Anti-Cancer Nutrient in Peril?

More and more research is showing the potential of this nutrient to treat cancer and a variety of other conditions. So why is the FDA targeting it?
The FDA is rapidly eliminating many of the substances that can be made at compounding pharmacies, which make customized medicines for individual patients. The agency has been banning ingredients outright, as well as using prohibitive regulations (such as banning office use and severely limiting how much pharmacies can ship interstate) to drive up the prices of intravenous nutrients so much that they will be out of reach for most patients. This is precisely what has happened to injectable vitamin B12, where the price of a 30cc vial of B12 has increased almost 700% in a decade.
Judging by the FDA’s demonstrated antipathy toward intravenous vitamin C (IV C), there is good reason to believe that the same thing could happen to this vital nutrient. In 2011, the FDA sent a warning letter to McGuff Pharmaceuticals ordering it to stop making IV C because, in the agency’s view, it was an unapproved drug. No safety concerns were cited for this action, so we suspect the real reason is that vitamin C can’t be patented and therefore can’t go through the standard FDA approval process.
At the time, we noted that even though the FDA was going after manufactured IV C, compounding pharmacies were able to step in and fill the gap in supply. The FDA’s current actions, however, jeopardize pharmacies’ ability to do so when the agency decides to go after IV C again. If it doesn’t become illegal to compound IV C, it could become so expensive through the FDA’s new regulations that it would be out of reach for most patients.
It would be tragic if consumers lost access to IV C. In the last few years, numerous studies have demonstrated the potential for IV C to fight cancer, among other conditions, including antibiotic resistant infections. Very-high-dose vitamin C interacts with metals to create hydrogen peroxide, which damages and kills cancer cells as well as harmful pathogens. Crucially, the only way to get blood levels of vitamin C to the concentrations required to have these properties is to administer it intravenously. Liposomal forms of vitamin C help, but do not get the job done.
Those interested in the most up-to-date research on IV C for oncology treatment should consider attending a symposium hosted by the University of Kansas Medical Center and ANH-USA board chair Jeanne Drisko, MD, which will offer opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn more about this vitamin.

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  1. Liposomal glutathione and liposomal Vit C is strong..last more than a night with a tiny bit used. IV of Vit C and pushes of glutathione are also great for Lyme/Cancer/infections/detoxing etc. Vit B12 methylcobalamin shot is stronger than under the tongue kind/cream/spray/intrinsic factor kind. Alternative medicine is awesome…need to keep it available for all.

  2. As I’ve said so many times before, the FDA approves pharmaceuticals that have proven to be fatal, that NEVER should have been approved of for use in humans in the first place!! And then once lawsuits for human fatalities or other injuries caused by these drugs, they should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED as UNSAFE FOR HUMAN USE, but the ALL KNOWING FDA continues to allow them to be used!! Case in point, PRADAXA, one of the blood thinning drugs has been PROVEN to cause irreversible internal bleeding leading to certain death, (in some, but not all cases–and as far as I’m concerned—even ONE DEATH from these drugs is one too many) and it has yet to be pulled from pharmacies as being an unsafe drug!!

    1. Just listen to the list of terrifying side effects when you see a TV ad for a prescription med. Who in their right mind would put this poison into their body? FDA approved prescription meds now kill more people than illegal drugs.

  3. The fight of Good over Evil is very much at hand and WE ALL must stand up for what we believe in. To be free from the bondage of these various organizations FDA, CDA, Pharmaceutical Corp. Biotech / Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont, Bayer, …etc. The Bill Gates and Clinton’s who support these monopolies need to be countered by US, WE THE PEOPLE, By The PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE.
    All that is good wholesome, safe, and provided by God is a threat to their $$$. They have tried to demonize, the Good and sell us the snake oil over and over. All the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, herbs, roots, spices, salts, oils belong to us. We are to utilize them for good. What happened to GOOD? Is their entire reason to exist is to steal, rob, and murder.

  4. I’m just waiting for the day when the FDA allows Big Pharma exclusive rights to the wind and sun. Won’t that get everyone’s attention! People, we all need to stand up for our rights. Maybe start with the election process>Everyone get out and vote!!!

    1. you failed the say who to vote for, most of those who end up in control are groomed by those with deep pockets ?

      1. Sorry to say, Trump is our best bet. He is willing to be guided by Newt Gingrich and others who at least have respect for The Constitution. Hillary is the most corrupt human on the planet.

        1. Tell me one thing that you have noticed that would indicate either democrats or republicans respect, uphold and protect our Constitution with any change in the majority of either in the House or Senate!!!! Sorry to say that the lawyers like Alexander Lamar, Ted Cruz among the congressional members are the worst traitors of all –
          but we have had a establishment republican majority in both House & Senate, with no change discernible in governing within the Constitutional guidelines.

