give a second thought as to what is good for us.The government is not there to protect us. The good food that we consumed in grandma’s day does not exist anymore. Artificial sweeteners were never supposed to come to the market, due to the damage it can have on the brain and it actually leads to weight gain. The FDA is corrupt. Corn syrup is another horror. When the government subsidized corn,we had an over abundance, so they put it in everything we ate. Pure sugar in moderation is not as detrimental as corn syrup which we and the animals cannot digest. Our diabetes rate is now bordering on epidemic, which I and many doctors feel is due to corn syrup. Please everyone if you can’t read it on the labels, don’t eat it!

          1. For example, watch the Monsanto documentary. It’s getting older, but it’s still a necessary watch! (Netflix and probably Amazon).

          2. I have watched it and I encourage everyone to sign every petition that comes your way to stop our government from allowing Monsanto to poison us with GMO’s which is roundup.There seeds are modified with that insecticide to resists pests. Now I ask you would you spray roundup on your weeds and then lick the applicator? Of course not , so why would we want to eat it in our food.Combine that with the hormones in our meats and poultry which is destroying our delicate balance and all the antibiotics which is destroying our good bacteria( which we need to stay healthy) and you have a recipe for illness. Our drug companies are another problem. Legal drug pushers.

          3. You’re right. I am in the business of researching some drugs and I read this stuff for my own health, but we are ingesting so much crap. My generation’s grandparents never got sick — they couldn’t even afford to see a doctor. Now everyone seems to have some malady (or a lot of them) and I believe it is food and drug related in a large percentage. I know I’m one of the victims who got sucked into a bunch of drugs that I never needed. I’m getting off as many as possible now, except I live in chronic intractable pain on a very high level, but at least pain medicine is thousands of years old. I guess we don’t always know what’s in it now, however.

          4. Just think about this. My father ate raw chop meat with onions and never got sick. I used to make a protein drink and add a raw egg. Those two practices today could kill you or make you very sick.Why? Because of our farming practices and processing and because farmers are permitted to put sick and down animals in the food chain without knowing what their illness is or what their cause of death is attributed to.

          5. because the residual insecticide only lasts on the outside of the seed (to derail seed eating bugs) and maybe the sapling (for snails/slugs? BUT THEN, supposedly doesn’t affect the plant as it grows to maturity.

          6. yes, yes, and yes. Humans are a dying species because of greed. Now that is the real thing to eliminate but alas, we can only try to eliminate the symptoms. It used to be within the public’s control, such as, Don’t buy the products BUT WHEN no one has a choice, that is when it crosses the line to GREED at the expense of many regardless of the consequences. Greed wins overall and we all will suffer for it. But the beneficiaries of the greed only care about their own lifespan and maybe their kids and grandkids and then will die SO THEN, GOOD LUCK to the rest of their descendants. These people think with their “small heads”.

          7. I’ve been on the NO HFCS bandwagon since 2005. It took 10 years but now the tide has turned and it’s popular for companies to get HFCS out of their products. Similar to the fractured oil in almost every mass produced food, but that has been harder for companies to eliminate. Some have though.

        2. No, it wasn’t Whole Foods. They have not been bought out. Their meat does not contain antibiotics or hormones. Other foods do not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Only shop at Whole Foods or Mom’s.

      2. And stay sick, notice how all the meds just treat symptoms, never completely curing the problem

        1. Amen to this Gloria. Often times, these medicines treating one condition end up creating another condition that needs a different medical treatment. Total nightmare .. healthcare today.

    3. I agree. My sister, who just turned 60, ALWAYS had a house full of junk food: frozen corn dogs, cookies, candy, ice cream, frozen pizza-mozzarella sticks and egg rolls, Hamburger “Helper,” donuts, and I could go on and on. Her daughter LOVED coming to my house because she knew she was going to get food she loved such as salads, grilled chicken, healthy green veggies, etc. Oh, we ate an occasional treat, don’t get me wrong! My sister is now well over 200 lbs overweight, diabetic and who knows what else. My niece is healthy, a normal weight, works out every day and does the same with her three kids. My sister’s son has followed in his mother’s foot steps and it is heartbreaking to see the pattern continued into another generation. He has a 20 month old and another one on the way, so I don’t know where their fates lie. Not that we don’t take blame in it, because WE put the foods in our mouths. Also, I’m not taking full credit for my niece’s healthy lifestyle (she has struggled a few times with her weight in the past) but I did encourage healthy eating and showed her the other side of the eating unhealthy coin!
      I so wish people would realize what the food industry is doing to us.

