Action Alert: Reform the FDA

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Green Medicine Free Copy

Have you heard? Dr. Wright has a new monthly newsletter, and wants to share the good news with a free issue! ———————————– Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.’s Green Medicine is dedicated to helping you keep yourself and your family healthy by the safest and most effective means possible. This is the only newsletter where you can get… Continue reading Green Medicine Free Copy

Why Are All Doctors Being Threatened With Jail…

Just for doing their job? Please support Senator Hatch’s new bill! Action Alert! There are now over 5,000 federal statutory crimes and over 300,000 regulatory crimes on the books—though Americans are unaware of an overwhelming majority of them. As a result, it has been estimated that the typical professional unknowingly commits several federal crimes in… Continue reading Why Are All Doctors Being Threatened With Jail…

GMOs and Glyphosate Safe?

Two recent studies would have us think so! But who, exactly, is behind the research? Major studies just released claim that genetically modified (GM) foods—and the chemical used on them, glyphosate—are safe to eat. Following publication, there has been a steady drumbeat in the media essentially claiming that the case is now closed: GMOs are… Continue reading GMOs and Glyphosate Safe?

Supplement of the week: DIM (Ronald Hoffman, MD)

by Ronald Hoffman, MD Every now and then, I like to highlight a particular supplement that my audience may not be aware of, and go in-depth about its uses, benefits, and potential drawbacks. This week, I’d like to talk to you about DIM. Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a versatile nutraceutical for which I find many uses… Continue reading Supplement of the week: DIM (Ronald Hoffman, MD)

Are Antibiotics Finished, With Millions of Casualties Coming?

The headlines say yes, but the medical establishment is ignoring some important new evidence that could yet save antibiotics. Action Alert! Antibiotic-resistant illnesses currently kill an estimated 700,000 people a year globally. By 2050, these illnesses are expected to kill 10 million people. Based on recent news, this could be coming a lot sooner. Earlier this… Continue reading Are Antibiotics Finished, With Millions of Casualties Coming?

Protecting Higher-Dose Supplements

A new study reveals why the science behind European and other anti-supplement regulations is completely outmoded. Last week, our partners at ANH-International released a report by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. It offers an approach to determining the precise amount of vitamins and minerals each individual needs for optimal health, depending on age,… Continue reading Protecting Higher-Dose Supplements