          1. they respect the corporate constitution. The one that came about after the Act of 1871 when the united States of America went bankrupt and became a corporation no different than all of the alphabet soup corporations. They all have a Dunn and Bradstreet number. They are board members of the corporation and represent the corporation not the people. Research it.

          2. I guess it’s time to replace the heads of the corporation, just after Trump won I started to change my mind about him, and I hope that he can’t be bought like the minions that have been in the 2 houses for careers, President Trumps idea, that they also should have limits to their terms in power is a good thing, it would get rid of the good old boys club and cost the big corporations a lot more bribe money, and those leaving not being able to lobby for five or more yrs will go a long way to draining the swamp of corporate corruption and control of different government departments.

        2. If trump is best bet then, Heaven help US…..all he cares about is money, and making US great again

        3. I see Trump as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, He is after all a business man, and a mind of his own, and he tends to lean with the wind, as far as Clinton your right about her, I was hoping that Sanders would at lest get to a convention, but that seems not to be. at least with Clinton we know what to expect, Trump is a lose cannon.

    2. Voting does no good. It’s shoveling the sh** every two to four years. What we all need to do is BOMBARD our President, senators and governors to disdmantle the FDA as it stands today and make it a body accountable TO THE PEOPLE!!

      1. Perhaps the people should investigate holding the FDA and other agencies accountable through class action lawsuits against the heads of those agencies. Those documents pried from the FDA a few years back contained some very damnable evidence against the entire vaccine program. Look it up. One might also inquire by what authority George W. Bush decreed that no lawsuits for damages could be filed against the pharmaceutical company making those damned vaccines. We don’t want to sue the federal government, but the one responsible as the head of their departments, and demand they make restitution from their own funds for their harmful decisions.

  5. Because it takes money away from their collusionist cohorts in Big Pharma. If it can treat ANYTHING without their toxic so called “pharmaceuticals” then they do not want it on the market at all!

    1. May I suggest a little research at Linus Pauling Institute. He died in his 90’s and won a couple of nobel prizes for his studies on vitamins and minerals. Brilliant fellow – his recommendation for keeping your entire circulatory system in fine tune is Vitamin C and L-lysine. Funny thing is that a lot of alternative doctors are agreeing with what Dr. Pauling said decades ago. Dr. Suzanne Humphries says she never gives a patient a certain dosage of the C and L-lysine to take, but instructs them to start with 2 grams of each 4 times per day and keep increasing until they get a response of 2 loose stools per day and hold it at that level. Also been seeing many so called diseases cured with high dosage IV vitamin C daily – but folks seem to be having a hard time finding a doctor brave enough to buck the AMA system and administer it.

      1. Liposomal C is just as potent as IV C. The liposomal form will not give you diarrhea so you can take as much as you like. Check out “New Zealand Farmer 60 Minutes video.” The docs wanted to pull the plug but the family insisted on vitamin C and it saved his life.
        You can make your own liposomal vitamin C with some equipment. Or you can buy it on line, but it’s fairly expensive especially if you need lots for family and friends.

        1. You can make liposomal C (and glutathione) with cheap products from Bulk Supplements and other suppliers with nothing more than a blender and a kitchen thermometer (don’t let the temp go much over 90 degrees, do it in stages). You can further refine it in a 16 oz. ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (again, watch the temperature, do it in stages). If you’re avoiding soy (90% of it’s GMO now), try granulated sunflower seed lecithin as your lipid carrier.

    2. Part of the major pharma companies success follows a power-law distribution. They will gain more money by funding a handful of huge successes than they will lose by giving small investments to lots of companies with treatments that end up failing. So it makes sense that they keep casting a wider net, making deals at earlier stages and actively seeking newer and better treatments. They want to make sure they don’t miss out on the next Gleevec. That drug made Novartis over $4.6 billion last year and since it’s launch in 2001 it will have made them $50 billion.

  6. If it works the FDA and the federal government is going to squash it and hide it from public knowledge. However if there is anyway that the federal agency can make money from by promoting harmful treatments like slash, burn and poison for cancer, they are going to sing its praises and work even harder to keep you from learning about safe and harmless cures, and keep on hiding the truth that most things called disease are just symptoms of poor nutrition causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The FDA is quick to rush out to destroy anyone selling or buying raw milk, and joined by the AMA to prevent anyone from treating sluggish thyroid problems with the iodine and B vitamin deficiencies causing it to be sluggish, and both working hard at keeping the public from learning that diabetes mellitus, type 2 can be cured, etc. Their objective is not to cure, but to keep you under their control by treating your symptoms.

    1. The FDA storm troopers raided Daniel Smith for selling MMS and put him in jail for 10 years!. MMS is used extensively in other countries to cure everything from malaria to AIDS. It is cheap and cures almost everything including most cancers. It has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Big Pharm and their bed fellows, the FDA, (and AMA) can’t tolerate any small threat to their power and profits.

  7. Gotta love the FDA….they do Big Pharmas bidding….remove all natural compounds from Cancer treatment…makes me sick….this is madness!

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