      1. We often hear ‘its genetic’ …..well if you grow up with a pint of
        syrup and 8lbs of pancakes every morning , yea I guess its genetic☺.
        I turned Pescitarian 20 years ago (not for health reasons) , and
        as an unintended consequence, or coincidence , I’ve weathered
        fairly well, and am very thankful for it.
        As was mentioned , by another, the additives are just devastating.

        1. I am so aware of ingredients in food, and I am sickened and disgusted by what is in our food! Besides additives and preservatives, half or more of whose names we can not even pronounce, I am SHOCKED at the amount of a basic ingredient such as SALT that is in food! I sent my hubby to the store go buy some whole wheat or multi grain Naan, to go with some Italian herbed hummus we had bought as a treat. He came home with it and when I turned the package around and read the calories/fat/sodium/vitamins section, I was BLOWN AWAY! They were not huge pieces, and they not only had 4.5 grams of fat in each piece, BUT they also had 550 mgs. of SODIUM in each piece!! I was so pissed! I found a few recipes to make it ourselves, but each recipe called for about 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt! Still too much for my liking. A friend of our daughter is a baker/pastry chef and I asked her if Naan HAD to have that amount of salt in it. She said ABSOLUTELY NOT! She also is a popular cake decorator in our area and she says she never puts salt in her cakes and they are delicious!! This is just ONE minute example of what the food manufacturers are doing to us……..

          1. I hate to buy things that have ingredient lists that numbers
            more than three or four items, after that I get a pretty good
            idea the product is not something I need to be eating.
            I’m not saying I stick to that all the time , but I do look
            at those labels. I avoid the high fructose corn syrup products
            but I also know they will change he names of ingredients
            after they get a bad rap with the public, they take the
            ingredient off the market, re name it and put it back out again.

          2. I have actually gotten scared as I read the ingredients in frozen foods. I will never understand why food companies put so much sodium in products As far as I know we, humans are still capable of tasting food and picking up the salt shaker and sprinkling. There really should be regulations on these
            deceptive food enhancers..

  5. I took proposed after being diagnosed with ulcers. After 2 hours I became dizzy and barely made it home from work I couldn’t think as I walked into the house the room started to wobble I sat on my bed and closed my eyes and cost like swooning when I opened my eyes the whole room was spinning and this continued for over 2 hours. I tried lying down and the spinning got faster I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing and called the doctor who said don’t take another pill it won’t kill you just stay put and don’t try to walk or do anything.
    The next day I decided to investigate whether there was a edible medihoney as it is so effective for infections and wounds on the outside of the body. I found manuka honey +20 grade. I ordered it and within one day my stomach pain stopped I have been taking it two weeks now and my bowels have returned to normal and I have not suffered from any stomach pain or reflux.

    1. I used manuka honey for awhile, then because of the expense, tried regular honey and it still works great for bowels, etc. The very best way to eat honey, however, is to eat what is made in the area you live.

      1. If you are familiar with Manuka then you know there are specific components in it that set it apart from other honey. My dad was a beekeeper for 20 years and I have always considered honey as a good supplement to ones diet, however as the Manuka is produced from leposportum flowers from a certain tea tree it has unique properties.
        I have no dog in this scrap, I simply wanted to share the remarkable results I am experiencing. Having ulcers in my esphogas,stomach and duodenum,and a hiatal hernia I have been very I’ll and miserable and incurred huge expenses to find a diagnosis, so to find something natural with no side effects as I had suffered immediately with prilosec ,well hey I thought it may be helpful to others.

        1. Thanks, Claire. I had forgotten so much, as it was many years ago when I used Manuka. But now that my system and symptoms are much worse, I should give it a try again. I do eat three tablespoons of a good honey each day and it does help, but I may be able to get even more results from Manuka. I appreciate the reply! I am definitely stopping the Protonix, however, because this isn’t the first article I’ve seen. I believe my GI problems are from taking 800mg of Ibuprofen a day, many other medicines I want off of, IBS and now I’m hearing I may have Crohn’s. Yuck. I need a good naturopath!

  6. i thought it was the anti depressants that womped on the weight never even thought about nexium ive gained so much weight but i dont eat will try the vinegar idea , when i tried to come off nexium i develloped acid reflux

    1. Actually, Julie, some antidepressants DO pile on the pounds. But I’m wondering too if my weight gain is definitely from the PPI’s now that I see this is a plausible possibility.

  7. I use d-limonene to combat acid reflux, 1000mg per day (I take it with my lunch). For the first month, take 2000mg per day. It works for me and for several of my work colleagues. Some users say they can go down to 1000mg every other day, but I haven’t tried that. I no longer have the reflux as long as I use the d-limonene.

    1. Is d-limonene something homeopathic that can be found at a healthfood store or even such places as CVS or Walgreens?

  8. I aspirated on stomach acid every night and got ear infections from reflux. I was not sleeping since I was choking and coughing. I did something radical, changed my diet completely to ALL organic, NO GMO oils such as corn, soy, canola or cottonseed, NO artificial sweeteners, NO wheat, NO pop, pastured meat, chicken, eggs, raw dairy, pure infiltrated water. In two months my reflux was GONE! And my allergies were quite reduced. I started a detox of my liver and took digestive enzymes along with apple cider vinegar to improve my bowel function. Yeast in the gut and bowel took 6 months to clear. But I am blessed with health and peaceful sleep.

    1. WOW… I’m impressed and amazed Gloria; what you did for yourself took a great deal of conscientious work. Perhaps I’ll try this new ‘diet’ that you put yourself on even though I’ve found that even when reading labels, so much of the bad ‘stuff’, ie: soy, wheat are hidden by using other names for these unhealthy elements. How too did you even know that you had “yeast in the gut and bowel”?
      If you’ve any ‘directions’ down on your computer for following this path, would you be open to sharing it? Would save many of us many hours of research and be of great help. Thank you 🙂

      1. Environmental Working Group EWG has a new App called Healthy Living, check it out

        1. I get the ‘Healthy Living’ e-mag on-line. This I believe is the one put out from EWG and it’s excellent!

      2. I have essentially, no LES. oil is hard to digest w/o acid. I find gulping papaya/pineapple tabs extremely helpful. Eating less is really key to keep the stomach from pushing back (and up) but your transformation sounds amazing. kudos and good job!

    2. I agree with you completely Gloria. I even went so far as to buy a water distiller and have been drinking distilled water for over two years. Fluoridated water is definitely hazardous to ones health.

      1. Awesome Larry! It’s made a difference in your gut problems? Great solution.

      2. i thot we weren’t supposed to consume only distilled h20 :/ something about leaching minerals…??

  9. I had a Duodenal ulcer [non H.Pylori] My ulcer has been treated by prilosec. 15 years later and I am still on prilosec. I had too much stomach acid, it was eating away my intestines.

    1. No idea, but I thought tums were just flavored baking soda. Another natural fix along with apple cider vinegar

      1. Thanks very much for your reply. Tums contain calcium carbonate. Is that the same thing that you mention?

        1. I use “Picot,” found at the drug store. It’s just sodium bicarb and works 100 times better than tums or others Even just for nausea.

          1. Thanks very much. I’d never noticed until you mentioned it. I appreciate your advice!

    2. They should be! Tums is an acid blocker but it is also a calcium taker! It obsorbs the calcium right out of your bones and teeth. Bad stuff!

      1. I used to pop Tums like they were Tic Tacs for many, many years. I paid for it dearly with my teeth and my dentist was paid dearly for fixing the damage!! 🙁

        1. Thanks for your reply. But Tums consist of calcium carbonate. They should be contributing calcium, shouldn’t they? How does this work? Could you be thinking of Rolaids?
          I’m sorry to hear about your teeth! I hope they’re better now.

  10. The doctors had me on ppi for 12-13 years. Getting off was hard and painful but I have lost a lot of intellect and do have kidney damage. Turns out I’m lactose and milk intolerant so I avoid all forms including cheese, cream sauce, even products made with milk. I still get pain but not like before. It’s sad they treated me with these pills for 11-12 years longer than recommended when a diet change was all that was needed.

    1. GERD basically IS acid-reflux, Cindi, so you’d better have some kind of system in use to take the place of the PPI’s. If not, the GERD and it’s pain will continue. I too suffer from GERD and know what happens from experience; hence my delight with many of those here offering ways in which we who suffer this ‘acid’ diagnosis can potentially stop the PPI’s and resolve the painful disease. Read further down for many possible and good suggestions. 🙂

      1. I had GERD also, but stopped eating at night and it helped so that I rarely get it now. It helps to eat when you’re hungry, and if you have to eat at night, try looking up what to have. I am stopping my Protonix now (had done it for a week, then forgot because I still had the bottle). Never eat something like dairy at night, nor any rich food like desserts. 1/2 banana or a little granola works for me.

    2. That is what mine was. I should have done maintenance but I didn’t so I went back on to clear up again. My sister who’s husband is a doctor uses as well

  11. I had acid reflux so bad that a doctor wanted to put stitches where the valve was not closing but insurance wouldn’t cover it. Medication did nothing to help and even water was returning so I didn’t eat after 1pm. However, I found a product that is natural called Sunday Sundae in Canada and it worked like a charm. It is a power I mixed in kefir or yogurt at room temperature. It took nearly 3 yrs before I needed to take it again and all that I have recommended it to found success as well. I did have kidney issues from medication so I am glad I got off all of them.

    1. Awesome, Andi! Now the trick will be in locating ‘Sunday Sundae’ here in the states, but I’ll give it a search. I’m excited with your find for such complete healing!!

      1. I order it out of Canada. It was suggested for my dog who had ibd. But the person that told me about it uses it herself also. Dogs Naturally Magazine you could probably find it. Carmen who sells it goes through all the herbs personally. I buy in quantity with others who are using as well all over the US. It has a raspberry taste. The first time I took it I was able to even eat spicy food . Don’t be discouraged that it is sold under K9 Feed Sentials. Many people use it. I even shipped out a container to my son who is deployed. Our local health store herbalist was amazed with her products that I brought in to let them try. They are so fresh.

  12. I was prescribed Nexium last year to treat stomach ache, nausea, occasional diarrhea and other unpleasant, persistent symptoms. I rarely take any pharmaceutical drugs, so I Googled it to find out more.
    Didn’t like what I read,so decided not to take it. The pharmacist insisted it was safe, and ‘only’ two people had died from taking it! I later found out it was the sweetener I had been using that caused the problem. Erythritol is fine to use occasionally, but I had been using small amounts for a couple of years. The symptoms disappeared within about two days of stopping it.

  13. After My heart Stopped in an Emergency Room due to lack of blood I saw the doctors going to their tool bags instead of my bedside – realized they were going to steal my kidneys, not restart the heart, so I beat on my chest and the heart started up again. After getting transfused with Saline + Magnesium I did fine but why the bleed ? Acute Scurvy from Prilosec stopping Acid production. Doctor had increased dosage as my pains were bad, but extra Prilosec was NOT the proper course of treatment. Started Nuts – fruits – no sugar or Flour products Diet with Magnesium and Vitamins C and D. Stopped all meds: High BP – cured. Indigestion – cured.

  14. My acid reflux got so bad, I could barely eat anything – not just burgers, sandwiches or steak, but fish, salads, anything would set it off, with saliva pouring out of my mouth. It could last for hours, ruin family get-togethers or other outings, and even lasted overnight so I couldn’t sleep. I lost a lot of weight too, naturally. After seeing a doctor, and doing some research, I started taking generic omeprazole and finally, I could eat again, gained back my weight (and a little bit more), and got my life back. Maybe there’s unseen damage happening, but I can’t argue with the results and would be hard pressed to try another tactic at this point. I don’t have to dread Thanksgiving or any other meal anymore.

  15. Been off PPI’s (after years of taking them every day) for over 2 years and no acid reflux. I went cold by just quitting. Over that same 2 year time period I have lost around 50 pound by walking, diet change and doing one round of LIVESTRONG for cancer survivors at the “YMCA”. I believe that 95% of big Pharma drugs are in fact “hazardous to health and life”. Blessings to all of you who have quit this deadly medication.

    1. if the name includes “prazole” it’s a blocker? The drug companies just chemically change the formula a bit so they can get a new patent and charge more for a script drug for 17 years before it goes generic.

  16. thanks for the info. Not having a functional LES-the sphincter on the upper end of the stomach (lower esophageal sphincter) seems to be a different problem? I’m going to try the new LYNX magnetic bead bracelet now that it’s been out a few years. Wish me luck!

  17. Thank you all for sharing your acid reflux & other GI problems. I suffered horribly with stomach pain & acid reflux until diagnosed with a non-H-pylori stomach ulcer. I went on a high dose of Prilosec, which felt miraculous since my pain was gone within 24 hours. I changed my diet (nothing fried, no bad oils or fats, nothing carbonated, no hard alcohol, nothing spicy) but I couldn’t completely give up my 3 favorite food groups: chocolate, espresso, and red wine…ALL no-no’s. True espresso beans have way less acid than regular coffee, so I could indulge in one 8 0z. cup a day if I mixed it with almond milk. Whenever red wine burned my stomach, I’d put the glass down. Chocolate never bothered me…GREAT!
    I took Prilosec for 3 solid years. Then it stopped working. I felt worse than ever. My burning now effected my esophagus, not just my stomach. I had another endoscopy which revealed that my stomach ulcer had healed but I had a peptic (bleeding) ulcer in my esophagus. Also, the little “door”…the open & shutting function of the pyloric valve, did not shut all the way…the door was permanently pried open a bit…enough to cause me horrific acid reflux…the kind that would awaken me in the night choking with burning liquid coming out of my nostrils. So, the doc put me on a higher dose of Prilosec. This time I complained to him that I’d read the fine print which stated that it should not be taken for more than TWO WEEKS! I’d been on it for years! I told him I was worried about malabsorption problems and laying myself open for infections and bone fragility. The doc looked at me like I came from Mars. He did not know anything about the side effects. Can you imagine?
    I took the pills every other day for 2 months until the ulcer supposedly healed, then I planned to taper off even more. One night, sleeping on my raised headboard bed, I awakened with acid reflux flooding my mouth, throat, nostrils, sinuses, and I aspirated it into my lungs. HORRIBLE. I could’ve choked & died just like Jimi Hendrix. 2 days later I had a fever of 103 degrees, was hallucinating, could not walk. The paramedic told me that I easily could have died had I not gotten emergency treatment. The acid reflux got into my lungs, my body thought it was a “foreign invader” and my body attacked itself…almost killing me. The doc said that it caused blood to fill my lungs causing pneumonia (not the kind cured with antibiotics) and death could have been the outcome.
    After I recuperated (2 weeks) I vowed to never take Prilosec again. I did research. This is what I found and it helped me:
    I take a high dose of probiotics (30 million) by mouth in the morning along with L-Glutamine (strengthens gut muscles). I take full spectrum enzymes with meals. I make sure I get at least 2000 Vit. D per day (in the summer sunshine I can take less) along with calcium and plenty of magnesium. This has helped sooo much. Miraculous. A hip MD friend of mine, who also suffered as I did, said he takes CoEnzymeQ10 (double or triple doses) and it’s cured him. So I’m trying it also…it’s recommended for cardio health also.
    Good luck to all of you. Please keep spreading the word. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for posting all that. Wow, you’ve really been through it. I eat 1 c of plain, unsweetened yogurt a day mixed with healthy granola, unsweetened coconut, a few dark chocolate chips and unsweetened almond or coconut milk. It’s delicious. The other way I eat yogurt is with cinnamon granola, sliced apples (cooked if you want), extra cinnamon, nutmeg and the milk. Yummy. So many ways to prepare it. I also take CoQ10 max dose and I became allergic to Vit D pills, so I moved to Florida!

      1. Congrats on your move to sunny Florida. Glad you found a winning formula. Yogurt and kefir are my saviors whenever I feel a “burn” coming on. Aloe vera juice helps too. 2 months ago I began taking an herbal supplement that contains DGL licorice root, slippery elm, marshmallow, aloe vera, lemon balm, German chamomile. These herbs are definitely helping. I feel so much better now that I am digesting my food properly. I DO have to remind myself to eat enough “prebiotics” (veggies, beans, nuts, whole grains) to FEED all the probiotics I’m taking. Thanks, Krissy for sharing info with me. Continued good luck!

  18. This revelation is about long-term usage of PPI’s. Is it possible that reducing acid in the stomach changes the environment to support ammonia which could reach toxic levels in the blood, causing encephalopathy? My husband was prescribed PPI’s twice when he complained of nausea. I knew enough about acid in the stomach to question reducing acid when there was already reduced digestion. Both times he took the prescription he ended up going to the hospital within a few days and the PPI wasn’t continued and he recovered. Then he had nausea again, was given an OTC PPI and after a few days went to the hospital. This time the PPI was continued in the hospital. At this point the diagnosis was encephalopathy and he died after about 3-4 days. There is much more detail, of course, but it’s so striking that the medications had a consistent, almost immediate negative effect on his condition, but I haven’t found a good explanation.

    1. Thanks for the sincere reply, Krissy. I thought I might add that the diagnosis for the last emergency visit was portal/systemic encephalopathy due to a high blood ammonia content, meaning the liver wasn’t filtering out ammonia. My reasoning is that ammonia is alkaline, the opposite of acid, so when the acid was blocked in his digestive tract, the balance shifted and the liver couldn’t handle the overload of alkalinity. Then the brain inflamed and subsequent additional organ failure including kidney.

  19. A few tips: Never drink anything with your meals, let your natural saliva do its job. A glass or two of wine is OK, but milk is the absolute worst thing to combine with food. There’s even a Kosher Law against it. The Italians have a good custom by eating some fruit after a meal, it helps digest your food. My digestion was so bad I couldn’t even digest a bowl of cereal until I discovered BROMELAIN…..GREAT STUFF! Take one tablet after every meal and I promise you in 6-8 weeks your digestion will be markedly better…PROMISE! Bromelain is made from pineapple enzymes and is not only safe but has other attributes like lowering inflammation. Bon Apetite!

  20. My stomach is a mess, but it’s not all about acid. The thing is, I have only gotten acid attacks when I don’t eat. Then watch out because I’m going to go down with sharp, debilitating chest pain. Reflux…I just don’t eat any dairy or very rich foods before bed. I’m on Protonix, which I suspect is the same type of drug mentioned above. I’m off it now, after reading this and another article I saw last month! How many drug companies deserved to be sued just from the reactions on my list alone? It’s time for a naturopath! The drug companies have robbed me; I gave them all my money. Can I have some back, please? After all, if you buy a pair of shoes and they’re damaged, you return them, right? Well my body is damaged and I can’t return it, so I need a pharmacy-store credit!

  21. This is very interesting-I sell doTerra essential oils and there is a blend for aiding digestion-DigestZen-it is ginger, peppermint, caraway seed, coriander, anise seed, tarragon, and fennel. Does anyone have experience with this blend or oils or any one in particular? Thanks

  22. A supplement called d-Limonene 1000mg made my heartburn go away completely , its a orange peel oil gel capsule. I was taking it for disolving fat and discovered I no longer had to do baking soda for heartburn every night when I went to bed. d-Limonene may make you feel more heart burn the first day or two then it stops so dont give up. I burped orange a little at first but I didnt mind. You can take one every day or every other day for 30 days and I read it will keep it away for 6 months. Google d-Limonene and read up about the benefits. I also been on Markus Vitamin Mineral Wild Force Green Formula its the best Green superfood I’ve ever done. After about 3 months on it I noticed I was loosing my sugar and food cravings and I been on it for like 7 months now and it just gets better! I no longer have food and sugar cravings and It helped me eat healthier. dieting is easy now but dont feel like Im on a diet. The d-Limonene cost $10 or less.

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